laughing tree

let’s play minecraft: sky factory

part 1: the boys rebuild the world with a single tree and laugh about googly eyes

part 15: gavin takes another step towards nuclear power and jeremy is doing literal blood magic

ELorcan mating bond
  • Lorcan: I will do anything to make you happy, Elide.
  • Elide: Anything?
  • Lorcan: *more hesitantly* Well... almost anything.
  • Elide: Okay. *points to nearest tree* Climb that tree like you're a monkey!
  • Lorcan: No.
  • Elide: But you said anything!
  • Lorcan: I fail to see how that will make you happy, Elide.
  • Elide: Because it'll make me laugh!
  • Lorcan: *stares*
  • Elide: *stares*
  • Lorcan: ... Fine. *proceeds to climb a tree making monkey sounds*
  • Elide: *laughs*
  • Rowan: *laughter in the wind*
  • Fenrys: *appears from nowhere and laughs*
  • Aelin: *sets tree on fire and laughs*

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. More times than not, everyone gets through the year and makes it out safely. But every once in a while, there’s a sickness, or a fight, or a harebrained scheme to save the world gone sideways, and one of them doesn’t make it through the year.

They mourn for their fallen. They know they’ll see them again, in a few months, as if they’d never died, but it’s always tough for a while after. Sometimes the people they encounter in these other worlds are startled by how quickly they move on with life. They tell them they’ll see their brother or sister again one day. Most take it as trite, something you say to console yourself in the face of death. But Taako tells them, “No really, it’s not goodbye, it’s just TTYL!”

Whenever one of them dies before the year’s end, Lucretia opens another notebook, and begins to write.

She writes them letters. She doesn’t write to them every day. Just when there’s a brilliant success, or a devastating failure, or a joke that would have made them laugh, a beautiful tree they would have climbed, or a rock that looked so goddamn much like Barry’s face that they had to take it with them. There are doodles and anecdotes. “I wish you could have seen her.” “We needed you today. You would’ve known just what to say.” She records these postcards for them, from the months they missed. And when they’ve finally settled down in their new home for the year, she quietly hands them over.

Connor Murphy x Fem!Reader + Platonic Fluff

- everyone thinks you’re dating
- he’s that friend that’ll fistfight anyone who talks shit
- “That shirt look so bad on her. Ugh.”
- he also visits you at your job just to order from you and tip heavily
- “I’d like to order a McCripplingDepression, miss.”
“How about the usual chicken nuggets and I’ll slip in a toy?”
- he literally takes Evan on dates to McDonald’s just because you work there
- “Your finest chicken nuggets for my boyfriend, waitress.”
“Coming right up, sirs.”
- he has a key to your house
- it’s not unusual to come home to Connor in your kitchen, eating your cookies
- he lets you do his hair
- his favorite style you’ve done is French braid
- he supports you in your passions
- sports games, recitals, concerts, plays, whatever
- he’s always cheering the loudest
- even if it’s not the most appropriate time
- Evan is trying to get him to shut up
- “Connor, sit back down, her character’s supposed to be dead, not giving you a thumbs up!”
- helping each other with your problems
- painting each other’s nails
- god tier texting
- “I saw this dog that was just like you today”
“How so”
“Idk it was really loud and annoying”

a concept: i live in a cottage within the forest, the trees are the tallest thing you’ve ever seen. ranging from pine to maple with branches stretching towards the sky. inside the cottage is cool and dry, the sound of the raindrops gently hitting the roof and windows. outside the earth is alive, leaves blowing in the breeze and so very green. you hold my hand, rubbing your thumb over mine, leading me through the backdoor to our yard. from there we venture fourth to the garden. the air smells so fresh, pure. the blueberry bushes are full of berries, we pick them together and laugh when the trees above us sprinkle water on our heads. we’re at peace in our home, where it’s just us and nature. we spend the rest of the evening on the deck in each others company, a blanket around us both.

dissonance [1]

summary: The King of Death finds he can also control life. || hades!bucky x persephone!reader

warnings: none that I can think of

note: Surprise, motherfuckers. This is kind of short [and kind of bad], just a few words shy of 1K. They’ll get longer as the story progresses, but I hope you guys like this. H’s book work isn’t included in this chapter, but he will be featured in some other things, and he did help me write/edit some of this. Let me know what you guys think. Feedback is always appreciated!


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So I have this silly little headcanon that when teenage Groot meets Loki in IW (please oh please let it happen) he kind of latches onto him the way teenagers do because Loki is all cool and moody and sassy. It’ll drive everyone absolutely insane (especially Rocket) but Loki is going to be loving every minute of it like the little shit he is and lording it over the others because he’s got a fanboy - okay, fine, a fantree - and Groot thinks he is COOL and he’s having such fun with it.

So we end up with Groot following Loki around, trying to impersonate his swagger walk and sassy tone despite still only having a three word vocabulary, but getting the tone DEAD on every time anyway.

“This’ll be SUCH fun.”

“I…AM Groot.”