laughs because mark


when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂

GOT7 (Jack and the Beanstalk Edition)
  • Jackson: Jack the son
  • Yugyeom: beanstalk
  • Mark: pretty giant in the sky that Jack(son) falls in love with
  • Jinyoung: sassy, jealous giant-spouse of Mark that Jack kills so he can love Mark
  • Youngjae: cow that Jack sells for magic beans
  • BamBam: magic beans
  • Jaebum: Jack's mom who is disappointed in his life choices

Lol remember back when house of hades came out and there was that shit storm about it being inappropriate for a children’s books because Nico was gay? And the fandom were just sitting up here laughing because in mark of Athena there was literally a part where everyone on the Argo 2 thought Percy and Annabeth banged and no one cared but Nico having a crush on Percy was apparently ‘inappropriate’? Ah. Fun times laughing at dumb people.