That damn hallucination episode gave me engaged Lauriver AND engaged Raylicity and I was just like 

and by lost it i mean the show fucked it all up

You know what’s amusing tho? There isn’t jack shit goin on romantically with Oliver and Laurel on Arrow currently, and yet some Oliciters stay pressed about her mere existence and place in Oliver’s life. If you’re so confident that your OTP is so much the endgame of all endgames, anything else should be of no concern to you whatsoever, much less a threat to be constantly downplayed and trashed. Defensive much? But, my little theory is, although there’s no romantic Lauriver anywhere on the horizon, they know that comic canon exists, and therein the threat still lies. Because it’s always there for the show to go back to, and that possibility probably scares the shit outta them, whether they’d admit it or not.


Okay–but am I the only one who saw this pic for next week’s ep and thought of the cheesy ass line “You jump, I jump, remember?”

I am?


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Side note: I’m not some delusional shipper–I realize this is not them getting back together, blah, blah. I’m just fucking trash, obvs.

However, I am glad to see any Ollie/Laurel interaction–because at the end of the day they are clearly still friends who care about each other–and have a mutual concern for Sara. And are part of a bad ass crime fighting team, now–hello–they should have fucking scenes together.

ALSO–is this the ep SA and KC talked about at (I forget which convention, was it Dragoncon?) that there’s an opposite of the hallway scene from s2? BC if so SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!