laughs at art

A sketch I did of @therealjacksepticeye in the style of Night in the Woods (which is an awesome game btw I love the art style and all the voices Jack does for the characters!)
Anyway, that is all for now, I hope you like it! Goodnight!

jaebum: i’m totally straight. there is nothing that can shake my orientation.
youngjae: passed by jaebum.
jaebum: his laugh is a work of art. eyes like two oceans. it’s perfect. he is more than perfect. love my, youngjae. want to take him in her arms, hugged he and never let go.
jaebum: I’m totally gay

KND art school AU

Nigel- art history major, an intellectual who struggles in studio classes but excels in lecture and essay based classes. Always dresses nice and gets upset when his clothes inevitably get paint on them

Hoagie- industrial design major, laughs when people say art students don’t need to know math, cannot draw the human form to save his life, his favorite part is building the things he designs

Kuki- toy design major, an overachiever in the classes she’s passionate about but bombs classes she thinks are boring or are unrelated to her major (art history), every art class has the one super fashionable cute girl and she is that girl

Wally- Game design and interactive media major, didn’t expect art school to be so HARD!!! thought he was just gonna play video games for 4 years and is pissed off that he actually has to work, lives in the computer lab and survives off snacks from the vending machine

Abby- art education major, incredibly well rounded and the best of the 5 in her studio classes. Her teachers always tell her she should pursue a fine arts career instead of education but she’s not really interested. She runs a popular etsy account where she makes jewelry out of unconventional materials