Like a foreign language -Phan-

Summary: Dan Howell’s never experienced what it feels like to be in love. Love is like a foreign language to him. So easy to grasp yet he just can’t. That is, until he meets Phil Lester.

Love is like a foreign language when your name’s Daniel Howell. Now, it wasn’t that Dan had never experienced love. No, he just hadn’t actually been in love. Sure he’d went out with people, dated them. Whatever you want to call it. But he’d never been in love. He’d dated a girl when he was sixteen. She was beautiful and he loved her to bits. Yet, he wasn’t in love with her. He thought he might be, could be. But as their break up came and passed, he realised there was no way that that thing he felt was love. It was like a feeling of closeness that made him incredibly happy, and sure he missed it. He missed holding her in his arms, of course he did.

But it wasn’t love.

Love wasn’t supposed to feel like that. It was supposed to be something amazing. Like fireworks when you kiss. Butterflies forever lingering in your stomach when their fingertips just brush against your skin. The kisses they shared had been pleasant, but nothing like the sort of thing he’d read about.

He’d imagined it would feel like the best feeling in the world. And since it didn’t, he came to one conclusion. That he hadn’t been in love. That love was something which was complicated. That he didn’t quite understand. Love was like a foreign language to him. Something which he could so easily grasp, but just couldn’t.

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