launch day game

Is there anything more irritating than being really hyped for a game because of this one feature or piece of content that the developer has been plugging in every single trailer, only for it to be announced like a week before launch that this content/feature they’ve been building up as the title’s defining “thing” isn’t even part of the core game, but exclusive launch-day DLC from one particular retailer?

Breath of the Wild: Two weeks in

I don’t remember if I mentioned this here, but I bought Botw and the switch on launch day. Great game honestly. Great story, characters, music, gameplay, and graphics. I’m loving the Zelink aspects as well. I haven’t even finished half the shrines or sidequests, but I’ve finished all four divine beasts and all the memories and I found the Master Sword. I’m not going to mention how many korok seeds I’ve found because it’s embarrassingly low. Breath of the Wild definitely deserves all the positive reviews and I definitely recommend it.

Mystic Diary # 9

Hi there, Xel here on behalf of SMG. It’s Sunday night as of this post, and we’re three full days from our first route’s release! I wanted to share with you all some important information I’d already promised in the past. 

Our game is integrated with Steam! I’ve already played it through the platform and it should be just about ready to go! (Pic of the beta Steam page for base game below)

Here’s the run-down on everything you might want to know before launch day:

  • The game is split into a free base game that includes the Prologue, Chapter 1 for Shou, and the original sneak peeks for the other, unreleased guys. 
  • This means each route (as they’re released in the coming months) will be purchasable as DLC, both through the Steam store and through the game itself.
  • The gameplay length for Shou’s route has been timed as being between 4.5 and 5 hours long, depending on your reading style and speed of course.
  • The price for a single route will be…$4.99! 

I think that’s all for now, we’ll have more to share in the upcoming days! Thank you for your support everyone, it means the world to us!


I can’t believe I just read someone say we should feel thankful to Ubisoft for Unity, broken as it is, for delivering a new AC game every year.

Some people actually seem to want and enjoy paying for broken and unfinished games? Even broken franchises such as AC has become, where Ubisoft jumps from one new artifact and plot to the other and leaves everything unexplained?

I feel insulted by Ubisoft, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ll pass on any future AC and I can only hope it gets picked up and rebooted by another company that doesn’t ruin it. Then, maybe.

image from madeinmasyaf