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hi m drumk and yor blohg, makes me laug. happy calentines day It's Wendsdey!

Awww thanks! happy calentines day It’s Wendsdey to you too 😊

I’m very much like Seb in the sense that we both think we’re the funniest person to ever walk this earth but everyone around us is just rolling their eyes and thinking “you’re not funny, you never have been and you never will be”

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Shameless

We were all set to head to the mall. Our day plan was figured out down to the coordinates of which section of the mall to hit first and when. We were dressed casually. Nothing much to my outfit, just a pair of dark skinny jeans and a fuchsia knit sweater with tennis ball-sized polka dots separated sporadically across my sweater. I pulled half hair back in a clip behind my head so I could keep it out of my face. My wavy black hair almost past my shoulder blades now, might have to cut it soon.

“There!” Allegra cheery voice broke through the silence.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Check your phones and you’ll see. Our phones sounded simultaneously. 

It was a screenshot of her text conversation with one of Derek’s friends, Ethan Snyder. Allegra and Ethan claim to been “friends” but there’s more than meets the eye to their friendship. The text told us that the guys plan to be there around 3. We’re meeting them for lunch at the food court for lunch. Liam and Noah from Trig class are also tagging along, too.

“Sounds like fun, right Kerri?” Sydney tried to egg me on.

I shoot her a glare and then playfully shook it off.

“The mall awaits!” Allegra signaled to the living room. We all got up and filed into the conjoining room. 

Mr. Leto was there, still engrossed in the TV. I tried to get a closer look to see what read on the screen. It was some breaking news special. I heard the newscaster’s voice:

A woman was murdered in Harrisburg this week. Her body was discovered in the Mohaney Lake.  Officers and investigators remain on the scene looking for clues as we…

“Dad, we’re ready to go.”

“Yeah, hold on a sec, Legra.” His eyes remained on the screen.

“Dad loves murder mysteries,” she sighed before turning to us. “It’s his ‘thing.’” One time, he stayed up all night watching this marathon on the ID network.” She shook her head. “Those shows give me the creeps…”

His eyes brim soaked in the TV screen. It was like he was taking everything the reporter said in, like he was taking mental notes. He looked so hot when engrossed.

Allegra made a mini megaphone with her hands as she shouted “Earth to dad…” her voice rang through the room.

His eyes flicked to hers, snapping him back into the living room. “Sorry Legra. Sure, let’s get ready to go.” He jumped up to grab his keys.  

“Yea, can’t get enough of them,” he looked present but his eyes said he was somewhere else, mulling over the news. 

We all head to the car. Allegra took the obvious seat next to her dad in the front. I sat in the back behind Mr. Leto with Sydney splitting the middle between Dasha and I. Songs from our local radio station filled the car. We danced around with the music.

Allegra stopped dancing and asked, “You excited, Kerri?”

“What is this? Pick on Kerri day?” we all bust out lauging.

“I should be asking you that, Allegra. You and Ethan have a thing and I know it.”

“Sounds like someone’s diverting the question…” Dasha teased. 

“Derek’s alright, I mean-“ 

“Alright?” Sydney laughed.

“Says the girl who can’t keep her eyes off him in Trig class.” Dasha cut in. 

“You practically drool over each other in class, Kerri” Allegra said looking back at me.

“Yeah, he totally likes you…” said Sydney. 

“You think so?” I asked. I needed confirmation. I was sort of bad at telling if a guy liked me or not. Can’t say that for Mr. Leto

“Yea, totally.”

I giggled to myself.

Mr. Leto’s eyes glared at me through the rearview mirror. His eyes were steaming, like the smoke coming from a overheated teapot. If looks could kill, I’d be out for the count.

My eyes widened as round as saucers in shock to his reaction. With nowhere else to look, I turned my face to the window, hoping that in some way that could hide my face from the others.

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Always//Theo Raeken Imagine

(Gifs aren’t mine so credit to owner)

Pairing: Reader/Theo

Word Count: 2218

Warnings: Cute Josh, reader gets hurt, v emotional Theo, adorable Theo, angry Theo, basically just a whole bunch of Theo feels towards the end 

Request: heyy, could you do a theo’s imagine, where you are in his pack and you’re his gf. And josh is your best friend and you two have a close friendship, like cuddling and lauging all the time, and that made theo gets jealous and angry and one day stuff go to so far and doesn’t end nothing good? -anon

Plot: Y/N and Josh are best friends. They are at one of the lacrosse games at Beacon Hills when the beast attacks. Y/N, being the stronger chimera at the time, tries to fight it off before Scott comes and takes over and she gets direly hurt. Josh takes Y/N back to his house to tend to her wounds, but when Theo finds out what happened to his girlfriend, he’s not happy.

A/N: Thank you so much for this request! I feel like I strayed a bit from the request, but I hope this is still somewhat what you wanted! Btw, i know absolutely nothing about lacrosse so hopefully the little I had to include about it in here makes sense, but if not I apologize. Also, this turned out way more intense than I had originally planned, but I hope you still like it! I hope you all enjoy this imagine, please feel free to check out my masterlist and send in some requests!


Everyone surrounding you erupts into screams of joy as Beacon Hills scores yet another goal during the lacrosse game. Tonight was one of the most important nights of the lacrosse season for your school, so you and your best friend Josh decided to go. With all the supernatural drama going on, you thought it’d be nice to just relax and enjoy one of the biggest games of the season for the most popular sport at your high school. Though you were enjoying watching the game. you couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious. You and Josh had originally asked Theo, who is not only your boyfriend but also your alpha, if you two could go to the lacrosse game. Theo flat out said that it was too dangerous to go out in such a public setting with you being supernatural and the beast being on the lose. Sick of being trapped inside, you went against what was probably your better judgement and called Josh inviting him to the game with you. So not only were you lying to your boyfriend, you were also going against your alphas orders. You shiver at just the though of Theo finding out that you attended the game, especially with Josh. Theo has never approved of the close friendship that you and Josh share, even though you constantly tell him that the two of you are just friends. If he found out that you didn’t only disobey him but you also did it with Josh, he would go absolutely ballistic.

The loud noise of the buzzer startles you, removing you from your thoughts, and you look to see the Beacon Hills has scored yet another goal. Josh leans over to speak to you because of all the noise. “Heard anything from your boyfriend yet?” He asks quietly.

“No. I told him I didn’t feel well so I was going to sleep early.” You smile.

“Ok good, because I really don’t feel like dying tonight.” He says, clearly relieved that you had already stalled Theo.

“He wouldn’t have killed you.” You say rolling your eyes. “He probably just would’ve been really really angry.” You laugh, causing Josh to laugh too.

Josh puts his arm around you, and you cuddle up into his side. The two of you had done cuddly things like this ever since the two of you first became friends, but you both understand that your relationship is completely platonic. Sadly, Theo still doesn’t see you guys that way. You love Josh, but not in the way you love Theo. Being with Theo gives you a different type of feeling from when you’re with Josh. Butterflies erupt in your stomach, you blush every time kind words leave his mouth, and more importantly, when you kiss, as cheesy as it may sound, sparks fly; and you know Theo feels it too. Your broken out of your thoughts when Josh starts to lightly rub your arm causing you to look up at him. Suddenly, a low growl sounds from the school, igniting your chimera hearing and immediately putting you on alert. You nudge Josh nervously. “Hey did you hear that?”

“Hear what-?” He asks, getting slightly cut off by a repeat of the growling sound.

“That.” You say, your eyes widening.

“Come on Y/N we should go see where thats coming from, someone could be in trouble.” He says urgently grabbing your wrist and pulling you up from the cold metal bleachers.

“Wait Josh, slow down! Lets think about this for a second.” He ignores you, and continues leading you toward the dark building where the sounds of struggle keep increasing as you get closer.

“Josh stop! We can’t just barge in there, we need a plan!” You say more forcibly, finally getting him to stop.

“Ok. I’ll go left, you go right, we’ll meet in the middle. If we haven’t found anything by the time we meet, then we’ll go back to watching the game.” He says getting ready to open the door.

You quickly grab his wrist and pull it off the handle. “Do you really think it’s the best idea to separate? What if it’s the beast? What if it’s the dread doctors? We have absolutely no idea what we’re up against, AND we’re only two people! We have to be smart about this!” You finish, meeting his eyes.

Josh sighs and looks down at his feet. “Ok fine, we’ll go in together since I don’t want you to get hurt. But we just have to be very careful and quiet.” 

He grabs the handle to the main door and opens it slowly. Grabbing your hand, he quietly walks into the school leading you behind him. The only noise is the sound of the people cheering on the field, and the only light is the reflection of the moon. The two of you start to slowly and quietly make your way down the hallway, keeping your senses aware to see if you can find any hints as to what that noise was. The further back in the school you both get, the more eerily quiet the building becomes. The two of have reached the back of the school, and a gush of wind lightly brushes past your back, sending a shiver down your spine. You look over to Josh, and concluding by the fearful look on his face that he felt it too. Quietly, you turn around and begin to slowly walk forward. Josh tries to join you, but you signal him with your hand to stay back. Thinking you heard something, you thought it’d be better if Josh stood where he wasn’t seen just incase there is something there. 

When you finally turn the corner, you are met with nothing except the sounds of you and Josh’s anxious breaths. You let out and sigh of a relief and turn around to walk back to Josh, when suddenly you are hit by a huge ton of weight and are thrown up against the lockers. Your body hits the freezing metal of the lockers, and you fall straight to the ground. Looking up from the floor, you are met with the cold hard eyes of none other then the Beast itself. Quickly, you try to think of a solution to the situation you’re in. Deciding you don’t want you and Josh to get hurt, you decide to stall him and do your best to run. You kick one of your legs into the Beast’s and trip him down with your other. As soon as your foot left the Beast’s leg, you took off sprinting as fast as you possibly could. You don’t think you’ve seen a supernatural being that terrifying in your time of being one so far. You make it to the spot where you left Josh, and grab his wrist pulling him along with you.

“Josh it’s the Beast we have to run!” You scream, desperately pulling on his wrist, trying to get him to follow because you know the beast is extremely close.

“Y/N we can’t just leave it in the school, we have to fight it off!!” He says, unwrapping your hand from his wrist quickly and walking back towards the way you came from.

Now you and Josh are both fairly new chimeras, but he is more recent than you can you know that he definitely cannot fight off the Beast. Your heart speeds up as the Beast charges up the hallway toward your best friend, who is standing there readily in a fighting stance. Just as the Beast is about to pounce on him, you scream, “Josh no!”,pushing him out of the way. The Beast’s claws painfully penetrate your flesh, causing you to let out a blood curdling scream. Stinging and horrible fiery pain engulf your entire body. Blood is leaving you in a bunch of different places, and you are starting to feel dizzy. You see Josh get up and begin to fight off the Beast himself, before he is joined by two more people.

You vaguely hear, “Go get Y/N some help, we’ll take care of the beast!”, but your too far gone to see who it is. Your eyes are fluttering open and closed repetitively, and you feel yourself slipping in and out of consciousness.

“Y/N, no please stay awake!” Josh says, running over to you. “I’m so sorry, please!” he cries, grabbing your ice cold hand and holding it in both of his. That’s the last thing you hear before you let yourself slip into darkness.


Sunlight shines on your face, waking you from the sleep you were in. Ignoring the pounding and confusion in your head, you try to sit up, but immediately jolt from the pain your feel throughout your body.

“Woah, take it easy babe. You’re wounds were deep, so you aren’t completely healed yet.” Your boyfriend says, startling you since you didn’t realize anyone else was in the room. Theo gets up from the chair he was sitting in, and makes his way over to the bed, taking a seat on the opposite side of you.

“What happened to me?” You ask him, only getting glimpses of recognition from when you were last awake.

“Well, to summarize, you completely disobeyed my orders, went out with Josh to the lacrosse game, and got attacked by the Beast. Plus, since you two were alone, you could’ve almost died if Scott hadn’t shown up at the right time.” Theo replies completely monotone, not meeting your eyes. You heart automatically drops knowing that Theo only speaks monotone when he’s extremely angry or upset.

“Theo… I’m-”

“No Y/N just stop and listen.” Theo starts, cutting you off. “Look, you know I get uncomfortable over you and Josh’s friendship. He’s your best friend, and I get that, but you have to understand I can’t help but get jealous a lot of the time because I’m your boyfriend, and theres nothing I can do about the fact that I want you all to myself most of the time… but I give you orders for a reason. I may be your boyfriend, but I’m also your alpha, and I give out orders that are in the best interest of my pack. When I told you and Josh not to go out last night, I said it because I knew the Beast was still on the loose and it was immensely dangerous to go out just the two of you as new chimeras, especially at such a public supernatural packed place. I was just trying to protect you. So when Josh came knocking at my door, you lying all bloody and unconscious in his arms.. I..” Theo paused for a second, taking a deep breathe to calm himself down. 

“I just lost it. I.. -I went ballistic. I made him tell me everything that had happened. He told me how the two of you went to the lacrosse game, then heard some noise, and decided to inspect it.” Theo paused again. This story was evidently hard for him to speak about because of how much he cares for you.

“Josh also told me that when you two were in the school and you found the Beast, he went back to go fight it, but you were against the idea, so you had jumped in front of him, resulting in your dire condition last night.” Theo take his head in both of his hands and rubs it stressfully. You reach out and grab one of his hands in your own, tracing smooth circles over it softly, knowing that helps to calm him down. 

“I never meant for that to happen Theo. I just wanted to be normal for once and watch a big school lacrosse game but no. Of course not. Something supernatural always has to come in and ruin it.” You say, your voice cracking at the with tears welling up in your eyes.

Seeing your tears made Theo’s heart break, and automatically made him want to just hold you in his arms and tell you that everything would be okay. Theo leans forward and wipes away one of the stray tears that fell down your face. “I know baby girl, I know. But I just want you to remember. Everything I do is to protect you. You are the love of my life Y/N, and if something were to ever happen to you like last night, I don’t know what I’d do. That’s why I was so hard on you and Josh. I just want you safe.” He finishes getting into the bed next to you and pulling you up against his side, wrapping you under his arm.

“And even though it may not seem like it, I want Josh safe too. He is one of the betas in my pack, and your best friend, and honestly neither of us could afford to lose those things.” He softly chuckles, lightly tracing his thumb in tiny circles on a spot on your arm.

You close your eyes and take a deep breathe, letting all the information and words shared sink into your mind. 

“I love you Theo… and thank you. Really.” You say, letting your eyes flutter shut because of the comfortable position you are in with your boyfriend.

“I love you too baby girl. Always.”