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Storm Runner

Hershey Park, PA

Another Park fave.  Ive been on launched circuits (Kingda Ka) and Launched looping shuttles (Batman and Robin) but up until i rode this one, I hadn’t been on a launched looping circuit.  It was sold to me as a smaller Kingda Ka with more coaster to it after the top hat and that really did excite me.  

Although its only half the speed of Kingda Ka, it was intense and fun and I really enjoyed it.  the Launch is 0-72 in 2 seconds which is intense, but the interesting part is the top speed is actually coming off the top hat into a ravine at 75mph.  This might be the only launch coaster I can think of where its top speed is not found in the launch.

150 / 180 / 75 / 3 / 2600 / 2004

150ft tall / 180 ft drop into a ravine / 75mph / 3 inversions / 2600ft / built in 2004


If you’ve ever wanted to ride a roller coaster featuring Daft Punk music and you live in China, you’re in luck! TRON Lightcycle Power Run at the new Shanghai Disneyland is a motorbike launched coaster by Vekoma with music by our favorite robots!

The signs as roller coasters

Aries - Fury 325 (Carowinds, USA) - B&M Giga - Tallest non-launched roller coaster in the world (325 feet)

Taurus - El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure, USA) - Intamin Wooden Coaster - Rated best wooden coaster multiple years in a row

Gemini - Formula Rossa (Ferrari World, UAE) - Intamin - Fastest in the world (149 mph/240 km/h)

Cancer - Shambhala (PortAventura, Spain) - B&M Hypercoaster - Tallest in Europe (76 m/249 feet)

Leo - Thunderbird (Holiday Park, USA) - B&M Wing Coaster - First B&M of it’s kind

Virgo - Black Mamba (Phantasialand, Germany) - B&M Invert - First invert in Germany

Libra - Blue Fire (Europa Park, Germany) - Mack Megacoaster - Tallest loop in Europe (36 meters) and first inverting Mack coaster

Scorpio - Helix (Liseberg, Sweden) - Mack Megacoaster w/ multiple launches - Rated best new roller coaster in Europe 2014

Sagittarius - Goliath (Six Flags Great America, USA) - RMC Inverting Wooden Coaster - Steepest/Fastest wooden coaster in the world (85°) - (72 mph/116 km/h)

Capricorn - Takabisha (Fuji-Q, Japan) - Gerstlauer - Steepest drop in the world (121°)

Aquarius - The Smiler (Alton Towers, England) - Gerstlauer Multi-Looper - World’s largest amount of loops on a roller coaster (14)

Pisces - Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) - B&M Flyer - Has several fountains/waterfalls throughout the ride, and has a manta exhibit in the queue

Time for a Concept art Breakdown of the new Toy Story Playland headed to Hollywood Studios.

First up the Slinky Dog coaster! Which is indeed a LAUNCH COASTER. As you can see it isn’t so bare bones as some might claim. There is quite a big of themeing going on here that makes this coaster look like something Bonnie set up in her room! Plus some nice characters can be found here, Rex, Jessie, the army man, and the pixar ball! Overall this looks like a pretty solid family D ticket.

Next is the green man attraction! While we can’t see much we can see the queue area to the left (which looks like the packaging for a Buzz lightyear toy). And buzz is there to greet folks on the way in too! As for the ride looking at it close up makes the ride system look like Mater’s jamboree. Either that or the new dancing car attraction that is headed to DCA at luigi’s. Time will tell, but for now it’s a cute area. 

Now this area is interesting. So I have a couple theories here. But I will start with the obvious stuff first and that is the fact that there is going to be a quick service restaurant here given the orange building on the left and the outdoor seating. Now the interesting part is what on earth is the building with the board game on top of it? So it’s either A. A new sit down restaurant or a merch store?B. A backstage building that is just being themed.

Now this corner tells me I was right about my quess a while back. And that is that Toy Story Midway Mania is going to get a new entrance. And it’s now going to be appropriately in this new land. Here’s why the likelihood of that is high. 1. They are dying to get rid of the overall studio theme to the park, so killing pixar place and instead making a full on toy story land is a no brainer. 2. Whenever fireworks happen the entire street in which midway mania is located on must be empty and closed due to fall out. But if you move the entrance to toy storyland (which should be where the backlot currently is). Then you wouldn’t need to worry about firework fallout!  

This is the entrance to the land and it holds a lot of cool details. For one that building on the left is undeniably Al’s Toy barn. So this means we are for sure getting a toy story dedicated merch shop! Which makes me wonder what building it’s going to be housed in. Someone on WDWmagic mentioned that the barn is actually in the location of One man’s dream which would make a lot of sense. The buildings on the right seem to be dedicate to SHERIFF WOODY which makes me think that they could be carnival games or even old style shooting arcades? Either way they aren’t there for just decoration! 

SO all in all there is definitely some nice detail going into this land that leaves me satisfied with the concept. What do you guys think? As always thank for reading and If liked this post be sure to hit that heart button! 

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to share my friend's coming out story because I think it'll make you guys smile; we were at Hershey Park yesterday, and I was freaking out because he made me go on Storm Runner, a roller coaster that launches you forward at like 50 mph. I said to him, "If I die, I'm gonna haunt the sh*t out of you, and I'll make it the worst when you masturbate", and his reply was "Ha! Joke's on you, I'm asexual!" and then the coaster launched us.

That is the best coming out story EVER.