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Fuel to Fire (intro)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f) 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting. 

A/N: This is the introduction to the tattoo-shop AU, a Stucky x reader story that could be compared to my earlier series: Savages. I have no idea where this is going or how long it’s gonna be. I’m just gonna see where it takes me. 

“Buck-.. you think we’re gettin’ boring?” Steve muses, his arms behind his head, relaxing against his pillow as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Steve” Bucky groans, popping up somewhere below Steve’s belt, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “m’Tryin’ to suck your dick here, you mind?”

“I don’t, actually” Steve grins. “I was just thinkin’”

“Yeah. I know” Bucky shuts him up, pinching his husband’s side, earning a yelp in turn. “Stop it and let me suck your pretty cock”

“Baby, c’mon, hold on a minute, okay?” Steve pleads, putting on his best pouting face and big blue eyes.

Bucky groans, rolls off his husband, “Okay, okay. Stop with the eyes already. What’s on your mind?”

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Imagine Bill rambling about you during interviews and admitting you are his celebrity crush, excited when you go to the premiere of his new movie, not knowing you feel the same and are watching the interview.

“So uhm there were plenty of people attending the premiere of- of the newest movie you’re taking part in, am I right?” Ellen asked once the audience calmed down.

“Uh yes, yes many actually. Other than my family, my brothers and actually father too, there were other celebrities too. Some of whom I- I look up to so much I can’t describe! I got to talk to some of them, like- like Harrison Ford, yeah he was actually there, and Antony Hopkins and so many others! I couldn’t believe it at first but I was truly- truly blessed to be able to actually get to have a conversation with them, it was- it was amazing.” he breathed out, a smile spreading on his lips as he nodded his head.

“I am sure you were thrilled, but it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. The movie was expected to be a great hit and it actually happened!” she pointed out with a smile and small shrug “We- we indeed saw Harrison, Antony and Robert Downey Jr there too, right?” she asked and he nodded his head.

“Yeah also, I uh saw Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston too, and uh Ryan Gosling? Yeah he was there too.” he added “I was- I was really happy to see them there and you know even here a small ‘Great job!’ or 'Congratulations!’ meant so so much I can’t describe it! I was thrilled!”

“It certainly means a lot, I can understand! But something tells me we are not bringing up the first, and probably most important, person of the night that oh I am so sure made you feel over the moon!” she said with a smirk and even without saying a single name Bill laughed shyly, looking down, because he understood very very well who she was referring to.

“That- that laugh tells me you already know who I mean?” she asked with a small chuckled and he grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

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A Feysand Wedding

Soo @starfall-velaris made a post here, which I absolutely adored and had to write a fic about.  Warning: it’s unedited.  I’m awful at writing weddings.

You can find the rest of my fanfic here.

“Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord.”  Violet eyes flicked to hers.

You’re not…

No mind reading until after vows.  You promised.



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Not So Big and Bad

Pairing: Daniel/Reader

Word Count: 2106

Requested: Yeah 

Laughter sounded through the mostly empty library, bouncing off of each bookcase and wall before it made its way into the ears of the studying girl. The break in the silence pulled her out of her reading, causing a glare to be cast to the table of boys several feet away from her spot. They paid no mind as they joked around, only stopping when the librarian shushed them. They jumped at the loud ‘sh’ that came from the older woman and it caused Y/N to grin. Serves them right for breaking her concentration.

The quiet didn’t last, but this time hands muffled their laughs. It was still just as annoying to Y/N. Standing from her seat she grabbed her textbook and marched to the disruptive table, slamming the book down on the wood and startling each boy.

“I don’t know if you know this, but this is a library. As in, a place people go to study. If you want to be so loud, go somewhere else.” Not sticking around to see their faces at her words she turned on her heel, not missing the words that followed her actions.
“What’s up her ass?” She rolled her eyes and apologized to the librarian before she stepped out into the cooling weather. She never let words like that bother her, she heard them frequently but was too busy to ever respond. It caused strife between her and her schoolmates. People didn’t like the fact she wasn’t a social butterfly, opting to work on her studies before hanging out. She wasn’t the top student for nothing. Sure maybe she was a little uptight, but everyone has their flaws.

“Hey, wait!” A shout left the building, causing Y/N to turn her head, watching as a boy jogged up to her. As he rubbed the back of his neck she raised an eyebrow, stoic as she always way.

“Uh, I just wanted to apologize for in there.” He said, nodding back to the library. “We didn’t realize we were that loud.” His smile faltered slightly when a dry laugh came from the girl’s mouth.

“You didn’t realize that you were loud.” She repeated. “In a library of all places. Are you idiots?” Her words were harsher than she meant, and she almost apologized when she took a closer look at his face. His excuse sounded ridiculous but she wouldn’t admit he was sort of cute. Seeing him up close, and not being in an annoyed mood, left her slightly taken aback.

He didn’t seem as affected as others would have been at her scolding, a smile still gracing his face as he looked at her. “I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot. I’m Daniel.”  He introduced, and Y/N’s mind went blank. For once she couldn’t find words that made sense. The warmth of his smile made the figurative ice around her heart start melting, even in the cooler temperature.

“C-cool.” She stuttered, cringing at herself before turning on her heel and rushing down the sidewalk. Too caught up in yelling at herself she missed the chuckle that came from the man as he watched her retreating form.

She didn’t seem as bad as his friends made her seem.

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Requested: Ace Jugheadxreader fic where the gang all think they’re a thing because they’re so cutsie.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader

Warning: Will offend people who think asexuality isn’t real, you can clear right off now thanks, yours sincerely- someone who isn’t real apparently.

A/N: Aww she a cute fic. This is not how all aces are together (obvi). Jugheadxreader in this are not sex repulsed aces. Educate yourselves huns


“Juggy if you don’t stop tickling me we’re going to have serious issues” you laughed at the big raven haired goof alongside you.

“Aww come on ynn-ie you’re so much fun to tease” he continued to attempt to tickle you

“Would you two just get a room already oh my god!” Veronica rolled her eyes and archie added, “Yeah we’re trying to eat here and ye’re basically having sex on the diner table”

The both of you looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Pops was mostly empty, just a few stragglers and your small group of friends.

Jughead kept a hand on your thigh and you leaned on him, happy as ever and blind to what your friends were seeing, you two continued to mess around.

The gang exchanged looks all the way through dinner as Jug and you shared chips((or fries…but its chips…end of discussion)) totally oblivious to your surroundings.

“WOULD YOU TWO JUST TELL US YOU’RE TOGETHER ALREADY!!!” archie finally snapped and practically came over the table to you two giving you both a fright. The group all looked on bewildered at Archie.

“What? We were all thinking it and saying it to each other…i just finally had the guts to say it to them”

“So now it’s out there, yeah what is going on between you two” Ronnie  grinned

Jughead and you exchanged looks before simultaneously laughing out “Nothing”

“Are you kidding? You two are always cuddly and YN wears your hoodies all the time Jug and you two are always off together, so someone better start talking” Archie was over beating around the bush.

“Yeah we’re friends Archie…friends do those things”

“You literally have one hand in hers and the other on her thigh!” jughead glanced down and then back at you. “Huh, didn’t even notice “ he laughed moving his hand from your thigh to reach his drink, his other still intertwined in yours.

“Hahaha neither did I” you grabbed a chip ((fry…but they’re chips))

“You got rings for each other for fuck sake!” Ronnies tone mimicked the increasing frustration of the entire group.

“You mean this one” you pulled a chain from around your neck, the black ring dangling.

“Oh yeah that ring” Jughead raised his left hand, middle finger decorated with the beautiful hermite.

“Yeah see! You’re even wearing them now! You two are totally a couple!”

“Couple of Aces” you grinned and all but Jughead looked confused, he, well he looked smug.

“Ehhh what…” Veronicas face twisted in confusion.

“Ace…it’s the umbrella term…we’re asexual”

“Oh like plants” betty’s innocent smile prevented Jughead and you from snapping at this response ((seriously guys, don’t say that to Aces, we don’t like it, its not funny and it’s in no way original, trust me we all had a meeting, be more creative because no thanks petals))

“No, not like plants” you tried your best not to sound annoyed, jugheads hand returning to your leg, squeezing it.

“So you two..aren’t sleeping together…or dating or dating anyone…ever”

“ No we’re not together, never were.” Jughead politely answered Ronnies slightly rude question.

“We just like being around each other..why does that seem weird to you guys, you all like being around each other, thats not weird. If i was doing the same thing with Ronnie or Kevin you wouldnt even question if we were together” you smiled but your tone was still pointed.

“Im so sad, you guys were my OTP, you two were endgame” you both laughed at Betty.

“Sorry Bets”

Kevin came running in the door with gossip from school and the conversation moved on from your relationship status, both thankful for it.

When it was time for you to leave Jughead offered to walk you home, you happily obliging. When ye had left the table hand in hand the group gathered their thoughts on your situation.

“Wait ynn and jughead?” Kevin was laughing hard after the group caught him up “they’re ace” he continued laughing.

“KEVIN YOU KNEW AND DIDN’T TELL US!” Ronnie hit Kevin into the chest.

“Okay firstly, OWWW, secondly, it’s not my job, responsibility or right to tell you other people’s sexuality, it’s not our business and it doesn’t even matter” they all sat back and nodded, taking in the wisdom.

“Oh Hetros, you are such  special little strawberries now aren’t ye?” kevin laughed.


Much love Xx

Originally posted by thesnakesstuff

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve is terrified of chickens and only bucky knows why

Bucky can’t tell anyone because he’s too busy laughing too hard to breathe.  Captain Hold My Beer is currently positioned behind a tractor and doing his best to look like he’s not about to piss himself and doing a poor job of it.  

“…Is this an Old Dudes Thing?”  Tony has his Iron Man mask up and he’s looking between Bucky (who’s standing only by the grace of his metal hand holding onto one side of the tractor) and Steve (who is hiding on the other side of the tractor and trying to look like he’s not hiding.)

“Nothing’s wrong, Tony.”  Steve manages to grit out.  He even manages to look angry for a split second before his face contorts back into abject horror.  

“Looks like something’s wrong.”

Bucky snorts, wheezes, and gives up, falling to his knees.  “Oh god I can’t breathe.  It hurts. Stop.  Oh my god.”  He didn’t realize his voice could reach that octave.  

“Thanks, Buck.”

Bucky meant to respond.  He did.  Honest truth. But.  

But the chicken panics and runs towards them and Steve shrieks and leaps onto the tractor.  And Bucky can’t take it.  He’s withstood a lot, in his long life, but the sight of Captain Muscles hiding like his Ma from a mouse is too much.

“…The chicken.”  Tony deadpans.  

Steve scowls.  Bucky lets loose a tiny eeeeeep! that’s meant to be a response but is only more laughter.

“You’re afra—how are you afraid of a chicken?  You’ve fought Chitauri and robots and HYDRA and how?!”  Tony’s doing a good job of maintaining a mask of disbelief, but it’s ever so slowly twisting into unmitigated glee at the revelation.  

“I’m not – I’m not afraid of—“ Steve scuttles away as the chicken inches closer, even though Steve’s already on top of the tractor.  “-I’m not afraid of it.  It’s just. I mean.” 

DoyourememberwhenthatchickenchasedyouallthewayfromMrsMcLaughlinsandyouweresureitwasgoingtopeckyoutodeath?! OH GOD.”  Bucky manages to wheeze it all out in one half-breath before losing control and laughing all over again.   

Steve twists his lips to one side, completely un-amused.  


Bucky’s nearly got his feet under him.  But Tony picks up the chicken and makes an outrageously loud Squak! In Steve’s direction and Steve topples off the tractor and Bucky’s legs go out from under him again in a new bout of laughter.  

It’s not until Maria leaves her post in the Quinjet to scold them all that Tony stops chasing Steve around with the chicken and Bucky manages to get his laughter mostly contained.  

They’re home before Bucky’s case of the giggles finally subsides. Tony buys Steve a down pillow as a show of solidarity and apology.  Steve has Darcy let four chickens (labeled 1, 2, 3, and 5) loose in the Tower the next time he’s away on assignment.


It’s late sunday evening! You know what that means! Obligatory crappy Zesty X episode 22 reaction crack doodles, here we go! Of course it comes with a list of pros and cons, like always:

+actual fighting! Hooray! As if somebody finally realised what I’m here for. I want more actual fighting hellions, not party members fighting each other. You could give me entire 20 minute episodes consisting of nothing but Sorey and Rose wrecking shit with rainbow sparkle powers, and I’d enjoy it, honestly. MOAR.
+Wow. Like, holy crap, that is the shippiest.sappiest.gayest next episode preview skit in existence. Why not using the letter skit from Asteria next time? The night before the optional stuff and sidequests because Distracted By The Goldsaucer ™ final battle in the game was even shippier and sappier and gayer, though, I want it back.
+Rose armatized!

–are we sure Dezel is gonna survive this?
–Rose, who has raised you? It’s not nice to either of them to first promise Alisha to marry her do a cooking course with her and then lie down in Dezel’s arms, get your priorities sorted
–shoo, Rose, armatization rocks, come on, you know you love it, your AI let’s you do it all the time in the game
–Sorey being mean to Mikleo, I decided to fix it. How is the boy not sleeping on the sofa all the time
–at least he said “thank you” for once? I mean, he owes Mikleo at least a trillion “thank you”s more, but it’s a start, right?
–why does Alisha get a magical transformation sequence and Rose doesn’t? I’m disappointed
–still not a fan of her armatization for characterization/plot reasons, but at least it gives me an excuse to draw Team Shepherd Sailor Senshi, now updated from duo to trio
–yes, Zaveid, as usual, you’re summing up everyone’s thoughts: PLOT WHAT PLOT!??? I swear I produced very inhuman and very indignant noises throughout most of the episode. Mostly sarcastic laughter. Zaveid for president. And RIP Symonne. I suppose it won’t take more than an Azure Assault to take you down!

I wanna eat pumpkin mousse now, I love pumpkins and one of my favourite dishes is pumpkin pie ôo.

I Need Your Help-- Part Three

Word Count: 4800

Summary: your sister is getting married in two weeks, and your mother demands that you bring a date. Who better than broadway star, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Notes: thanks SO much to @timesarehardfornewsies for proofreading and making sure this didn’t suck. ❤️

Tags: @secretschuylersister @anthonyramosobc @withthatbitch @imwritingmywayout @tinyturrtle @chloehamiltonn

Warnings: swearing, alcohol, self esteem issues, a terrible mom

“Lin, wake up,” you shook him lightly, and his eyes fluttered open. Goddammit, his eyes are pretty. “Do you realize what we did?” His eyes widened a little bit, and a startling presence of mind seemed to grab him full force.

“Oh shit,” he sat up, beginning to scramble around the room to find his clothes. You followed suit, pulling on a pair of underwear and a shirt.

You turned around, running square into an extremely shirtless Lin. You’d seen him shirtless countless of times–you practically lived in his dressing room, it was bound to happen–but you’d never been pressed against him like this. He smelled good, you couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, but it was good nonetheless. He had a mole on his side, why it took you a year in Broadway with him to notice, you had no clue. You were so in love with him that it was stupid.

“We should probably– um– get dressed,” Lin said, rubbing the back of his neck after taking a step away from you.

“Good idea.” You took several steps backwards, and grabbed a pair of jeans from your duffel bag. “Mom and Kalena are expecting us for breakfast, anyway.”

“Wait, they are?” He asked, the colour draining out of his cheeks. Why was he so bothered at the news?  

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” you said, waving your hand. “Mom’ll probably just make comments on how much I’m eating, but nothing worse than that… in case you wanted to know.”

Lin said nothing in reply, choosing to remain silent.

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[Requested by Anon]

The PhotoShoot.


“Can you set up the lights over here. I want to make sure this set is perfect!” Your friend stammered.

You nodded and did as you were told. You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched her pace back and forth around the pool area. Moving things around. Making small adjustments here and there. You can tell she was nervous.

“Come on Y/F/N, it’s not like you haven’t shot a celebrity before!” You chuckled.

She snapped her gaze at you and shrugged. “Yeah, but never anyone this gorgeous!” She squealed.

“Who is it? You haven’t even told me who the special guest is.” You spewed, throwing the props into the pool.

She flashed a cynical smile as a soft snarl escaped her lips.

Her phone went off, breaking the silence.

“Yea I’ll be right there!” She muttered. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and giggled like a little kid. “Oh my god, he’s here. Okay, get ready.” She flashed a wink.

You furrowed your brows but ignored the fact that she still has yet to tell you who you were taking photos of.

She liked to keep you guessing. Having you sit on the edge of your chair.

You took one last look at the set up, before you heard soft chatters, along with laughter. Obviously it was mostly your best friend that was giggling.

“Chris, this is my best friend slash assistant, Y/N.” She muttered.

You turned on your heels, and froze immediately as you laid your gaze on him.

There he was. The man you gawked over since you watched him on Parks and Rec.

“Y/N this is-”

“Andy-I mean owen-I mean Chris! Shit! Sorry.” You croaked, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks from stumbling over your words.

His lips curled up and he let out a soft chuckle. “Damn, I have so many names!”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Something you did when you were nervous.

He kept his gaze on to you. Watching you fluster in your stance. He couldn’t help but think just how beautiful you are.

“Anyways, we should get started!” Y/F/N demanded. “Chris, there’s some clothes left out by the bathroom.”

He only nodded and started for the back. He glanced over at you, catching you staring back at him. And every time your eyes locked, you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

As he was out of sight, you looked back at your friend.

“Can you believe it? Chris freakin Pratt!” Your best friend squealed. “Aren’t you excited? He’s so cute. Ugh, I think I’m in love.”

You rolled your eyes, and shook your head. “He’s just like anyone else, only difference is, he’s on a movie.”

She stuck her tongue out and turned her back to you. “I don’t care. He’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can focus with him around.”

Chris got into the swim trunks and shirt you had picked out. And might you add, he looked extremely handsome.

“Let’s get this shit started! Whose ready to party?” He yelped, raising an eye brow, and looking between you and your friend.

“Awesome! Uh can you uh grab that dinosaur floatie by your foot?” She hesitated. “Just do whatever you want.”

He nodded and retrieved the floatie into his hands. “This awesome! Do I get to keep this when its done?” He asked.

“Nope! Sorry, but you can’t have them, I already called dibs!” You croaked.

Chris snapped his gaze to you, a smile slowly creeping on his face. “Oh, is that so?”

You nodded, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’ll play you for it!” He stammered. “Let’s race. From the door to the fence. Loser gets to keep the dinosaur.”

You pondered over the idea for a moment, and caved. “Sure why not. Though you are going to lose.”

He stood straighter in his stance, and flashed a smirk. “Oh it’s on! You’re going down.”

“Yea okay, old man. We will see about that.”

Your best friend couldn’t stop giggling as she captured this moment.

Both you and Chris made your way to the door, and positioned yourselves for the race.

“I’ll go easy on you. I know it can be nerve wrecking to go against someone as sexy as me.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and let out a loud cackle. “Someone is cocky.” You met his gaze and smirked. “Don’t worry, at least you will get a better view of my ass when I pass you up.”

Before he had time to respond, you pushed him down and darted toward the fence.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled himself up and followed behind.

As you were just inches away, you slowly touched the fence, taunting him for losing.

His breathing was heavy, as he finally reached your side. “You’re a cheater! I could have totally beat you if you didn’t-” he paused taking in a deep breath.

“What was that? Is someone being a sore loser?” You chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, his smile growing more and more as he watched you laugh to yourself.

“Rematch!” He croaked.

You shook your head. “Maybe. But we should really get this photoshoot done.” You exhaled.

He nodded in agreement. “Ok, but this time, instead of the dinosaur, we play for something even better.”

You furrowed your brows. “And what’s that?”

“If I win, you have to give me the dinosaur, but if you win-” he paused, flashing a cynical smile. “You have to go out with me.”

Your friends mouth dropped. Her eyes growing wide as you and Chris locked eyes with one another.

You tried to refrain from smiling. act as if he was just like anyone else. And sure, you weren’t one to go crazy over celebrities, maybe be a fan of their work, but nothing far from that.

But something about him made you want to spend more time with him.

“Deal.” You muttered.

His lips curved, letting out a soft chuckle. He shook his head, his cheeks burning as he flustered in his stance.

He turned to your best friend and took in a deep breath.
“Well, how about those pictures.”

“Oi! What ya think yer doin?” You shot Niall a glare as you reached for the radio dial in his car. His voice took you by surprise, the two of you had been driving for a good half hour and he was on a business call during most of it.

“I’m not gonna listen to the bloody golf station the whole way there Niall. I will jump out of this car if you make me listen to one more sentence about someone’s swinging style!” You threw your hands up in the air as he just rolled his eyes at you. You once again reached for the dial and when he didn’t say anything you just smiled as you skimmed through the stations.

“Oh I love dis song!” You smiled as you dropped your hand and leaned back into the seat letting the music fill your ears, “She seems to have an invisible touch yeah!” You laughed as Niall sang terribly off key and you knew he was doing it on purpose.

“She reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart!” You belted the lyrics to one of your favorite songs and Niall just got this giant grin on his face as his hands tapped the steering wheel to the beat of the song.

“She seems to have an invisible touch yeah! It takes control and slowly tares you apart!” You danced in your seat as Niall sang the chorus, you had your hands waving around above your head as Niall was rocking back and forth to the beat.

“Couple of rockstars we are yeah?” Niall laughed as he reached over and grabbed one of your hands. You just gave him a smile as he brought it to his lips before interlocking your fingers together.

“I guess this is a bit better than da golf station.” He shot you a playful wink before focusing back on the road. You two were headed to the beach and you loved road trips with Niall, there were filled with laughter and bad singing mostly on your part.

You even enjoyed them when they mostly involved you sitting there reading with your headphones in while he talked on the phone about business. You just enjoyed your time with him and watching him belt out the lyrics to his all time favorite songs or show you his favorite spots along the way to wherever it was you two were headed just made the time that much more special.

okay, a lot of you seemed to like the story of my grandma traumatizing a car dealer, and some of you have asked just how my grandma ended up like the woman she is, so, after a little prompting, i hereby present, my great-grandmother;

  • so you all know that my grandma was born in finland
  • but we’re actually swedish descendants on my great-grandmother’s side of the family
  • so okay, this all requires some basic finnish history to fully grasp the context of my great-grandmother’s story
  • finland didn’t become an independent country until 1917, after having been conquered by russia in the 19th century
  • but before that, finland had been a part of the swedish kingdom, with a very sketchy history leading all the way back to the conception of the swedish kingdom sometimes in the like 13th century
  • and the life and times of swedish finland is a messy and complex story that i won’t get that much into, but what you need to know is that it was swedish finland, that sweden was the central and, in some ways, colonizing power, and that the true finns were looked down upon and often lower class, while the nobility and upper class were made out of finland-swedes
  • and this didn’t change until well into the 20th century, especially in the predominantly swedish-speaking regions
  • and you can probably guess where my ancestors fit into all of this, can’t you?
  • and my great-grandmother’s story starts with my great-great-grandfather
  • he was a finland-swede in a swedish-speaking town, and he was also one of the richest men in it
  • and he had a heap of children, like i’m uncertain of just how many, but i think it was around, like 17 or something??
  • anyway
  • my great-grandmother, of course, because otherwise this wouldn’t be much of a story, was the black sheep of the entire family
  • she was just
  • a very rebellious lady in general
  • born sometimes in the 1910′s, she just didn’t give much of a fuck about anything
  • she was the finnish version of a flapper, drank and partied away all of her allowance and just generally drove my great-great-grandfather crazy by the way she dragged their precious family name in the dirt by the reputation she made for herself around town
  • (she’s honestly such #goals, i’ve always looked up to my great-grandmother)
  • but the last straw was when she met my biological great-grandfather
  • because he was a true finn, did not have a drop of swedish blood as far as anyone could tell, and of course my great-grandmother, because she was my great-grandmother, fell head over heels in love
  • now, in true bigoted fashion, this was of course unacceptable to my great-great-grandfather and his entire family, and he presented my great-grandmother with an ultimatum;
  • to either cut all ties with my great-grandfather and start cleaning up her act, or be disinherited from the family
  • now, of course, because you already know that my great-grandfather would eventually become my great-grandfather, you know what my great-grandmother did
  • she followed her heart, said “fuck you” to my great-great-grandfather and his fortune and, quite honestly, never looked back
  • she settled down with my great-grandfather and started a family with him, and was, as far as we can tell, pretty happy with her life
  • that was, until things started going to hell
  • my great-grandmother bore a lot of kids, and gave birth to 11 in total
  • but they were all born in the 1930-40′s, also known as the depression and the second world war
  • most notable of them was, of course, my grandma, one of her older brothers, and a couple of twins
  • you all know my grandma, my very own gunpowder lady, born in the aftermath of the winter war and wrought with an iron strength because of it
  • one of her brothers was born a few years earlier, and was always quite sickly, and was an adolescent during the height of the war
  • and because of that he became a so-called “war child”
  • he was sent over to sweden, in a small dinghy boat across the bothnian sea, to be looked after by a swedish foster family while my great-grandmother and her family continued to scrape by in the war-torn finland
  • and as the war finally ended and he had the chance of coming back home again, he didn’t want to
  • he had grown fond of his foster parents and had had a better living situation in sweden than he had ever had in finland
  • so he was actually the third child that my great-grandmother lost
  • because a couple of years after my grandma was born, my great-grandmother gave birth to a couple of twins
  • this was at the very tail ends of the world war, their sickly older brother had already been sent away, and the family wasn’t doing that great
  • my grandma said that my great-grandmother and great-grandfather never quite succeed in getting them fully healthy after their delivery, and they both died just a few months old
  • and during these years, there had been a lot of strain on my biological great-grandfather and great-grandmother’s marriage and they had eventually fallen out of love, and as finland slowly started prospering again after the war, my great-grandmother decided that enough was enough
  • and if my great-great-grandfather hadn’t disowned my great-grandmother when she had decided to marry a finn, he definitely would have done it when she decided to divorce him
  • this was in the late 1940′s, and while divorce was slowly starting to become more and more socially accepted, it was still something to look down upon, and it was especially not looked at with keen eyes in the upper class, from which my great-grandmother originated
  • but my great-grandmother, because she was my great-grandmother, said “fuck it” and just went for it
  • so that’s how she ended up a divorced mother of 8 with no income
  • (my biological great-grandfather didn’t really want anything to do with the children anymore, but he wasn’t completely unreasonable and had at least left her the house)
  • but great-grandmother did what she had always done; she persevered
  • she got a job at the local bakery and had her elder children starting to pick up stray jobs around town and had her younger ones, my grandma included, looking after the house and each other
  • and they, as far as grandma remembers, were quite happy, despite everything
  • my great-grandmother had of course fallen a very long way from grace, being the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in town to just barely scraping by trying to feed and raise all of her children on a measly bakery salary
  • (and they were quite poor; remember how i said that my grandma always walks around barefoot? well, that’s because she never got used to wearing socks as a child, she always walked around barefoot in her shoes, even in the height of the finnish winters, and she just feels like her feet are too constricted trying to wear socks now)
  • but my great-grandmother and her children got by, she worked at the bakery and my grandma and all of her siblings attended the school just downhill, and what they lacked in money they got back in tenfolds in great-grandmother’s dedication to them
  • and eventually my great-grandmother met who we all refer to as my real great-grandfather, the man who married my black sheep and social outcast great-grandmother and helped raise all her children and acted as the real grandfather to her grandchildren, and great-grandfather to her great-grandchildren
  • (he was also a true finn, because my great-grandmother was incapable of actually giving a fuck, and my grandma actually never met her grandfather or his family, because when my great-great-grandfather decided to disinherit my great-grandmother, he meant all the nine yards)
  • my great-grandmother eventually retired from the bakery and became a housewife again, and dedicated her time to help taking care of her rapidly growing family
  • and i was still quite small when she passed away, but one of my most vivid memories of her was her sitting back in a rocking chair in the corner of her living room, with permed grey hair and soft wrinkles, which was mostly laughter lines anyway

so this is the woman who raised the girl who would eventually become the widow who would traumatize a poor car dealer when she wanted to buy a pretty hella expensive new car simply because she didn’t like the color of her old one

(i come from a family of peculiar women)

A Thousand Tomorrows

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In answer to this anonymous request: can you pls write something for Credence based on “can i hold your hand?” & “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.”? feel free to make it extra fluffy if you wish!! thank you

A/N: Arghhh, I’ve gotten so behind on answering requests and I’ve been very busy with other things as well. But I promise, I’m slowly working through each of them!

Again, do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me write!

title: A Thousand Tomorrows

warnings: fluff, slight mentions of abuse, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluffffff


     Sometimes, Credence thinks he’s living in a daydream.

     That certainly seems to be the case, especially when he wakes up each morning to the tantalizing smell of pastries, freshly baked and bought from Mr. Kowalski’s store. Tina makes it a habit to drop them off each day, but rarely has time to enjoy them before rushing off to work.

     Or maybe it’s Newt’s fantastic, marvelous case of equally fascinating creatures that makes him think so. He’s found that he particularly likes to look at the bowtruckles. They’re tiny and adorable, and he’s beginning to form an attachment to one of them.

     Perhaps it’s the way Ms. Goldstein, the golden haired one who smiles sadly whenever she sees him, always comes by to make him a dinner so large he can never finish it. He wonders why she always winces when his thoughts meander towards Mary Lou and the sting of the belt across his palm.

     Or maybe, Credence decides, it’s the fact that you’re there with him.

     You, with your sincere smiles. You, with your sleepy good mornings. You, with the way you’ll cry for him when he wakes, trembling from nightmares, reciting all the poisonous lies Mary Lou branded into him, palms proffered, braced for a beating.

     He wonders what makes you so magical.

     It’s in the way you talk, Credence realizes, staring in what he believes is an inconspicuous manner. (It’s not.) Perhaps the magic is laced in the curve of your lips, in the twinkle of your eyes when you chatter on, just the right amount of excited. He feels a sort of strange, alien fluttering in his stomach, and he falters, unsure of whether he likes it or not.

     It’s in the way you laugh, Credence amends, watching as you pause to snicker at a joke Newt’s just made, attempting to suppress your laughter. You’re mostly failing, and he finds that his own mouth is copying yours, grinning. He hastily corrects himself. The magic, he says firmly, is in the way you beam, infectious and giddy. There’s that funny feeling again, Credence notes. He thinks he likes it.

     It’s definitely in the way you love, Credence revises. His gaze follows you as you cradle one of Newt’s Occamies, laughing that familiar, bell-like laugh, before you set it down in its nest. There’s an undeniable magical quality to the way you whisper ‘I love you’, to the hushed, secretive nature of your voice, as though the words are far too big to be contained should anyone else hear it.

     The night is cold, but Credence is not, because you’re there with him. He watches, fascinated, as you laugh into the chilly air, breath puffing out in little gasps, and wonders what it would be like to kiss the breath from your lips. But those are dangerous waters, and his eyes flicker down to your hands instead, exposed to the winter air.

     “Can I hold your hand?”

     There’s a beat of surprised silence from you, and you turn toward him, eyes wide and shining. He begins to stutter, to backtrack, because oh why did I have to ruin it, he scolds himself. But you’ll have none of that, and he finds your fingers lacing with his, already starting to warm up.

     You smile at him, the widest he’s ever seen. And there’s that feeling again, where it’s like the world has dropped beneath him, leaving only you and him, alone in the sky, hands entwined.

     “Don’t leave me,” he breathes out, rushed and quiet and everything terrified. He shouldn’t be scared, he really shouldn’t; Newt and Tina and everyone else didn’t spend all this time making sure he knew he was loved for nothing.

     But he is, and when you don’t answer, he stares down, shame burning his cheeks, and suddenly, he doesn’t feel like he’s floating anymore. The world has dropped from under his feet, but it’s no longer a pleasant sensation, and he tugs his hand from yours.

     You grasp his arm.

     You can feel his muscles, thin and starved, tighten beneath your touch. Credence stills, refusing to make eye contact, so you slide in front of him instead, forcing him to look at you.    

     “Credence,” you begin, “Listen to me.” You reach up to cup his cheeks, and you sense more than hear the slight hitch in his breath. “I will never leave you. I love you, Credence. I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that. And in the infinity after death, I’ll continue to love you.”

     Your thumb snags on a stray tear, but you’re not quite sure who it belongs to. Credence is happy, and he’s never thought it possible to feel so much. It’s overwhelming, and yet, he likes it. He definitely likes it.

    Everything about you, Credence decides firmly, is magic.

Dwalin ~ The road is long but...

Complete the sentence 500 Followers Challenge.

Requested by @thealbersclan for @everyjourneylove

You roared with laughter once again, holding your sides as Fili and Kili had you in stitches with the stories they were telling you, both of them laughing with you, all of you nearly at the point of tears.

Most of the company didn’t mind, they all knew how rough it had been and were glad to see that some joy could still be found even in these times.  Thorin was quiet, but then it was rare that he wasn’t, so he didn’t stop the three of you, no matter how loud you got.  Dwalin, however, was a different story.

You’d been trying to ignore his gaze for a while now, feeling the intensity behind it, the anger, and while it was bothering you, you weren’t entirely sure you wanted to broach it with the dwarf.

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