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For your Gruvia shower story are we going to need a glass or bucket of ice water to cool ourselves down? Lol

I mean if you’re asking for a rating on the explicit scale from 1-10 (1 being easy mode and 10 being hard mode) it would be around ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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im sitting in the hongkong airport literally laughing out loud to myself like a fucking crazy person because the entire food court is asian foods and theres just this one place in the center called the fucking spaghetti house and its just full of white people im in tears and im alone

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Yeah I imagine it'd be kinda like Hercules. When Link loses the Triforce he becomes less confident and brave but eventually learns he doesn't need it or whatever.

When Link realizes he doesn’t need the triforce to be courageous, the power returns to him and defeats Ganondorf! (Imagine the ending of Hercules where he punches Hades in the face, only Link punches Ganondorf)

because posting this will make me feel like i’m somewhat being held accountable for this and will hopefully help me commit to this: 

  • starting AUG 1ST i will significantly reduce the amount of time i spend online
  • i will focus on #writing, specifically on #the novel 
  • i will try to write at least one scene a day for the entire month 
  • i will go to the gym/on walks every day the weather is nice   
  • i will eat healthier and drink more water (stay hydrated kids!)  

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Ok I always imagine ginny being really short and Harry really tall and him making fun of her for being short so could u pleeaaassse write a fluffy fic about this?

A/N: I don’t think I followed the prompt exactly, but I think it’s pretty close to what you wanted?  This is kind of bizarre. It started with a prompt and somehow we got here 2,000+ words later. I made myself laugh, so hopefully you will too :)

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Ginny didn’t mind being short. Really.  In fact it had benefited her often in her personal and professional life.  People, whether brothers or Quidditch opponents, constantly underestimated her abilities and sheer gritty determination based solely on what some would call her…diminutive stature.  Plus, for the every day stuff, she’s a witch, so it isn’t like reaching the top shelf is a big deal. With a quick flick of her wand, that all important and nearly forgotten packet of biscuits flies into her waiting hands, read to be devoured.

So, it’s safe to say Ginny didn’t much think about her height, compensating with skill and a fiery personality that practically begged someone to give her a reason to perform a bat bogey hex.  This was the state of affairs for most of her existence; that is until she moved in with Harry and he decided to show off how tall he was any chance he got.

Somehow, the blasted man always manages to show up when Ginny is about to retrieve something from its high perch – whether a clean set of sheets, Harry’s old Weasley jumper, or the sack of flour she only pulls out when a sudden need to be domestic washes over her on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  No matter the object, as soon as she tries to summon it, his long, lanky hand appears and he’s handing it to her with that stupid smile she wants to kiss and smack in equal parts. Perhaps not equal, he is rather cute, but there’s still a definite need to smack…and then maybe kiss it better.

Anyway.  One particular evening, Ginny decided this had gone on long enough, and after a fortifying cup of tea so strong her spoon stood up in it, that may or may not have had a shot or three of firewhisky in it, she had resolved to confront her beast of a husband.  Well not a beast but she has to get revved up and name-calling helps, a practice Gwenog encourages and Molly Weasley tolerates with flared nostrils and violently clicking knitting needles.

And so it was that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, youngest seeker in a century, Auror extraordinaire, came to be stuck to his own kitchen cabinets with his wife tapping her foot impatiently.


“I don’t like this Potter.”

Harry shifted his feet uncomfortably, “My bum?”

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I was running to where I knew the team would be at along the rooftops.  After a little bit I got to the edge of the roof.  I knelt down on the edge of the roof to see them surrounded by demons.

“Do they always get into trouble like this when I’m not around?” I asked no one in particular. I laughed to myself. I gathered my strength and blue light started to surround my hands and then snow started to form. I shot my powers of ice and snow down toward the demons and completely covered them. When the snow cleared the demons were frozen solid in ice. I smirked to myself and stood up straight.

“Well it’s about damn time that you showed up Y/N!” Jace yelled up to me. I looked at them and chuckled.

“Oh! You would have been just fine without me. Just a bit more beat up.” I yelled back. I could tell from the rooftop that he rolled his eyes. I started laughing and so did the rest.

I’m just trying to eat my food and my mum keeps showing me gordon ramsay sosig memes, asking “what does it mean??” And I’m just pissing myself laughing because. fucking. Memes at the dinner table

dozing off.