@stridercest–week Day 3: i wanted to take you to the aquarium but the aquarium is overrated and also theres that one fish that wears fucking glasses and i just dont get it its been 3 years and i still dont get it [Ideal Date/Outing]

aquariums are still pretty rad tho you gotta admit
(dirk dont try and dive with the sharks–you’ll get banned again)


What’s this? Those commissions I promised to open at the end of May? What do you mean: ‘It’s almost the end of June’?


☀Commission Info☀

Contact me via tumblr PM or by email at which ever you feel more comfortable with.
(paypal email is the same as the email above!)

☀Additional Fees

-Tools/Weapons/Other Props (starting at +3 USD)

-Please note that the prices may change depending on the complexity of the piece you’re asking for!

(Note: I’m awful nervous about drawing complex backgrounds but I’m certainly willing to try if you’ll (here are some notable examples here and here. Though something like the two links would probably be around $5+ extra!)

What I will do

-Any character from Homestuck! Since that’s where all my inspiration seems to be at the moment and I’m doing these mainly for fun.

-Homestuck OCs (fantrolls, fankids, ect. as long as you give me a reference or visual of some kind to work with)

-OC commissions in general (i.e anything as long as it’s humanoid–same rule as above)

-Icons ==> Flat color for 5 USD a piece (buy two get one free)

-Simplistic backgrounds

What I won’t do

-extreme gore (I’m awful bad at drawing it! I wouldn’t do it justice)


-other fandoms probably

-mech/complicated machinery


-NSFW? (may open these commissions in the future)

-(I reserve the right to turn down any commission I’m not comfortable taking! However, I’m more than happy to send progress shots if I do accept your commission, and though I don’t do refunds, I’ll edit anything for free!)-

==> Contact me to talk about your commission, and if I accept it we’ll arrange payment. ***I require payment first before I start working on your piece!