Tips for healing a piercing

If you follow the simple suggested aftercare your risk of problems can be minimized. In general, most piercing problems are caused by one or several of the following factors:

  • Touching the piercing with unclean hands.
  • Excessive movement of the jewelry. This may also include any pulling, tugging or excessive pressure done too soon.
  • Exposure to bacteria and germs through oral contact with another person, as well as contact with bodily fluids, whether your own or another persons.
  • Swimming in or soaking in public bodies of water. This includes rivers, lakes, streams, pools and hot tubs. These are areas known to be very high in many forms of bacteria and germs.
  • Over cleaning or using multiple cleaning agents at one time.
  • Wearing jewelry that is not appropriate for your piercing.
  • Contact with hair and cosmetic products or other chemicals commonly used for personal care.

All of these factors if not observed and followed, can lead to irritation, infection or rejection of your piercing.