• *Achilles & Pat's child to Achilles*: daddy can we go visit Chiron in Pelion?
  • *Achilles reading book*: no
  • Achilles & Pat's child: please daddy
  • Achilles: no
  • *Patroclus leans close to Achilles and whispers in his ear*: please daddy
  • *Achilles throws book and jumps out of chair*: WE'RE GOING TO PELION
  • *both pat & child cheer*

“I’m glad you don’t wear that shit.” Ashton snorted beside me, making his intentions clear that he didn’t want her sister which was me to not dress like the girl in front of us.

He motioned to Arzaylea in front, chatting with Luke while trying to keep her shirt pushed down to show a bit more of her cleavage.

“You really should be.”

“Because if you did-…”

“You would’ve killed me. Yes, thanks a lot dude.” I interrupted, laughinng in the process.

“And I swear, if I ever see you in one of those skimpy outfits, I would literally persuade you to be a nun.” He nodded vigorously with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Not a chance. I’m gonna have a husband and establish a family and you just need to accept that fact, Ash.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“No sex.”

“Then how the hell can I have kids?”

“Uhm, place your cum in a Petri dish?”

“Ashton, why the hell would I choose in-vitro fertilization when I can be pregnant?”

“Because, no sex.” He clearly put emphasis on the words.

“Hey!” Luke shyly smirked towards us, waving at me and walking from Arzaylea.

After all, she is a PR stunt.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Okay! Too much interaction with boys! Let’s go!” Ashton clapped his hands together, slinging his arms around my shoulders.

“No. Now go hang out with Michael or something.” I sighed.

He groaned in defeat before saying, “I’ll be watching.” Motioning over me and Luke and the little shrub over at the corner.

“So, any plans for tonight?” Luke quirked his eyebrows up, raising his figure up and down by his feet.

“No, actually. You?” I smiled.

“Me too! Uhm well, so I recently learned on how to cook pancakes. And they’re topped with ice cream! So, well if you don’t mind, do you want to like-…”

“That sounds great! I’ll be joining then. When and where?” Ashton enthusiastically pops in our conversation, slinging his arms around me and Luke, smiling which makes his dimples pop out.

“Me and Luke, Ash. Me and Luke.”

Luke stood there, watching us siblings bicker a little.

“Fine! But not later than 9 PM!” Ashton groaned in defeat once again.

“Yes! Thank you Ash!” Luke cheerfully said before pulling my wrist and leading me to the golf cart, but only to be stopped by Ashton.

“It’s Ashton now for you.” He crossed his arms.

“Stop it.” I raised my middle finger up at him.

“Do that again and I swear I’ll subtract another hour from your little hangout session.”

Pick a number and a boy!

anonymous asked:

can you do headcanons of aaron returning back to see rob sulking in the pub? lots of open pda?

Awww that’s so freaking cute! Ofc I can beautiful 💗💋

When Aaron gets back to the pub it’s earlier than planned as he felt homesick and couldn’t wait to get back home to his boyfriend. It’s still early evening so Aaron expects to find the back room of the pub occupied by his family and Robert. Yet, as Aaron walks through the door the room is quiet and unoccupied. Aaron drops his bag on the sofa and shreds his jacket

Aaron stops in his tracks as he catches sight of Robert sitting by the side of the bar, fiddling with a near empty pint glass and looking all glum and sulky. But to Aaron he’s never looked more handsome and his heart skips a beat as he realises how much he’s missed his boyfriend. For a moment Aaron just stands there, hiding from view behind the door, a fond, loving, smile adorning his face as he just watches Robert, that warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach just intensifying, that still now after all this time is there! He doesn’t think loving Robert will ever get old.

And suddenly Aaron gets this urge to just kiss his boyfriend, needing to reconnect with him. So slipping out of his hiding place, Aaron walks out into the pub, ignoring Charity behind the bar as he goes, only one person on his mind. Aaron looks like a man on a mission and before Robert can even realises that Aaron is back, Aaron has Robert spinning around on his chair, Aaron’s hands cupping Robert’s face and his lips crashing hard and possesively onto Robert’s. At first Aaron can feel Robert tensing up but then when it dawns on him it’s Aaron kissing him he instantly relaxes and kiss him back with the same vigour - the kiss deep, long, passionate. Like, they’re trying to tell each other just how much they missed the other while being apart. Robert somewhat surprised by Aaron’s huge display of PDA but he’s definitely not going to question it, instead bunching up his hands in Aaron’s shirt as he pulls him closer.

Both of them ignoring Charity in the background loudly mouthing off ‘get a room you two!’

When Aaron finally pulls back, it’s only a mere few inches, the two of them still sharing the same air as they stare into each other’s eyes, Robert’s previous sulk having turned into a loved up smile. ‘I missed you so much’ Aaron whispers not able to stop the blush creeping up his face. ‘I’m being without you for that long ever again.’ Aaron smiles all heart eyes as he affectionately brushes his nose against Robert’s.
‘I missed you too.’ Robert beams as he steals another kiss from having, taking full advantage of Aaron’s open PDA.

‘Good thing you’re back because this one has been sat here all day with a face like a smacked arse, drowning his sorrows’ Kerry suddenly pipes up as she walks up to the bar ‘ same again Charity’ Kerry says, holding up her pint glass.

‘I haven’t been sulking’ Robert cries out, almost pouting - only proving Kerry’s point.

Aaron just grins, his heart swelling with love for this giant dork he’s fallen in love with, and instead just slips his smaller hand into Robert’s much larger one. ‘Charity…when you’re ready, my boyfriend will have another pint and I’ll have one as well over here at the table.’ Aaron says before dragging Robert over to the nearby booth before Robert can protest.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home so soon?’

‘I wanted to surprise you. Guess I was the one that got the surprise, finding you in here sulking because you were missing me’ Aaron smirks but his heart shining with nothing but love - their joint hands resting on the table as they lovingly stroked the other’s hand.

‘Hey I was not sulking.’ Robert protests but even he can say how whiny he sounds. ‘Besides…weren’t you enjoying France?’

‘No not really’ Aaron replies, biting his lower lip. ‘France didn’t have you’ Aaron smiles before he moves his hand to Robert’s upper thigh and leans in for a slow, open-mouthed kiss - Robert’s hand coming up to hold the back of Aaron’s head as their tongues stroke and caress each other - Aaron not being able to hold back a breathy moan as Robert pulls Aaron onto his lap, so Aaron his sitting astride one of Robert’s meaty thighs, his growing bulge rubbing against Robert’s thigh.

‘You two…get a room’ Cain scowls from across the bar.

‘Shut up! You sound like Charity now!’ Robert shouts back as he wrenches his mouth from Aaron’s but not letting him move off him. 

‘What do you say we forget the pints and go upstairs so you can show me just how much you missed me?’ Aaron winks with a huge grin.

‘Oh I like the way you think’ Robert grins back before the two of them hurriedly gets up from the booth, arms around each other and kissing as they mak their way behind the bar to go into the back of the pub.

‘Forget about the pints Charity…we won’t me needing them until later’ Aaron smirks, the surprise on Robert’s face at his boldness evident. ‘Now move you’ Aaron’s grins, smacking Robert’s arse as they hurriedly make their way upstairs, laughinng and kissing as they go - eager to reconnect as they have missed each other more than they thought possible.

I’m so sorry if that was crap. But I tried! Hope you enjoyed it at least just a bit :) xx