There are many reasons why you are unhappy. It’s mainly the lack of sunlight in your soul. The lack of staring up at the night sky and seeing the stars. The lack of good hugs and the lack of laughter. Well, the truth to the matter is, there are always opportunities to laugh, to smile and to love. There are opportunities to be free, even if it’s in the four walls you call home. Happiness is surrounding you, if you chose to see it.

The Reason Why You Are Unhappy by Amy Kennedy



I literally sat here listening to his laughter for over half an hour. Something’s wrong with me….. I can’t help it, it’s just too precious. 

And it makes my heart flutter, the way that I can make you laugh like that. I always want to be that for you; the person who can make you toss your head back and chuckle like an innocent school boy.
—  Graying Hair and Glasses-Covered Eyes

Phase 1 Noodle is honestly so precious.
She is the joy of Gorillaz.
She’s the laughter, the fun, the HOPE.
The boys have problems, like normal people, and so does Noodle.
But Noodle smiles. She dances and jumps and laughs and plays.
She’s little, and adorable. But she’s tough and independent and strong and talented.
She’s such an amazing child.
She’s goofy and loveable, but brave and mature.
She brings out the best in the others, even Murdoc.
She’s a ray of sunshine, and it is quite impossible not to adore her.
She’s so young, but so smart and capable.
She’s, quite literally, inspirational.

She’s kind of like that bit of hope in a world that’s full of hatred and fear and terror and war and misery.
She’s the reminder that it’s not all bad. She’s the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s the person you think of to feel alright again.
She’s the one that hugs you and tells you it’s going to be ok.
She’s more than just a kid.
She’s brilliant.