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Take The Trade: Part 1

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 2,836


A/N: big fuckin thanks to the girls for encouraging me to finish this and being super supportive. i’ve been working on this for the longest time and it’s finally here, so enjoy mother fuckers x x


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I throw the phone onto the couch, groaning in annoyance and stomping my feet like a child as I wander to the kitchen, huffing once more to catch Dylan’s attention. “What’s wrong?” He asks, his back still turned to me as he assorted popcorn and candy into different plastic tubs.

My shoulders slouch and I climb onto the island, crossing my legs and pulling an unsatisfied face. “Everyone’s busy, they can’t make it.” I grumble under my breath with furrowed eyebrows. Friday night was game night, everyone came over to my place to eat junk food, play stupid board games and get completely wasted. But, everyone decided they’d be busy this week, which couldn’t have been any more inconvenient.

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Robin Wright’s dancing moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I gotta say tho, she’s got a serious move going on there 

The Butlers

Context: the group consists of myself (Tiefling Rogue), a Half-Elf Warlock, a Drow Elf Bard, and a Half-Orc Fighter. We are currently in combat with some corrupt town guards; three of them, plus the guard captain. Now during this fight, the following all happen:

  • I take a page from Assassin’s Creed, climbing a building before the fight begins and just taking shots at them with my crossbow, constantly passing stealth checks to avoid being seen, and I eventually kill one guard by rolling maximum damage with a bonus
  • Our Fighter, due to having a total AC of 19, tanks every single hit while dueling with the captain, and eventually does enough damage that the captain takes himself out with a nat 1 by accidentally hitting himself in the head with the hilt of his own sword
  • Our Warlock casts spells from a distance, before eventually using Witch Bolt - which he refers to as “Emperor Palpatine lightning hands” - to outright disintegrate a guard
  • Our Bard keeps casting Vicious Mockery to make the guards shoot at him rather than run for reinforcements, casts plenty of buffs and debuffs, and also rolls a nat 20 to get himself back up immediately after being knocked prone
  • During all this, the Bard is the only one on our team to take any damage, and any attempts to send the guards for reinforcements (which was apparently supposed to be the primary difficulty of this battle) are consistently thwarted by Vicious Mockery, well-aimed crossbow bolts, Thaumaturgy distractions, and nat 20 counters to disengagement attempts

One guard remains, already damaged, and he freezes up after witnessing all this, screaming at us, “What are you guys?!

It’s my turn, and I see my chance. I successfully roll to jump off the rooftop, causing the guy to look up at me as I jump down, land right on him, and hold my dagger to his throat when he’s on the ground prone. I then proclaim…

“We are the Butlers. Because we clean up.”

Our Warlock, without missing a beat: “I facepalm in response.”

And thus I slit that guard’s throat to the sound of my allies laughing. My attempts to get the group officially named “The Butlers” have been moderately unsuccessful, but I will not give in.

A love that never dies

Request: Can you do an Elijah Mikaelson imagine? Where the reader and Elijah were together and married before he was turned and when he was turned she was turned too. And when Elijah and the reader go to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on Elijah and the reader having a cute moment and when the reader is leaving she over hears Elena asking Elijah about their love and he gets all glossy eyes and tell her about their story and how their love will never die. Fluff fluff fluff! Please and thank you! 

Disclaimer: There’s is slight mention of rape and also i changed it a little. I switched Elena out with Hope and made Hope around 15-16 years old in this. 


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Going back a thousand and a hundred and something years I didn’t expect my life to turn out like this. Ending up with the best guy. Ending up with the best family. Ending up with the best story.

“Honey, you’re missing a button,” Elijah said referring to the back of my long wine red dress I was wearing for the Mikaelson ball tonight. After having stopped Klaus from trying to kill Elena we, mostly just Elijah and i, decided having a classic Mikaelson ball would lighten up the mood.

“Really. I didn’t notice,” I said trying to bend my arms to button the top. I had one arm reached over my shoulder and the other one was pushing up the back of the dress so that I could reach the low cut back. I let out a huff as I for the third time failed in buttoning the stupid dress.

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Request: could you do one where Shawn and y/n are going to a party and Shawn gets jealous because people are flirting with her.


Your name: Submit What is this?

- - - -

“Wow.” Shawn says looking you up and down slowly, taking in your appearance. “Do a spin for me, Y/N.”

You blush and laugh at his request, “You want me to do a spin?” You hold the hem of your dress and spin around 3 times, which creates a breeze that makes the dress float high around you, “There you go.” Dizzily, you lean towards the wall and put out your hand to steady yourself and stop from falling over.

Shawn puts his arms around your waist and nuzzles his head into your neck. You feel his hand brush over your bare back, as the dress has a cut out section hidden there underneath your long straightened hair. He breathes in your scent, and you just stand there for a while treasuring this moment; before you have to leave to go to the party. He takes your hand and your fingers intertwine perfectly. You step in-sync down the stairs and then Shawn opens the door for you, “After you, beautiful.” He says grinning.

“Thank you.” You tell him, and then curtsy as a joke. Shawn’s Jeep Wrangler is parked on the drive of his family house right in front of you and you head towards it, walking quite carefully in your extremely high heels.

Shawn runs ahead of you, “Hold up, hold up!” He shouts, and reaches out to open the car door for you. “Okay, now get in!” He tells you.

Again, you laugh out loud and try to climb as gracefully as you can into the front seat of Shawn’s car. He walks around the front of the car, gives you a little baby wave and gets in the driver’s seat. Adjusting his seat and the car mirror, you ask him, “Why are you being like this?” You question him curiously whilst still giggling.

“I’m only treating you the way that you deserve to be treated.” Shawn responds, putting his hand on your thigh affectionately. He then backs out of the drive impressively quickly and gets onto the road.

Shawn always seems to know just the right thing to say. How does he do that? The whole journey there you both make jokes back and forth to each other and Shawn exchanges flirtatious glances with you. He pulls up to the house where the party is, and Shawn rapidly undoes his seatbelt and jogs around the front of car before you realise what he’s doing.

People in cars arriving nearby are looking in your car to see who has arrived, and Shawn opens your car door like a chauffeur. You get out of the car, and laugh at Shawn once again. “I love you, Shawn.” You say, and you put your hands on the sides of his face, lean in and kiss him. With these heels on, you’re now just slightly shorter than him which feels strange, but the kiss still holds the same feelings that it’s always had. Both of you aren’t too big on public displays of affection, so the kiss only lasts for a short time, and then Shawn wraps his arm around your waist and walks you in to the party.

“Hey, Y/N!” You hear someone shouting from the doorway of the house. It’s hard to see them in the partial darkness, but you recognise the sound of their voice. It’s Matt: your old friend from school that you haven’t seen for about 3 years.

Shawn takes his hand off of your waist which enables you to run forward slightly and hug Matt. “Oh my God! I can’t believe it! How are you?” You ask him happily.

Matt hasn’t changed one bit, and simply looking at him makes you feel nostalgic of the long days spent at school and just hanging out together along with the rest of your big group of friends. “I’m good, actually, better now that I’ve finally seen you again.” He replies, looking you up and down as Shawn did earlier.

“Hey, I’m Shawn.” Shawn holds out his hand as he comes over to where you’re standing in the doorway. Matt shakes his hand, “Y/N’s boyfriend.” He adds, trying to be subtle.

Looking shocked for a moment, Matt thinks hard and then it looks as though something then clicks in his mind, “Wait… I know you, I’ve seen your face before somewhere.” He tells Shawn.

Shawn smiles wryly to himself, “Um, maybe you saw me performing somewhere or in a magazine?” Matt looks at Shawn, and you can see the immense confusion as clear as day all over his face. “I’m Shawn Mendes.” He explains but still, there’s no reaction from Matt and you can see Shawn now becoming marginally infuriated. “I sing this song called Stitches? Or maybe you know Treat You Better? Mercy? There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back?” He crosses his arms and waits for a response.

“I’ve probably heard them before… but I don’t know them off the top of my head, sorry.” Matt replies, laughing softly in an attempt to break the awkward atmosphere that Shawn successfully created.

You take Shawn’s arm and move your head to gesture that you should move away. “It was really nice seeing you, Matt.” You say kindly, and you can feel his eyes still on you as you walk with Shawn to go and get a drink.

“What the hell was that? How have you changed so much in the last few minutes?” You ask him, raising your voice just a little bit so he knows that you’re serious.

He gazes at you and looks quite guilty as he shrugs, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Shawn tells you, “I guess I’m a little… jealous.” He shrugs his shoulders and you’re stunned that he actually admitted this.

It’s cute really, but he does this a bit too often. Shawn just assumes that any guy you know wants to get with you, and he gets jealous when people have known you for longer than he has – even though your months so far dating have felt like forever. You can’t remember what it was like not being with Shawn, and you want him to understand that.

Shawn pours drinks out for you both, and you thank him with a smile. Someone calls out Shawn’s name from what sounds like the corner of the room, “Y/N, is it alright if I go and talk to them?”

You laugh incredulously, “You don’t need to ask me – do whatever you want to do. It’s cool.”

The moment Shawn walks away from you, a breeze tickles your back and lifts your hair up slightly. It’s not a breeze from an open window or door though. Someone brushed past you, and then turned their head back swiftly to look at you.

“I didn’t realise it was you!” Matt looks shocked, and he looks around cautiously to see if he can spot Shawn anywhere in sight. You guess that when he can’t see him nearby, he thinks it’s now okay for him to actually approach you and talk to you. He takes a big drink from his cup, “So what’s up with your boyfriend then?” He smiles, which means that he now just has the widest grin you’ve ever seen considering he was already smiling before he smiled again.

You take the tiniest sip of your drink, “I honestly have no idea, but he’s okay now don’t worry.” You reply, realising that for some unknown reason you feel slightly uncomfortable. Out of habit, you do exactly what you normally do in awkward situations: which is look down at the ground, keep shifting your feet and alternating the leg that you put most of your body weight on.

He’s still smiling. It’s a very big smile. “I wanted to say this earlier, but I don’t think it was a good time as we weren’t alone. But I truly believe, Y/N, that you are the most beautiful girl here and you look amazing tonight.”

Matt is very confident – he always has been. When you were younger and you were both very close friends, he used to tell you which girls he liked and asked if you thought that they liked him back. If you gave him an answer that even slightly hinted at a yes, he would go for it. Go straight up to the girl and let her know his thoughts and feelings. He didn’t care about rejection at all. He was just so brave and you admired that. You used to dream it would be you one day he liked, but you stayed as and never faltered from being the girl he asked for help from. You were never the target for his love. One day, you thought his confidence may tone down a little bit, but it seems that it has only increased with age as most things do.

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Matt.” You tell him, and you know instantly that he has no impact on you now. If Shawn had said that to you, you would have blushed. Hard. He may be trying to flirt, but you’re not willing to be swept off of your feet by anyone else but Shawn for a very, very long time.

Matt moves in closer, which makes you stiffen marginally. You’re extremely wary of what he might do, especially considering the fact that he’s been at this party for a lot longer than you have so he’s fairly drunk right now.

You feel another breeze on your back, but this time it’s so strong it feels more like a scratch than a tickle.

“Hey, whatever-your-name-is! I think you’ve probably been talking to my girlfriend for long enough now.” Shawn states firmly as he slides smoothly in between both of you thankfully. “I really fancy ordering a pizza and watching Harry Potter at home right now.”

Subtly, you give him a sweet smile that’s only for him. It shows you’re grateful that he’s back, that you never want him to leave again, and that you would absolutely kill for a pizza right now and watching Harry Potter sounds 10 times better than this party. “Speak to you again soon, Matt.” You say kindly.

“Call me yeah?” Matt winks directly at you, and you see Shawn’s jaw clench tightly. Surely he knows that I would never call another guy (especially one I’ve known for practically my whole life) to talk in that way?

Shawn puts his arm around you and pulls you in gently, but in a way you know is purposeful to show Matt who’s superior. He makes you feel safe, and you’d go anywhere with him.

Exactly as you were expecting, Shawn heads towards the front door that you came in through not long ago. He still has his drink in his hand though just as you do, so before you head out you both look at each other with a knowing glance, and simultaneously down the rest of your drinks.

“Woah.” You say whilst clenching up your face, as you finally taste how strong the drink is.

Shawn chuckles, “Sorry I forgot you had alcohol. I just have water.”

You put down your cup on the side and playfully punch his chest, “Ugh I hate you, Mendes.”

With an even bigger smile than Matt’s earlier, he replies softly, “I love you too.”

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Straight White Boy Problem #856

she told me that i make her laugh but i’m not even trying to make her laugh. im just being myself. what does she think is so funny about me? is it my goofy way of walking in my sperrys? does she laugh at my attempts at bad jokes or my cynical feelings towards life itself? …..i mean she can keep laughing if she wants to. i like it when she smiles.

A Brush With Death - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Yayy! Can you do an imagine where the batfamily (and batmom) are going to this charity event the boys & bruce patrol bc of a looming threat? And then when they leave batmom gets shot near her heart & almost dies and they seek revenge (requested by @imagination-factory)

“Shit.” You swore under your breath as you danced with your husband. Over his shoulder you spied the bat symbol burning brightly in the overcast night sky.  

“It just turned on didn’t it?” Bruce asked so that only you could hear, not bothering to look over his shoulder at what he already knew was there.

“You betcha.” You said.  Bruce dropped his head and let out a quiet sigh into your hair.

“I have to go.” He said, full of regret.

“Go. I’ll handle your speech.” You reassured. “Go save the world.” You encouraged shooing him away from the dancefloor. He smiled gratefully towards you and pulled his phone out of his pocket to take a ‘phone call’ as he hurried out of the party.

You made your way over to the MC to let him know the change to the program and that your husband had to leave early for a ‘business emergency’. He looked a little annoyed by the sudden change but out of respect for the amount of money the Waynes donate to this program he made the wise decision not to complain to your face.

One by one you watched as each of your boys slipped out of the party and snuck off to help their father fight god knows what. You were flying solo tonight.

“…  Ladies and gentlemen it is my highest honor to welcome Mrs. [Y/N] Wayne to the stage.” The announcer said, giving your cue to ascend to the podium. As you smiled a bright friendly smile to the cameras and guests you couldn’t help but to think thank god for teleprompters. You greeted the microphone with a lighthearted joke about your workaholic husband and how he regrets that he had to bow out early.

“As you all are well aware, tonight is a very important night for this foundation. Not only because of the generosity of the donors tonight but also because by the end of tonight each and every one of you will be able to say you made a difference … In Gotham nonetheless!” You said cheerfully the crowd laughed politely at the speechwriter’s attempt at a joke. “Now it is my utmost honor to announce that the proceeds tonight will go directly to building an orphanage for Gotham’s most disenfranchised children. Every child needs a place to call home and with your generous donations we here at the Wayne foundation seek to make that ideal a reality. Thank you.” You said before handing the mic back over to the host of the evening.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the ever so enchanting Mrs. Wayne.” He praised as you stepped off the stage. A round of applause erupted and you gave a small gracious bow to the audience.

‘Shit. I should be a politician with the amount of ass kissing I’m giving and receiving tonight.’ You thought to yourself behind your charming smile.

The celebratory atmosphere was quickly sliced through when the sound of gunshots rang out through the crowd. Just as quick as you heard the shots, a stab of pain ripped through your chest. It’s funny you’d think that your life would have flashed before your eyes or you would have thought about the people you love but all you could focus on was the sound of your heart pounding in your ears. Each heartbeat growing weaker than the last.

/N] … Mrs. Wayne! Focus on the sound of my voice. Help’s coming alright? Just listen to me ok? God damn it!  Aren’t any of you overstuffed peacocks a doctor?” A murky voice called out to you. Spots danced across your eyes and your vision blurred obscuring the crowd of doctors and paramedics surrounding you.  

Your vision went completely black and you were certain that you were never going to wake up again but the next thing you knew you were slowly coming to in a bright sterile hospital room. The obnoxious beeping pierced through your head like ice picks being shoved into an angry hornet’s nest.

“Fuck me.” You croaked, squinting at the harsh lighting.  Every part of your body hurt. Either someone needed to pump you with more drugs or put a bullet in your brain to finish the job.

“Hey.” Bruce whispered gently sitting up from chair he had been sitting in to stand by your side. He gently brushed your hair away from your face.

“What the hell happened, Bruce?” You asked.

“You were shot [Y/N]. It was supposed to be me up there but you were put in their line of fire instead. I’m so sorry. I swear I’m going to make whoever’s responsible pay.” Bruce promised, his tone darkening with his promise.

“Where are the boys?”

“Hunting.” He said simply. “We’re all angry about what happened, [Y/N].”

“Any chance you can rein in the cavalry? All I want right now is all of my boys to be here. Almost dying puts shit into perspective, you know?” You said weakly. Bruce’s hand moved to firmly grasp yours.

“I’ll make the call, Darling. But you know they’re all going to be restless until someone is thrown into Blackgate with broken bones and a life sentence.” Bruce replied gently.

“I know.” You smiled weakly. “I just really want to see my boys right now, Bruce.” You said, your voice quivering slightly with the tears that were threatening to overtake you.

“I know, love, I know. They’ll be on their way soon.” Bruce hushed, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. Your family would be with you soon enough and all would be right in the world. Coming so close to death, you had half a mind never to let them go again.

  • me, speaking to a native speaker: I feel a little bit out of my depth but I'm keeping up with the flow of the conversation! This is going well!
  • me, an hour after speaking to a native: I did so well! We understood each other and she laughed at my joke. I think we really bonded! And she was so happy when I started talk to her in her mother tongue
  • me, lying in bed later that night: In the second sentence I spoke to her I used the wrong adjective declension. She was probably laughing at me, she was probably embarrassed for me by my attempts to speak with her, she probably

I have no idea if that’s how police cams work just let me dream.

Punishment part 2 ( smut)

part 1

Warning: oral, spanking, tickling, orgasm denial.

Originally posted by my-fxxfics

(Your pov)

Peter threw me into his room and locked the door. I backed away from him but he just grabbed me and tossed me on the bed.

“Now before the fun part of your punishment starts, we need to get the first part over with.” He grins darkly.

He doesn’t give me time to respond because when he snaps his fingers he’s sat against the headboard of the bed with me over his lap. My jeans were replaced with a skirt and my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to scream but there was gag in my mouth, that piece of shit…

Peter laughs at my attempts to get away, he pins me down with one hand and lifts my skirt with the other.

“Black underwear huh? Naughty girl.” I feel my face heat up at his comment, this is so embarrassing…

“Now I’m going to give you 25 spanks, and since this is your first punishment I will only use my hand, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

He pulls my under off and gently rubs my cheeks. I almost start to feel like he cares, then the first hit comes.


I let out a yelp but its muffled by the gag. Peter chuckles and gives me 5 more smacks, alternating cheeks.

With rest of the hits each one was harder then the last, he used more force with each one.

When he finally got to the last one, a few tears were running down my face. Peter flipped me over and held me. For a split second he looked hurt, seeing my tears, but it quickly went away.

“aww did the baby not like her punishment? Well to bad.”

He pushed me off of him onto the bed, his eyebrows raised when he looked down at his pants. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, there was a wet spot on his pants, from me.

“well, looks like someone did enjoy her punishment. Ready for the next part?” he snaps his fingers again.

This time I’m still gaged, but I’m laying against the headband with my hands tied above me. My legs are spread and bent at the knees, tied to the sides of the bed.

I look at peter in horror, he just grins at me and crawls towards me on the bed.

“hmm, theres something missing…Oh right.” He waves his hand over me and the rest of my clothes are gone.

He looks me over and smirks in approval. “Now for this part of your punishment I’m going to edge you 3 times, then make you wait 20 minutes before I let you cum.”

I groan, but he ignores me and runs a finger across my pussy making me squirm.

He lays down and puts his face right in front of my pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting. But he just laughs and starts kissing up and down my thighs.

I surpress a groan, actually wanting him to eat me out. By now my nipples are hard, just wanting him to stop teasing. He notice’s and brings his lips up my stomach and wraps them around my right nipple, rubbing the other with his thumb.

I moan, arching my back. He switches then goes back to my pussy.

His tounge licks up my pussy and I buck my hips into his face. He holds my hips down and continues licking and sucking all over my wetness.

His tounge circles my entrance then plunges in. I moan into the gag, then he brings his thumb up to rub my clit making me scream.

I feel something building in the stomach as he tounge fucks me. Then he replaces his thumb with his mouth and sucks and licks my clit, putting two fingers inside me. I’m a moaning mess by now.

The knot in my stomach is about to burst but before I could cum peter stops everything and sits back. My pussy clenches around nothing and I glare at him.

He chuckles, “I told you love, this is apart of your punishment.” I whimper just wanting him to touch me again.

He waves his hand, a vibrating dildo appears and a bullet vibrator.

He turns them on and rams the vibrator into me, making me scream. Then he puts the bullet vibrator against my clit. I moan and wine knowing he won’t let me cum, but it feels to good to not enjoy it.

That familiar feeling rises again and of course before I could cum, peter pulls the vibrator out and takes the bullet vibrator away from my clit.

I wine and buck my hips, trying to reach him.

“Come on, you knew it was coming.” He laughs.

I just roll my eyes.

“now for your last edge, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve seen people do this sometimes on my trips to find more lost boys.” He’s says pulling out a feather.

I look at him confused, was he going to tickle me? Where?

My question was answered when he glided the feather up my pussy, I squeaked, not realizing I was ticklish down there.

He grins, and spreads my lips with two of his fingers. The feather explores all over my pussy, my laughing was muffled by the gag.

Once the feather moved to my clit I lost it, it tickled so bad but felt amazing to. I moaned and giggled over and over.

The feather went from circling my clit to going back and forth over it. I was close and peter could tell, he made the feather go faster but stopped when my climax was just about to happed.

“Now I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” And just like that, he was gone.

*20 minutes later*

It felt more like an hour since I was so frusterated. But when peter came back all I wanted was to cum.

“now you have a choice, how do you want me to Make you come?” For the first time that night he removed my gag.

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I panted

“as you wish.” He smirked and didn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around my pussy. His tounge licked all over, paying extra attention to my clit.

I moaned and arched my Back. “fuck peter, dont stop!”

Peter put three fingers into my pussy, pushing them in and out and licked my clit over and over.

“peter, I’m I’m-” Before I could finish, peter moaned against my clit and finally that pushed me over the edge. I screamed his name and he helped me ride it out.

Once I calmed down, peter waved his hand and I was untied and tucked under the covers.

Peter kissed my forehead. “you alright?”

I yawned, “yeah, just tired, I’m sorry for running.”

He smiled, “its fine, sorry I was so harsh earlier, I shouldn’t have forced you to choose who to kill, I was just so mad that you tried to leave and send for your father.”

“I forgive you.”

Peter smiled and walked towards the door, “I’ll come back to check on you in a little while.”

“Peter wait!” I called

He stopes and turns ariund, “yeah?”

“why didn’t you just make me have sex with you? Why just give me pleasure?” I asked

“rape is unspeakable, I will only have sex with you if you wish it.”

Tyler Seguin

Inspired by Tyler’s insta story yesterday, I got a request of “I need a tyler seguin imagine based on his insta story where he’s inured and its super cute and maybe he tries to have sex and his injury gets in the way pls and thx i love you”

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Warning: Explicit content and swearing

Word Count 2780


“Come love me!”               

  I glance up from my book, shielding my eyes from the bright sun and spy Tyler sprawled out in the grass with Marshall and Cash.  Both dogs are heavily interested in their own toys and pay their dad no attention whatsoever.

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Just Not Possible (Seth Clearwater)

“What about her?” Seth asked, pointing at a random girl in the lunch line.

“Nope.” I said, popping the ‘p’.

“Her?” he asked, pointing to a girl a couple tables down from us.

“Try again!” I laughed.

“Her?” he said pointing to a girl a few feet in front of us.

“No, sir.” I laughed at my boyfriend’s attempts.

Seth being the definition of an optimist just couldn’t seem to fathom how I didn’t like any girls at this school, well aside from Kim.

“There has to be somebody?!” he inquired incredulously.

“Seth, there is nobody! All of these girls are low key bitches.” I explained, getting a head nod in agreement from Kim.

“Okay, you know Janet Jones?” he asked.

I knew of her and she did seem nice enough, but for some reason I didn’t trust her.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Well, I’m going to get you to like her, even if you hate me for it.”

Three days. It had been three whole, freaking days with me having to hear about Janet.

Janet this.

Janet that.

Seth was persistent in attempts to get us to be friends. Bringing her over to our lunch table, inviting her out with the rest of the pack. I could see her snaking herself around Seth. The looks she gave him, the way she obnoxiously, dramatically laughed at even the smallest of his jokes, the way she seemed to need more and more of his help on her homework. To say I was getting pissed off would be an understatement.

One day, Seth invited Janet to come sit with us (because you know, why the fuck not, right?)

So she’s sitting with us, ruining the comfortableness that we had amongst each other and then this bitch is going to reach over and hold his hand.

She held his fucking hand.

Kim looked at me.

Jared looked at me.

Hell, even Seth the optimist knew she fucked up.

See, this is where I would’ve given this bitch the cussing out of a lifetime and kindly/not so kindly put her back in her place, but I decided to surprise everyone.

I stood up and left.

I was nearly outside when I heard my name being called.

“Y/N, come on, she didn’t mean anything by that.” Seth tried to explain to me as he caught up.

“Seth, I know how you see that girl is trying to replace me?!” I nearly screamed.

“What?” Seth asked, disbelieving.

“Seth, how can you not see it?! It’s so obvious!” I asked, confused.

“Y/N, you’re the only girl that matters to me. I guess I didn’t realize because I simply don’t care. You know nothing could ever come between us, right?” he asked me, tilting my face so I can look at him.

“Well, people can try!” I tried to reason.

“It’ll never work so why does it matter?” he asked.

“So, you’re saying that no girl will ever, ever, in our lives, catch your eye?”

“Never.” he answered sincerely.

“Even if she had bigger boobs?” I asked, feeling slightly better.

“Nope.” he laughed.

“What about a bigger butt?”

“Try again.” he said, mocking me.

“What if she’s prettier than me?” I asked.

“Now, that’s just not possible.” he said, pulling me in for a kiss.


“They just can’t get anything right!”

I was talking with @gomboc123 the other day about her lovely Tangled AU, I couldn’t restrain myself from drawing this loser with his wanted poster. It was so much fun to play with this AU and I am most definitely gonna return to this universe.

All you people who suggested Ron Mustard as his name need help. You know who you are.

“I’ll Let You Know”

Summary: You have feelings for your English teacher

Pairing: Kim Namjoon/ Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 1.9k

A/N: This one is a little raunchy


It was your freshman year of college, and you never been more stoked. You were so ready for fresh college boys, mature boys, not dumb high school boys who were inexperienced.

As soon as you graduated, you decided to break things off with your boyfriend. You didn’t want any commitment, you wanted to have fun in college. That is what college is about right?

You walked in your first class of the day, English & Literature. You didn’t mind the class but it was a pain.

As soon as you entered, the classroom was packed with seats that could fit 100 students.

The only available seats were the ones in the front, typical.

Lucky enough you got into the same college as your three best friends and was even rooming with one. You felt like everything was working out just the way you want it.

“Okay class settle down.” He said in English.

“I’m Professor Namjoon.” He bowed as he put his stuff on his desk.

Holy shit! You thought.

“Hot stuff.” You whispered to your friend and she winked. Your other friend just rolled her eyes. She was your black sheep friend, more quiet then the rest of you.

You stared at your teacher biting your lip. He was gorgeous, tall, handsome, the cutest dimples you have ever seen.

“Stop drooling.” Your quiet friend Sam whispered to you.

“I’m just wondering how young he goes for.”

“Are you seriously thinking about screwing your teacher?”

“Maybe.” You winked at your friend.

“It’s not like he’s old Sam.” Your other friend Joy leaned over you to speak. “He doesn’t look older then twenty-five.”

“It’s still forbidden.” She argued back.

“It’s not like we will get caught.” You spoke.

“Your acting like you’ve already slept together.” Sam rolled her eyes.

“Trust me we will.” When there is a guy you want, you never seem to fail in succeeding. You always get what you want.

“Ladies.” The hot professor smiled at you and put his finger over his lips to signal you to be quiet.

You smiled back when you saw his dimples. The site already making you feel weak.


It’s been two weeks since your first day and things have escalated quickly. The party’s for one, almost every night there was a party at some frat house. They were always fun and the boys would constantly hit on you but none of them were good enough. You couldn’t get Prof. Namjoon out of your head.

The bell was ready to go off any minute and you figured now would be a good time to make your move.

As soon as the bell rang, you took your time gathering your stuff.

“You coming?” Jenny said.

“I’ll catch up.” You winked causing your other friends except Sam to laugh.

As soon as the classroom was empty you followed through walking up to your teacher. “Professor?” You sweetly asked.

“Miss (Y/L/N), is it?” He knew your name. He knew your name out of hundreds of students.

You nodded. “What can I do for you?”

He smiled. Those dimples.

“I’m struggling sir….I think I need a tutor.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Sir may I request that you will be my tutor?” He looked at you surprised.

“You are the only person I feel who can actually teach correctly.” You bit your lip.

“I see.” He bit the inside of his cheek. “I have another class around 3, but I’ll be in my office around 4.” He pointed to his office. It was just a small room off the classroom.

“Thank you sir.” You walked out excited, almost like you were skipping.


You got ready for your tutor session. You wore a short skirt and flowy crop top.

As soon as you got there, his late class was just leaving.

“Hey Miss (Y/L/N).” You smiled as you walked into the classroom.

“You can just call me (Y/N).”

When you got closer you saw his eyes widen at your outfit. “Okay have a seat.” You sat down in the first row and he took the seat next to you.

It was pretty obvious you didn’t need the tutoring, your grades were always above average but you also felt like you learned a lot from Namjoon.

You were studying with him for a half hour now and you only got as far as little hints of sexual action, like flipping your hair, biting your lip, touching up your leg but nothing seemed to crack. He wasn’t interested. You weren’t sure in general or because of the student-teacher rule.

As you were packing your stuff, you were actually curious about him in general. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” He put his stuff in his bag.

“Just curious of how old you are because you look too young to be a teacher, yet a college professor.” You smirked. He looked at you, then down blushing.

“I’m 24.” He got up from the desk. “I graduated school pretty early.”

“So are you like a genius.” You bit your lip again.

He laughed. “I don’t know, I guess you can say that.”

“Thank you for helping me, tomorrow same time?”



“How did it go?” Joy asked.

“He’s a tough one to crack.” You thought.

“Is there finally a guy that you can’t get?” Sam said sarcastically.

“Oh no, just need a few more sessions.” You smirked.

“Your nuts.”


And it did, it’s been a week since you started studying with Namjoon. You felt like he was slowly getting more distracted by your teasing. You were also getting impatient, you were holding yourself for him, it’s been a month since you last had sex.

“How do you say this?” You pointed to some random word you saw in the English book.

“Otorhinolaryngologist.” He said perfectly in English.

“How about this word.” As you leaned over, you purposely dropped your phone in front of your desk.

You got up retrieving your phone and bent over away from him to pick it up. Risky move, you thought. You made sure to wear an extremely short skirt so when you bent over, he could clearly see your lace panties.

When you made your way over to your desk he look flushed. He looked at his watch getting up.

“I think that’s all we have time for today.” He walked over to his desk inside his office part of the classroom.

You made it to the door frame leaning on the door. “What’s wrong, it’s only been 20 minutes?”

“I realized I forgot to take my dog out this morning.” You laughed from his failed attempt to lie. He clearly said the first thing to pop into his head.

“I thought you were a genius and you come up with that.” You smirked.

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

You walked up to his desk closer. “You don’t want to admit that there is something here.” You were only millimeters away.

You put your hand on his shoulder to push him down in his chair. “No one will know.”

As you straddled his lap, you immediately started kissing his neck. You can tell he was nervous, but he wasn’t stopping you.

You rocked your hips to create some friction. You can feel his length getting harder underneath you. “Have you ever done it with a student before?”

Just then he pushed you off, causing you to sit on his desk that was behind you. He placed himself in between your legs and brought his lips to yours aggressively. You wrapped your legs around his waist to bring him closer.

You could feel the thin layer between your legs already soaked. You moaned when he slide his hand up your shirt.

He stopped out of the blue, keeping his forehead aligned with yours. You were both breathing heavy from the quick sexual tension. “This is wrong.” He closed his eyes.

“No it’s not…your not that much older then me.” You laughed. “Who cares about title’s.”

You started to tug on his belt to unbuckle it. “Fuck it.” He kissed you hard and desperately. He was the best kiss you ever had. Experienced, like you wanted.

You finished unbuckling his belt, pulling his zipper down. You reach your hand through the opening of his slacks, rubbing him outside of his boxer briefs. He tugged on the bottom of your shirt and stopped kissing you for a second to pull it up.

You started to rub your hand quicker causing him to moan as he kissed your neck. You needed him.

You went ahead and pulled your panties down to signal you needed him right now. You grabbed a condom from your bag and ripped the wrap open. You watched him get himself ready for you. You rolled on the condom making him squirm a bit.

As he lined himself up with you, you wrapped your legs around his waist bringing him closer.

“Fuck.” You quietly moaned as soon as he pushed inside of you. His size was not what you were expecting, but the pain was tolerable. He started thrusting into you before you were ready. You leaned your back on his desk as he pounded into you. You never felt more alive. You watched as the rocking of the desk kept knocking off pictures, books, etc.

You grabbed on to the edge of the desk, to hold on from his rapid pace. You grabbed the end of his tie bringing him closer so you can embrace him with a kiss. You kissed him immensely, feeling the butterflies in your stomach. A few more thrust and you could feel the ecstasy flooding through your head to your toes. You were going to release any second.

You can tell he was close from his sloppy movements. He stood up from kissing you and held your hips down on the desk. He slowed down his pace but instead pulled out slowly and then jerked himself back in quickly. The pleasure sent you over the edge immediately, feeling your toes go numb. This was the best orgasm you ever had.

You were a moaning mess as your orgasms was passing through. Your sweet sounds had Namjoon finally reaching his climax, you felt his warm liquid release into the condom. You tried to steady your breathing as you laid on his desk. When you looked up at Namjoon he was tired as well. You watched him as he pulled out of you and tossing the condom in the trash.

As he pulled his pants back up, you also got your underwear back on and started to place his things back on his desk. “Hide the evidence.” You smirked.

“This doesn’t leave this room.” He looked at you.

“What if I wanted to go to your house.” You bit your lip.

“I’ll let you know.” He surprised you by pulling you into a kiss. It was slow and tender. It was beautiful.

You knew you didn’t want this to end here once like you usually do. You wanted to keep seeing him. You had fallen for your teacher and it was forbidden.


The next day you went to class with your friends like usual. “So how did it go?” Jenny asked just as you saw Namjoon enter the classroom. You blushed as you watched him walk up to you.

“You left this here yesterday.” He smiled. He handed you your notebook, when you opened it you noticed a sticky note attached to the first page.

-’Meet me here tonight at 7’-

Followed by an address. You could tell it was a nearby location. You looked up at him, he smirked at you as he turned around towards the board.

“You guys really did it?” Joy interrupted your thoughts.

You blushed looking at the note again. “It was amazing.”



💋Piercing Theories [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  Ethan owns a tattoo and piercing shop and a girl comes in asking to get her nipples pierced and so he says yes and as he’s doing it he gets hard cause she’s super flirty and touchy and sexual about the piercings and once they are done he wants her to come to his house after the piercings have healed so about 2 weeks later she goes over and he fucks her and plays with her piercings a lot and just super rough with lots of dirty talk?  Maybe when she goes in to get them pierced she can say something like “i heard that a girl can cum just by playing with her nipples after they get pierced” and he just kinda brushes it off but then when she goes over to his house he’s like “why don’t we find out the answer to your question sweetheart” and then makes her cum just by that then fucks her

Warnings: Rough sex/Nipple play/Squirting


Part 1

Originally posted by punishmedolans

My nipples look so hot. I gushed at myself as I examined my body in the mirror. I pulled out my phone to map out where Ethan lived. Turns out he only lives a few miles away from the tattoo shop. I wore my maroon crop top with my skin tight black jeans which made my butt pop. You could see my piercings through the crop top which made me feel hella hot. I ran my fingers through my curly dark hair to attempt to brush out some knots from my sleep. I was planning on going to the shop to meet with Ethan and then I assume he’ll lead me to his house. I grabbed my purse and locked my door. I walked out to my car and climbed inside. I blasted Champagne and Pools by Hoodie Allen. I sped down the road and I pulled up to the shop. I noticed all of the lights were off and I remembered that it was Sunday. Tattoo shops are typically closed on Sundays. I cursed to myself, but I noticed someone was inside.

It was Ethan pressed against the glass door. He had his devilish smirk on his face. I could see his tatted arms pressed against the glass. He waved me to come inside. I shut my car off and I walked to the glass. He opened the door with a smirk. “Hey there sweetheart. I’ve been thinking about you.” He smiled to which I smiled myself. “I’ve been thinking of your theory too.” His fingertips traced along the counter.

“Oh yeah?” I asked with a smile. “What have you been thinking?” My tongue slid across my bottom lip as I pulled my lip in between my teeth. He walked up to the front door and locked the deadbolt. “What are you doing here anyways? Shouldn’t you be off at home or something?” He chuckled at my question.

“I had a feeling you would show up here. So I figured I would come and meet you here.” Ethan’s eyes roamed down my body to which I smiled. “How do they look?” He asked biting his lip.

“You wanna see them?” I asked as my hands roamed over my breasts. Ethan strutted my direction and he nodded. I could see the excitement in his smile. I slipped my hand down my shirt, but Ethan stopped me.

“Please. Allow me.” He smirked as his fingers clasped on the hem of my shirt as he pulled my crop top over my head to which he smiled since I wasn’t wearing a bra. There they were. My pierced nipples were hardening because of the cold air and the fact that there was a piercing in them. “How do they feel?” He asked as his fingertips traced my collarbone which sent chills through my body.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” I asked biting my lip smiling. His eyes locked with mine. He chuckled.

“Sweetheart you should know that if I start, we aren’t going to stop.” He said biting his lip. He walked over to the windows and closed the blinds so there wasn’t as much light in the shop and no one could see us.

“I’m okay with that. This is an experiment remember?” I smirked and with that I was pushed against the front desk hard. His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk.

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His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk. His lips connected to mine as my arms wrapped around him to pull him closer. My legs wrapped around him too which I could feel his satisfactory smirk pressed against my skin. His lips kissed their way down my chest and he gently kissed my left breast nipple as he played with the other nipple.

“Let’s test this theory shall we? Take your pants off.” He commanded as he began to unbutton my black jeans. I helped shuffle them down my ankle to which he smirked again. He pressed his thumb hard into my crotch. “Damn you’re already so wet for me.” He growled as he continued to play with my nipples. At first we was a little gentle, but soon he started to tug them a little and nibble on them.

“E-Ethan.” I rolled my hips into him to which he smiled.

“Patience baby girl. I know how wet you are okay? Here.” Ethan pulled my panties down my ankles. I felt a cold chill, but soon gasped when Ethan pushed two fingers inside of me. “Does that release some of the pressure sweetheart?” I nodded hazily. His fingers were so long that it felt so good. I could feel my walls clench around his fingers which made me moan for him. Ethan took my other nipple in his mouth as he was sucking. I could feel his tongue swirling around my nipples which made my knees began to shake.

“E-Ethan.” My fingers squeezed the back of his head as he continued swirling his tongue. I feel his fingers wiggle a little which sent me over the edge. “Ughhhh Ethan.” I moaned as my nails dug into his shoulder. I thrusted forward as Ethan pulled away from my nipples making a popping sound.

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“Well how was that?” He asked as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean and once again, pulled his fingers out of his mouth with a pop. I couldn’t say anything, but Ethan knew what he did. He was smirking as he pulled his shirt off. “Come with me.” Ethan scooped me off of the desk and he carried me to the back to where a tattooing chair was. 

He laid my naked body down as he pulled his pants off as he was smiling. “Are you ready for this?” He asked which I smirked. “Good. Get on your knees and turn around.” I didn’t hesitate. I spread my legs a little as I gripped the head rest of the chair. Ethan smacked my ass which made me let out a yelp. “Moan for my dick baby girl.” Ethan then slipped his hard cock inside of me which made me moan.

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“Fuck Ethan you’re so big!” I moaned as he started to thrust into me. I started to move my ass against him as he slammed into me. I moaned as I felt the pressure building up. Ethan tangled his hand in my hair and pulled back hard.

“You’re such a fucking slut to let your nipple piercer fuck you in the back on his shop.” Ethan growled as he pulled my hair back so I released my grip on the chair. He smacked my ass hard which made me moan again. I let my body fall back against Ethan’s chest, but continued to stand on my knees. Ethan started to suck and nipple on my shoulder which I knew would leave a bruise like all the ones before. His hand found its way down to my clit as he rubbed vigorously. I started to whine, but a good whine.

“Fuck yes Ethan. I’m your little slut.” I moaned as he continued to rub my clit and suck harshly on my neck.

“Fuck!” In one swoop somehow Ethan flipped me around and continued to rub harshly and then he started to eat me out. He was jacking himself off as he was eating me out hard. He nibbled on my clit as my hips rolled on his face.

“Ethan I’m close.” I felt the pressure build up as Ethan’s tongue slipped all around inside of me. In and out over and over again. He pulled his face away and started to rub me hard again on my clit which made me whine and moan.

“Cum for me you little slut. Come for daddy.” Ethan growled which threw me off guard. If I would have known about his daddy kink I would have been calling him daddy this whole time. “Scream my name. I want everyone in LA to know I make you feel this good.” Ethan said as his three fingers rubbed my clit hard and fast and soon I came.

“Fuck Ethan! Oh yes daddy!” I moaned and my body did something different. I squirted out all on Ethan’s hand which I heard him moaning again as he continued to jack himself off.

“Fuck Y/N that’s so hot.” Ethan said as he jerked himself with his now wet hand and soon he came all over my stomach and thighs. We were both just panting and now we were both wet and extremely tired. Ethan kneeled down and kissed my clit again which made my body jolt.

“Ethan stop.” I laughed as I sat up.

“You taste so good.” He chuckled as he walked out of the room leaving me on the chair.

“Ethan? Can you bring me a towel?” I chuckled as Ethan walked inside the room with two towel and a dark shirt.

“Here.” He tossed me the towel and a shop shirt. I dried myself off as he did the same. I slipped the shirt over my head as I started laughing. Ethan slipped on a pair of boxers and some jeans. “Alright I’ll say it. That was fucking hot. Best sex ever. First time I’ve ever made a girl squirt too and that was extremely fucking hot.” Ethan laughed. I attempted to fix my hair as I stood up from the chair.

“Thanks. You’re the first guy to make me do that.” I chuckled and so did Ethan.

“I think it was the piercings. Your theory is true sweetheart, but you should know we should test it a few more times just to make sure you know?” He smirked which I giggled.

“We’ll see Ethan. I have to be able to walk too.” We both started chuckling as we walked back out into the front of the shop. I gathered my clothes in my arms. I didn’t worry about putting them on since the shirt went down to my knees.

“Well you have my number so make sure to give me a call if you ever need any more piercings or have any more theories to test.” He smirked which caused me to roll my eyes.

“Oh I’ll think about it.” I said, but Ethan turned me around and pressed my back against the door as he kissed my lips again. He slowly pulled away smiling.

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“What about now?” He smirked as he bit his lip.

“Yeah yeah I’ll call you.” We chuckled as I opened the door to leave the shop. I could feel Ethan’s eyes on me as I walked out to my car. I waved goodbye to him, but then my phone rang. I saw Ethan’s name flash across the screen. “Hello?” I asked confused.

“I just realized you didn’t have my number so I figured I would call so you could have it.” He chuckled which caused me to giggle as well.

“Bye Ethan.” I said but Ethan coughed loudly. “Oh sorry. I meant bye daddy.” I giggled and so did Ethan. I hung up the phone as I drove back home realizing my nipples really fucking hurt.