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Took a bunch of photos last night cause I was so excited at my first game but most of them were of Tobin because she will always have my heart of course so here are some of the best ones

P.S. Tobin being captain at my first game made me have heart palpitations

  • RM : obviously he will be the leader of the talk *the one who started the talk*
  • SG : talks about dirty things too with red blushing face
  • JH : make dirty jokes and even humourously reneact dirty things theyre talking about, making the members laugh
  • J : loud laughs continously
  • JM : mysterious laughs and smiles (cant decide if he's enjoying it or just being himslef bcos we know he laughs at everything)
  • TH : *blank face* doesnt understand what his hyungs are talking about
  • JK : *shivering in the corner like a smol frightened bunny* covers his ears and distracting himself by continuing murmuring things to himself

kuroasamaki  asked:

You never said an overwatch character What about Barry Benson from the bee Movie?

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: adam tbh

friendship them with: adam, mooseblood, vanessa 

general opinions: he’s ok i guess?? i hate bees irl (well im Scared of, more specifically) and usually i dont like cartoon bees but i’m ok w/ him so i guess thats cool