What I Learn About EXO From 2 Years
  • Xiumin:Shy; not-a-boazi-anymore; twerking master; secretly the sexiest member; xiuhan
  • Luhan:Does flips when running away from bad guys instead of just freakin running straight; Xiumin Xiumin Xiumin; derp derp derp derp
  • Kris:Galaxy hyung/oppa; Ben Ben; "Chicken is not my style" but eats the freakin chicken a few minutes later; Kriscasso
  • Suho:Takes out credit card in 0.00000001 seconds; Grandpa Suho--> Rap Ho; Tao's mama not an old lady
  • Lay:Rainbows; unicorns; chiu chiu chiu; kisses EXO members a lot -cough- SEHUN AND XIUMIN -cough-; angel at heart; cute to sexy in 0.000000001 seconds; has an obbession with Baekhyun's grandma's house
  • Baekhyun:Kkaepsong; Rap Byun; Mocks the members a lot; Aegyo King
  • Chanyeol:Probably the only member that can actually survive in the jungle alone; baby wolf; still laughs at everything
  • Chen:Troll master; his Chinese is fucking one of the most attractive things ever; SM the Ballad
  • D.O:Voice is sex; squishy on the outside, devil on the inside; 100% done with EXO
  • Tao:Badass on the outside, a kid on the inside; food food food; selca; reads fanfiction of TaoHun; WEIBO WEIBO
  • Kai:Kyungsoo Kyungsoo Kyungsoo; chicken crazy/Onew's long lost chicken twin; cute as fuck; dog lover; braids
  • Sehun:Yehet!; Ohorat!; actually sensitive on the inside; hair color changes every 12 seconds
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the brad pitt song!

So Benedict is going to voice the tiger Shere Khan in Warner Bros’ upcoming adaptation of the Jungle Book and honestly I’m laughing really hard right now because he portrays sherlock and he portrays khan and now

Shere Khan

This is a thing that is happening

Probably the most intense movie scene of the past year was in The Revenant, when Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio is brutally ravaged by a mama bear. However, the filmmakers couldn’t sic a real bear on DiCaprio, since his contract has a strict “no make-out scenes with women over 25 and no being mauled by savage animals” clause. As a result, the bear is CG, but they still needed something for Leo to initially interact with – so they hired someone who looks like he plays in the National Furry Football League.

Speaking of CG animals, the ones on the new Jungle Book movie have been widely praised for being incredibly convincing and expressive. The behind-the-scenes footage, however, makes it look like the Cookie Monster’s sex offender cousin was trying to sneak up on Mowgli.

And then there’s Mowgli being threatened by one of nature’s fiercest animals: the majestic, elusive Jon Favreau.

6 Famous Movie Moments That Look Hilarious With CGI Removed

imagine when bones is super tired he gets all touchy feely and a little loopy

so when he comes back to his dorm after being awake for nearly two straight days and finds jim is there sitting on the couch waiting for him, he just wanders over like a zombie and drapes himself over jim.

but he can’t quite get comfortable and he’s crawling all over jim’s lap trying to find just the right spot to curl up in his arms

after getting knocked in the chin by bones’ head and a nose full of floofy bones’ hair, jim is like “bones, what are you doing”

and bones just mutters something about climbing a jungle jim

When he says you are ‘pretty for a black girl,’ run far away.
To him, you are thick thighs and full lips; you are worthy of his lust but not his love.
He dreams of your submission while laughing with his friends who say he has jungle fever.
He is not thinking that the Moon must envy you for just how much light the Sun poured into your melanin enriched skin.
He is not marveling at the endless dimensions a look into your brown eyes could transport him to.
You are his next conquest, another trophy.
He does not deserve you.
—  maxwelldpoetry, “Pretty For a Black Girl”