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Voltron+PJO meeting headcanons

So this is pretty messy but I just??? Needed to do this??? @theinsidiouscinnamonroll forgive me XD

⚫️So… Alternative wormhole ending where they end up at an alternate dimension.
⚫️Bc let’s get real there is NO WAY all the fandoms exist in the same universe. Like the universe would not be capable of existing.
⚫️But put yourself in the demigods’ shoes.
⚫️Like they’re 120% done with all of the stuff the gods have been making them go through.
⚫️And then they see these huge robotic lions??? Falling out of the sky??? Into camp???
⚫️"What the Hades not again.“ "Holy Hera we JUST finished.”
⚫️Basically the lions and the camp get a little (a lot) damaged
⚫️But then after everything is sorted out
⚫️Omg but “Who is this Keith imposter?” “The real question is: Who is this Nico imposter?”
⚫️In the beginning it’s mostly Pidge and Leo who talk… Mostly about mechanics and stuff.
⚫️Lance is unusually reserved (bc now he’s an entire DIMENSION away from his fam).
⚫️Leo and Lance start off their conversation with rlly lighthearted jokes and stuff.
⚫️And then their convo gets rlly deep. Seventh wheel stuff and all. Feelings. V deep.
⚫️I feel like Annabeth and Allura would hit off???
⚫️OH and Annabeth and Pidge would probably talk about stereotypes??? Like how people don’t assume they’re who they rlly are???
⚫️Jason and Shiro would originally talk bc “Guys the two Mature Leaders ™ HAVE to talk to each other.”
⚫️It’s awkward at first. Mostly nervous laughter. Then it gets deep. Most about how like??? Pressure of being a leader??? Also how they suffered a lot. More than anyone should have to. PTSD.
⚫️"…Guys I’m really reconsidering our choice to leave throw two together.“
⚫️But imagine how SURPRISED they are when they accidentally walk in on a Lance&Leo convo
⚫️Keith + Solangelo
⚫️"So you’re saying that I… Like Lance?”
⚫️Let’s get real tho the demigods and Paladins and Allura+Coran would team up to make Klance happen
⚫️"Surprisingly we keep getting put together in the camp activities???“
⚫️Speaking of Coran…. Imagine Coran+Chiron convos.
⚫️No, I’m not kidding.
⚫️They really care for those kids.
⚫️Hunk and Frank. Not to be cliche. I just… They’re both so loyal and I just??? Yeah???
⚫️Feel free to add on.


It’s late sunday evening! You know what that means! Obligatory crappy Zesty X episode 22 reaction crack doodles, here we go! Of course it comes with a list of pros and cons, like always:

+actual fighting! Hooray! As if somebody finally realised what I’m here for. I want more actual fighting hellions, not party members fighting each other. You could give me entire 20 minute episodes consisting of nothing but Sorey and Rose wrecking shit with rainbow sparkle powers, and I’d enjoy it, honestly. MOAR.
+Wow. Like, holy crap, that is the shippiest.sappiest.gayest next episode preview skit in existence. Why not using the letter skit from Asteria next time? The night before the optional stuff and sidequests because Distracted By The Goldsaucer ™ final battle in the game was even shippier and sappier and gayer, though, I want it back.
+Rose armatized!

–are we sure Dezel is gonna survive this?
–Rose, who has raised you? It’s not nice to either of them to first promise Alisha to marry her do a cooking course with her and then lie down in Dezel’s arms, get your priorities sorted
–shoo, Rose, armatization rocks, come on, you know you love it, your AI let’s you do it all the time in the game
–Sorey being mean to Mikleo, I decided to fix it. How is the boy not sleeping on the sofa all the time
–at least he said “thank you” for once? I mean, he owes Mikleo at least a trillion “thank you”s more, but it’s a start, right?
–why does Alisha get a magical transformation sequence and Rose doesn’t? I’m disappointed
–still not a fan of her armatization for characterization/plot reasons, but at least it gives me an excuse to draw Team Shepherd Sailor Senshi, now updated from duo to trio
–yes, Zaveid, as usual, you’re summing up everyone’s thoughts: PLOT WHAT PLOT!??? I swear I produced very inhuman and very indignant noises throughout most of the episode. Mostly sarcastic laughter. Zaveid for president. And RIP Symonne. I suppose it won’t take more than an Azure Assault to take you down!

I wanna eat pumpkin mousse now, I love pumpkins and one of my favourite dishes is pumpkin pie ôo.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve is terrified of chickens and only bucky knows why

Bucky can’t tell anyone because he’s too busy laughing too hard to breathe.  Captain Hold My Beer is currently positioned behind a tractor and doing his best to look like he’s not about to piss himself and doing a poor job of it.  

“…Is this an Old Dudes Thing?”  Tony has his Iron Man mask up and he’s looking between Bucky (who’s standing only by the grace of his metal hand holding onto one side of the tractor) and Steve (who is hiding on the other side of the tractor and trying to look like he’s not hiding.)

“Nothing’s wrong, Tony.”  Steve manages to grit out.  He even manages to look angry for a split second before his face contorts back into abject horror.  

“Looks like something’s wrong.”

Bucky snorts, wheezes, and gives up, falling to his knees.  “Oh god I can’t breathe.  It hurts. Stop.  Oh my god.”  He didn’t realize his voice could reach that octave.  

“Thanks, Buck.”

Bucky meant to respond.  He did.  Honest truth. But.  

But the chicken panics and runs towards them and Steve shrieks and leaps onto the tractor.  And Bucky can’t take it.  He’s withstood a lot, in his long life, but the sight of Captain Muscles hiding like his Ma from a mouse is too much.

“…The chicken.”  Tony deadpans.  

Steve scowls.  Bucky lets loose a tiny eeeeeep! that’s meant to be a response but is only more laughter.

“You’re afra—how are you afraid of a chicken?  You’ve fought Chitauri and robots and HYDRA and how?!”  Tony’s doing a good job of maintaining a mask of disbelief, but it’s ever so slowly twisting into unmitigated glee at the revelation.  

“I’m not – I’m not afraid of—“ Steve scuttles away as the chicken inches closer, even though Steve’s already on top of the tractor.  “-I’m not afraid of it.  It’s just. I mean.” 

DoyourememberwhenthatchickenchasedyouallthewayfromMrsMcLaughlinsandyouweresureitwasgoingtopeckyoutodeath?! OH GOD.”  Bucky manages to wheeze it all out in one half-breath before losing control and laughing all over again.   

Steve twists his lips to one side, completely un-amused.  


Bucky’s nearly got his feet under him.  But Tony picks up the chicken and makes an outrageously loud Squak! In Steve’s direction and Steve topples off the tractor and Bucky’s legs go out from under him again in a new bout of laughter.  

It’s not until Maria leaves her post in the Quinjet to scold them all that Tony stops chasing Steve around with the chicken and Bucky manages to get his laughter mostly contained.  

They’re home before Bucky’s case of the giggles finally subsides. Tony buys Steve a down pillow as a show of solidarity and apology.  Steve has Darcy let four chickens (labeled 1, 2, 3, and 5) loose in the Tower the next time he’s away on assignment.

A Thousand Tomorrows

Originally posted by claracivry

In answer to this anonymous request: can you pls write something for Credence based on “can i hold your hand?” & “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.”? feel free to make it extra fluffy if you wish!! thank you

A/N: Arghhh, I’ve gotten so behind on answering requests and I’ve been very busy with other things as well. But I promise, I’m slowly working through each of them!

Again, do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me write!

title: A Thousand Tomorrows

warnings: fluff, slight mentions of abuse, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluffffff


     Sometimes, Credence thinks he’s living in a daydream.

     That certainly seems to be the case, especially when he wakes up each morning to the tantalizing smell of pastries, freshly baked and bought from Mr. Kowalski’s store. Tina makes it a habit to drop them off each day, but rarely has time to enjoy them before rushing off to work.

     Or maybe it’s Newt’s fantastic, marvelous case of equally fascinating creatures that makes him think so. He’s found that he particularly likes to look at the bowtruckles. They’re tiny and adorable, and he’s beginning to form an attachment to one of them.

     Perhaps it’s the way Ms. Goldstein, the golden haired one who smiles sadly whenever she sees him, always comes by to make him a dinner so large he can never finish it. He wonders why she always winces when his thoughts meander towards Mary Lou and the sting of the belt across his palm.

     Or maybe, Credence decides, it’s the fact that you’re there with him.

     You, with your sincere smiles. You, with your sleepy good mornings. You, with the way you’ll cry for him when he wakes, trembling from nightmares, reciting all the poisonous lies Mary Lou branded into him, palms proffered, braced for a beating.

     He wonders what makes you so magical.

     It’s in the way you talk, Credence realizes, staring in what he believes is an inconspicuous manner. (It’s not.) Perhaps the magic is laced in the curve of your lips, in the twinkle of your eyes when you chatter on, just the right amount of excited. He feels a sort of strange, alien fluttering in his stomach, and he falters, unsure of whether he likes it or not.

     It’s in the way you laugh, Credence amends, watching as you pause to snicker at a joke Newt’s just made, attempting to suppress your laughter. You’re mostly failing, and he finds that his own mouth is copying yours, grinning. He hastily corrects himself. The magic, he says firmly, is in the way you beam, infectious and giddy. There’s that funny feeling again, Credence notes. He thinks he likes it.

     It’s definitely in the way you love, Credence revises. His gaze follows you as you cradle one of Newt’s Occamies, laughing that familiar, bell-like laugh, before you set it down in its nest. There’s an undeniable magical quality to the way you whisper ‘I love you’, to the hushed, secretive nature of your voice, as though the words are far too big to be contained should anyone else hear it.

     The night is cold, but Credence is not, because you’re there with him. He watches, fascinated, as you laugh into the chilly air, breath puffing out in little gasps, and wonders what it would be like to kiss the breath from your lips. But those are dangerous waters, and his eyes flicker down to your hands instead, exposed to the winter air.

     “Can I hold your hand?”

     There’s a beat of surprised silence from you, and you turn toward him, eyes wide and shining. He begins to stutter, to backtrack, because oh why did I have to ruin it, he scolds himself. But you’ll have none of that, and he finds your fingers lacing with his, already starting to warm up.

     You smile at him, the widest he’s ever seen. And there’s that feeling again, where it’s like the world has dropped beneath him, leaving only you and him, alone in the sky, hands entwined.

     “Don’t leave me,” he breathes out, rushed and quiet and everything terrified. He shouldn’t be scared, he really shouldn’t; Newt and Tina and everyone else didn’t spend all this time making sure he knew he was loved for nothing.

     But he is, and when you don’t answer, he stares down, shame burning his cheeks, and suddenly, he doesn’t feel like he’s floating anymore. The world has dropped from under his feet, but it’s no longer a pleasant sensation, and he tugs his hand from yours.

     You grasp his arm.

     You can feel his muscles, thin and starved, tighten beneath your touch. Credence stills, refusing to make eye contact, so you slide in front of him instead, forcing him to look at you.    

     “Credence,” you begin, “Listen to me.” You reach up to cup his cheeks, and you sense more than hear the slight hitch in his breath. “I will never leave you. I love you, Credence. I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that. And in the infinity after death, I’ll continue to love you.”

     Your thumb snags on a stray tear, but you’re not quite sure who it belongs to. Credence is happy, and he’s never thought it possible to feel so much. It’s overwhelming, and yet, he likes it. He definitely likes it.

    Everything about you, Credence decides firmly, is magic.


[Requested by Anon]

The PhotoShoot.


“Can you set up the lights over here. I want to make sure this set is perfect!” Your friend stammered.

You nodded and did as you were told. You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched her pace back and forth around the pool area. Moving things around. Making small adjustments here and there. You can tell she was nervous.

“Come on Y/F/N, it’s not like you haven’t shot a celebrity before!” You chuckled.

She snapped her gaze at you and shrugged. “Yeah, but never anyone this gorgeous!” She squealed.

“Who is it? You haven’t even told me who the special guest is.” You spewed, throwing the props into the pool.

She flashed a cynical smile as a soft snarl escaped her lips.

Her phone went off, breaking the silence.

“Yea I’ll be right there!” She muttered. She slipped her phone back into her pocket and giggled like a little kid. “Oh my god, he’s here. Okay, get ready.” She flashed a wink.

You furrowed your brows but ignored the fact that she still has yet to tell you who you were taking photos of.

She liked to keep you guessing. Having you sit on the edge of your chair.

You took one last look at the set up, before you heard soft chatters, along with laughter. Obviously it was mostly your best friend that was giggling.

“Chris, this is my best friend slash assistant, Y/N.” She muttered.

You turned on your heels, and froze immediately as you laid your gaze on him.

There he was. The man you gawked over since you watched him on Parks and Rec.

“Y/N this is-”

“Andy-I mean owen-I mean Chris! Shit! Sorry.” You croaked, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks from stumbling over your words.

His lips curled up and he let out a soft chuckle. “Damn, I have so many names!”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Something you did when you were nervous.

He kept his gaze on to you. Watching you fluster in your stance. He couldn’t help but think just how beautiful you are.

“Anyways, we should get started!” Y/F/N demanded. “Chris, there’s some clothes left out by the bathroom.”

He only nodded and started for the back. He glanced over at you, catching you staring back at him. And every time your eyes locked, you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

As he was out of sight, you looked back at your friend.

“Can you believe it? Chris freakin Pratt!” Your best friend squealed. “Aren’t you excited? He’s so cute. Ugh, I think I’m in love.”

You rolled your eyes, and shook your head. “He’s just like anyone else, only difference is, he’s on a movie.”

She stuck her tongue out and turned her back to you. “I don’t care. He’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can focus with him around.”

Chris got into the swim trunks and shirt you had picked out. And might you add, he looked extremely handsome.

“Let’s get this shit started! Whose ready to party?” He yelped, raising an eye brow, and looking between you and your friend.

“Awesome! Uh can you uh grab that dinosaur floatie by your foot?” She hesitated. “Just do whatever you want.”

He nodded and retrieved the floatie into his hands. “This awesome! Do I get to keep this when its done?” He asked.

“Nope! Sorry, but you can’t have them, I already called dibs!” You croaked.

Chris snapped his gaze to you, a smile slowly creeping on his face. “Oh, is that so?”

You nodded, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I’ll play you for it!” He stammered. “Let’s race. From the door to the fence. Loser gets to keep the dinosaur.”

You pondered over the idea for a moment, and caved. “Sure why not. Though you are going to lose.”

He stood straighter in his stance, and flashed a smirk. “Oh it’s on! You’re going down.”

“Yea okay, old man. We will see about that.”

Your best friend couldn’t stop giggling as she captured this moment.

Both you and Chris made your way to the door, and positioned yourselves for the race.

“I’ll go easy on you. I know it can be nerve wrecking to go against someone as sexy as me.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and let out a loud cackle. “Someone is cocky.” You met his gaze and smirked. “Don’t worry, at least you will get a better view of my ass when I pass you up.”

Before he had time to respond, you pushed him down and darted toward the fence.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled himself up and followed behind.

As you were just inches away, you slowly touched the fence, taunting him for losing.

His breathing was heavy, as he finally reached your side. “You’re a cheater! I could have totally beat you if you didn’t-” he paused taking in a deep breath.

“What was that? Is someone being a sore loser?” You chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, his smile growing more and more as he watched you laugh to yourself.

“Rematch!” He croaked.

You shook your head. “Maybe. But we should really get this photoshoot done.” You exhaled.

He nodded in agreement. “Ok, but this time, instead of the dinosaur, we play for something even better.”

You furrowed your brows. “And what’s that?”

“If I win, you have to give me the dinosaur, but if you win-” he paused, flashing a cynical smile. “You have to go out with me.”

Your friends mouth dropped. Her eyes growing wide as you and Chris locked eyes with one another.

You tried to refrain from smiling. act as if he was just like anyone else. And sure, you weren’t one to go crazy over celebrities, maybe be a fan of their work, but nothing far from that.

But something about him made you want to spend more time with him.

“Deal.” You muttered.

His lips curved, letting out a soft chuckle. He shook his head, his cheeks burning as he flustered in his stance.

He turned to your best friend and took in a deep breath.
“Well, how about those pictures.”

The King of Tickling (DeanxSamxCrowley)

(Ticklish!Dean) (Ticklish!Sam) (Tickler!Crowley)

A.N., The name is atrocious, I know.

This is a fan fiction that @fanficsandfluff and I wrote together, but she isn’t publishing it on her blog because she’s too humble to accept the fact that she did equal, if not more, writing than me.

Summary: Crowley can’t seem to keep his hands off of the human blood, and it causes drunken tickly mishaps.

Sam was sitting atop his bed reading a book when the King of Hell himself stumbled through the doorway. He saw Sam’s disheveled expression and started giggling like a schoolgirl. “Moose! How’s my favorite forest animal doin’?” He said, barely being able to stand up straight.

“Crowley..? What’s with you?” Sam inquired.

“Wah, this? Oh, I just got into a few of your blood vials for.., ya know, kicks.” The demon explains, a bit of a question sounding in his voice. God, he’s really out of it.

“You’ve been shooting up blood again? Damn Crowley, we give you this much”, he makes a gesture of about a half inch in between his thumb and index finger, “leeway to walk around the bunker and you go stealing our blood for your habit?”

“Aww, Moosie!! You do care!”

“Fuck off.”

“Oo, Feisty.”

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-Day 7 malec week missing moment-

(How the sex scene should’ve gone/afterwards *no smut written out/smut scene*)

Once in the bedroom Magnus paused again and Alec stopped,”Am I being the pushy one now?” He’d anguished over the choice,gone back and forth now maybe he needed to slow down. After all sure his kisses were being returned as they backed into the room but he needed to make sure wasn’t being too much,too fast or anything. To him he felt vastly vulnerable,in a way was an big thing personally,and in general. 

“Just slow down Alexander,let’s take it slow for now okay?”
“Alright slow.” 

Magnus relaxed some on hearing the reply,it probably freaked the shadowhunter out to,after all was their first time together,and though he didn’t say it out loud was part of why he wanted the other to slow down. So they both didn’t go getting themselves hurt on the inside emotionally. 

Feeling the lips on his own slower,more passionately he tugged Alexander towards the bed with him. Maybe he was worrying too much,the shadowhunter wasn’t like anybody else,how could he be sure things were fragile when they probably weren’t as such. 

Alec kissed Magnus again letting the warlock pull him towards the bed. The sound of their kissing was hardly like music,and honestly it wasn’t neat or that attractive. But all he was focused on was Magnus,and how sure he was now with himself. 

It was slow,and gentle fingers exploring each other,tracing,kisses all over compliments,and teasing from Magnus. Blushing,laughter,eye rolling mostly only blushing on his end apparently he couldn’t have that affect on the warlock,maybe sometime. 

*rest under read more cause length*

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Not tired! (Part one) Guzma x reader fic

“I’m not sleepy!” he growled as you persisted on shoving him into bed.

“Guz! Its like 5AM! got to bed!” He groaned, obviously annoyed. You continued pushing him into his room, until…

“OH NO! Gravity is increasin’ on me!”

“No it isn’t!”

“Is too (s/o), same thing happened last night-”


He fell right on you, crushing you with his weight.


You kicked him right in the balls, obviously he turned over in laughter and pain. Mostly pain.

You grabbed his legs, and pulled him in. He whined all the way in

“Noooooooooooo-she’s gonna knock ma lights out-noooooooo.”

“Dammit Guzma, why are you so hyper? No wonder the rings around your eyes are dark!”

“Experience babe. Bite me.” He shrugged and gave a wide grin. You did catch him though yawning while rubbing an eye.

An idea struck you. Lets be stupid.

More soon! Real soon!

Dear Markiplier

Hi. You probably don’t know me, but I know you. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I just wanted to say that you, along with other YouTubers have inspired me so much these past couples of years. I’ve been mainly watching you, Jack and the Grumps for the past two years, and you guys have encouraged me to chase my dreams. I feel like I’m worth something to myself and others. But above all, I feel like you have encouraged me to do one of my biggest dreams. And that is going to an art school to improve my art and study the industry. I’m still in my exam phase of high school, but me going to and art school next year is a thing. 

You have given me many emotional moments. Mostly laughter, but I’ve shed my fair share of tears as well. You have encouraged me to be myself. And here I am today. A loud sixteen-year-old girl with ADHD who likes games and isn’t afraid of people judging her for what she looks like. One way to prove that is that I got my hair cut from shoulder length to a shaved look which is longer at the top. Hard to visualize, so I’ll put in a picture.

This is what I look like right now. And up until this point, I’ve only had positive reactions. Even from people who I didn’t expect it from. I’ve been really busy with what I want and not what society expects from me, and you’ve played a huge role in that. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for everything.


@markiplier @dogiplier

Surprise - Part 1 (Dedication for Rob Benedict’s Birthday Today!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x reader
Word Count: 3,498
Warnings: fluff, drinking, surprises, smut
Authors: Sam, @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ (Becca), @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll​ (Caitlyn)
Request: This anonymous request was passed onto me by @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ — reader is Rich’s sister and has known Rob for a while. One night after a party at Rich’s, Rob confesses his feelings for her and it ends up in some cute smut ;).
A/N: I was so excited to write this! It was a lot of fun! There will definitely be more parts to this!

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winter wonderland;

❅ Day 12 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- yoongi/BTS

prompt- blind!yoongi + going to see christmas lights

listen to- this


Christmas was easily one of your favorite holidays. The tasty holiday sweets, the festive music, and the sheer happiness of it all made it best time of year. But if you had to pick, you’d say the decorations and lights were the best part. The way that garland clung to every lightpost along the road and how the lights casted a wam, cream-colored glow to everything made you fill up with joy. But the worst part bout it? Your boyfriend, Yoongi, could never see any of it.

“Y/N, I swear if you don’t find a place for us to go see the Christmas lights, I’ll hide your favorite sweater. And just so you know, I won’t be able to help look for it,” Yoongi threatened early on Saturday morning. It was the weekend before Christmas and you two still haven’t gone to see any of the lights, and Yoongi knew exactly why. He also knew how much you absolutely loved the lights and looked forward to them.

“But it’s pointless if I’m the only one who will get joy out of it,” you whispered into your mug that held hot chocolate. (Yes, you drank the specifically sugary drink in the mornings during the holidays…with marshmallows.) Your voice was gargled due to your face being pressed into your mug, but Yoongi understood.

He rolled his eyes. “Will you be happy?” You didn’t say a word, but he walked around to your side and rested a hand around your waist. He already knew the answer. “Then I will be happy. Please, let’s go tonight. We can pick up those special Christmas cupcakes you love so much.”

You looked at your boyfriend and sighed before grabbing him tightly and squealing. “I promise I’ll make this worth it!”

Yoongi only chuckled at your comment and patted your head softly. “You already have,” he whispered. You pretended not to hear and instead hugged him tighter.


“This park a few blocks down is supposed to have really nice lights,” you told Yoongi, grabbing his hand in your own and beginning to walk down the road. He hadn’t bothered to bring his walking cane with him tonight, since he trusted you to guide him when needed. That was a major thing you and Yoongi shared- trust. After all, if he didn’t trust you, your relationship would never work.

“Jesus Y/N, you’re hands are practically ice!” Yoongi suddenly exclaimed and stopped in his place, making you halt too. He cupped both of your hands in his and blew warm air onto them before reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a set of knitted gloves. He then proceeded to smoothly place the gloves on your freezing hands and then give you a soft kiss on the forehead. “‘Take care of yourself, dork.”

You make a whining noise and push his shoulder a little bit, which of course only makes him chuckle and grab your now warm hand. You guys begin walking again until you reach one of the best parks in the city, glowing with Christmas lights and dusted with snow from the night before. You can’t help but let out a tiny squeal of excitement and squeeze Yoongi’s hand tighter in your own.

“What is the atmosphere like?” you ask him before moving to walk through the lighted wonderland. You loved asking him questions like these. Since he could pick up on other details strongly because of his lack of sight, he always had interesting things to say that you didn’t even take the time to notice. He also liked you asking him because it made him feel like he was experiencing things with you more intimately.

“Well, I can hear a lot of laughter. Mostly little kids. I can smell something sweet, like cinnamon or chocolate or both. Also, I smell the coldness of the air. You know what I’m talking about?” He pauses for you to respond before continuing. “I feel the air brushing past my lips and nose. It’s cold, but it’s inviting because all of the joy around this place and plus, I’m warm because of your body heat pressed right against my side. Lastly, I can feel how happy you are. You’re practically glowing, my dear,” he explains and you know you’re blushing as he says his last words.

After a quick kiss, you two walk up to the person at the front gate. He takes a few dollars from you for admission and gives you two tickets for free drinks. You thank him politely before embarking on your walk through the bright displays.

You try not to exclaim too much about what you see in fear it’ll upset your boyfriend, and he takes notice. He knows it’s just your nature to make others feel comfortable, but he hates that you stop from enjoying yourself for him. Especially when he isn’t upset in the slightest. He knows he can’t see, and he isn’t mad about it. It’s all he’s ever known. Which is why he’s always frustrated when you act like he’s losing something by doing things like this when in fact, he doesn’t know any different.

An idea pops into Yoongi’s head and he suddenly makes you stop when he senses you two aren’t surrounded by a lot of people. “Okay, now I have a question. What do you see?”

You’re caught off guard. “What?”

“You always have me tell you what I think about the place. I want you to tell me about the one thing I lack in.” He wraps his arms around your waist so that your back is against his chest and your head is tucked underneath his comfortably.

“O-Okay.” You take a deep breath and look around. “I see the lights. They’re bright, but not so much that they make your eyes hurt. And they are in so many different colors. The most common one is white, but they look more like cream. Cream is kind of like the feeling of milk, and it’s really soft and calm. Now, there’s also red and green, which are the Christmas colors. Basically anything you think of about Christmas is either red or green or both.” You stop talking to see if Yoongi’s even listening, and he pats your tummy softly.

“Well go on! I was just imagining the place.”

With that extra boost, you start again. “There are displays everywhere. To your left, there is a family of penguins made out of wire and lights. They look like they’re holding presents, but some of them are supposedly slipping on ice and losing their bundles. It’s really cute. To your right, there is a series of archways over the path made up of bright blue lights. Blue is the cold color, but these lights are really inviting. Kind of like it’s a snowy winter wonderland awaiting us. There are people sitting on benches all throughout the park, bundled up in scarves and coats. They look chilled to the bone, but also happy. There is a lot of happy that I see around this place.” You stop again and you notice he’s looking down at you.

“I can tell there is a lot of happy,” he whispers and then reaches one of his hands up to touch your lips with his thumb. He then trusts his memory to bring his addictive lips to your slightly chapped ones. You can taste the peppermint on his tongue from when you two stopped for your free holiday-themed drinks a few minutes back. He’s so warm against you and the sensation makes you never want to pull away.

“Who couldn’t be happy?” you whisper as you feel a breeze swirl around the two of you. In your peripheral vision, you can see the glow of the lights and right in front of you, you can see the most beautiful boy you have ever seen.

And in that moment, you were one-hundred percent sure that Christmas was your favorite season.

thespace-dragon  asked:

CAN YOU WRITE SOME FLUFFY KACCHAN x OCHAKO PLEASE????? (i will love you forever and ever)

Yay, an excuse to write these losers! XD (Please be warned that, when I first came up with the plot idea for this one, I turned away from my computer and giggled for like a full minute, so apologies in advance)

Uraraka Ochako honestly didn’t mind the rain. Some would’ve called that odd, as it contrasted with her bubbly personality, but it really just wasn’t something that bothered her. She preferred sunshine, sure, but hey - showers bring flowers. Her close friend, Asui Tsuyu, on the other hand, loved rain, but it tended to make her rather hyper. Currently, Uraraka was walking back to the dorms alone, as Asui had ended up hopping far ahead of her.

“Meow.” Uraraka stopped and looked around when she heard the noise.

“Shut the hell up,” hissed a louder, angrier voice. Uraraka made a 180° turn at the exact same time that Bakugou Katsuki stood up. Their eyes met.

Or, rather, their eyes would have met had Uraraka not been distracted by the small furry head beneath Bakugou’s chin.

“Is that a cat?” she asked in disbelief.

“No, it’s a fucking pick-up truck,” he snarled. Uraraka looked up at the rain and then back at her classmate.

“You’re rescuing a kitten?” Uraraka did her best not to laugh, but it was honestly just too. Another furry head poked out next to the first one.

“Mrrraow,” the second kitten mewled. Uraraka stopped trying to hold in her laughter.

“You’re rescuing kittens!” she shrieked, delighted. She snatched her phone and took a picture.

“I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” Bakugou roared. The ferocity in his voice, however, was offset by another kitten peeping out from under his hood.

“How many of those little things do you have in there?” she asked, once she’d gotten her laughter (mostly) under control.

“None of your fucking business,” he snapped. Midoriya had mentioned that Bakugou got grumpy when it was raining, although Uraraka honestly couldn’t tell the difference between grumpy!Bakugou and regular!Bakugou, assuming that there actually was a difference.

“No, seriously,” she said. “Aren’t you worried they’ll fall out?”

“You sayin’ I can’t carry some fuckin’ cats?” he demanded. Uraraka rolled her eyes - of course Bakugou would turn legitimate concern for the well-being of baby animals into a mockery of his ego.

“Actually, I was going to ask if you needed–” she stopped herself, because that really wasn’t the way to get Bakugou to do anything. “I was going to ask if I could carry some too.” He frowned at her, and then grunted.

“Yeah, fuck, okay,” he muttered. “Whatever.” He grabbed the three kittens - that is, the two peering out of his jacket as well as the one sitting on his head - and handed them over to her. He was, she noticed, being surprisingly careful.

“They’re so cute~” Uraraka cooed, tucking them underneath her sweater, where at least one of them started to purr.

“It’s– fuck, whatever,” Bakugou grumbled. Three more kittens had scrambled up to take the places of the ones he’d given to her, and Uraraka also noticed a small furry lump on his shoulder. It was too big to be a kitten, she realized.

“What’s that?” she asked, as they began their walk back to the dorms.

“Weasel,” he grunted, not looking at her. Her jaw dropped.

“What, seriously?”

“Yes, seriously. It saw me grabbing these damn cats and decided it wanted a ride.” Uraraka looked at it. It was rather small for a weasel, she thought. Then again, she’d never really seen one before.

“You’re surprisingly good with animals,” she noted.

“The hell do you mean ‘surprisingly’?” Bakugou yelled. “I’m good at everything!” Uraraka snorted.

“Only if you don’t include basic social skills in that ‘everything’,” she teased.

“Fuck you, I can be polite if I wanna.” He said, turning his head away.

“The only sentence you’ve spoken without a single swearword throughout this entire conversation was the word ‘weasel’,” she told him. One of the kittens started batting at a lock of her hair, but she ignored it. “So I don’t really buy that.” He scowled (well, he was always scowling - he just sort of made his scowl look even more scowl-y).

“I’m fuckin’ rescuing some goddamn cats; the hell do you want from me?” he muttered. She shook her head, laughing.

“By the way, I came up with an idea for your hero name!” she said suddenly.

“The hell?” He glared suspiciously at her. “Ugh, fucking fine. What?”

“King of Explodo-kitties!” she said brightly. Before he had a chance to process what she’d said, she wrapped her arms around the kittens and ran like hell.

“I WILL END YOU!” Bakugou roared, as he chased after her.

By the time they arrived in the dorms, they were both soaked to the bone, out of breath, and laughing like crazy (although Bakugou was trying to pretend that he wasn’t laughing at all, but it was honestly impossible to miss). Kouda glanced nervously at them, then opened a window and peered out.

“Kouda, what’re you doing?” Jirou asked, bored.

“Checking for flying pigs,” the usually quiet boy told her. If it hadn’t been for the kittens he was holding, Bakugou might’ve actually killed someone.

Well, that was his excuse, anyway.

Hope you liked that as much I liked writing it! XD

Awkward: An EgoBang Fanfic.

Requested by @i-am-avacado​! Got a request? Check this out!

Summary: They go in for a hug, it turns into a kiss, it gets awkward, makeouts occur.

“Oh, my god, dude. You’re fucking killing me with this.”

Arin’s moustache twitched upwards slightly as he smirked, watching Danny ball himself into a makeshift fetal position on the couch out of the corner of his eye.

“C'mon, man. It’s not that scary.”

“… I feel as though you and I do not always operate on the same wavelength.”

The pair guffawed as Arin casually directed the in-game character down a lengthy hallway that gradually grew darker and worsened in condition. With every quick step, Arin felt the large mountain of blankets beside him quiver more and more evidently.

“You alright, man?”

“No, I’m not alright! We’re playing a fucking horror game - with which our lovelies will be aware … I do not have the greatest relationship.”

Arin snorted. “S'not scary. This is just walls and shit.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Arin rested the controller on his knee and turned to look at his best friend. Danny hiked his knees up to his chest and glanced back in mild confusion. There was a short silence.

“Silly. You can’t be afraid of walls.”

“I’m not afraid of walls, you putz. I’m afraid of what’s behind them. Or, in this case, what’s potentially several metres of darkness away.”

“You heard it here first, Grump kingdom! Daniel Avidaniel is scared of walls.”

“Do not tell them that!”

The next three minutes and forty-one seconds dragged by in agony for Dan. Arin seemed relatively nonplussed about the whole affair - which made the sting of the first jumpscare particularly painful.

“… and then maybe you could – AAAAAAAHHHHH OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Arin shrieked, first with fear, then mostly with laughter as Danny’s expression erupted into one of pure terror before completely submerging himself in his heap of blankets.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” Danny screamed from beneath his safe haven of fleece. Arin attempted to get out an answer between laughs, but he’d already fallen off the sofa and was convulsing hilariously on the carpet.

Danny stayed beneath his blanket, heart racing, face hot, eyes stinging with the beginnings of tears. Goddamnit, he wished Arin would listen. Just once.

Several hours after they’d wrapped up the episode - Arin breathless from laughter and Danny begrudgingly chuckling along with him - the Grump office had grown quiet. Danny thought he was the only one left in the building.

He didn’t have to be. He could have left with the others when they did, but he’d insisted on catching up on some songwriting while the place was quiet.

He’d lied, of course. To an extent. He had his notebook splayed out in his lap. There were scrawled working titles for songs and broken lyrics scattered across the pages and the occasional drawing of a penis that Brian had added when he knew Danny was most definitely still looking.

But the pages hadn’t been updated in weeks. Danny was struggling, and he wasn’t in the mood for writing now. Not after proverbially shitting his pants again in front of several thousand lovelies and his best friend. Who had laughed at him.

Danny’s stomach lurched with embarrassment. God, he felt like such an idiot. Arin was his best friend, but he’d always felt inferior. Arin had tons of other friends. Cool friends. Like Mark, who was muscular and handsome and worshipped Arin, despite being something of a YouTube god himself. Like Ross, who was an asshole but knew exactly what to say to make Arin laugh for centuries. Like Jon, who was rarely ever around but that dynamic they’d shared never really left and whenever they met up it was just like old times.

They were all so cool.

Danny knew he wasn’t good enough. Not for him.

“… Dan? You still here?”

Danny drew a sharp and shaky intake of breath as the deep familiar voice rebounded off the walls of the almost-empty building. Before he could answer, Arin pushed the crack in the doorway further open and stepped into the recording room.

“Oh, hey. Uhh, did I leave my keys in here? I got all the way back to the house and –”

“They’re over there.”

Danny gestured vaguely towards a shelf located behind the television. Arin noticed a glint of metal.

“Awesome, man. Thanks, I –”

He paused, noticing Danny hadn’t looked at him once the entire 15 seconds he’d been in the office. Danny was attentive. He loved eye contact. He liked letting you know he was listening to you and that you mattered. Arin always loved that about his friend.

“Hey. Uhh. You okay, man?”

Danny stared at the uninspiring pages of his notebook, unsure what to say.

“Uhm. Yeah. I’m alright. Just tired and stuff, y’know.”

Arin exhaled. He knew what was up.

“Sorry about the game, man. I know you don’t like ‘em. I just thought that maybe we should play one to stop the fans from freaking out because it’s Halloween next week.”

“Yeah, no. I get that. I’m just a total puss. It’s fine, honestly.”

“You gonna look at me and say that?”

Danny sighed and went to meet the eyes of his best friend. Before he could even focus on the colour of them, Arin dove forward and swept him up in a strong but warm hug. Danny blinked, giggling at the sudden gesture of kindness but reciprocating his friend’s actions, wrapping his own wiry arms around Arin’s broad shoulders.

“Arin … I don’t think this counts as me looking at you.”

Arin shifted his body as he went to kiss him jovially on the cheek and Danny went to make a quick joke but his words trailed off as Arin’s mouth accidentally pressed against his own. By reflex, his lips puckered slightly before both pairs broke apart almost immediately with that kinda gross but kinda sexy kissing noise.

“… I … oh my god.”

“Oh my god.”

Arin cast his eyes down to Danny’s notebook, too nervous to meet his gaze. Usually, the two would have giggled childishly at something like that. But something felt wrong.

“Shit, man. I … I’m really sorry, that was …”

“No. Wait. Don’t.”

Danny’s mind was wild with ideas right now. Ideas he shouldn’t be having. He didn’t want Arin to leave. Not after that. He wanted him to kiss him again. That couldn’t have been an accident. But at the same time, that’s exactly all it could have been. He wanted to feel that again. For real. But how?

“I … Maybe we should try that again.”

Arin blinked.

“Dude. I’m married.”

“No, dude, I … I know. I’m not trying to be a homewrecker here or anything. I just … Maybe it would help me write some more songs.”

Arin stared at him.

“Hear me out. It’s … it’s new. It’s different. It’s something we’ve never really done before. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Maybe my brain just needs something different. Couldn’t hurt, right?”

Danny couldn’t believe he was saying these things out loud. And to Arin, of all people! What was he even thinking? He was asking his best friend - his married best friend - to make out with him under the guise that it would somehow be inspirational.

“I … Alright.”

“… wait, seriously?”

Arin shrugged. “I know how much your writing means to you, man. If it helps you get some weird ideas that’ll sell you some albums, I can get down with that.”

Danny beamed. Arin was a big goofy cinnamon roll and he loved him.

“… thank you. I, oh god … I don’t know how we’d start this, uhm –”

His words were cut off by Arin cupping both hands round the sides of his angular face and pulling him forward into a very warm and very wet kiss.

Danny squeaked with surprise, but found himself melting into his best friend’s mouth more quickly than he’d anticipated. This was real. This was happening. He was kissing Arin. Arin Hanson. His best friend. Oh, god yes.

Danny’s hand reached up and gently caressed the side of Arin’s face. The guy was a good kisser. No wonder Suzy stuck around, he jokingly mused to himself, smiling as the younger man’s moustache tickled at his own stubble. His upper lip would probably be sore after this but he didn’t care. Arin’s lips were soft and full and warm and gentle and he was kissing him and oh god, was this real?

Danny gasped lightly as his best friend’s tongue darted in to meet with his. Yes. This was real.

Any inhibitions the two men had started out with dissolved rapidly in minutes as Arin pushed Danny slowly onto his back, pinning one of his wrists up by his unruly hair in a subtle but gloriously arousing display of dominance.

Danny let out a whimper as their lips broke apart and Arin began kissing at his neck, pecking teasingly along his chiselled jawline and Adam’s Apple. Oh my god, this was perfect. This was so perfect.

His lips moved upwards, kissing along his cheek and breathing hotly into his ear which drove Danny insane with closeted lust. Arin appeared to be enjoying this too - as he moved upwards to bury his face in Danny’s 'fro, he found his neck on the receiving end of the Jewish’s man’s lips and let out a deep rumbling noise of enjoyment which only caused the blood in Danny’s body to circulate further and faster. He wanted this to last forever.

The next few minutes were a blur of kisses and moans and heavy breaths and filthy thoughts that eventually dissipated into shocked mutual laughter. Arin chortled until he couldn’t support his weight any more and collapsed, resting his head on Danny’s chest, his mouth glistening with the remnants of their impromptu passion.

“Shit, dude. That was actually pretty fuckin’ good.”


“Yeah, man. You’re good at that. You ever kissed guys before?”

“Never seriously.”


Arin eyed the soft fabric on Danny’s shirt, reading the faded print as he collected his thoughts.

“So … you still straight?”

Arin stiffened. Was he? He thought so. But things were different now.

“Yeah. I mean, I’m still married. Obviously not giving that up. I’m definitely still into girls.”

“But guys are okay too, huh?”

“… I guess.”

Danny smiled, his understanding only marginally tinged with sadness. The two lay in silence for a few minutes, Arin listening peacefully to the sound of his friend’s heartbeat while Danny tenderly toyed with the wedding bang on Arin’s finger.

“So … did you get any new song ideas yet, or …?”

Danny giggled. “Not right now, but maybe a few more minutes of awkward pillow talk and I’ll have an album.”

The two laughed raucously, still dumbfounded at what they’d actually gone and done. They’d known from the get-go that their friendship was destined to be an eventful one, but this was never an outcome they had considered.

After a few more minutes of watered-down embarrassment and quick retorts, Arin propped himself up so he could get a better look at Danny.

“Hey. You ,uhh, wanna brainstorm some more? I … I think I got a couple ideas.”


Too Sexy for This Song (Chapter 1)

Written because @ladyserendipitous suggested this idea, and I had to write it. An AU where every time you have a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.

AO3 link

“Fighting evil by the moonlight…”

Marinette grimaced as she found herself singing along to the song in her head. Her soulmate was singing it again. After the fifteenth time, she finally looked it up and learned her first fact about her soulmate. He was a Sailor Moon fan.

Well, the second thing. She’d known since she the first day she heard him that her soulmate couldn’t sing.

Still, she couldn’t complain, because she’d grown used to the sound of it popping up in her mind at the most random times. She didn’t often reciprocate, but sometimes when he got stuck on a song, she’d retaliate with her showstopper.

“Every night in my dreams… I see you… I feel you…”

The song in her head abruptly stopped, and Marinette snickered.

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