launch cosplay

This photo instantly became my favorite photo in cosplay this weekend. 
It was actually from Tate’s Comics, Not at Comic-Con event from 7/22/2017.

I asked his dad if i could have a picture with him and he was SO SCARED of me, he hid behind his dads leg and didn’t want to come out. I guess I waited a long enough time where he knew i wasn’t harmful anymore and let me take the photo… Afterwards his dad noticed my tattoo and mentioned it to his boy, i pointed to it to show him and MAGIC HAPPENED. 

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

(Leonard enters apartment. Amy, dressed as a Vulcan starfleet officer, is examining Sheldon.)

Amy: Hello, Leonard.

Leonard: What are you doing?

Amy: We’re playing doctor. Star Trek style.

Sheldon: I’m in hell, Leonard. Don’t stop.

5 x 23 The Launch Acceleration


Some of my favorite photos i took of me from Supercon 2017!

I will be posting other photos from this weekend soon as well… I really had such a great time this weekend. :)  

Sometimes going to a con alone isn’t such a bad thing!

She’s back! The character that took the world by storm, launched thousands of cosplays, fan art, music and more is swinging back into comics this fall for SPIDER-GWEN #1 – a brand-new ongoing series. 

Now is your chance to jump in, with a clean entry point into the character that has the world buzzing! Plus – the answers you’ve all been waiting for! For more information, visit later today for an exclusive interview with the Spider-Gwen creative team!


Coming Fall 2015!