launceston place

If you had given in... | AU

Vanessa hadn’t seen her evening evolving into what is was now. And it was the most perfect outcome to whatever fable she was writing that night; drunken stupor and slurs from strange men, she was sick of it. Whilst every other person in Istra looked forward to some fanciful situation, she couldn’t wait to get her hands dirty and less after the turn of events that took place around Launceston on daily basis. She nodded once and placed the bottle back onto the wooden frame where it had been sitting comfortably in the past.

“Maggie!” she called out gently and smiled at her fellow bartender slash waitress, it wasn’t her shift but Katarina had been gentle enough to provide her with certain amount of privilege among her workers without giving too much away. The allude girl glanced up and approached the bar, coming in as Vanessa hurried out. “Бред какой то” she mused. “Не было бы слишком мудр, чтобы пойти вокруг проливая бобы вокруг этих идиотов сейчас, не правда ли? Хорошо, тогда мы должны?”


’M’ and I had another amazing evening together! He booked us a split-level suite at the Crowne Plaza in Kensington on Wednesday evening, which I absolutely loved. He wasn’t planning on arriving until later in the evening, so I went over a few hours early to relax! I bought a cute little black off the shoulder body-con dress for dinner, which seemed to catch his eye! It was fairly inexpensive as I only got it from Missguided, but I teamed it with my LV clutch and some Chanel lipstick (Tip: good quality accessories can make any outfit look expensive).

For dinner I chose a restaurant called Launceston Place, which was a favourite of Princess Diana’s and afterwards we walked back to the hotel. The time we spend together always seems to fly by and we seem to really connect on every level! So my SD is away on business for the next few months, but he sent me a message telling me that he loved spending time together and is looking forward to seeing me again soon :).

PS. I miss our superior suite already!