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Prompt 11 with Kim and Marinette

Sorry this is so late, but I hope you like it! 

“Same time tomorrow?”

Kim couldn’t exactly pinpoint the exact moment he developed a crush on Alix. All he knew was that he was falling, and falling hard.

However, the skater girl didn’t seem to be even remotely interested in him. Well, not romantically, that is. All she saw in him was a rival, a boy to challenge and beat in all kinds of competitions.

He knew that if he just directly asked her out, or hardcore flirted with her, it was likely she would laugh in his face and reject him. He already had that happen with Chloe, and definitely didn’t want something like that to happen again. Although, he doubted that Alix would snap a picture of him at his most vulnerable state and send it to everyone in their class. Alix was a badass, but she wasn’t mean.

And so, he started off slow and gentle. A casual arm around the shoulders not lasting so long so that it would be suspicious, more hello’s whenever they passed by each other in the hall, more teasing about her lack of height and skills (which always brought an adorable rise out of her), and taking more opportunities to talk to her.

However, he was growing impatient. He wanted to make his interest known, but how?

He knew she wouldn’t like some big romantic gesture. She was already well-off, so he knew that she probably wouldn’t truly appreciate any jewelry. Not that she was vain, just that she was most likely used to seeing all kinds of jewels. He wanted to give her something special.

It was around that revelation that he overheard her talking to Marinette and Alya, with her admitting to them that she had a major sweet tooth. It wasn’t long after that that a plan started to formulate in his mind.

Now, he wasn’t a baker. He could barely make toast without burning it.

But he knew someone who could bake any pastry with ease.

When he asked Marinette if she could give him baking lessons, she giggled and asked if he was serious. He didn’t really blame her; he was the popular jock who only cared about athletics (and secretly Alix). So a plea for baking lessons seemed just a little out of the ordinary for him.

But once he assured her of his sincerity, she accepted, promising to help him every day after school for an hour.

Currently, Kim was trying to mix cupcake batter in a bowl. Unfortunately, with each swirl of the spoon, more and more of the pale mixture jumped out of the bowl and onto the counter.

Marinette giggled and reached out to the bowl. Her classmate stopped his actions to peer almost bashfully at her, immediately knowing he did something wrong.

“You don’t have to mix it so hard,” she advised with that ever-present patient smile. “Be gentle with it. Like this.”

With that, she took the mixing bowl out of his hands and demonstrated mixing the batter the correct way.

“Baking isn’t a sport, where you have to speed to win. You have to take your time and be gentle, otherwise you’ll end up wearing your creation,” she said with another giggle.

Kim’s eyes shifted to the side, his sneakers shuffling along the bakery floor.

“But other than that, you’re doing great,” Marinette added once she saw his crestfallen expression. “By the time our lessons are finished, Alix is going be blown away by whatever you decide to make for her.”

“Shh!” Kim hissed. “Not so loud!”

“But we’re the only ones here,” she laughed. “Unless you see someone I don’t?”

“No,” he mumbled, looking down at the floor.

“Thought so,” Marinette concluded with a grin. She dipped a finger in the batter for a taste, stuck it in her mouth, and was pleasantly surprised by the sweet flavor.

“This is great, Kim! Good job!” she praised.

Kim looked up, a new, radiant smile lighting up his features. Until it settled into a smug grin.

“Well, of course it’s great,” he boasted, flexing an arm. “I made it, after all.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, saying nothing as she set the bowl back on the counter. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the time, taking note that their lesson time was almost up.

“Well, looks like our lesson is over for today,” she pointed out, a small smile tugging the corner of his lips up.

Kim blinked. “Oh, it is!” he agreed once he saw the time as well. He began to untie his apron, hanging it on an available hook on the wall once he took it off. He then walked to the other side of the kitchen to pick up his backpack, slinging it over one shoulder as he was about to walk out of the room.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asked, smiling.

Marinette nodded.

“Same time tomorrow. See you at school!”

“See you!” he returned happily as he pushed the door to leave.

A minute later Alix Kubdel walked in, throwing her backpack to the ground and hastily tying Kim’s apron around her waist.

“Hey, Marinette. So, we gonna try baking those cupcakes again? Kim’s been talking about cupcakes for some reason, so I wanna master baking those damn things.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, a teasing smile on her lips as she shook her head. How oblivious could two people be?

“Sure, Alix. Let’s get to work.”

Reminder that I’m no longer taking prompts, just finishing the ones I have! 

SHINee World 2016 in Osaka Day One–170217

They were trying to have everyone change the colors of their fanlights all at once, and from yellow the next color is blue.
Jonghyun: Okay, on “ready, set” press your light once please! Ready, set!
The audience turned pitch black.
OT5: Huh??? They went out *laughs*
All five of them made an astonished, blank face.

Cr. aionee_51 Trans: Professorjjong

Tales of Why Bother Making the Show About Sorey? Episode 20

Okay before we get started with this let’s get down with nick names to make sure we know who’s who

Game!Sorey=Male Keyleth
Anime!Sorey=Kirito 2.0
Anime!Mikleo=Downgraded to side character
Game!Alisha=Let’s face it Side Character
Anime!Alisha=Let’s face it THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER
Game!Lailah=Best girl
Anime!Lailah=Kyubey 2.0
Game!Rose=Less stupid, birdy, and emo Vax’ildan
Anime!Rose=Foil gone wrong
Game!Edna=Snark Master
Anime!Edna=Boring Waifu Bait
Game!Dezel=The Poltergeist
Anime!Dezel=Uuuuuuuuuuh … it’s complicated
Game!Maltran=Incoming tearjerker for those who like Alisha
Game!Bartlow=Just an asshole
Anime!Barlow=Obviously Petty Obviously Evil
Game!Lunarre=Cannibal cocktease will be villain of the next game that will never happen the third
Anime!Lunarre=Popcorn munching little shit
Oh and for funsys
Game!Heldalf=Boring ass villain

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Zero's House - Monday, 1pm

After he left Sado’s house, Zero felt like an idiot. Not only did he show up on her doorstep unannounced, but he was intoxicated and failed to keep his mouth shut. Of course he didn’t lie to her about what he had said in the midst of a Vodka haze, why should he? Zero found no reason to lie, especially to a woman. No good outcomes there.

He just didn’t want to feel uncomfortable about his confession. He didn’t want to feel as though he was waiting for her to laugh in his face. Waiting for her to tell him that he had his chance for an epiphany and it was too little, too late. She hadn’t said such, but she didn’t say anything really. He didn’t know if that was good or bad.

“Hey!” And here was the one disadvantage to having a good relationship with your younger sister. Visits without invites. Maybe that was just a habit for the Paz children. “This was on your front step.”

“…What is this?”

“Anthrax? How am I suppose to know? Open it.”

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Darkest Desire ‘Dinner with Negan’

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[Darkest Desire Masterlist]

Chapter 7

(Summary: Intense dinner with Negan.)

You let out a shaky breath outside Negan’s door and knocked.

You heard his voice on the other side invite you in.

Slowly you turned the handle and entered the room with your eyes glued to the ground. Negan was sitting on one of his couches holding Lucille. You looked around the room and was grateful to see that no one else was there. You let out a sigh of relief.

Negan smirked seeing how nervous you were. He slowly stood up and walked towards you making you tense up. He went right past you to shut the door behind you. You had forgotten to close it because you were so nervous.

Negan placed a hand on your shoulder making you jump. He laughed as he turned you to face him.

“Calm the fuck down doll!”

“W-why am I h-here?”

“You ask too many fucking questions doll.”

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for @dirtymish 
pairing: destiel
rating: M
tags: implied hs!au, sam pov, shipper!sam

Sam witnesses it all.

In all honesty, Dean really should have seen it coming, but when the stream of water hits him directly in the face, all he can do is stand there gaping at the culprit.

Castiel doesn’t look guilty at all, as he stands there with a cheap water pistol, a challenging smirk creeping up his cheeks.

“You’re a dead man, Novak.” Is all Dean says before lunging for the water balloon bucket and chucking balloon after balloon at his best friend and Castiel laughs with delight, trying to block them from hitting his face.

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Pairing: Irene x Reader

Genre: Fluff

REQUEST:  irene + motherhood (not single, but she has a wife)

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by dumblets

“One time, one time your mommy leaves me alone at home with you and you decided to misbehave.” Joohyun huffed as she cleaned up the mess after her son, Jihwan. The little boy sat on the couch, swinging his legs back and forth, giggling at his mother´s words. At the sound of her son´s laugh, the female turns around with a stern look on her face that soon fades into a smile. She walks over to her son after putting away last one of his toys and picks him up.

“Just like her, acting innocent.” Joohyun says more to herself than her son, her mind filled with your images. Little Jihwan suddenly grows serious, making Joohyun turn her attention back to him. He then raises his small hand and boops Joohyun on the nose, making her laugh once again as he throws his arms around her neck, saying,

“sorry eomma.”

“How could I not forgive you.” She grows silent for a little while, trying to think of ways to entertain Jihwan without making more mess in the house. One look in the direction of the door leading to the backyard was enough for Jihwan to start running towards it, more laughs filling the air. Joohyun playfully rolls her eyes at the boy, following after him as he keeps calling for her.

“Eomma, hurry!” She finally catches up to him, unlocking the door at the end of the hall as Jihwan keeps on stepping from one leg to other impatiently. Joohyun wasn´t even able to open the door fully before her son ran out, making his way further into the big garden belonging to your house. Joohyun sat down on the bench on the porch, watching Jihwan from afar and making sure he wouldn´t get hurt as he kept on running around the grass field, away in his own little world. When she noticed him sit down on the grass, obviously out of breath from all the running, she allowed herself to look away for a moment. Sun was beginning to set, the trees surrounding the lot casting shadows, sun beams making their way in between them. 

She smiled at the memory appearing in her head, almost wanting to hit herself for not wanting to buy this house at first. However, you and your great persuading skills made her agree and now she couldn´t agree more with the choice of the house. It was a perfect place to call home, having enough space for literally anything. When the estate agent showed you the house, Joohyun could see you were amazed at the size, location and the feeling it gave off. Despite the cost not being overly expensive, Joohyun couldn´t seem to imagine living in it. Yes, sharing a home with you was something she had always dreamed of but just for the two of you, it was simply too big. 

At least until you came with the idea of adopting a child. Joohyun knew you always dreamed of having a child of your own, but due to health issues, you wouldn´t be able to have one even with the choice of artificial insemination. Adoption was the only choice you had left and she didn´t have the heart to take it away from you. The two of you had talked many times about it before actually deciding to do it, fully realising that Joohyun wouldn´t be able to be there all the time, her idol life taking up most of her time. And after one too many speculations of how and when you should do it, you brought Jihwan home. Suddenly, everything felt more in place and Joohyun was beginning to grow accustomed to the new way of living. She never imagined herself as a mother but now that she was one, she couldn´t imagine not being one.

“Eomma! I picked some flowers for mommy, will she like them?” Jihwan snapped her out of her thoughts, shoving the small, hand-picked bouquet of flowers into Joohyun´s face. She gently pushed his small arm further away from her nose, nodding with a smile. “Of course she will, they´re beautiful.” Satisfied with the answer, Jihwan made himself comfortable in his mother´s lap and joined her in staring off into the distance. Joohyun was amazed at the number of facts he was able to tell her, at the wise words coming out of him despite his age. Moments like these were when she truly realised how well you managed to raise him. He was polite, smart and rarely caused trouble. A quiet, yet still audible yawn ringed in Joohyun´s ears, making her look down. 

“Someone´s sleepy. Come on, let´s tuck you in bed.” With droopy eyes, Jihwan nodded and slowly raised his arms up making it at least a little easier for her to pick him up. Shortly after she changed him into his pj´s, Joohyun noticed he had already falled asleep and couldn´t help but chuckle to herself as she pulled the blanket over him, lying down next to his small body. After minutes of her silently lying next to her son, eyes staring into thin air, she felt her eyelids become heavier with each second. Giving in into the exhaustion, she let them fall and before entering the land of dreams, she mumbled,

“I´m sorry for being here so little, I love you.” If only she had the slightest idea that you were standing in the doorway, hand placed over your mouth to keep quiet and tears prickling at the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill. This was a view you rarely got to see, but it was the most beautiful of them all; a view worth waiting for.

A/n: Here it is anonie. I felt so at ease writing this scenario, you don´t even know. I hope you guys liked it and I would me really happy if you gave me some feedback, either by commenting or sending me an ask with you opinion. Lots of  love – G

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Nordics react to a s/o wearing a really childish Halloween costume , sliding around in the house and hiding when they get home


Sweden: He would get a huge rise out of this and it would end up he and his S/O playing a game of hide and seek. After Sve found them he would pick them up and trow them on the couch, giving them kisses and making them laugh, Sve would even have a *cue dramatic music* HUGE smile on his face as his S/O would be too adorable for him to handle.

Finland: He would chase his S/O around, totally tickle fight breaking out. Not even caring about how lout his S/O would be yelling for him to stop, because seeing their cheeks turning red from laughing would please him immensely as he would kiss them and yet continue to tickle them. 

Iceland: Icey would at first pretend he didn’t see the point to their shenanigans, but once he saw them getting into it, even he would end up playing around and sliding around the house too. But only in front of them, we all know how Icey has to keep up his rep. 

Norway: Norge would not only find it adorable, if a game of hide and seek came of it, he would use his magical friends to totally help him, and then just sneak up on them, scaring them as they would fall into a pile on the floor, both laughing. 

Denmark: Oh it would all be fun an games as his S/O would be running to try to get out of the Dane’s grips, only then to knock something over. As they would look at the damage, they would only shrug their shoulder and just continue to run around until the Dane finally got them and pulled them to the ground on top of him. Hugging them as they laughed the Dane’s sides killing him. 

wow another rubiam high school au i'm so creative

i guess we’re kinda upgrading to college now??? idk

•the first time ruby does poorly on an assignment in college she cries for 4 hours about how she’s gonna be a stripper for the rest of her life

•liam tries to calm her down to no avail like “this is the first time ever in your life you’ve done bad on something it’ll be okay soon you’ll learn to do poorly and take it in stride like the rest of us” and she cries harder bc that indicates she’s gonna do terribly again

•when he asks what she got he has to physically hold himself back from laughing when she looks up at him with tears running down her face and says “B minus”

•she’s been crying for the last hour and a half over a B minus. she thinks her fate is stripping because of a B minus. this bitch.

•chubs ends up being the one who calms her down because in typical chubs fashion he just gives it to her straight and slaps the sense back into her

•"well if you don’t want another B minus, why are you wasting time crying over the one you can’t change? go spend the time you’re wasting right now on the rest if your work and make sure it doesn’t happen again.“

•she stops crying, nods and gets up to go do her work

•liam just stares in shock at the fact that chubs just did in 3 sentences what he’d been trying to do for 3 hours

•"sometimes you make me feel like a really shitty boyfriend, chubs”

•one night they set up a study date and liam’s like “what are we gonna study” and she goes “i don’t know…i need to work on biology” and he thinks he’s about to get lucky but that hope quickly dies when she actually brings her giant binder of notes and her textbook and falls asleep next to him at 10:30

•all his friends make fun of him for being whipped and he’s just like “wow i love and respect my girlfriend you really got me good what a burn 🙄🙄🙄”

•when she was on her period in high school she used to be able to kinda avoid him if she wanted to be left alone but now they live a floor apart and spend a good 70% of their time together so he kinda has to learn to handle her when she’s hormonal, cramping, and angry at him because he’s a man and has never had to go trough this

•he learns pretty quickly but the one thing he never quite figured out is if she actually wants him to touch her or not

•like sometimes when she’s laying in bed cramping he’ll try to cuddle and she nearly bites his head off but half an hour later she’s crying because he doesn’t want to touch her

•he’s mortified the first time she sends him on a tampon run

•not because “ew gross tampons periods disgusting” just because there’s SO MANY and he doesn’t know which one to get

•he calls his mom, naturally

•when she doesn’t know what kind ruby uses he calls ruby’s mom

•"Liam! how are you sweetie?“
“um hi mrs daly i’m good. but um, this is a weird question but i was wondering if you know what kind of tampons ruby uses. she sent me to the store and i don’t know what i’m doing.”
*queue ruby’s mom laughing for 12 minutes*
“the black box with the pink swirls honey”
“thanks mrs daly”

•they move in together after liam’s 3rd and ruby’s 2nd year

•they invite chubs to move in with them but he moves out after six months because “i’m tired of third wheeling in my OWN HOME”

•it was one thing to be sexiled from a dorm room he could just go to vidas and spend the night but to come home to your roommates having sex on the kitchen counter, where you eat off of,, no.

•they agree to wait until after they’re both done with college (which ends up being the same time since ruby took so many ap’s in high school) to get married bc that’s a lot of added stress and marriage is really just a title they live together and do all the things married couples do anyways by the end of college

•but by second semester senior year liam starts getting //really// impatient he knows what they said but he bought a ring last year and has carried it around with him all the time since then

•as soon as they’re out of the building where graduation was held he’s down one one knee and ruby rolls her eyes because wow impatient much but when he asks she says yes


A/N: Some Liam fluff, because Liam is a big ol’ teddy bear who would be awesome with cuddles :)

Character: Liam

Warning(s): None

Originally posted by imaginesliampayne

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Request: Anonymous said to jenotebook:can you please do boyfriend johnny? Thanks~ ❤️

  • Such a clingy boyfriend tbh
  • No matter if you’re tall or small
  • He’s always clinging onto you, literally
  • His arms are always going to be wrapped around you 
  • Johnny doesn’t care who sees
  • He just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you wherever you are
  • And when you’re not there with him
  • He’s hugging his pillow
  • And really it’s funny and cute to see
  • Jaehyun once sent u a snap of it but shhh don’t tell him
  • Which is actually the reason why you bought him a huge teddy bear!!
  • I mean, he’s still bigger than that teddy bear but
  • He’s the type to facetime you a lot
  • And with a lot i mean like A LOT lot
  • “Hey babe, don’t I look great”
  • “..Not to be mean, Johnny, but I can’t even see your face”
  • He then realised that he was still under his blankets
  • And ofc he just laughed and revealed his face
  • Showing you a tired and shirtless Johhny smiling at your through the phone
  • Maybe you’ll choke on your breakfast bcs he looks so hot
  • Who knows
  • Johnny l o v e s to do exciting things
  • Honestly he would probably bring you bungee jumping for your date
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to go bungee jumping yourself
  • You’ll just have to film him then
  • He’s probably gonna scream and laugh at the same time
  • Amazing rlly
  • He also rlly rlly rlly loves it when you listen to him playing the piano
  • And ofc you also rlly love it when he plays for you
  • The way his fingers just move from key to key
  • His concentrated face
  • Truly mesmerizing
  • When you clap for him after he’s finished
  • A smile appears on his face and he’s low-key blushing
  • Ofc he just bows and decides to play again
  • He would probably play Bruno Mars and sing along passionately
  • Making sure he makes you laugh with his funny expressions
  • Honestly, making you laugh i something he loves to do
  • Whenever you’re down, he always has a way to cheer you up
  • He seems like someone who would bring you to amusement park dates
  • Screaming on the rides
  • Srsly there’s never one moment where Johnny’s calm
  • Sometimes though
  • When he’s had a really tiring day
  • He’ll just drag you with him to bed
  • Snuggle up to you
  • And fall asleep
  • He doesn’t even bother getting up anymore to shower 
  • He’s just too tired
  • Not really pleasant to sleep next to a sweaty Johnny
  • But he’s your bf and he’s tired and he kinda looks really cute
  • So
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I feel like Johnny always tells you that he loves you a lot
  • When the relationship is a bit more serious ofc
  • Because even though he’s not always there for you
  • Bcs of his schedule, etc.
  • He wants you to know that he loves you a lot
  • Sending you weird snaps of his face
  • ‘hi babe i lov u n miss u a lot’
  • ‘have u eaten?i ate sushi’
  • he doesn’t rlly cry
  • but sometimes he does tear up a little at the thought of you
  • and that’s when he just hugs the teddy bear that you bought him
  • the moment he’s back with you tho
  • he hugs you so tightly
  • rlly you can’t breathe anymore from his hug
  • but hey at least your bf’s back
  • i need me a bf johnny wow
HC: too young

  • the age gap has always been an issue for people around you but never for the two of you
  • until an old friend of his pointed out that you could be easily his child and just couldn’t drop the joke, even after asking him repeatedly to do so
  • that was when you felt insecure about you being quite a bit younger than him
  • and Shiro not even seeing the harm in his friends joke, even laughing along
  • but what he was seeing was the change in you after he met that friend
  • you began to dress more feminine and mature, watched how you worded your sentences, kept your posture straight, etc.
  • to sum it up, you were not acting yourself; not like the person he fell in love with
  • he didn’t say anything until you stopped [insert your favorite hobby/passion] and threw everything away that had to do with it
  • his hand jumped to your wrist to stop you
  • “what are you doing?” cue you spilling the beans and Shiro…
  • laughing straight in your face
  • you getting angry at him and thinking that he’s laughing at you for feeling insecure
  • “ya know, from all the things you did in our relationship, pretending to be someone else was the only childish thing you did”

anonymous asked:

wouldnt fire signs save u from the heartbreak

no fire signs are lowkey emo as hell. they could be heartbroken and they’d laugh in ur face and b all wild in public but then when they get home, they’re blasting run ballad mix while eating ice cream and watching the kidnapping scene from ahl