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what are your favorite things about lauriver?

I love the history between them. I can especially feel that history when they are in conflict with one another. It feels very layered and multi-dimensional, which is how I like my ‘ships.’ 

I love how Laurel always knows what Oliver needs to hear, and vice versa, and it always sparks change in each other. When Oliver goes off at her in the hallway, Laurel turns her life around because it’s hit a revelation in her that she’s fucked up and she needs to take her life back, much like when Laurel goes off at Oliver in the hallway, Oliver turns his life around and its a revelation that he’s a hypocritical douchebag and needs to change. But in the nicer sense, I love moments like when Laurel gives him a hug, and he’s all “what’s this for?” “because you’re important to me.” 

I love the constant reminders that Laurel knows him in his bones, and clearly knows him better than anyone.  

I love the fact that Oliver carried Laurel with him on the island, and how, even when she’s not there, she’s still part of his life. 

I love that they have a platform of friendship, and that no matter what happens in their life, whether they’re at each other’s throats, or being madly in love, they’re always going to be friends. Best friends. And I don’t mean to take away from Diggle here, not at all, but I feel like Laurel and Oliver have the type of relationship that will never be tarnished, whereas Oliver’s method of stopping Ra’s Al Ghul almost severed his friendship with Diggle whereas it wouldn’t have severed his friendship with Laurel if the circumstances were shifted on her and her family because she always understands him, and vice versa. 

I love how overprotective Oliver can be with Laurel. Anyone could offer themselves as bait, and the second it’s Laurel, he’s like “nope, no, fuck that, nope, you stay here, no.”  He cannot lose her, and it’s why he could not see her as Black Canary because he knew her life would be endangered every time she put on that suit but she’s proven it’s where she belongs. 

I love how their families are so connected into each other’s, as if they’re wrapped, and bound in the same thing, and will forever be joined. I mean, Malcolm sinking that boat threw Oliver’s life in one trajectory, and Laurel’s in another, and they connected back at the end. They share the same ultimate nemesis. They share the same life. I mean, when I really start piecing things together, it just clicks that they’re soul mates, in my opinion. 

I love how Laurel can date Tommy and Oliver can respect that, and I love how Oliver can date Felicity and Laurel can respect that, and it further proves just how solid their platform of friendship is. 

I love the idea that they grew up as best friends who eventually fell in love. 

I love how if they did get back together, Oliver wouldn’t have to worry about some douche trying to threaten him by killing his girlfriend, because no one could touch her. 

I love how badass they look as a crime fighting duo. 

I love how Oliver would have someone who loves his sister just as much as he does, and would sacrifice everything for her just as much as he would. 

I secretly adore the fact that Moira shipped the hell out of ‘Lauriver’ and agrees that Oliver was a better person with her in his life. 

There are so many things I love about this ship. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to blurt most of it out here. Now I have a response for when I get that always irritating question of “how the fuck can you ship Lauriver?” and I can just link this and get on with my day, haha! 

That damn hallucination episode gave me engaged Lauriver AND engaged Raylicity and I was just like 

and by lost it i mean the show fucked it all up


…but god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky. (x)