laughs at corny joke for 100 years

anonymous asked:

Bre, we need that rock star and bodyguard fic. Please.

You mean a fic where Felicity became famous at a very young age, and was quickly consumed by the world? The one called that’d probably be called Find My Way Back? The one where she learned the hard way that there’s nobody she can trust, nobody she can lean on, and so she spends years living a shallow existence, never letting anyone see the real her - a person who loves to sing, who loves technology, who babbles when she’s nervous and who laughs at corny knock knock jokes. A fic where she spends her formidable years partying and drinking, and the only time when she’s really alive is when she’s alone, when she can truly be herself? A fic where that is also slowly killing her because she’s so very aware of the fact that she has no one?

But that all changes one night when a stalker nearly kills her current bodyguard. Oliver Queen is assigned to her. They immediately clash - he’s hard, cold and no-nonsense, 100% believing the image that Felicity Smoak portrays to the world, and she hates that he insists on following her everywhere. Her alone time is compromised, and it’s pure stubbornness that has her doing what she wants anyway. It’s only because of his insistence and her stubbornness that Oliver slowly learns that the Felicity the world knows and voraciously devours is nothing like the real one.

It happens oh so slowly.

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