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I wonder how many body guards this little shit needed to make sure this didn’t happen

Hillary stares at the nuclear launch button. “It’s like one big delete key. I could just delete it all.” She thinks to herself. *Hurt by johnny cash plays in the background*

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There is nothing left. My armies lay decimated. It is impossible to survive a three-wave attack like that.

“Fuck…” I raggedly wheeze.

Is there anything else I can do? I’ve executed my best weapons. Wicked had already been used, as had the Lion King, Hairspray, and Bye Bye Birdie.

I wrack my brain for something else. Matilda? Cabaret? The Sound of Music? No, not strong enough…

Then it dawns on me. Can I… ? No, I can’t. It’s too powerful. The aftereffects will kill me too. But what choice do I have?

My hand hovers precariously over the nuclear launch button.

“Hamilton. Unova cast.”

And I press the button.

He probably thought a lot of that moment, it’s too easy to start pressing that button which launches the 9 minutes insanity; Runaway with Pusha.

My generation will die mute, full of a million ideas.
And I’m ready to give myself over
to the street side preacher saying he hates me,
“Have a child or two and stop drinking”.
The protests are over and we’ve done nothing but not love each other.
With an elected misogynist in office
Who is grotesquely fingering the launch button,
Blow the whole world to smithereens please, I think late in the night
But by day the beauty of a butterfly is enough to make me
Make me
I don’t know,

hey welcome to wild ed’s big headstone warehouse we got headstones of all kind. not just your classic, classy, elegant simplicity headstones, we got wild headstones, party headstones, headstones for a laugh. why just check out this headstone, its got heathcliff from comic strip and cartoon heathcliff. heathcliff, the orange cat that came before but is less popular than garfield. as your headstone! don’t like heathcliff? that’s fine we got cleo the one girl cat from heathcliff and the catillac cats. don’t remember heathcliff and the catillac cats? yes you do, don’t lie. but even then we’ve got headstones of all shapes and sizes and for every occasion. this head stone is fuel propelled and has some kinda twisty thing on it so you can punch a button and launch your headstone into the sky, like a rocket, or, say, a sky dancer toy. we got sky dancer toy headstones. wild ed’s big headstone warehouse. come on down. 50 percent off dick bickenbach headstones, as too many were made

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there was a dating feature?! :O

Not exactly Haha!
When the game launched it had that button promoting a Dating Feature in the future. It dissappeared after the second big event, and Tiny co admitted that it proved to be more than they could do At the time. Someday…

Monsters vs Aliens Sentence Starter
  • "Once again, a UFO has landed in America, the only country UFOs ever seem to land in."
  • "They called me crazy, but I'll show them. I'll show them all! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "Forgive him, but as you can see, he has no brain."
  • "My, would you look at the size of that..."
  • "Please tell me he's slowing down!"
  • "Boys, set the terror level at code brown, 'cause I need to change my pants."
  • "That button launches all of our nuclear missiles!"
  • "What idiot designed this thing?"
  • "I may not have a brain, gentlemen, but I have an idea."
  • "It's okay. These are my new friends."
  • "This place is an X-file, wrapped in a cover-up and deep-fried in a paranoid conspiracy."
  • "By Hawking's chair!"
  • "There are innocent people down there who didn't do anything!"
  • "We can't hold them off much longer!"
  • "Sorry, I was just staring at this bird over there."
  • "Woo-hoo! Now that's a robot!"
  • "I feel like I got hit by a meteorite."
  • "Oh... Spaceballs!"
  • "Nothing can stand in my way now."
  • "I've been thinking long and hard about what happened last night, and I just want to to know, I forgive you."
  • "Holy Cheez-its! What do we do? No one ever told us what to do!"
Blast Off(Villain!AU)
  • *Saitama stands outside with the little ones as Kuro tinkers with a model rocket*
  • Genos: *walks out to join them* What's going on?
  • Saitama: Kuro made a rocket, we're going to watch him test it out.
  • Kuro: Ready!
  • *the group steps back as Kuro holds the launch button*
  • Kuro: launch in 3...2...1...ignition! *hits the button as boosters open up under the rocket, blasting it up into the air with a trail of smoke behind it*
  • Saitama: *shades his eyes with his hand as he watches it* Wow, look at that thing go!
  • *The family watches the trail of smoke curve back down into a distant part of the city...a loud boom coming from it's drop point as a plume of smoke shoots up over the buildings*
  • Mumen Rider: *off in the distance* MY BIKE!
  • Genos: Oh...we should probably go apolog- *looks back as Saitama and the little ones are running back towards the house* HEY!

My blog is not about politics. This will be the only post about this subject in here, and will be deleted later.

While I have been following the situation and can consider myself somewhat educated, I am just a random Finnish person in the wrong continent to do anything myself, but for the American people following me, I’d like to ask if you might be kind enough to maybe vote.

As someone who’s lived under a female president for two terms, I can say it’s not too bad. Yours is a politician, who’s been working the job for decades, and while nobody’s perfect, she’s pretty smart one. If nothing else, think about all those little girls who could look up to her and say ‘that could be me’.

I remember being pretty horrified of the US back in the G.W.Bush era, I really don’t want to go back there, and I REALLY don’t want that Trumpet anywhere near the launch buttons of the world’s largest stash of nuclear weapons.


This will end this blog’s political content. Have a nice day.