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Everytime I saw a post about maggie being small it makes me laught because she's a fucking giant to me! I'm a tiny small...

I’m like an inch and a half shorter than her

ladida dida, just me clicking through a few videos on tarot to answer some questions

oh, what’s this?

this sounds serious. sounds like this lady has a problem with her deck. has it been rude to her, or told her something she didn’t want to hear? let’s see what this is about

ah. it’s not a tarot thing, it’s a christian fundamentalist thing

i am SO happy that your mind is at rest, sandra. but why did you choose to adress this issue on a youtube video on how to shuffle cards, instead of just googling it?

Merry christmas my dearest sinners. This year was a little stressefull to me, but, was also the year of new passions and friendships. So I would like to give a special thanks to my new siners friends:

Satan @shortsnas thank you for creating the server where I could met so many sinner nice people! @Crawlingonyourback, @crossaela, @the-singular-drip-off-the-baster and PARTY for keeping triggering me with everything and making me laught at 3 am. @sweetsaltysimper, @Shortysins  and everyone else!! You guys are amazing! I can’t tag all blogs, because I can’t find all blogs, love you guys!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

It makes me laught that the same as the IchiRuki fandom don’t let Orihime to express her feelings for Ichigo AS ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD DO, having her dreams and excitement about the person that she likes/loves, something that any girl and woman in real life do, and of course, if these IchiRuki fans have been in love/liked someone, have done, that they now think that Rukia is not going to show her love for Renji with these little things, like being nervous about being called Abarai Rukia. 

We all know that they would let and let Ichigo and Rukia to show affection with these same things in their fanfics and fanarts (come on, they are doing this everyday with their shipping of IchiRuki), and even in a much more corny way. 

Everything what they have been saying of the novel it’s obvious they would be celebrating it if it would have been about Ichigo and Rukia. Rukia having exactly the same cover, it would be Rukia being extremely beautiful and showing how in love she is, Rukia being nervous about being called with her husband’s surname would be the cutest thing in the world. And, yes, it’s true, Rukia is extremely beautiful on the cover, in love, and that scene was super cute.


Riida x oppai manju ~ Arashi ni Shiyagare 

Και όταν σε χρειάζονται εσύ είσαι πάντα εκεί…
Και όταν τους χρειάζεσαι αυτοί δεν είναι ποτέ εκεί…

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Okay,I have to tell you something serious. Please don't laught at me;; Okay....3....2...1...I have a crush on your blog😍Its amazing,funny,intersting and cute. Your reactions are the best❤ Now I feel better when I say this!😂-little creepy anon 🐼

YOU MADE MY NIGHTTTT ugh anon, you are the sweetest!! this absolutely made my night. I’m blushing. You’re the best, anon. You’re definitely not creepy, that’s for sure, I just want to cry because this is so sweet of you. Thank you so much!! 😍

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