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Spectacular images of the Falcon 9 launching ten next-generation Iridium satellites into orbit on SpaceX’s return to flight mission, January 14, 2017. Launch occurred at 9:54am PST from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. 

The first stage of the rocket made a successful landing on the droneship Just Read the Instructions, marking the first time a rocket had been recovered following a west coast launch.

This launch also marked the first time SpaceX has visibly numbered their first stages, with the number 29 appearing at the bast of each landing strut. This will help visually identify each stage following recovery and for future reflights.

P/C: SpaceX, USAF.

What’s that rising from the clouds? The space shuttle. Sometimes, if you looked out the window of an airplane at just the right place and time, you could have seen something very unusual – a space shuttle launching to orbit.Images of the rising shuttle and its plume became widely circulated over the web shortly after Endeavour’s final launch in 2011 May. Theabove image was taken from a shuttle training aircraft by NASA and is not copyrighted. Taken well above the clouds, the image can be matched with similar images of the same shuttle plume taken below the clouds. Hot glowing gasses expelled by the engines are visible near the rising shuttle, as well as a long smoke plume. A shadow of the plume appears on the cloud deck, indicating the direction of the Sun. The US Space Shuttle program concluded in 2011, and Endeavour can now be visited at the California Science Center.

Image Credit: NASA/International Space Station

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fecipher twitter, 20-12-2016: “Eldest of House Hoshido, Ryoma”

[Card Reveal] Gather! In the name of the Raijinto! Two copies of this “Eldest of House Hoshido, Ryoma” card are included in the February issue of Dengeki Nintendo, launching tomorrow! Its image of Prince Ryoma fighting together with his siblings and vassals shines and sparkles in holographic foil! (Illust. Yuugo Ookuma)

fecipher twitter, 20-12-2016: “Eldest of House Nohr, Xander”

[Card Reveal] Unite! In the name of the Siegfried! Two copies of this “Eldest of House Nohr, Xander” card are included in the February issue of Nintendo Dream, launching tomorrow! The battle of the Nohrian royal family and their vassals is beautifully adorned in glittering holographic foil! (Illust. Yuugo Ookuma)

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Saturn-IVB by NASA on The Commons
Saturn-IVB 204 launch stage unloaded from NASA Barge “Promise” after arrival at Cape Kennedy. Saturn-IVB will be the second stage of the Saturn I Launch Vehicle. Image #: S66-50152 Date: August 15, 1966

Princess post up next week - I’ll be posting something even cooler this week

Over the weekend, even more fires started popping up related to the book release - IT’S OUT TOMORROW, AHHHH - which continually debilitated my ability to work on the next RP post, so I’m having to push it back.

However, this week isn’t going to leave you empty-handed. I’ll be posting something I’ve been cooking up for over two years. Should go live tomorrow, in time with the book launch.

Process images.

Reference images.

Timelapse videos.

5,000+ images. 1,000+ man-hours of video. Every entry.

Get hyped.

Democrats just launched a campaign to fix one of their biggest problems during the Obama era

(Barack Obama.Darren Hauck/Getty Images)
Democrats launched a highly promoted redistricting effort on Thursday, hoping to target one of the party’s biggest failures in the era of President Barack Obama.

Announced by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is tasked with strategizing how to gain advantages at the state level ahead of the 2021 redrawing of the congressional district map.

Ahead of the 2011 redistricting process, Republicans gained many statehouse seats and governorships, helping to in turn gain an advantage in the House. Because of the way the congressional map is structured, many observers view 2022 as Democrats’ first legitimate chance of taking back control of the body.

In the 2016 elections, of course, the Republican Party managed to turn a clean sweep of both branches of Congress and the presidency.

In a speech Thursday from the Center for American Progress, Holder outlined the three biggest priorities for the group, with which Obama will be involved: getting Democrats elected at the state level in a series of targeted states, homing in on legal strategies, and gaining support for state ballot initiatives.

“This redistricting process will be critical to the future of our democracy,” Holder said. “Those who control state governments draw the lines that shape Congress for the next decade. Fixing this redistricting problem will involve not just focusing on the lines, but focusing on the larger effort to win back governance. This is the path to ensuring Democrats have their rightful seats at the table in 2021.”

NOW WATCH: ‘I’m asking you a simple question’: Fox News host confronts RNC chair over Trump’s denial of Russia hacks

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The guys at always do things in style, and that includes their new gear launches.
This incredible image was taken by @aaronbhall, and it’s not a Photoshop job. It’s to promote the new Saint ‘Bromley’ D3O-armored flight jacket, a collaboration with @bromleyandco.
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How long would a road trip to Pluto take?

Astrophysicist Adam Frank wrote a cool article for NPR about how long it would take a road trip to get to Pluto.

Assuming you drove the car at an average of 65 mph, it would take you about 6,293 years to get to Pluto!

If you don’t have the time for that trip perhaps you might consider flying? This is because at an average speed of 590 mph, you’d get there in 680 years. 

Well NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is traveling at over 50,000 mph and is about to reach Pluto - less than a decade after launching.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

This impressive composite shows off the imaging range of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. 

The observatory uses four telescopes working parallel to gather eight images of the sun – cycling through 10 different wavelengths – every 12 seconds. Earlier this year the observatory collected its 100 millionth image, since launching in 2010.