laughingwolfinthewoods  asked:

I'm also a big Marvel fan, read almost all the X-men until the end of AvX. Was wondering ,what do you think about Marvel's sliding timescale, and how that effects the character of Magneto and his relationship with Charles Xavier? Also how that will effect upcoming portrayals of him in the comics, as they will one day have to either rewrite his backstory to account for the age difference, or come up with even more outlandish ways to keep him from growing too old?

I expect that they’ll slide the timeline more or just come up with ways to keep him young-ish.  This is thing that contains the Phoenix…I mean, it’d take a lot to make it TOO outlandish.  This is a world where radiation makes you the Hulk, magic exists, and gods walk the Earth.  As for their relationship, I don’t see how the timescale matters for it.

Also, the moment they remove the Holocaust from his backstory is the moment I quit Marvel in its entirety.