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Just wanted to let you know that once, I was scrolling down my dash too fast, a pair of your posts kind of blurred together, and for a moment, I thought you made a post about why Elizabeth Midford might be the One Eyed King.

….I actually meant to write that post long ago ‘cause it makes perfect sense so thanks for reminding me because it is 100% an accurate thought of mine. 

I mean look at what happened during Kuro ch116/117 Anon…

Lizzie revealed she actually was a ghoul thanks to Bravat being Kanou’s equivalent in England and doing the ghoulification operation on her so she could become even stronger in order to protect Ciel (and that’s why Bravat needs all this blood, to feed his new OEGs).

And in fact, it is also one of my beliefs that Kaneki’s dad (you know, the one who died long ago) is Tanaka, because the physical resemblance is on point…

 …Tanaka, who seemingly was chased away by the CCG and somehow arrived in England some time between 1850 and 1875, leaving Kaneki with his abusive mom back in 2000-ish. 
And since Tanaka is basically Lizzie’s grandpa ‘cause he half raised Vincent and Frances after Claudia’s death, that definitely explains why Lizzie might become the next One Eyed King once Kaneki will realize that he should scram away from this business.

Thus have the Queen leading the rebellion…

while Eto wonders what exactly happened to Kaneki. 

Yep. Makes perfect sense. 100% the most accurate post I’ve ever written. 👍

………..By the way, did I also ever mention that I have the strongest feeling about Undertaker, Uta and Mephisto Pheles being actually the same character all along? 
Yep. They’re all Johan Liebert from Urasawa Naoki’s Monster who, during psychotic breakdowns, becomes Griffith/Femto from Berserk.  👍 👍

BTS reacting to their s/o going to sleep after them but were already awake when they wake up


It was a perfect and romantic evening when you both finally arrived at home. You two laughed a lot while closing the door. All in all it was a succeeded date. After a few minutes Jin declared that he was to tired to talk anymore and asked you to come with him into bed. But you told him that you still had to do something and he should meanwhile go. He smiled and went upstairs. In the next morning he groped the other side of your bed but you wasn’t there. He looked for you in all rooms till he finally found you in the kitchen while drinking a cup of tea. He gave you a kiss and enfolded you in his arms. While you both stood together he explained you that he was waiting for you last night but you weren’t come. You apologized. He said that you have´t to apologize for such a thing you should only told him what´s wrong with you.

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You both were on a birthday party and came home late. Suga immediately collapsed into your bed when you arrived at home. You tried to be quite when you were at the way to the bathroom but then you stumbled and it wasn’t long before he stood next to you and asked if everything is okay. You smiled and calmed him. When you entered your bedroom again he lay in your bed and studied you. A few moments later he asked when you finally plan to hop into your bed. But you explained to him that you weren’t tired yet and would read a book till you felt so. He wasn't´t wondering about that anymore and it doesn’t take long that he slept deeply. When Suga woke up in the next morning and he heared noises from downstairs he already knowed that you awaked  earlier as he did. He decided to stand up and look for  you. When he found you he grabbed your arm and dragged you back in your bed. He ignored all your protests and waited till you felt asleep in his arms.

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Namjoon looked at your beautiful smile while brushing your forehand with his lips. You both were tired because it has been a stressful week for both of you. Both of you lay in bed and almost slept deeply but then you thought about the problem you will have with your boss next week and you began to become nervous again. You got out of the bed and sneaked along the hallway. But you weren't´t able to notice that Namjoon woke up and wondered about your weird behavior. But later, hours passed, he realized that you tried to came into bed without waking him up. In the next morning when he slept late he couldn’t believed his eyes. You were already dressed and on the way to go jogging. He got out of the bed and blocked your way. Then he made some bad jokes about how you were looked and spelled out that you seriously need your sleep. 

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Hoseok slept late yesterday but you were still fully awake when he  already dreamed. You weren’t able to sleep because of nightmares you had for the last days. On the next morning you startled up. You were sweating and your breathing was spotty, you couldn’t control it. When you calmed down you looked at your smartphone. The clock shows no more than 3 AM. It was always the same. The same nightmare. The same process after you woke up full of fear. You would stand up to went to went to the kitchen for drinking some water. but abrupt a hand enclosed your arm. You were frightened and turned around and looked straight in Hoseoks wondering face. He asked you why you were awake yet but you wouldn’t tell him whats wrong because he shouldn’t be worried about you. But that already happened. He doesn’t request anymore, he just decided to stay awake every night until you found your way into a peaceful sleep.

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You were in a fancy restaurant before you arrived in your hotel this evening. You  talked about the meal and how beautiful the evening was when he suggested to go to bed. You said that he can go first and you would come later but he just sat down next to you on the sofa. You were checking your e-mails while he tried to stay awake. But after a few minutes he lost the fight against his tiredness and felt asleep. When he woke up it was 10 AM and he couldn’t find you anywhere. An hour later you entered the apartment with fresh sandwiches and coffee. He smiled but then his facial expressions became hard. He promised you that from that moment he would confine you on bed when you don´t wake him up so that he could made the breakfast.   

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Taehyung went to bed quite early that evening. Before he was gone he exhorted you not to stay awake too long. After he was out of your sight you blinked your eyes and of course you stayed awake how long you would. A few minutes after midnight you tried to be really quite while going to bed too. But Taehyung noticed that. Early in the morning, you weren’t able to sleep anymore and would get out of the bed. But you stopped. You couldn’t move because of a half body laying on you. You were quite stressed but after you tried a few times to push Taehyung away you gave up. However it doesn't´t took to long and you were sleeping again. In the next morning when you woke up again he were already downstairs. You walked to him, ready to arc up about him. But he prevented your speech with a kiss. 

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After you were waiting backstage for him when he had a concert he badly needed a shower, so you two said goodbye and set out for your home. When you had arrived he went straight in the bathroom. While entering your bedroom a bright smile filled his face. Jungkook lay down next to you. After a few minutes he slept deeply. You studied him while he was breathing regular. When Jungkook woke up again, he noticed that you were already in the kitchen and smiled when he saw you. But when he saw the dark rings under your eyes he became serious. After that he began to pump you about when did you went to bed and how long you slept. You answered all his  questions honestly. For the next days he observed you while sleeping to make sure that you could sleep well. 

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Peter Pan Imagine\I haven’t done it yet

You soon realize Peter hasn’t done “it” yet…

Warnings: Smut,cursing,virginity

You lay down with Peter just like every other night, it was date night so the lost boys were put to bed and it was just you and him.

You two were laughing the night away, telling jokes and stories, same old stuff but it never got boring with him.

“That joke was not funny.” he said 

“Shut up it totally was!” pushing him and he laughs

You loved his laugh, it brought you happiness, and made you feel warm inside

You kiss him and he kisses you back

“What was that for?” he asked

“Just because.” you said  as you smiled

“Well why thank you love.” he said

“Can we play a game?” you asked

“Like what?” he said a little taken back

“Like charades!” you almost yelled

“Charades?” he cocked a brow, smiling

“Please Peter…” you begged

“Fine fine, but you’re going first” he said

You guys played for about 30 minutes

“I feel like I’m dating a little girl.” he said

You pouted at that “Hey!”

“Oh I’m joking love.” he smiles

“Well it wasn’t funny.”  you folded your arms

“Hey hey hey, cm’ere, “ he said heavily.

Which made you giggle and feel warm inside

He grabbed you and put you on the bed with him and gave you a kiss, with that you kissed him back.

“Okay okay , let’s continue this horrid game.” Peter joked

“Actually Peter, I was kinda wondering..” you mumbled the rest

“We what? Did you want to do something else?” he asked

‘“Maybe like you know, it”  you looked down

“Oh!” Peter made an o shape with his mouth “Listen love maybe we should get some rest now , it’s getting late.” 

“Why do you always do this?” You ask , a little irritated 


“Well what Peter?” you say

“It’s just that…” he starts to mumble as well

“Am I not pretty enough?” you start to doubt yourself

“NO! “ He almost shouts, “It’s not you, it’s never you love, it’s me.”

“Well what about you Peter?”

“I’m a virgin! There I said it!” he shouts

Your eyes are blank, you had no idea, the Peter Pan, was a virgin, you couldn’t believe it.

‘“I must sound like a complete loser.” he puts his head down

“Peter no.. it’s cute really.” you smiled

“It’s cute?” he said as his face expression turns into disgust

“Why haven’t you old me ?” you asked

“Because it was never a big deal love, we never had to talk about it, until now.” he said

“So what have you done?” you asked

“I just kissed love, kissed, held hands, that’s it.” he looks at you.

“Could we maybe ?” you ask

“What “it” tonight? Love I don’t know…”  he scratches his head

“Peter..” you start to whine

“Love it’s quite intimidating knowing you have and I haven’t” he confessed

“I understand.” you hold his hands and smile

“I mean I really like you Y/n,like a lot.” he holds your hand even tighter

“I like you too Peter, this is why I want to do … it.” you shrug.

Peter looks at you and smiles, you were so damn beautiful to him, your hair was messy, in a bun, you were wearing one of his shirts and your booty shorts. Sure he wanted you, and he could have you, and if you were willing to give it to him,he was done denying it, after all Peter Pan never fails.

“I mean, I guess we could…” he cocks a brow

“Really?” you smile

“Y-yeah.” he said a little intimidated

“Are you sure?” you asked

“I am love.” he looked you in your eyes, and you knew he was being hones, he was ready, and you were too.

You go to the door and lock it.

“Lights on or off?” you asked

“On ?” he questioned

“We’ll dim them.” you giggle

You get on top of him and start to kiss his neck

“Y/n you’ve been the best thing, in my life.” he said

You head shot up and looked at him, “Really?” 

“Yes love. Really.”

You kiss him and he tenses up, you could feel his arms and his muscles , you rest your hands on his arms, signaling it was okay, he looks at you with a smile, and a nod.

You kiss his neck and start to pull up his shirt, you take it off and oh my fuck.

He body was gorgeous, it just as you would imagine, he had abs and his stomach was so soft, you ran your fingers up and down, taking it all in, what a sight to see.

You kiss more down to his stomach and you saw his partner get hard, you smiled at that, as you start to un buckle his belt he started to tense up.

“Do you want to stop?” you asked

“No love I’m fine.” he took a deep breath

“Tell me if you want me to stop.” you say

He nods, he never told you, but he loved that you were in charge, sure he was king of Neverland, but the fact that you were doing everything, turned him on.

After his pants were off you quickly took off yours, and he looked at you in disbelief.

“No fucking way are you that perfect.” he says

“You giggle and start to straddle him.

You’re kissing him hardcore now, make out session.

You running your fingers through his hair, and Peter starts to rub his hands all over your body, and his partner starts to poke your stomach, you look at it, and you looked at him

“What?” he said in a tired sexy voice

“I just hope you want me as much as I want you.” you looked down

“Hey.” he lifted your chin up with his finger “I’ve always wanted you, from day one, that’s why I made you my one and only lost girl, no one, and I mean no one can take that title away from you, do you understand?” he looked deep into your eyes.

You nod, “ Yes Peter.” with a smile

With that you push him down so that he is laying on the bed, you star to kiss and suck his neck, getting moans out of him, which made you happy.

“Y/n…” he would moan your name, wanting you second by second

You grab his dick and let it slide into you

Peter moth opened wide and you never heard him moan so loud in your life, it was so fucking sexy.

You start to grind on his slowly so that he can adjust himself if he needs to, you see his face, it’in complete pleasure, the way he bites his lips, the way he is grabbing your hips, it’s all such a turn on.

You start to bonce up and down,on him, he starts to bite his finger

“Fuck Y/n..” he would say, making you feel confident

He would rub his hands all over your body, rub your tits and play with your nipples making them  hard, he sucked on them as well, getting moans out of you. He would grab your ass and smack it,getting yells and screams, it brought him pleasure.

“My turn.” he said as he flipped you over and started to pound you, fuck he was good for his first time, but what do you expect from Peter Pan?

You dug your nails into his arms, making him feel like he was doing right.

Peter sucked on your neck , leaving hickeys and what not, marking his territory.

“Peter I’m close.” you moan

“I am too, what do I do?” he asked

“You cum!” you yell

“In you?” he asked as he’s still pounding you

“Yes Peter FUCK!” you yell as you cum

He quickly goes faster but gets sloppier and then comes in you.

His hair was a mess, he had beads of sweat drip from his forehead, you wiped them off and kissed him

“I love you Y/n.” he tells you, still on top of you and in you

“I love you too Peter.” you smile

BTS Lip Balm Reaction (Jimin, Taehyung, J-Hope)

Here’s part two for the bts lip balm reaction :3 Sorry for the wait, hope you guys enjoy it!

other four members can be found here.


Jimin: Cotton Candy

“That was awesome!” You look at your boyfriend as the two of you walk away from the rollercoaster.

“Yeah it was!” He laughed back, swinging your hand back and forth as the two of you walked. He stopped walking, and turned you to look at him as he took your other hand in his.

“Are you having fun, jagi?” He inquired, looking lovingly into your eyes. You looked right back at him with just as much adoration.

“I am, oppa.” He smiled at your response, and you leaned up to meet him as he leaned down to give you a peck on the lips. When he pulled away, he looked at you playfully.

“I think we need to get some cotton candy to match the flavor of your lips.”

Tae: Coconut Lime

You waved excitedly at your boyfriend Tae, who had just walked into your view a little ways down the walkway. The two of you were meeting in the mid afternoon for a date at the Han River. As soon as he noticed you, a smile broke out across his face and he rushed over to you, enveloping you in a warm hug.

“How’ve you been?” You murmured into his neck.

“Good,” He murmured back. Leaning away a little to look at your face, he kissed you happily on the lips. When he pulled away, he looked at you, his eyebrows furrowed and the corners of his mouth quirked up in amusement. He kissed you again, and then again, keeping the same bemused look on his face.


“Jagi, you taste like a tropical island.”

J-Hope: Lemonade

“Hoseok!” You squealed and laughed as you ran through the airport and jumped on your boyfriend. He caught you and swung you around playfully before putting you down on the ground, keeping you wrapped tightly in his arms. “I missed you!” He sighed as he breathed in your shampoo.

“I missed you too! A month is too long, I’m coming with you next time. I’ll quit my job and hide in your luggage.” He laughed at your assertion and turned to kiss you. After a couple seconds, he pulls away and hums in delight.

“So is there any lemonade left for me?”

You look at him in confusion. “What lemonade?”

“You didn’t have lemonade?” He looks at you quizzically. Suddenly realization dawns on you.

“Oh, no it’s my new lip balm.”

“Oh.” He smirks, and pulls you back into another hug. “You have to wear that lip balm every time I come back from a trip.” He demanded as he kissed the side of your head.

undeniably yours; prt 3

type: prompt >> civilian + shinobi love for day 6 of sasusakufestival
characters: sasuke, naruto, kakashi, team 10, hinata, and sakura
summary: one of konoha’s strongest and most confident shinobi easily becomes weak and unsure of himself around a certain pink-haired civilian.
word count: 2,926

( prt 1 // prt 2 )

“this isn’t funny, so you two can stop laughing.”

naruto frowned over at his other two teammates who were currently enjoying the whole situation far more than the uzumaki ever would.
his perfectly planned out date with hinata was less than an hour away, he had dressed nicely and even got her flowers, things seemed like they would end well for the night.

this was vital as the boy knew he was serious about her and wanted more than anything for her to feel even a fraction of the love she gave him for all those years, except… he didn’t seem serious about the reservation to her favorite restaurant. 
of course this hadn’t really crossed his mind until sasuke asked if he had even called the place, which led to naruto half choking and running around, sweating all over his clothes.

“ah look, it’ll work out. calm down or you’ll sweat through that shirt.”

sasuke easily moved out of the way when his friend, worried enough, had slung a playful punch at him over the remark.

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Third Wheelin’ with Jaha

I had a harrowing Overwatch dream last night
  • Sombra: These sure are some interesting files on you, cowboy
  • Sombra: Haha, your full name is really Jesse James McCree? Did you give yourself that name, or did your parents just have incredible foresight?
  • McCree: Laugh all you want, but those two worked hard to catch that Pikachu, and they never once gave up
  • Sombra:
  • McCree:
  • Sombra:
  • McCree: What?
  • Sombra: Oh my fucking god
  • McCree: WHAT?


A love like that starts with a simple hello, it always does. You’ve never seen this person before, but before you’ve realized anything– you two are already a thing. Maybe she laughs too loud, maybe he’s got a potty mouth– but beneath the loud laughter, she’s a calm and gentle person, she loves to hug people, she loves to hug you. Under all of his vulgarities, he had the sweetest pair of lips, he knew the right words to say, he always made you feel safe. Maybe you’re into writing love letters, maybe you’re into love making– whatever it is, with whoever it is, it’s always sweet, there’s a hint of roughness, but it’s only ever to spice things up. Kissing means you’ve been at it for hours, you never want it to end at that point. Saying goodbye is the hardest, when’s the next time I’ll see you? I can’t get enough of you. You wanna know the saddest thing about a love like that? It always ends with a goodbye, I can only pray that the movies and books were right, this time… I will only have hello to say to you. I never want to say goodbye.
—  The hello

Nohr version HERE

  • Act My Age - Hidden Vocals

i think finding the hidden vocals in act my age is the best thing i’ve ever found… this is a compilation of all the good bits


 Jensen Hiatus Love: Jensen and Cons


The dizzying ringing of a Tibetan singing bowl…the rush of blood in your ears and temples…a sizzle without a source…a blur of red circling around you…when it stops, the thick grey mist that had been obscuring your vision disperses, and there stands a boy on fire - cheeks red with wind, smile sharp with white teeth and smirking lips. Gorgeous. He makes you insane with lust, excitement. And then he’s running again. While he was still, he had his hand out…you were too overwhelmed by his beauty to do anything with that knowledge when you first saw him, but next time you’ll be prepared…next time, you puts your hand in his and that smile opens up to let through an innocent, deliciously alive laugh and then the two of you are running together, and everything is simultaneously a blur and clearer than ever, and you find creative and ridiculous ways to kiss and touch and make love while you move at the speed of light…this is Aries Venus. A heart engulfed in orange, yellow, red licking flames…bones heated and burned and tested so many times that they’re now as strong as steel…this heart cannot stop beating, cannot stop pushing life blood through its host, and when it falls in love, it can’t stop that, either. New to the world, he’s hungry for it all…Aries Venus wants to explode with rage, with hope, wants to laugh so hard that his heart skips a beat, and he does, he will, over and over and over again, finding a new way to experience it each time. He doesn’t need a companion, but he won’t refuse one. After all, Aries Venus will try anything once. This is the love that can never die, will never die, unless death suddenly offers something but eternal nothingness up. Then, I mean…hey…wanna come along, babe? There’s that smirk again…

In Taurus Venus’ heart grows a garden with plush jade grass, perfumed dusty mauve roses - thorns inexplicably removed…the sun is the color of a gold bar reflecting a tangerine sunset. The humming of bees becomes symphony to those who enter. The creak of the wrought iron gate is a siren song for passerby. In the center of the garden is a maiden formed from soil, vines, clouds, rain, and soft rabbit fur…animals flock around her, as do young children, as do gentle garden bugs. Her eyes are lit like fireflies, and you could almost swear that the soft curve of her smile is identical to the curve of a pale yellow, perfectly ripe, deliciously scented banana. She combs her long, chocolate locks with a marble comb, and sings at a frequency that shakes the ground, causing fresh fruit to fall from trees, rocking the creatures who share her space with her into a relaxed afternoon rest. All is well, you think.

Gemini Venus’ heart is a small silver bell, ringing constantly as Gemini shakes with nervous energy. Only, the sound it makes isn’t “ting ting” but rather…”hey stranger, how are you today? have you ever heard of click beetles? do you know how those lollipops with all the swirls are made? I have a hypothetical for you -.” Gemini Venus’ quickly comes to learn (because there is no other way for them to learn), however, that not everyone likes bells, and so he teaches the heart to melt into liquid mercury and reform into petrified wood or something like the sun or a big, wild entire world. The ting-a-ling that may have irritated before now knows how to roar and tremble and sweetly sing and, under the right circumstances, can even thrum like a jackhammer - just like a mockingbird’s voice. Or perhaps Gemini Venus just like to say that his heart acts this way because of others…perhaps that’s another possibility…perhaps this is who Gemini Venus was always meant to be. His heart was always supposed to be a clever shape-shifter, a ”form transcender,” he might say, if you think shape-shifter sounds untrustworthy. With each shout or shake or hoot or beep of the heart comes a new wave of enthusiasm, question, information and it is through this stream of noise that he best expresses his love to you, that he shows that he values you. He knows that Gemini is associated with The Lovers in tarot if you doubt this and will easily, charmingly convince you that him wanting to read aloud to you from the newspaper is way more meaningful than some expensive romantic dinner is. And he’s not lying. Or he is. He doesn’t know, and neither will you, and it won’t matter a damn bit because truth isn’t the point, truth is relative. Love is what counts, his talkative bell heart reminds you. Feel like we’re going in circles? Gemini Venus’ lives in them. If you can’t handle this, you can’t handle them.

Cancer Venus has a glass heart full of warm milk. During the day, the liquid sloshes as softly and calmly as a lullaby. Under the Moon, it turns and churns like the sea. The milk can never fully run out, nor can the glass ever fully shatter. Inside the heart grows a perfect white egg, cold and glowing. Cancer Venus smells like vanilla, is deep red like love, and cries music. With hands as soft as butter, she wipes away your tears and re-hydrates you with her compassionate own. Her eyes are as clear as what encases her nurturing heart, and you could drink her gaze for eternity…and then time travel with her all the way back to the beginning, to do it all over again, for her love is as infinite as the cycle of birth and death is.

Leo Venus’ heart is so big that you might not even see it - you’ll simply suddenly be in it, part of it. Pink like bubblegum, red like candy apples, gold like jewelry, aquamarine like glittery tears, crystalline like the elegant ice swan they’ll want at the wedding - your blue and green world turns kaleidoscope, carnival, and you think…this is so fun, it can’t possibly last…but at the core of that excitement lives the fact that this, love, is Leo’s entire purpose. Though the sunsets and moonlit beach walks and romantic dinners could all be considered set dressing, the stage Leo lives on does not suddenly become empty when the backgrounds are wheeled away by one of Leo Venus’ many admiring, adoring fans. The stage itself is a work of art, like the time dragon in Wicked…mahogany floors, rich velvet curtains, a grand piano played by pixies…even when free of dramatic decorations, it’s one of the most beautiful scenes you’ll ever see. As if Leo would ever willingly forsake the decorations, though, especially if they knew they had a beloved to impress…so out come elephants for you ride on, cotton candy to wrap up in. The sensations of being kissed, hug, pet never leave your skin…a rich, pleased purr ripples through the air at all times, and it sounds like if love got translated into white noise to your ears…your ears that are almost certainly graced with those expensive earrings you were eyeing when you last went shopping. The entry fee to the experience is a genuine compliment to the holder of the heart, and the purity of the affection you find yourself immersed in is so moving and perfect that you would never dare try to find a way out.

It’s raining…the rain is soft and clean. The potted plant on your balcony drinks it up happily, but not greedily…its fresh-smelling soil soaks the water in and turns chocolatey brown…its leaves stand up a bit straighter, and their jungle green leaves’ color darkens. Refreshed…invigorated…ready for another day of growing you perfect, sweet vegetables. They’re not impressively large and shiny…they typically grow to be a perfect serving size. Not too small to be used, not too large to be bold. Perfect in their practicality. Glamor is for theater, not real life, you think to yourself when your neighbor mocks them as he plucks a tomato the size of his head from his little apartment garden. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, you realize. You head inside, to the bathroom sink, to rinse the dirt off your hands, out from underneath your fingernails. You glance in the mirror…who are you? Violet, softly yellow, olive, warm brick brown…why, you’re Virgo Venus. Not perfect…though you wish to be…but enough, you tell yourself. Though you define yourself through comparisons and contrasts, forever thinking in a complex manner, you actually have quite a lot of substance on your own. There’s a forest in your heart…a forest in the modern world, you chide yourself, after allowing your mind to imagine some untouched utopia filled only with life. No…sometimes those innocent trees get cut down and turned into paper. Sometimes the wise elder underbrush gets burned to make way for new, loud youth. These things benefit the greater good, though, so that’s okay, you think. This love grows and chops perfectly practical tomatoes, this love turns them into your favorite pasta sauce with spices that whispered to her Earth-fluent heart from their shelf on the grocery store…this love is warm, subtle, not noticed or appreciated enough. It’s not as strong as a backbone, but it’s a clean hand that props you up, even if you sometimes wish it would move around and excite you a little bit. But isn’t the way he knows how to sew buttons with dental floss exciting? Aren’t his quirks and his mundane genius exciting? Sometimes that olive heart grows passionate red pits…anyone worth its efforts will certainly see and get to taste them, I think (and it’s important that we all know this, for Virgo Venus sometimes does not).

Pop. Bubblegum snaps. There’s a flurry of wings, a flurry of glittering snow. The strum of a harp, the strum of a guitar at a casual bonfire. Was the pop bubblegum or a burst balloon? You glance over to your Libra lover to see if something is wrong…but the balloon you thought was over there, in risk of being injured, is hidden. Libra Venus smiles softly at you. “Don’t worry, dear.” A kiss on the cheeks, the lips, a laugh and a whispered story of her day. “And how was yours, honey love?” Attentive ears, intelligent eyes, a word of advice. Soft. Feather fingers and pink giggles. It’s not innocent, but it is pleasant. That’s preferable…you want someone with experience. You remember saying that to Libra Venus once. Perhaps that’s why she lets her wisdom shine through? You have to speak about her like this, for she doesn’t often speak about herself…it seems as if she lives on only through the perceptions and judgments of others at times. No, that’s not true…but her heart is a set of brass scales, you know. Hot in one scale, cold in the other. Light, dark. Up, down. Good, bad. There’s no truth, no answer, no self…two of everything, contradicting everything. You’re not sure you could summarize that, either. You know of her genius, though. The wit. The bravery when someone around her is being unfairly treated. Those parts of her are consistent. Her compassion is a bit cold, a bit distant, but you know that that’s just because she’s mastermind, not personal therapist. Libra Venus is delicate like the balance of environment that her happiness demands. Feathers (bricks). Pink laughter (cold blue rage). Up with the angels (anchored down at the bottom of the sea). Treat her with a light touch…know that her idealism can be shattered just as easily as a scale can tilt. She’ll smartly do the same with you.

You smell Scorpio Venus’ love before you see it…it’s the smell of a match being struck, of something bitter sparking and transforming into a woodsy flame. Then comes the small light…it bounces off of eyes that you were not aware of…a glassy pool of water that you were not aware of…a pink tongue darting out to wet red lips that you did not see. As your senses begin to focus, as your instincts sharpen, you pick up on sounds…something moving in the brush - soft paws…and something perhaps leaving the black lake to your left to come and investigate you. There are a lot of hands on you now. They’re not intrusive, nor rough…they’re soft, light, long-fingered and probing and curious…as they investigate your heart with gentle strokes, your cheeks with a warm cupped palm, your back with a hypnotizing rub, you can’t help but feel relaxed. You begin to open up, revealing your own inner fire and creatures…your secrets are on display, your own lake monster and mystery forest animal come out of hiding, and the two worlds - yours and Scorpio Venus’ - commune, familiarize, share and question. Eventually, you will learn all there is to know about each other. When this happens, a great blaze lights up Scorpio Venus’ eyes…it grows and grows into a fireball, too big for a body to contain…you both burn in spectacular fashion…sit as dust for a few millennia…and then slowly, over time, your dust turns to particles and then to cells and a new person arrives on earth…then you and Scorpio Venus find each other…dance again…investigate again…I know this happens as certainly as I know that death happens, Scorpio Venus’ says as she reads this.

Sagittarius Venus’ heart smells like patchouli, quivers hollowly like a flexible wooden stick does when you hold one end firm and flick the other, and feels hot to the touch in an odd, thick, heady way…it burns your nose like the smoke that rises from a blown-out candle does. Rough, warm palms and feet belong to this individual, but they make you feel safe in a way that the feather hands of dear Libra never could. On this heart is a smile over a third eye - a laughing mouth that doesn’t stop talking and philosophizing and green iris that sparkles as it takes in the landscape its host body is traveling through. This heart grabs yours and joins them together, like horse and man become one centaur, and together you traverse the golden plains that each plane of existence has to offer. In its thumps echo honesty, and the blood that it pushes through the body is resides in flows messages from God and Earth from here to there, from fingertip to fingertip, from thigh artery to neck artery. Sagittarius Venus tosses her thick hair over her shoulder and the strands tangle into a great cosmic puzzle to unravel.

Capricorn Venus has a bone heart leaking thick marrow. This heart drips and bleeds, but the liquid that leaves it only strengthens the rest of the body as it travels through capillaries and veins. The bone is streaked, imperfect like the wood of a tree. It shows that this lover is experienced, wise, with staying power. Saturn sits in those rings that line a trunk, and Saturn sits in this ivory marbled heart. Capricorn Venus whispers like the rustling of dark green rubbery leaves, and her hands hold a gentle burning warmth in them…evidence of Mars’ feverish exaltation in her sign.

Aquarius Venus’ heart is a ball of blue and purple electricity, swirled like a galaxy, blowing off ethereal clouds of silver glitter and stardust with each breath the individual takes. Like power traveling through underground wires, Aquarius Venus’ love zips and zaps through the collective, lighting up fellow hearts with inspiration, like the way our brain power lights up our neurons. This love shocks you into awareness and compassion, motivation and idealism. It’s alive, sprouting lime-colored plant chutes and chirping like an indigo bunting bird.

Pisces Venus’ heart is liquefied so that it fills up and rocks their whole physical being as well as their whole soul. This watery love can easily be tipped into others, used to fill them up. It’s not rare for our silver little Pisces fish to travel with it…using her adventurous Jupiter energy to swim around inside of your soul and heart when hers begins to ache for companionship, using her Neptune energy to conceal her presence so that you only feel the healing of her love and not the burden of her pain. Though we tend to think blue when water comes to mind, Pisces Venus’ passion shade is chameleon, mixing with your own aura like food dye swirls around in liquid…reflecting your own self back at you, making you feel at home, allowing you to see all of the beauty that your self-doubt hides from you.

Having a child with Negan would include :

(Wooowooo more prompts!!! Get ready for some cuteness XD Yay Negan! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-You always telling him to watch his language around your child and him laughing it off

-Him doing anything he can to get your child into loving ping pong

-Him always being a big goof and a playful kind of dad

-Him purposely telling your child scary stories just so they could run to your room at night and want to sleep with the two of you

-You and everyone else laughing at him whenever he holds your child’s hand to walk, as he has to bend a little over because of the drastic height different

-Him loving giving piggy back rides to your child even when he’s threatening another group

-Him giving his scarf to your child whenever he feels it’s too cold out

-Him and your child having too much fun coming up with pranks against you

-Your child cheering him up whenever they run towards him and hug his leg

-Him and Lucille doing whatever that needs to be done to protect you and keep you both safe

-Him taking a time out of the day to just let your child do whatever they want with him

-Him telling you and your child that you are both the joy of his life and couldn’t wish for more