laughs at bg

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My friend kept saying "i ship it" whenever lance and keith interacted as a joke and i just laughed nervously in the bg bc im klance trash and i dont want her to know. She doesnt care much for shipping esp bc she sees people shipping everything with anything and sometimes it annoys her.

loll yeah i get that. i’m like a big hopeless romantic & certain ships just really get to me u know (klance being one of them, if you couldn’t tell lol)….but i kinda reel it in a lot of the time because i’m worried about annoying people. :P 

Interview time

Okay so im in a group where i am a R Dragonborn Barb, we have a high-elf rogue and an aasamar cleric. Aasimar has heard of brothels but never knew what went on in there just that it was a Seeeeeeexxxxxxx anyways we also all drunk af off of dwarven ale and this unfolds:

Me ooc: i find the nearest big breasted woman and ask for an “Interview” *not wanting to let the cleric know what im up to*

Cleric: I can help with the interview

Me: actually i think ill do this alone

Cleric: but i can help her like you more

Me: i dont think thats a good idea

Cleric: why?

Me: *unable to think of a valid response i just yell* Seeeeeeexxxxxxx

Cleric: oh

Rogue in bg: *laughing his ass off