laughs like a little child

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

Got me feeling some kind of way....

So this is my first piece of writing, I hope everyone likes it and requests are open guys) There she was, right next to his locker. Laughing and giggling like a little child with Hannah and Jess. “God she’s so fucking beautiful” he thought. Jeff thought whilst walking with Justin and Zach. It was obvious that Jeff had a thing for her. Well… for his friends, it was. “ Not going to lie Atkins, (Y/N) is hot as fuck” said Zach as Justin nodded his head in agreement. “Back off, Zach” Jeff said whilst giving a laugh filled with low key rage “She’s mine”. “Then why don’t you ask her out already man” said Justin. “I’m out man, you guys always start this pointless convo” said Jeff and walked to wards his locker. He knew what they said was true but he also knew that he was scared. Scared to be rejected. He knew that (Y/N) wasn’t like all those other girls who were dying to be with jocks. To be popular. He knew you were ‘unique’ and that’s what he loved about you. It was just he didn’t want to get rejected. “Oh look, there’s your man (Y/N)” said Hannah which made you laugh out loud. Your laugh mesmerised him which made Jeff smile and that mesmerised you. You always had a crus on Atkins, since you both were 10. He lived right opposite you and your parents were friendly to each other yet you both hardly interacted. As Jeff is making his way towards his locker Bryce shows up. No one likes Bryce, clearly he makes everyone seem uncomfortable especially Hannah because she’s familiar with his perverted ways. “Hey cutie” said Bryce. “Hey Bryce” said (Y/N) as Hannah walked away and Jess just awkwardly standing with you as she doesn’t want to leave you alone. “Tell me why do you look so hot babe” said Bryce as he put his hand on your lower waist, making you uncomfortable. “Cut it Bryce” (Y/N) said as she tried to get rid of Bryce’s tight grip on her waist. But everyone knows Bryce and he never gives up. Thankfully before anything escalated, Jeff came there. He was enraging. How could someone touch his girl? How could someone dare to even look at her like that? Like she’s a piece of meat? “Hands of my girl” said Jeff as he pulled Bryce away from (Y/N) and then made his way to her. He held her by the waist, exactly where Bryce had touched her, but she didn’t feel uncomfortable instead she got the butterflies. “Sorry Atkins didn’t know you and (Y/N) were a thing. Don’t worry you won’t get shit from me” Bryce said as he awkwardly walked off. As soon as Bryce said that, Jeff’s grip loosened up. He got back in to senses and realised what he said. (Y/N) knew it was now or never. As soon as Jeff tried to leave she held on to his hand. Surprised, Jeff turned around. His stomach filled with that kind of feeling. The kind of feeling only she made him feel. “Shit” he thought. “So I’m your girl yeah, Atkins?” she said with a huge grin on her face. She knew she had to be confident and smooth. “Erm…erm.. it was a reflex (Y/N), I.. um.. didn’t mean to.. I mean…” Jeff stuttered. He didn’t know what to say. “Shit man. What do I do?” thought Jeff. His heart beating out of his chest, cheeks red and flustered. “Fuck” he thought. “ Just give it a shot Atkins” he determined that in his head. “I like you” he blurted out. Shocked (Y/N didn’t know what to do and just stared at him. “Erm… I really like you (Y/N), I mean a lot. You just make me feel some kind of way. I don’t know what kind it is but it’s just some kind of way and I love it. I know you think jocks are dicks but I swear I’m not. Well I like to think so-” Before he could even finish (Y/N) shut him with a soft, gentle yet meaningful kiss in the lip. That was the perfect moment. The perfect time. The perfect place. The PERFECT GIRL. “See you at Monet’s at 7 Atkins. I like to keep a date simple and sweet” with that said (Y/N) walked to her chem class. Both of them had that smile on their faces. That beautiful kind of smile. And let’s just say it was a start of some “kind” of relationship that everyone dreamt of.

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if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.

unholygift  asked:

What would S, M and T bros do if they saw their s/o rolling around their room and laughing like a little child?

Depends on what you are laughing about.


Shu - Though he thinks you are adorable you are too loud and would like for you to be more quiet about it.

Reiji - “Would you stop acting like a child.” Finds your antics rather unamusing. You are too to be doing that.

Ayato - Would probably be laughing with you even though he doesn’t know what you two are laughing about.

Kanato - “You’re too noisy… stop it.” He’s the only cute one around here so get in line.

Laito - Laito finds your antics adorable and could watch you go on for hours even after you become annoying.

Subaru - He’d shake his head and walk away with a smirk, you’re such a dork… but you’re his dork.


Ruki - “Livestock do I need to remind you that you are not a child?” That question is scarier than you think.

Kou - He’d record it for social media because of how utterly adorable you are.

Yuma - He’d watch you go on for a while mumbling about how much of a dork you were and go back to the garden.

Azusa - He’d lay in the floor with you just to watch your laughing face as he felt butterflies in his stomach every time a giggle left you.


Carla - He’d observe you while you were in this state… humans were weird creatures all right. But he did like hearing you laugh.

Shin - He’d be laughing with you to, even if he doesn’t know what it is. If you ask him he’ll say of course he does, but that’s just a cover up.

Got7 when their usually childish s/o is listening to death metal

Requested by anonie~~

Bam Bam:

The last thing he was expecting when he came home was loud music coming from your room. Especially not death metal. He would slowly creep up to were the music was coming from, carefully checking if it was really you. 10 minutes later, the two of you would deadass listen to the music together. He would be open for every kind of music.

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He would probably be the one most shocked. He had always thought your bubbly, childish side was so cute, but suddenly you were sitting on the couch, listening to death metal. Which he had never really heard before. He would try to find an elegant way to turn the music off or at least down.

“Jagi, can you please check if the pizza is ready?”

(Casually changes the music into Hard Carry)

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If Jaebum was in a good mood, he would laugh about it, thinking it was nice that you weren’t always like a little child. He wouldn’t like death metal himself but he would watch you slightly bobbing your head to it and it would be so funny for him. However, if he is in a bad mood maybe listening to loud metal music wasn’t the best idea.

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At first he would be like, what the hell are you listening to. What is going on. Who are you and where is (Y/N)?! But he wouldn’t be annoyed by it, he would sit down next to you and listen to the death metal. As soon as he listened to a few songs, he would totally try to do a free style dance. He would probably nail it and ask you to do one to (which is probably impossible) , so be prepared.

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All he wanted to do was eat some radishes and do a quick workout. Usually you would watch him and giggle about him, but today you came into the room, listening to loud death metal on your phone. At first, he would look at you amused, asking you if you were being serious. But as soon as he realized that you actually were, he would try to make you stop it. Maybe he would dance a cringy dance in front of you and call your name until you were so annoyed that you stopped the music.

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Mark wouldn’t be sure on what to say. He never expected you to hear music like this, but he wouldn’t really care anyways. Most of the time he would just get out his headphones and listen to the music he liked, thinking it was kinda funny how a cute person like you listened to death metal. But if you listened to it to loud or all the time, he would tell you that he was annoyed. Carefully though, since he didn’t want to hurt you.

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He would literally think you were pranking him. So he would  laugh for solid 5 minutes until realizing that you weren’t, and suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore. He would try to get into death metal, but probably wouldn’t like it at all and ask you to listen to it with headphones. If you did that, he wouldn’t mind at all since he loved you, no matter which music you listened to.

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I really liked this idea, hope you guys liked it too~~~

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It’s Okay To Cry

Title: It’s Okay To Cry

Characters: Winchester brothers x Winchester!reader

Words: 1300

[Sadness, self-pressure, fluff]

You’re feeling sad and your brothers comfort you.

A/N: Don’t know where this came from really, I was in a good mood and then I just got this huge inspiration to write sadness haha.

Your name: submit What is this?

When you got back to the motel room you could already feel a lump forming in your throat. You did your best to ignore it, but you could tell that the mission would be quite impossible. So, naturally, you wanted to leave.

Dumping your bag on one of the beds, you immediately turned to the front door again. Your brothers inevitably caught sight of this.

”I-I think I’m going for a walk.” You declared quickly, before one of them could ask.

”Oh, okay, why?” Sam wondered, and you heard the confusion in his voice.

”Yeah, something wrong?” Dean chimed in, not far behind.

You didn’t look at them, instead you kept on facing the other way. Your eyes rested on your hands as you rummaged the pocket of your leather jacket for your phone. It was there, right where you had put it last.

”No… no, I just need some fresh air.” You shook your head as a further gesture, since your voice was rather weak.

You briefly pondered if Sam and Dean could hear how much you struggled to keep your voice steady, normal. Hopefully, they didn’t, but if they did you at least wished that they would catch on and not push it.

You didn’t give them any time to either react or respond, because you fumblingly grasped the door handle and escaped through the door.

Once outside you started the feel how your eyes burned. You pushed the tears away, you were a big girl, you were too old to cry like this. But most of all, you were a Winchester. And Winchesters didn’t weep.

Your hurried footsteps took you to a remote sidewalk leading into the forest. The fact that it was empty and surrounded by dark trees didn’t bother you at all, you actually wanted to be alone. Besides, you didn’t have to go far to return to the rest of the civilization.

The sun had almost retired from the sky, leaving behind a lilac shade all across it. Apart from leaves slightly rustling in a huff of wind, it was completely quiet. And there wasn’t a soul in sight. By the side of the path, just a little bit away from you, a bench was placed. You stumbled the last couple of steps towards it, and crashed down onto its seat.

Here, you couldn’t hold back the tears. Once you let out the first sob, the tightness around your chest slightly released as a sensation of relief washed over you. It felt good to let it all out, even though you felt silly and a head ache was getting a tighter grip around your head. This is what happens when you keep your emotions bottled up for too long. You were pushing yourself a bit too hard, even you could see that. But you had to, it was the job. Everyone else could handle it and so should you. You weren’t weak. That’s how you felt right now though.

Because here you were, sitting on a bench all alone, in a town you knew almost nothing about except for in which state it could be found, crying your eyes out. The sobs rocked your body as the hot tears rolled down your cheeks. You placed your elbows on your kneecaps and rested your face in the palms of your hands, hiding it. You were exhausted, and this sadness that you couldn’t shake enveloped you, not even for a good reason. Just because, it seems like.

”(Y/N)?” A ruff voice caught your attention.

You lifted your gaze and saw a somewhat blurred Dean in front of you, due to the tears in your eyes, clouding your vision. You opened your mouth to say something but couldn’t find any words.

Dean however sat down next to you on the bench, his eyes worried. He flung an arm around your shoulders, expecting you to curl into his hug. But instead, you looked away in another direction.

”This is embarrassing.” You muttered before you let out a choked, humorless laugh. You were ashamed of how you cried like a little child. You tried to wipe away some tears with the sleeve of you jacket, possibly some snot too in the process.

”Has something happened?” Dean asked, still looking at you, although you wouldn’t look back at him. He gently rubbed your back.

”No,” you shook you head. ”Nothing.”

”Then why are you sad?”

You didn’t have an answer to his question. It was far too simple for him to ask, judging by how far too hard it was for you to reply to.

”I don’t know.” It stung to admit that. And as if that wasn’t enough, you couldn’t stop yourself from letting out another sob.

”Hey, hey!” Your oldest brother’s voice was quiet, smooth. He reached out his hands and placed them on your cheeks, wiping away the heavy teardrops with his large thumbs, gently demanding you to turn your head towards him. ”Look at me.”

”I’m sorry,” you whimpered. The words left your mouth almost before you even thought of them. You were barely aware that you’d said them, they just slipped out.

”No, you have nothing to be sorry for. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad. It’s okay to cry if you need to.” Dean’s green orbs nailed your own.

”I feel stupid.” You mumbled.

”Don’t. This only means that you’re human. Just like the rest of us.” He insured you, a faint, reassuring smiled played on his lips.

”You don’t break down like this.”

”Doesn’t mean I never have and I never will. Doesn’t mean I come damn close.” Dean revealed. ”Maybe it’s only because I don’t pressure myself as much as you do. (Y/N), you don’t need to be so hard on yourself. You’re doing great.”

”At hunting?” You questioned with a small voice. The tears still slowly rolled down your cheeks, but they weren’t coming as fast. And the ones that spilled over, Dean wiped away.

”At everything. (Y/N), you are the bravest person I know.”

A smiled made its way to your lips and you chuckled lightly through the tears. His words warmed your heart. ”Thank you.”

”It’s true. And by the way, it’s better to feel than to not.” He smiled back at you.

”Are you sure about that?” You asked.

”Not always. But in the end, I believe so.”

You nodded, taking in what he had said. Then, you wrapped your arms around his upper body and he pulled you in close, his body warmth warming you up too.

After a moment he spoke up. ”Ready to go back?”

You nodded into his chest, creating a mess in your hair, but you didn’t care.

”Come on then, kiddo.”

When you returned back to the motel, Sam almost immediately, shyly appeared around a corner. He watched you with weary hazel eyes, otherwise know as the puppy dog eyes. Dean nodded at him, while you attempted to smile.

Sam took this as a signal that it was okay to come closer, and he made his way over to you in a couple of fast, long strides as he stretched out his arms, a wingspan of about two meters. He was damn tall, your brother.

As he reached you, he engulfed you in a bear hug. He bent his neck, pressed his cheek against the top of your head and his large hand patted your hair. You clasped your arms around his waist, and in this comfort, a few more tears slipped out, wetting Sammy’s shirt. Although, there wasn’t much sadness left anymore.

Dean watched his siblings hug with a fond smile on his face.

A few moments of silence passed and still, no one had uttered a word since you came through the door.

That was until Sam broke the silence.

”You wanna watch a movie?” He kindly asked in a low voice.

”Yeah,” you sniffled one last time. ”I would love that.”

Phil x Reader - Phil's Overbearing Candle

I yawn and feel the air hit me as I wake up to roll over in Phil’s chest under the brightly colored duvet. To my disappointment, it seems he’s already gotten up and left me to fend for myself. London is already into it’s winter and you could feel the frost in the air, luckily the flat was heated. I groaned at the thought of having to get up and having to do actual things other than staying in bed. Turning over to my phone, the time reads 10:43 AM. I unplug my phone and get out of bed putting slippers on my feet. I stand up and instantly feel a flavor hit me. It’s insanely sweet so I scan the room but there’s no candle in sight. I scurry out to see what’s Phil up to and find him in the lounge. Luckily, he’s had his coffee already so I can speak without getting a grumpy sassy Phil.

“Why good morning y/n.” Phil greeted me looking up from his laptop, making me suspicious.
“Hi babe.” I sniff the air but I don’t even need to as it’s even more vibrant than earlier. What has he done? I sneak around to couch and want to see what Phil’s hiding behind those glasses. His face stays still but his eyes move around. The scent of something vanilla or just really sugary continues.
“Phil…” There’s already a slight tone of disapproval.
“Yes?” He doesn’t look at me.
“Did you light a candle?” I ask as the smell literally engulfs me.
“Maybe…” Phil pauses looking over the giant three wicker candle on the table. “Ok, yes. It’s Christmas vanilla shortbread cookies!” He says cheeringly, trying to distract me.
“Doesn’t it smell amazing?” Phil asks adorably in his Cookie Monster pajama pants.
“Philly! The whole house smells like a sweet overpowering vanilla cookie place!” I proclaim shaking my head with a slight giggle and groan.
“Correction, its Christmas shortbread.” He speaks like a toddler trying to get out of something as his black hair is ruffled around from getting up.

I roll my eyes and Phil gets up to bring the candle to me.
“There’s three wicks on this. Plus it’s giant! Why didn’t you just light one?” I ask after evaluating then Phil just shrugs his shoulders.
“I was sleepy.” He mumbles.
I have to stop myself from giggling.
“Phil, the whole place smells like it whenever I go I know how it smells already.” Phil laughs like a guilty little child before pulling me into a hug.
“I’m going to smell like sweet vanilla shortbread cookies all day now and it’s going to be stuck in our house for like 3 days.” I tell him as he pulls me over into his chest close.
“y/n?” He whispers closely and I yawn still waking up, “Hm?”
“Nothing smells or is as sweet as you.” Phil grins knowing exactly what he’s doing making that pun.
I cringe but also admire the cuteness of him, “Shush.” Long story short, don’t trust Phil with candles because the flat ended up smelling like that for a week.

Happy Little Roll 《 A Tom Hiddleston Imagine/One-Shot》 [Request’s Open]

It is that day of the month again, where you took the form a very fragile banshee - The day where you were cranky and emotional; the day you wished never existed because of the pain and irritation it brought you. If possible, you’d rip out your ovaries and hurl them at the wall repeatedly. The summer’s heat was not helping you calm down today. Nothing ever did except for your husband, Thomas. W. Hiddleston.

Usually, the thought of him brought blushes and smiles on your face. Right now, it just brought anger, frustration and tears. Why? Because, he isn’t there to calm you today. He had to go for some last minute shoots earlier this week and he still hasn’t returned. You longed to see him and stay cooped up in his long embrace that somehow contained the period monster in you.

You groan and roll in an attempt to ease your tummy ache, kicking off your sheets as you wear sweating profusely. You regretted throwing the air conditioner’s remote in your blind rage. Now, the remote was lost and you couldn’t find it. Not that you were in a position to find it. The sheets get tangled with your legs and you end up falling on the carpeted floor with a thud. Generally, you’d laugh about it and brush it off. Today, it pissed you off even more. You sniffled slightly and wiped your bleary eyes. You reached for your phone and dialed Tom’s number hoping to be calmed by his voice.

‘Hey! if you are hearing this, I’m probably off on an another adventure. Leave your message after the beep and I’ll make sure to get back to you at my earliest. See ya!’ His velvet voice laced with fun and happiness boomed through your phone.

Your expectations and hopes reversed. Hearing that, only made you want him more and you burst into tears. You sniffled and cried hugging a fluffy plushy pillow which again, smelled of him. In your frustration, you hurled the pillow at the door “Fuck you Hiddleston! Fuck you ovary! Fuck the female curse of having to live through this horrendous episode.” You barely made sense but you shouted and ranted and sniffled just as the door opened and a head popped inside.

Two blue pools of eyes fixated themselves on you and the pillow before the figure pushed the door open and came into view, clad in his blue full hand tee shirt that was pulled up till his elbows and his skinny jeans. He cocked his head “Surprise?” He mumbled and that was all it took for you to break down. Why did you breakdown? You had no idea. You felt like a helpless child that just wanted its teddy bear and currently Tom was that teddy bear. The moment you broke into tears, he rushed and engulfed you in his signature bear hug, pulling you to his lap as he rocked you to and fro “Shh…It’s alright. I’m here little bee, everything is going to be alright.” His deep voice echoed in your head. He knew exactly what was going on. He was used to this during your five year relationship.

You clutch his tee shirt and curl into him “Make it stop.” You mumble like a child “It hurts so much.”

“Shh. It’ll pass sweetling. It’ll pass. I’ve got you.” His lips touch your head as he rocked you to and fro for at least fifteen minutes. That was how long it took for you to calm down slightly. Once he was sure you calmed, he pulled back slightly. “I’m going to go and get you a tub of ice cream. How about you pick us a movie for us to watch hm?” He offered you a very warm smile as you nodded.

You skimmed through the DVD shelf and finally decided on (Your favorite movie here). You sniffled and blinked, holding your tummy as you set up the DVD. You noticed Tom bringing in bundles of plushy pillows and setting them up on the bed. He places the tub of ice cream and the bottle of water on the tea table and goes back inside as you sit on the sofa. He comes in with one of his extra large tee shirt in hand, having changed into his boxers and white tee himself. “Come on, sweets. Hands up.” You did as you were asked. His long slender fingers slipped under your silk nightdress that was drenched with sweat at this point and gently lifted them up, leaving you only in your laced underwear.

Generally, He’d make some sexy remark about him liking you being topless during presence but he knew better than that today. He pulled the tee shirt he hand in hand over you and set it properly and then switched on the AC. He settled on the sofa with his legs stretched on the coffee table as he pulled you to him wrapping a blanket around you. By the end of it, you looked like a sushi roll, occasionally sniffling as he cuddles you and feeds you ice cream.

Slowly the initial six hours passed in his company and you were now lying on top of him, still in the form of a roll. His arms wrapped protectively around you as a very cold ice pack lay between your tummy and his numbing the area of pain. “Tommy?” You mumbled.

“Yes (Y/n)?” he mumbled. Eyes looking into yours as you gazed up at him.

“Why didn’t you answer my call? And why didn’t you tell me you were coming today?” You mumbled again weakly. You felt really comfortable right now. This was your safe haven.

“I wanted to surprise you sweetheart. I’m sorry alright?” He kissed your nose making you sneeze “I will never skip your call again. Promise.”

You smiled at him, feeling relaxed and calm. Leaning up you placed a gentle kiss on his lips. His hands cupped your face as he reciprocated and deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring every nook and corner of your mouth. You playfully push his tongue aside and suck on it as he moans into your mouth. He growls and takes over. It goes on for awhile before you realize you need to breathe and you pull away lapping his lower lip in the process. His eyes fixed themselves on you and smile with lust as you chuckle “You know what you look like right now?” He asks you, just as you lie back down with you head on his chest.

“What?” You mumble, kissing his chest. His fingers run through your (H/C) strands stroking them gently as he chuckled and then laughed to himself spiking your curiosity “What?” You ask him again.

“A happy little sushi roll.” He laughs like a child, throwing his head back, eyes closed as they formed wrinkles. You blushed and laughed with him.

“Well, I don’t know about sushi.” You giggled “But I am a happy little roll”

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Her Name is Spooky// Josh Dun

It was a lazy Saturday, so you and your boyfriend Josh were curled up on your couch. Your head resting in his lap lazily watching Netflix together; when all of a sudden you had an idea dawn on you. “We should get a pet. Like a pet fish or something like that.” You sat up, smile beginning to spread across your lips. “It would be awesome, almost like our little aquatic child.” You laughed, smile going from ear to ear as you looked at a very confused Josh.

              “Okay, when did you start loving fish? And where would he live? In a cup?” This caused your excitement levels to drop, as neither of you really had the equipment for fish, let alone experience with them. “It doesn’t seem hard to do, but we need a tank and everything.” Josh shrugged, sliding his arm around your shoulders and pausing the show that was currently playing. “If you’re sure about this though, we can go to the pet store to see what they have.” His final statement brought your excitement levels right back up, as you bounded off the couch and nearly sprinted to your room to get dressed.

              “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” You had been excitedly thanking Josh the entire ride to the mall; for some reason the idea of a little family with Josh made your heart swell. Even if the child was a goldfish. “I’m so excited, what kind of fish should we get? What will we name it? This will be so cool.” You felt like a kid on Christmas as you two pulled up to the mall.

              “Y/N, are you really thinking of names and tank designs before we even get the fish?” Josh laughed, sliding out of the car. “We might not even get a fish today, we have to set the tank up first.” You let out a small huff, you knew he had a point. But that wasn’t about to stop you from gazing away at the various fish in the store. Sliding your hand into Josh’s, you walked through the mall until you reached the glowing green sign reading “Pet Central”. “You’re going to run off to look at the fish, aren’t you?” Josh laughed as you let go of his hand to find where they were hiding your future pet. “Go on, I’ll figure out the tank situation myself.” You heard Josh laugh from somewhere behind you, though you were too determined to find what you wanted to see.

              Once finding the tanks of fish, you gazed into them. Watching as the various breeds swam around in unison; each doing their own thing. You were completely mesmerized, you loved the colours of the fish and how well they looked against the dark background of the tank. Though a soft ‘meow’ pulled you out of your thoughts, you looked over your shoulder to see a black and gray cat laying in a cage behind you. Looking like it wanted to cuddle with someone. Though you and Josh have discussed getting a cat one day, you refused to buy one from a pet store. You would much rather go rescue a cat from the animal shelter, than risk supporting a cat breeding mill.

              “Sorry dude, I’m getting a fish.” You mumbled to the cat, trying to ignore its loving green eyes. Turning your attention back to the fish, you heard the cat make a sound once again; nearly begging for your attention. “Really dude, you’ll find a good home. Just not with me.” At this point you turned right around, watching the cat sprawl out on its side, paws poking out of the cage a little. “If only you weren’t in a pet store.” You mumbled to yourself, a feeling building in the pit of your stomach. You wanted to hold the cat and let it snuggle against you, purrs vibrating its body. But you were looking for a fish, and this cat was being sold in a pet store, not an animal shelter.

              “I see Spooky has taken a liking to you.” An employee walked over, sticking their finger in-between the bars to give ‘Spooky’ a scratch behind the ears. “The poor girl got dumped with her brother and sisters a year ago at the shelter. She was the only one without a single dot of white on her; probably why she didn’t get adopted.” The employee gave the cat a small, sad smile. “Doesn’t make you any less beautiful though Spooks.” The story made your heart melt, you knew darker coloured cats were adopted less than their lighter coloured counterparts.

              “She was from the shelter?” You asked, taking a step forward, putting your fingers to the bars to let the cat sniff you. “Hi Spooky, you’re a silly one aren’t you?” You softly laughed as the cat went on to lick your fingers.

              “Spooky has quite the personality. She’ll love almost anyone who comes her way. Also answering your question, yes she was brought to us from the shelter in hopes of her getting adopted. The shelter only has so much room, and her being there for a year didn’t help.” You felt heart melt as your fingers brushed against Spooky’s soft black fur. “I’ll be right back, I need to talk to someone.” You mumbled, making your way around the store to look for Josh. Standing on your tip toes to see over the shelves, you saw the familiar poof of red hair in 2 isles over.

              “Josh. Josh. Josh.” You repeated, walking over to him. “Put the fish stuff down.” You stated, receiving a confused look in return.

              “You don’t want a fish anymore?” He asked, slowly putting the equipment he gathered back to their rightful spots.

              “I want Spooky.” You smiled, taking his hand and leading him to the cage where the beautiful cat lay. “Meet Spooky. She was given to the shelter a year ago with her brother and sisters and didn’t get adopted. I love her and she loves me and we need to get her.” You demanded, giving Josh an innocent smile as he began to comprehend all the information you just relayed to him.

              “You now want a cat, not a fish? You want Spooky, and if I had to guess you’re going to ask that we get her today.” Josh grinned, softly petting Spooky’s outstretched leg.

              “Pretty please?” You mumbled, sliding your arms around his torso, resting your head against his arm. “Spooky would forever love you. And you two could be Spooky twins.” You whispered, watching as your boyfriend lovingly looked at the cat in front of him.

              “Well, where’s the cat supplies isle? I’m in.” He smiled at you, causing you to hug him tighter in excitement. An hour of shopping later, and a car ride home you two introduced Spooky to the home she’d be calling hers.

              “Here you go Spooks, this is your new home.” Josh smiled, opening the door to the kitty carrier you had brought her home in. You two watched as the cat took a timid step out of the cage, looking around suspiciously at her surroundings. “Let’s watch Netlix, let her adapt at her own pace.” Josh suggested, walking over to the couch. Little had he realized his new companion following right behind. As soon as Josh sat on the couch Spooky jumped up, finding herself comfy snuggling up against Josh’s torso. “I feel like she’s happy with us.” Josh laughed, rubbing the cat’s neck.

              “I feel like that too.” You smiled, sitting beside the two, curling up against Josh as you watched Spooky close her green eyes with complete content.


Character: Lafayette X Reader
Prompt: The Reader quickly learns never to trust the HamilSquad without supervision
Word Count: 1,293
W/T: Cursing
A/N: SO I know there is an identical story somewhere out there posted by someone else (I can’t remember who atm). Well I’m actually the one that had requested that and I couldn’t help but write my own version of the prompt. IT’S OKAY GUYS I SWEAR. Hope y'all enjoy!


The steaming hot water sprayed gently against your back, wetting your hair into clumps. The rising steam around you made the air heavy, and clouded up the shower walls to the point of complete opaqueness. Your fingers slowly ran themselves through your tangled hair, a calming sense washing over you.

Sure, you may have left Alexander, Lafayette, Hercules, and John in the living room, but Laf insisted that you calm down from your stressful week when he brought the guys over. At first, that just added to the massive ball of tension rolling itself up in the pit of your chest, seeing house guests come in without permission, but that all left pretty quickly when Laf entered, handing you a bag of your favorite candy and a drawn out hug.

The familiar banter of the group of boys you have become close to pretty quickly over the past year seemed to help relieve your stress. They even decided to make dinner tonight, despite your attempts to order pizzas for everyone. Go relax for a bit, mom amie. “Take a shower or something. The garçons and I have got this.” Laf had cooed to you previously, almost nagging you to leave the room for a bit. You retreated to the bathroom in defeat, but you couldn’t help but wonder what they were making while under the burning water spouting from the shower head. Every now and then you had heard someone yell at another, and a bit of laughter through the bathroom walls, but it had died down since. Was Laurens making plans to pull a prank on you when you got out of the shower? Was Alexander attempting to convince Hercules that he should try to make Crepes instead of mashed potatoes? Was Laf- what was Laf doing? What was that flirtatious, loving, and awkward Frenchman doing? Was he trying to keep Alexander from getting in a fight with Herc? Did he already break out the wine you keep in your fridge? Oh, what are you saying, Y/N?! They’ve probably already trashed the living room. They’ve probably-CRASH!

Merde, what now?

You quickly push the shower door open, grabbing ahold of your towel and wrapping it around your torso in record timing before turning the knob of the bathroom door, almost sprinting down the short hallway to the kitchen. Your hair slapped against the space between your shoulder blades as you stopped in the entrance of the kitchen, a chaotic scene laying itself out before your eyes.

“What in the jävla helvete is going on?!” You shout, your eyes glancing back and forth between the four men scattered about your kitchen, each in a different frozen state of shock. Hercules stood next to the oven, a spoon stuck in one hand and his eyes wide from your sudden appearance. John hid behind him, having already anticipated your arrival upon the crashing sound. Alexander was perched atop your counter, his hands glued to a box of cake mix in the highest cabinet. Lafayette sat sprawled across the tile floor, covered in an onslaught of flour.

“Ce que le baiser avez-vous fait?” You angrily breathe, your old habits of switching between languages when your upset coming back to you. Everyone chimed in at once, each attempting to take the blame. Alexander hopped down from the counter, apologizing profusely for dropping the bag of flour over Lafayette’s head. Hercules and John repeatedly said that they were sorry about the mess, and how they’re clean it up. But Lafayette only gave you a look of sadness, almost like his heart broke. “Je suis désolé, Y/N. We didn’t mean for this to happen.” He said quietly, his eyes now averting your gaze.

“Obviously.” Alexander scoffs, making Lafayette stand up. Laf brushes himself off, the stray flour clouding up around him as he does so. “We were just trying to make-” Alexander starts, quickly being cut off by a cupped hand to his mouth from Laf. Hercules and John double over in laughter from Laf’s reaction. The white flour against his darker skin irked you slightly, the ingredient caught up in his puffy hair and groomed facial hair. “Loaf, come here.” You absentmindedly assert, beaconing him towards you. He steps away from Alexander, who’s smirk grew wider.

“Oui, mon amie?” He answers, his eyebrows cocked up in curiosity. You reach your free hand up to his face, roughly brushing away at the flour caught in his hair. He tenses up slightly, surprised by your sudden interaction with him. “Quelle?” You question, stepping back from him slightly. “Don’t worry about it, Y/N,” John interjects slyly, narrowing his eyes playfully at the flour covered Frenchman, “Laf over here just isn’t used to that kind of thing.” “Oh casse toi, Johnny boy.” You roll your eyes aggressively at him, and continue to try and brush off his ponytail, but most of it refused to move without water.

“Oi, this won’t come out without water.” You claim, spinning around on your heels and tugging Lafayette along behind you. A collective “ooooo” escaped the three men left in the messy kitchen, which quickly earns them a middle finger. “Vous pensez qu'elle est nue sous cette?” Alexander whispers loudly, giggling maniacally as Laf breaks loose from your hand and turns to charge at him. “Loaf, stop it.” You command, grabbing ahold of his coat sleeve in your free hand. “J'ai entendu dire, tu baises.” Both you and Laf counter at the same time before disappearing into the bathroom. “Ok, I’m going to get back into the shower. You close your eyes until you hear the door close, and then you can use the sink to get the rest of the flour out of your hair, mkay Loaf?” You say calmly, stepping back from him slightly. “Y/N, why don’t you just let me clean up after you’re done?” Lafayette asks, putting one foot back out the door into the hallway.

“Because flour clumps quickly, so you need to get it out fast.” You reply swiftly, reaching out and grabbing him by the collar to pull him back into the room. A chorus of laughter can be heard from the opposite side of the shutting door, Lafayette’s face burning pink. “Laf, it’s ok, honestly. Now just, close your eyes for a sec.” You laugh, watching him fling his hands over his eyes like a little child, a giggle erupting from both of you.

But instead of climbing back into the shower, you find yourself stuck, staring at this darker skinned man in front of you, his hair dotted with white as if it were the night sky. His goofy smile crawled up his lips as he stood in front of you, waiting for something. Your chest felt like it was collapsing in on itself slightly, drawing you closer to him. Within a moments time, you found yourself drawn to him, your lips gently pressing themselves against his own, which happily accepted the embrace. The warmth radiating off of his face flushed yours, tinting your cheeks pink. His lips were rough but soft, a kind of mixture that just works well. You slowly pull away, the lingering heat sticking to your lips along with the hinted taste of cookie dough.

You smile warmly at him before opening the shower and stepping back in, tossing the towel over the top of the door, not really caring where it lands. A soft thump, a short chuckle from Laf, and the sound of the sink running all sound off within seconds of each other before the bathroom door opens and closes, leaving you in the same state you were in prior to the kitchen catastrophe.

But this time, the burning water on your back wasn’t what made you feel all warm inside.

Restaurant Dates Are The Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 3

Part 1 - Part 2


Word count: 4.6k

A/N: This one is dedicated to @wantedtobefree-notbefreed who’s always nagging me to write more of this story (which was only supposed to be a single oneshot, duh) This is not the last part, but I can’t tell how many of them there will be yet.

“Geez! My hair is out of control!” Sebastian cursed, approaching his face from the mirror and repeatedly running his fingers through his hair in a vain attempt to tame it.

He took pride in growing his own hair and not having to wear a wig – he heard it was extremely uncomfortable. But of course, now that the shooting was over, it was bugging him. You watched from afar, holding back a laughter by biting your cheeks.

“How do women do it? How does it stay back and not in your face?” He asked from your bathroom, still struggling with his mane.

You came to his rescue, quickly opening a drawer and pulling out a hairband.

“It doesn’t just stay in place, you know,” you laughed, handing him the hairband. “Gotta make it stay in place. Just tie it back.”

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Safe - Dean Winchester x Reader (Office AU)

Title: Safe

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,871

Warnings: Reader used to be one of Christian Grey’s submissives

Original Imagine: See here!

A/N: So, this is like not approving of Fifty Shades of Grey so if you are a fan of it you are free not to read. For the ones that are going to read know that there is not going to be any real graphic description of what Christian did to the reader but still, yeah. Some can also view it as if she used to be in an abusive relationship.

“And then you have a meeting with the board of directors which-” you stopped mid-sentence to hand him his coffee and take the bag with croissants from his hand (shoving them in your bag for him later), with one hand, while the other held your notebook close to you. Your eyes did not leave the notes in front of you even for a split second.

“-is not to finish before your father has represented you with his own opinion on the matter” you added, as you both walked down the pavement making your way to the black limo that was waiting for you there. You were the one and only personal assistant of Dean Winchester, CEO of the Winchester Industries, which he’d gotten control of after his father’s, John Winchester’s, retirement. He had another brother, Sam Winchester, famous lawyer of New York city whom did not want to have to do much with the family business. John seemed to trust Dean a lot so he allowed him to have full control of the industries in a young age - at least compared to other CEOs. John, however, had not stopped interfering in the management of the Enterprises so he would occasionally attend meetings.

“My father?” Dean asked, not really surprised though.

“Yes, he called this morning” you said simply, everyone had now gotten used to seeing the older Winchester attend meetings. Much to his wife’s, Mary’s, dismay. You had met her on your own since she used to work as John’s personal assistant, while you still had a small job to do in the Enterprises. When Dean (who would work in the Enterprises for a long time - just in a less significant position) took over, both Mary and John stopped working there. Mostly because Dean’s first decision as CEO of the Enterprises was to make you his personal secretary. You would be lying if you said you weren’t flattered. You had known him ever since you had started working in the Enterprises and (despite his many protests) you would always refer to him as ‘Mr. Winchester’. To you that’s what he was. Despite the position he had in the job he was still the boss’ son. Owner of the Enterprises too.

“Oh, 'k” he mumbled, voice still laced with sleep, and he took a big sip of his coffee. It was black with no sugar because you knew that’s what he needed mornings like this, when you had to literally drag him out of bed.

“And then-” you both entered the car as the driver held the door open for you. You got in first and then Dean, who liked to look out of the window sometimes.

“-you have a personal meeting with your Business Consultant to talk about-” you started speaking again only to be cut off by Dean groaning.

“Not that guy again!” he all-but-whined, throwing his head back for a second.

“I’m sorry but yes, Mr. Winchester. Your father has demanded that you see him again this month. It is of high importance that you-” you started speaking and he cut you off.

“That I talk with him about Management reserves, yeah I know” he groaned shaking his head.

“It is important, though” you said with a small smile.

“Yeah, yeah” he groaned more.

“Anyway, then you will have to sign some papers for your future collaborations with some of the greatest Enterprises of the country, oh and we need your approval for some important steps on-” you started speaking but you cut yourself off.

“The coffee’s not doing much, is it?” you asked him.

He glanced at you for split second, a small smile on his lips.

God that smile you thought to yourself.

“No, not yet at least” he said closing his eyes and resting his forehead against his seat “But it will have managed to make me wide awake when we reach our destination, hopefully” he mumbled.

“Well, you would have been already wide awake if you hadn’t stayed up till late, last night. Drinking a lot, for that matter” you told him a small smirk.

“Hey, what could I do? Tony invited me over since Pepper would not be there, so he wanted to unwind a little bit. You know how she is.” Dean said with a small shrug.

“Yeah, she told me she had to attend some meetings in order to settle a few things. The damages you and Tony did to the all those buildings while playing with his suits needed repair” you said, scolding him.

Dean merely snickered “Oh come on, you should have tried it too. It was a hell lot of fun” he laughed like a little child that was referring to its toys. Proud and happy.

And you couldn’t help but smile at hearing his laugh. You had known Dean for so long, like known fully well, his personality and all, and you couldn’t deny that you felt your heart flutter every time he laughed or smiled at you.

“Yeah, right. When angels start eating burgers” you mumbled under your breath.

“Ah you never know” he smirked at you and you rolled your eyes slightly.

“Either way, though, you know my friend, (Y/n). Tony never misses the chance to have fun. And neither do I” he added, taking a sip of his coffee.

“You never miss a chance to have fun?” you asked with a smile.

“I never miss the chance to have a drink from Tony’s bottles” he responded “While enjoying the company of a couple women of course” he mumbled the last part, as if he didn’t want you to hear, and took a drink from his coffee.

“A couple women?” you asked with a deep frown.

“Uh yeah. He-he had invited over a couple, you know-” he gave you a nervous laugh"-strippers" he hesitantly said.

Your look hardened and you put on a stoic face “Of course” you said with a fake smile and then averted your eyes from him.

“Poor Pepper. Has to put up with every woman Mr. Stark brings. Every morning she has to throw out a different one, don’t know how she manages” you shook your head.

“You know how Tony is. Everybody does in fact.” he looked down at his coffee when you did not respond.

“Hey, at least you’re lucky to be my secretary. I don’t bring a different one every night” he said trying to lighten the mood. A small smile was on his lips until he realized what he had said, his eyes widened.

“Yeah, lucky me. At least you go to sleep at their places” you said with sarcasm and Dean averted his eyes from you, opting to stare out of the window or down at his coffee. Anywhere but you.

He felt bad for doing this to you. Of course nothing had happened between him and any of the girls last night, despite Tony urging him to have finally some fun time and get laid. It was true that it had been a long while since Dean had gotten laid but he didn’t seem to care either. He couldn’t deny the feelings he had developed over the years for you. You were the one that had stood by his side whenever something had gone wrong. You were the one to always support him, no matter what. You were the one that always showed him the bright side of things. The one that in his darkest moments reminded him what hope felt like. Because you were his hope. His faith. The faith he had lost a long while ago but had gained thanks to you. You were always the one he needed by his side for any kind of matter and he had soon realized that you were the only one he needed by his side for much longer. For many more matters other than work or 'friendly’ support.

He had made a decision with himself that no matter what he was going to prove that he was not like Tony. That he was not a second 'genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist’ That for you he could be more - or well, less. He would cross out the word playboy (though he was not one as big as Tony himself) for you. Because he wanted to. He knew it. He wanted you.

“We’re there” the driver announced, breaking the awkward and completely uncomfortable silence that had settled between you and your boss.

“About time” Dean mumbled and this time you dared look at his direction.

“And where should we be now?” you asked him, frowning. Although you were his secretary and were the one to make his daily schedule, arrange his meetings and all, this time it was Dean that had made an arrangement. He had told you something about a meeting with an important CEO of some important Enterprises but other than that, nothing. He said that it was going to be a surprise for you to meet such an important person. You didn’t ask any further questions and you just complied. He was the boss after all.

“Ah well, you see-” he exited the car and extended one hand for you. You took it and got out of the car too. A tingling sensation was felt and you couldn’t help but smile. A soft smile was on Dean’s lips too, as soon as he saw the red tint on your cheeks. You took your hand from his and smoothed down your white blouse, fixing your pencil skirt.

“-As I told you a few days ago I got an phone call from an important person I had met at party of Tony’s and talked to about business. Finally after a while he said that he wants to collaborate with our company and I simply cannot deny such a unique offer. I didn’t tell you who it was because I thought it would be a pleasant surprise to-” he paused and moved to the side as you slowly averted your eyes from your skirt upwards.

“-see your previous boss again” he said with a small smile and looked up. Your eyes followed his and the smile that was previously on your lips faded away. A look of fear washed over your face as you came face to face with the name that after all this time you still.. dreaded to hear.


And the memories started flooding back. With every blink another one of the thousand memories you had from him. Christian Grey.

The mere thought of the name itself took your breath away. Not in the good way Dean did, though. No not that way.

It felt like someone was trying to strangle you. More and more memories rushing through you. Hitting you like… you would say a ton of bricks but that was not the right reference. Not in this situation, no. They hit you harder than bricks. They hit you like he had done. Christian. And it still hurt. The mere memory still hurt like… the whips he would give you.

You winced as you remembered the endless times he had done that. Tears clouded your vision and your bag and notebook fell from your hands. You trembling hands. You could not make them stop trembling. Just like your legs. You felt the whole ground shaking beneath you and your legs seemed to be unable to support your weight anymore. But you tried to hold on anyway. You clenched a fist to your shirt, near your heart, trying desperately to make it stop beating so rapidly; as if you actually could. You felt your lungs burning. You tried to get in as much air as possible, breathing quickly and deeply in and out. Trying in vain to get some air. It seemed as if someone had tied a rope around your neck - he once had - and you couldn’t get any air. It felt as if you were drowning. As if your life was slipping out of you, slowly and painfully, as memories of him rushed back. Tears had by now started streaming down your cheeks as you tried to cling onto anything that could show you that you were still alive. Your throat burned. It felt hot and dry just like your lips. Your whole body was in a shaking feat as more memories of him came back.

You had tried so hard to get over him - no, get over it. You had long ago gotten over him but- the things he had done to you had not only been 'written’ on your skin like the bruises and scars but also carved in your soul and mind. As long as you saw them and as long as you remembered what he had done to you, you would never be able to get over it. Someone had once told you to wrestle your demons but how could you wrestle your one and only demon when he seemed so more powerful than anything. How could you wrestle him when even the mere mention of his name had your whole body breaking down.

More tears streamed down your face and you gritted your teeth. Something you had gotten used to more than anything. It was the only way you knew to endure the pain. The pain he would cause you. Every time. You shut your eyes tightly, the tears never ending - from both the physical and emotional pain. It was mostly emotional now, yes, but what you had gone through all that time ago was enough to leave a permanent mark on you. A mark that every time broke you down. You tried to block the images that started to come back, the feeling of what he had done was always there. But when you saw darkness even more images would appear.

“(Y/n)!” Dean’s frantic voice was heard, effectively managing to break you trail of thoughts.

“(Y/n) look at me! (Y/n)!” he shouted and you opened your eyes to realize what had actually happened.

You were down on your knees, clenching your head in your hands, face stained with tears as you fought to breath in air.

“(Y/n)!” Dean’s panicked voice made you turn your head to look at him. He had knelled down to you, holding your face in his hands, eyes wide in fear and panic.

You found yourself suddenly being able to take in breaths as you looked back at the face of the man you had grown to love over the time. His gentle yet rough hands rubbing your cheeks and wiping out your tears, showing care.

“(Y/n)-” he started speaking again but you could not hold yourself.

You chocked on a sob and started crying more. Dean looked at you with a pained look and immediately hugged you. You buried your face in his chest as he rubbed your head. You cried more but when your crying finally soothed down, Dean pulled a little bit away. You already missed the warmth of his body and the feeling of safety you felt in his arms.

“Hey, hey it’s alright” he said in a rough yet soft voice “It’s going to be alright, ok? Everything is going to be alright. I promise” he whispered, rubbing your cheek.

You looked up at him with bloodshot eyes but did not dare to say anything, Your throat felt tight and you could not form any words.

“How about we-” he started saying, glancing for a moment at the side of the building; clearly meaning that you could get some help there, but you knew you couldn’t.

“No” your hoarse voice cut him off “Not there, please” your whispered and some more tears run down your cheeks.

“Ok, ok. Come on” he said and put your notebook and bag in your lap. He put a hand behind your back and another below your legs and lifted you bridal style. You took in a shaky breath and rested your forehead against his chest, clenching his shirt into your fist.

He walked a few steps, clearly to the car that was waiting down the street for you when you came out.

“Open the fucking door” he roared to the driver and you clenched his shirt tighter in your hand.

You felt him bent and get into the car. Your eyes would open and close from moment to moment, as if you faded in and out of consciousness. You would not lie, you felt really lightheaded and didn’t think you had the strength to even keep your eyes open.

But you knew you had to. You gathered all the strength you had and tried to get away from Dean, only for his grip on you to tighten.

“No, no stay there. It’s ok” he whispered, brushing a few hair out of your face.

You looked up at him in awe at seeing the adoration, care, protectiveness and worry written all over his face and mostly eyes. His forest green orbs not once leaving yours.

You looked up at him and let a smile appear on your lips. You nodded slowly, and tiredly, and rested your forehead on his chest.

“Close your eyes, princess, everything is alright now” he whispered, kissing your forehead and for the first time you actually didn’t care for being close with him in this way. You didn’t care that he was your boss because for the first time you actually felt safe.

Safe because you were in Dean’s arms. 

“Friends of Friends” Part 3

Originally posted by honeypup

Part: 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Rating: PG-13 (some suggestive sexual content)

Over my remaining days, we stole kisses whenever and wherever we could. Every single time I was near him, I meant to tell him we couldn’t keep doing this, and every single time I forgot all about it when I felt his lips on mine.

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Freedom II Taehyung Smut

Originally posted by vminv

“Can you write a something where BTS is the cool peeps or like the bad peeps at school and they dare Tae to go on a date with you (a shy quiet girl)!!! Smut smut smut but like angst ending or you make the ending.”

Taehyung x Reader

/ smut / angst (?) at the end / 

Thanks for Reading! ❤️

PART TWO ◀️ ◀️ here

masterlist ◀️ ◀️ here

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Little Dunbar *Chapter 4*

request? Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

requester?anon LiLi originally.

word count? 1,200 exactly!

A/N: SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT!! MY INTERNET JUST CAME BACK TODAY!!! also the ending made it sound like there isn’t gonna be any more chapters but there is gonna be lol.

masterlist where you can find the other chapters!

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