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Things I Remember When I’m Sad - GOT7 Edition

- Youngjae’s laugh first of all
- when Jackson told his parents he wanted to go to Korea to be a singer, his dad told him that if he could win a fencing competition that he could do it…and he did
- Mark’s old ramen hair
- oh man Jinyoung’s pointy fringe hairdo from way back in the Girls Girls Girls days
- how Jaebum’s freckles above his eye look a little like a piercing and it’s cute as hell
- whenever they prank Yugyeom by blaming him and getting ‘angry’ he always takes the blame and apologises even when he didn’t do anything wrong omg babe
- BamBam on ASC “how do you know I’m not I’m big” like son can u please chill
- how Jimin from ASC literally has to prepare herself mentally for these children coming on the show
- how Jackson is friends with like…everyone. Amber from f(x)? yup. Namjoon from BTS? Got it. 
- Yugyeom loves dramas
- Jinyoung evolved from JR to Junior to Jinyoung
- Jackson falling asleep in the hairdressers and waking up with the Stop Stop it hairstyle. bless
- Youngjae spoiling Fly live on v-app bc he got too excited playing with Coco
-legit how well Jinyoung and Youngjae are doing with their English, they don’t have to but they do it and they’re trying so hard
 - “IT’S NOT HARD…it’s not hard”
- Jackson’s giggle that sounds like a pixie or smthn
- Mark’s dad. what a blessing. the most savage
- how they all had a go at writing or composing songs in the new album
-  BamBam “there’s also this hyung - i won’t say his name - but he should stop wearing earrings”
- Jinyoung “what is your point” in english like wOW MARK GET REKT
- “I am jungle. Jungle is me.” - Jackson Wang, everybody
- the excessive amounts of ass-slapping that goes on in this group
- like the time Youngjae slapped BamBam’s ass so hard it made him physically shudder and call out in English
- Jinyoung pulling Mark back down onto his knee and saying “Sit- sit down - I’m your mom.
- “this is youngjae class”
- Yugyeom Hit The Stage
- Jaebum not letting him live: *sign of the cross* “HIP-HOP”
- how supportive they are of each other’s song-writing
- Jinyoung saying that he gave Yugyeom his favourite part to sing in Mayday
- Hard Carry butt wiggle dance
- the members taking the piss out of Jackson’s rap voice
- when they switch roles in their songs
- Mark’s “girl you’re my diamond” in Tic Tic Tok
- Mark’s random dedicated English parts in anything tbh, like in A, Mayday etc
- “eyyy swagger like me” Jackson in U Got Me
- the Home Run dance
- in the Fly dance practice, when BamBam steals Jaebum’s screen time and JB’s just so hurt
- Youngjae’s weird and hilarious dance in the Fly dance practce
- Mark’s face in every Just Right performance
- how Jackson always makes sure that anybody treating him like the leader direct the questions at Jaebum and when they don’t, he turns it around, “Jaebum-hyung, what did we do?”
- speaking of “jaebum-hyung” how offended Jackson is that he makes him call him his hyung when they were born in the same year
- when Jackson was making fun of Jaebum when he wasn’t there, thought he was coming, was so terrified and then got roasted by Jinyoung for the face he made
- how effected they all were by the Playground tribute the fans did for them at their fanmeet
- their Buzzfeed video that got a ton of new int. fans (whatup guys)
- the cola commerical they did
- the pink hair Mark had for like, 2 days
- the time Yugyeom shouted on “Jaebum-ah!” and the entire group was stunned 
- the best high note Jaebum will ever hit in his life in A
- Jackson is constantly run off his feet and met with horrible obstacles (the saesang fan incident with the car accident, being lonely overseas on his own etc) but always managing to be positive no matter what
- Yugyeom constantly grinding on everything
- when they made them all do sexy dances to JB doing an impression of a “sexy” singer on Weekly Idol but he got down at the end and started grinding the floor
- Jinyoung’s eye whiskers, like that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
- BamBam dissing Jaebum in Thai and rolling his R for like 14 seconds straight
- the If You Do dance in 2x
- Jinyoung taking his shoes off in the If You Do 2x dance
- how tall Yugyeom is, like you would need a stepladder to get to his height
- how when they debuted, BamBam was a smol child and now he’s this tall and deep-voiced bias wrecker? like sit ur ass down boi
- Mark literally just disregarding every rule of the kpop world and getting a huge tattoo
- Youngjae possibly (I’m praying he has) getting a tattoo
- how Jaebum’s managed to mellow out in the 2 years since they’ve debuted
- BamBam doing the girl group dances, somehow its funnier than when the other members do it and I have no idea why (like don’t get me wrong, Jaebum and Yugyeom doing it is hilarious)
- after Yugyeom got pranked and he went nuts screaming “GWENCHANA! NA GWENCHANAAAAA!” when everyone was trying to hug him
- Youngjae getting so hurt by Mark calling him “Jackson” (How are you Jackson? I’M NOT JACKSON)
- Youngjae impersonating an otter because Jackson told him to in their GOT2Day
- Markson
- JJ Project being a thing
- that video where Yugyeom is just running behind Jinyoung and Jaebum shouting, “Jinyoung pabo!” “Jaebum pabo!” and then “JJ Project!” and doing the song and dance to tease them
- Jaebum and Jinyoung literally having no idea ho idea how to get him back for that
- how Youngjae is constantly hitting everyone
- the time they threw a plastic cockroach at youngjae and he screeched
- how Youngjae and Jaebum have made multiple dick jokes to each other
- Jinyoung praising Yugyeom like a proud mum and being rewarded with Yug’s r00dness 
- seriously they don’t know what to do with this kid and it’s the best
- the time they went to the zoo and Jackson was shouting at the tigers
- Jackson and Jinyoung on the rollercoaster together and Jackson just screaming “JINYOUNGGGGGGG - JINYOUNG- JINYOOOOOUNNG!”
- BamBam and Yugyeom’s knowing-everything-about-each-other-already-so-they-barely-actually-talk relationship
- BamBam roasting Jackson for his fashion choices “I wish Jackson-hyung would stop wearing baggy trousers-” “I HAVE SHORT AND THICK LEGS WHAT ELSE AM I MEANT TO WEAR?” “I also wish hyung would stop wearing black.”
- Jackson and Eric Nam. “No one asked you, Eric.” “Oh, hey Eric.” “I HATE YOU ERIC”
- Jaebum’s fake snake bites tho…how did we get through that
- whenever Jaebum’s hair is longer
-  when Yugyeom’s hair is darker and not completely covering his forehead
- when Youngjae does sweat paws
- Mark wearing baggy jumpers
- Jackson having blonde hair
- or Jackson having his hair black but longer? oh damn
- Everything about BamBam in Flight Log:Turbulence era
- Mark’s “hard carry hey” I think goes without saying
- the way BamBam says “hungry” and the movement he does in the Hard Carry MV
- Jinyoung wearing stripes
- Youngjae’s smile
- that time Jaebum literally chased Yugyeom around a fanmeet hall 
- when Yugyeom almost peed himself laughing because Mark didn’t catch a ball
- BamBam: Call us Dab7
  Mark: No, you go be Dab7 by yourself.
  Youngjae: *loses his shit*
- during the episode of ASC in the Flight Log: Departure era where the members were constantly just saying “yas” “yaaaas” “yAAAAsss”
- “Markiepooh”
- When Youngjae came out of the trailerand on discovering the rest of them were filming shouted “My name is Youngjae! How are you!” and they were all like “no, stop it Youngjae”
- when Jaebum was cooking and told to speak in English and he literally just kept saying “and then” 
- how Jaebum hates speaking in English (god knows if I didn’t speak English, I’d hate being told to say things in it)
- when Jackson and Namjoon were having a rap battle and Jackson was like “please don’t diss me”
- how Jackson challenged Jooheon to a rap battle, and when Jooheon started realised it was a very bad idea and was like “hey no don’t do it like that you’re making me look bad”
- how GOT7 and BTS are so close (see: their shared stage, how excited Bangtan were when they saw Jinyoung in that elevator, how they all have each other’s numbers, how excited the 97 line are when they meet up)
- when they were on Weekly Idol for Flight Log: Turbulence, they introduced Jinyoung with his new name with a fan vid which included everyone at some point or another screaming his name
- Jinyoung’s savagery 
- Youngjae’s love for videogames
- how when Jackson was asked to speak French, he ended it on “paris baguette”
- how much Jaebum cringes when they bring up Dream High 
- “my dream is to dab with moose”
- “aka browny”
- how Jaebum had to turn his back on Yugyeom during the prank to compose himself because he couldn’t stop laughing before pretending to be really mad at him
- how far they’ve come in 2 years that they’re such a respected and loved group internationally and how peaceful the fanbase is in general

[Trans] JUNONより July issue 2017

Yugyeom: Every time we praise other members, Jackson hyung will get jealous and ask us “Hey, tell me that I’m cool too!” (laughs)

Mark: But he is actually quite sensitive. When he’s making those puppy eyes, he looks very cute (laughs)

Yugyeom: But as he’s very manly on the inside, once you can see that side of his your heart would get fluttering

Jackson: Mark’s mysteriousness is his biggest charm. And he is truly like honey! Just look at his honeydew skin!

Yugyeom: But on the contrary of his looks, he only tells cold jokes (laughs)

Mark: Because I’m funny!

Jackson: He used to be quiet in the past, but somehow he became a person who tells those kinds of jokes now (laughs)

trans: coded4d9dc

Never let GOT7 behind a bar again.


when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂


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GOT7 (Jack and the Beanstalk Edition)
  • Jackson: Jack the son
  • Yugyeom: beanstalk
  • Mark: pretty giant in the sky that Jack(son) falls in love with
  • Jinyoung: sassy, jealous giant-spouse of Mark that Jack kills so he can love Mark
  • Youngjae: cow that Jack sells for magic beans
  • BamBam: magic beans
  • Jaebum: Jack's mom who is disappointed in his life choices
Mark's precious laughter
Mark's precious laughter

A compilation of Mark’s precious laughter from real got7 eps 1 - 6 [part 2]

p/s. some parts are really soft so you might not be able to hear his laugh

Daddy Material

Request: Can I request a fluffy-comedy scenario with Junior? you’re his wife and you’re expecting your first child. You and Got7’s families (with their wives,children) decide to organize a meeting. You’re watching him playing with other children in the park but suddenly you go into labor which makes a chaotic day for Got7’s family and…a happy ending? Thank you

Member: Got7 Junior x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Aye aye aye,” Junior clucked, running behind you. “Jagi - aish! Aren’t you carrying too much? Don’t overexert yourself, aren’t you tired?”

“Jinyoung, my darling,” I chuckled. “I’m going to need you to drink a tall cup of calm the hell down.”

Since the day I told Junior I was pregnant, he was obsessed with me. Granted, he was pretty intense when we first started dating, but as soon as he knew his DNA was forming into a baby dinosaur (Jackson’s words, not mine) in my stomach, he wanted to make sure I didn’t exert myself or do anything that would harm our child.

I was exactly nine months along today, the day of Got7’s ten year anniversary. The other wives and I decided we should put something together for our boys, and our families, to really show how much everyone has appreciated their journey.

“Y/N!” Youngjae screamed, running toward me, taking all of the bags and boxes from my hands. “I’ve missed you so much! How are you! Oh my gosh, you look like you swallowed a watermelon!”

“Well, she obviously didn’t swallow something,” BamBam chuckled. “Aish!” he complained as he was swiftly swatted on the back of the head by JB.

“Y/N,” Jaebum smiled, taking my hands in his. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” Junior answered. “Being pregnant is exhausting.” He plopped down into a chair beside me and ran a hand through his hair. Mark appeared behind him and began to rub his shoulders.

“Imagine how your wife feels,” JB chuckled, patting him on the head.

“Y/N,” JB’s wife smiled, coming up to me and giving me a tight hug. Her own pregnant belly hit mine.

“I think your kid’s just high fived,” Bambam laughed.

“When are you going to start having kids BamBam?” Mark asked, looking at the younger member. “You’ve been married for so long now.”

“Aish, don’t rush it!” BamBam grumbled. “And don’t get any ideas in to my wife’s head. We still have plenty of time!”

“Plenty of time!” Youngjae gasped. “You know, Jackson is on his third.”

“But are you surprised?” Mark laughed. “Because I’m not. He’s never had self control.”

“I heard my name,” Jackson chimed, reappearing with his son on his hip.

“Bother Yugyeom!” BamBam sulked. “He’s not even married yet.”

Yugyeom looked up, his face full of food. “I’m the maknae.”

“You’re 26,” JB nodded.

Yugyeom stuck his tongue out at JB and went back to his food.

I looked around, appreciating our friends and Got7 family surrounding us when I noticed Junior was gone. I squinted across the park we had arrived at and saw him a few yards away, on his knees, speaking to a small crowd of the got7 kids.

JB’s little girl, who was around three, wrapped her arms around Junior’s neck gleefully. Jackson’s twin boys stood to his other side with giant grins as well. Mark’s son sat motionless in front of Junior, legs crossed, while Youngjae’s daughter looked like she was trying to do a handstand. They were all laughing wildly at whatever my husband had just said. I couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be such a good dad.

“Ouch,” I muttered, leaning on the table beside me. I had the worst stitch in my side and the baby inside of me wasn’t making it much better. I heard what seemed to be an audible pop and I felt something wet begin to trickle down my leg.

“Jae-jae-bum,” I gasped, as he was nearest.


“I think…my water just broke,” I blurted.

“Ah!” he said, his eyes growing wide. “JUNIOR! GET OVER HERE! Y/N WATER JUST BROKE!”

It seemed like in that moment, the park exploded into chaos. Junior came running, a small flock of children in haste behind him. Jaebum put one arm around my shoulder and took one of my hands as he began to guide me to a vehicle. Junior began feverishly picking up our bags, assisted by a relatively unfazed Mark. BamBam and Yugyeom looked on in shock and horror while Youngjae jumped excitedly beside his wife. Jackson and a few of the other wives began to gather the children.

18 hours later…

“It’s a girl,” I whispered, wiping the sweat from my forehead and leaning back in the hospital bed.

“It’s a girl,” the doctor confirmed, looking proudly at Junior. Junior’s face turned white as he turned from me and exited the room.

“Ju-junior?” I asked trying to angle myself to see out of the delivery room’s door.

“IT’S A GIRL!” I heard him shout excitedly down the hall. “IT’S A LITTLE, HEALTHY BABY GIRL!”

I heard cheers and hoots erupt from the waiting room. He came racing back in and beamed at me proudly.

“It's a girl,” he whispered, kissing my forehead. I could see tears begin to form around his eyes.

“Would you like to hold her?” the doctor smiled.

He nodded cautiously, taking the small pink bundle from the physician and holding her like a porcelain doll. He looked at me with aw in his eyes. “We made her. She’s perfect.”

He began pacing, holding her close and singing beneath his breath. After a few minutes of the fluffiest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, he stopped suddenly and looked at me with wide eyes. “Is she too young for me to start reading to her?”

I laughed, tears escaping from my eyes. “Of course not  my love, of course not.”

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You know, it hasn’t worked out great for me with men, so why not check all the boxes? I mean, not all the boxes. Some of them are weird.