laughs brokenly

Nekoma and karasuno having some Saturday night sleepover shit with never-had-I-evers and spin the bottle and basically all those games you would see in a teenage rom com chick flick. and somehow it turns into everyone ganging up on hinata about how hes an open book 

And hinata is all indignant like no!!!! there are some things u don’t kno abt me ok!!!!

And theyre all basically like “name one thing”

And kenma, who was quiet through the whole thing, says in a dead pan voice without even looking up from his phone, “he doesn’t have a gag reflex”

Tears are shed, people are screaming, kuroo losing his shit in the back ground

How do you...

continuation of this post 

Remus keeps drinking at his house till Arthur bursts into the house.

Arthur: “Remus! What in Merlin’s beard is wrong?”

Remus laughs brokenly.

Remus: “What’s wrong?…oh let’s see…” 

Remus: “How does one…reconcile..”

Remus: “How does one…”

Remus: “…for 12 long years…”

Remus: “How does one…get over the fact…” 

Remus: “How does one…deal with the fact…”