laughs i giffed edward but not richard

Another commentary...   :-)

As it might be guessed, I just love listening to audio commentaries, and the other day I was re-watching one of my fave Spooks episodes (7.5, namely) and decided to listen again to the commentary. Not Richard, unfortunately, but interesting anyway, for us RA lovers….

Katie Swinden (producer): Richard Armitage has joined Spooks this year, and he’s fantastic. He’s an absolutely lovely man to work with. Again, incredibly focused. He’s been in Robin Hood and he just has so many talents, but he’s very, very intense and very understanding of his character, and brings a lot to it. It’s been wonderful to have him on the team.

Christian Spurrier (writer): He’s the one member of the cast who comes back with notes on the scenes sometimes really good notes!  (they laugh)

Edward Hall (director): You said “sometimes”.

Katie: Poor Christian, he got a little tired, I think all his writing for Spooks is quite a challenging process, we go through a huge amount of drafts, and we do sort of pore over every line, so with every writer there’s a point where you just go “I can’t face another note”, so when we think we’ve all got it finished, and somebody comes with an extra note, no matter how good it is, sometimes it’s hard…

Christian: It’s true, and he’s pitching in as well... (they laugh)… that’s the last thing I need. But he had some great thoughts. They’re going to play the scenes, and so you want them to really believe in, buy into what’s going on.

Edward: I love this scene, because I think Richard and Hermione look like a golden couple, I love the way they look together, it’s great.

Christian: Richard’s got a huge challenge in a way, becoming this sort of leading man of the show, but everybody was very excited about it.

Edward: I never felt that Rich was ever trying to be anyone other than himself, that was a lovely thing, I didn’t feel like he brought any pressure onto the set.

Katie: I love this scene. There’s so many sort of little moments between all three of them, three very, very talented actors.

Katie: Richard was very excited about that car… he gets to drive it now [in the scene]. He only had to drive ten yards, but he managed to wheelspin it and every single time he’d end up driving round the block… Richard, come back!

Edward: It’s funny when you give the keys to somebody, a car like that, you just need to start and they disappear for 20 minutes… (laughs)

Well, I knew he was multi-talented, intense, lovely and fantastic. He’s always the same, writing notes on his characters and annoying the writers with his punctiliousness. He’s a big boy with a toy: apparently he likes sports cars   I can totally relate: that Aston Martin is a jewel!

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