laughing too hard at his tags

silly ladynoir things
  • chat starts Shit Talking Sundays bc there are some days when chat just needs to talk about how dumb his dad is being and ladybug needs to scream about this bratty bully in her history class
  • on days when they’re bored, they’ll board the metro in costume and ride it for a few stops purely for the shock value
  • chat finds out ladybug can’t whistle and spends every available opportunity trying to teach her
    • cn: *squishes her cheeks between his hands* you’re not pursing your lips enough and your tongue isn’t positioned correctly, try again
    • lb: my tongue is sitting in my mouth what do you mean it’s not positioned correctly i don’t ???????
  • joint naps during patrols are very much a thing bc these kids never sleep between school and akuma attacks. sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find ladybug snoring on a rooftop with chat noir laid on top of her, drooling on her shoulder
  • when patrols get boring, ladybug will hop on chat noir’s back, make him shut his eyes, and act as his eyes while they try to patrol the city before switching places. they don’t talk about that time chat was laughing too hard to warn ladybug about the ledge and they almost fell off a roof. 
  • hide and seek games that last literally hours
    • they both cheat and bring their phones to stalk social media tags and see if anyone’s posted tips and/or sightings of them so that they can find the other
  • chat’s really good at massages so sometimes he’ll work out the kinks in ladybug’s shoulders when they have downtime bc “wow you carry so much tension in your neck please tell me you’re not hunched over your desk all day”
  • the eiffel tower is their honorary “it’s 3am and we can’t sleep” meeting place. 
  • they’ll often drop into parks and playgrounds and join with some of the neighborhood kids on games of tag, frisbee, and football
  • they have a going scoreboard for their impromptu arm wrestling competitions. last they checked the score was 32-35 with ladybug in the lead. 
  • they each have their own personal lists of dumb/funny things that the other has said
    • chat’s list of things ladybug has said: “sleep isn’t a thing you know. they lied to you. it’s not real,” “you ever wonder if i can spin a web with my yoyo?” “can lucky charm conjure me an A for this physics test tomorrow?” “i almost had my cat-eye eye liner perfect today before that akuma appeared and messed me up like that proximity to perfection might never happen again.”
    • ladybug’s list of things chat has said: “is there a place where we can borrow a microwave? i wanna see what happens if i use cataclysm on it,” “memes are like the dysfunctional family you didn’t ask for but didn’t know you needed,” “im like terrified an akuma attack is gonna happen when i’m in the shower while im naked and vulnerable,” “if i extend my staff long enough, do you think it’ll reach space?”

jongin: *has to ask his followers how to delete insta because what is technology*

jongin: *puts nail polish on his lips because he thought it was lipstick*

jongin: *has to take a break from an interview for 10 minutes cause he is laughing so hard at his own joke about his niece*

jongin: *apologizes to fish for almost knocking it over*

jongin: *forgets to take the tags off his shoes before wearing them*

jongin: *is surprisingly good at imitating an older woman going through menopause*

jongin: *is too lazy to take off his contacts before getting in bed so he drops them on yeollie*

jongin: *is too lazy to put his contacts in or put his glasses on when he wakes up so he walks around with his phone right in front of his eyes and opens yogurt with his teeth*

jongin: *gets dragged by his members for wearing all his shoes as slippers*

jongin: *giggles his way through a 7 minute interview*

jongin: *sprays dry shampoo on his face because he thought it was perfume*

jongin: *comforts a cheap banana*

jongin: *calls eel ‘this kid’ (basically personifies all food and animals)*

me: here we have the most adorkable human being on the planet

Fun Times With A Fossil

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Smut (explicit), swearing

Word Count: 1,167

A/N: This is my entry for @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday - my prompt was Bad Sex/Something goes wrong. This is a bit of a different approach for me, so I hope you like it! xx 

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(Let’s just pretend that’s Bucky lmao)

“Honey, I’m home!” You called out, a giant smirk on your face, as you walked into your apartment. The entire day, you had been sending your boyfriend suggesting texts, since you had gone for a bikini wax today. Judging by his responses, he was more than just a little hot and bothered. Once that metal-armed supersoldier was aroused, he was a force to be reckoned with.

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Jae as your boyfriend

-Constantly receiving memes.

-He even makes his own memes and sends them to you.

-A lot of them are made with super embarassing pictures of you that you didn’t even know he had. 

-Probably snap chats you all the time.

-Random texts all the time everything from funny things that happened, to riddles, and random facts.

-Basically I think he would just share whatever is on his mind and honestly most of the time it’s pretty funny/entertaining (I’m thinking like when he had his twitter RIP jaes twitter).

-He loves when you come to his concerts or to watch him live on ASC.

-Always has you listen to the new music he has found or that he’s writing.

-Loves hearing your opinions on it.

-A+ listener but probably makes a lot of jokes during the deep conversations to make the conversation more comfortable.

-Sarcastic comments all the time.

-Loves to make you laugh so he’s always trying to find new ways to make you laugh.

-Sometimes Brian/Youngk tags along when you guys go out and you aren’t sure if you are 3rd wheeling or if Brian is.

-ice cream dates, arcade dates, park dates, quirky cafe dates, sitting on the couch and playing video game/wathcing movie dates, etc. Just chill, fun dates.

-Fights don’t happen often since he’s so chill so that’s great but when they do I see him to be the type to be really quiet and swallow his words. He will eventually get to the point of saying something he will regret later if pushed too hard.

-When the fights over he will probably take you to get ice cream. 

-Not super into PDA unless he’s around people he’s comfortable with.

-Low key loves cuddling.

-The type to slouch down just to put his head on your shoulder even though he’s super toll. 

-A lot of hand holding. 

-Probably loves when you play with his hair.

-Says he doesn’t like rom coms but gets more invested in them than you do (Probably has yelled “Gosh just kiss already!” at the TV before).

-Idk why I picture him as such a nice soft boyfriend but I do.

-Also savage and an A+ hype man at the same time.

-Like you tell him you aren’t sure about your hair he will tell you how great you look with it.

-Or he might tease you about it and say something like “the blonde with the tight curls are making me hungry for some reason…maybe it’s because it looks like ramen” if it’s 1 an easy fix or 2 he knows you can take it. 

-No matter what he will assure you that it looks fine and it’s just hair so it will grow back. 

-basically the most chill and soft boyfriend

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Bakusquad headcanons??

bakusquad is so good for my heart……yes…. good friends……

  • one day when bakugou is fast asleep, they write “BLASTY MCSPLODE” on his forehead in permanent marker. 
    • no, none of them have a death wish, why do you ask?
      • bakugou wakes up and screams bloody murder but they aren’t even scared they’re too busy laughing really hard
  • the boys all share this unspoken, unwritten mutual promise to make sure that nobody (read: mineta) fucks around with ashido
    • she can handle herself, obviously. but they do worry from time to time
    • she’s actually fully aware of their whole deal and finds it endearing that they care lol
  • when bakugou admits to them out loud that this is the first time he’s ever had real friends, they all somehow instinctively know to tackle him. Big Friendship Group Hug
    • kirishima is actually crying. “BAKUGOUUUU THATS SO SAD”
    • kaminari and sero are mostly in disbelief that bakugou verbally acknowledged that they were friends
    • ashido just really likes hugs
  • kaminari questions why they’re called bakusquad one day. sero tells him it’s because “kamisquad” sounds like “kumquat” and would be “an ugly-ass name”
    • ashido takes to calling kaminari “kumquat” for a whole week after that conversation dfjdslakfjkdlasfj;
    • kirishima isn’t as mean about it. he outright says that it’s bc bakugou is “cool” and “leader-like” and “deserves to have it named after himself”
  • when they manage to make bakugou genuinely laugh out loud for the first time,,,,
    • it’s not evil-sounding?? it’s pure. beautiful. they’re all blessed 10/10
      • they staring at him in awe at first bc they weren’t aware that bkgo even knew how to laugh
    • it happened bc kaminari electrocuted himself. kirishima slipped on ashido’s acid and couldn’t harden fast enough so he bumped into kaminari and got electrocuted
    • then sero tried to help but his tape went out of control and all four of them ended up dangling from the ceiling caught up in knots of tape and affected by electricity
      • bakugou walks in and sees this. he couldn’t contain it. why are his friends such dumbasses. he loves them
      • when he’s done laughing at them he helps them get out
It’s The Fever Talkin’

SPN FanFic Drabble

688 Words

Dean x Reader, Sam, Fever

Warnings: It’s fluff.

A/N: I have a fever currently and just banged this out on my phone. I have no idea what the heck it is, but there ya go. I’ve kinda been talking to my husband like this all day so… why not. Also I’m not tagging cause I can’t rn. Werdz were hard enough. lol. I’m gonna go pass out now. Enjoy.

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“I can’t breathe. It’s too hot in here. Turn the heat off.” You kicked at your blanket, letting it fall off the couch onto the floor as you thrashed about.

 “The heat is off, Y/N/N,” Dean said calmly as he picked up your blanket and bent down to you. He pressed his lips to your forehead, feeling the heat pulsing off of you. “Yeah, you’ve got a fever, baby.”

“You’ve got a fever baby,” you laughed and pushed him away, shoving his chest with a weak hand. “Oh…we should have a baby. Let’s make a baby, Dean.”

Dean laughed as he looked down at you, concerned but amused by your apparent fever hysteria. “Uh, maybe tomorrow.” Carefully he lifted your hand from his chest and gave it a quick kiss. “You need to rest.”

“I need you,” you cooed, suddenly consumed with the idea of making a baby with your boyfriend. Maybe he was right, maybe your brain was frying, but it seemed like a really good plan. You grabbed a fistful of his blue flannel and tugged until he was practically falling on top of you, his plump lips just inches from yours. You tried to give him a sexy wink but failed miserably as another coughing fit overtook you.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors - nerdlife4eva - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Yuuri and Victor have to decide who has to vacuum (while the other walks Makkachin), resulting in Yuuri’s choice of a game he never loses. When Chris finds out about their heated rock, paper, scissors battle, he sends them charts to track their competition. As with all things Victuuri, all adorable hell breaks loose.

After tumbling down a hilarious headcanon hole with @keilattes I decided to write this mess out. Laughed way too hard while trying to translate all the jokes, at least half of the hilarity is @keilattes doing. I hope this ends up as funny as it is to me at 1:30AM.

I’m All You’ve Known

You can read this destiel ficlet on ao3

Today, Cas is the one who almost died at the hands of a prince of Hell or whatever the fuck- it’s not like it matters what ends up doing them in, only when it happens- but Dean’s the one who’s wrecked. Dangerously drunk, waving a bottle around, nearly dropping it, though only twice.

Cas isn’t sure why exactly but he thinks Sam might have an idea since he retreated to his room as soon as they made it back to the bunker, leaving Cas and Dean alone in the library.

Cas didn’t notice just how much Dean was drinking at first, too occupied with leaning back in his chair and recuperating. There’s no wound, not anymore, but Cas is drained.

Eventually, he opens his eyes and Dean is standing (no longer sitting), holding a different bottle than the one he had started with, having entirely abandoned the notion of a glass, and glaring at Cas.

“You fucked up, Cas,” Dean slurs, moving to take another swig, but he aborts the idea. “You’re fucked up,” he corrects. He takes the swig this time and it’s a long one, long enough that Cas winces at the phantom burn in his own throat.

“The injury is gone, Dean,” Cas says placatingly, reluctant to defend himself. Dean seems primed for a fight and he doesn’t want to fight with Dean.

The feeling is not mutual, apparently. “Shut up,” Dean says. “Just- Just be quiet. You don’t get to speak anymore. You don’t get to say things, anymore.

“Dean,” Cas starts, never one to obey. “It may have been a close call but everyone made it out with minimal damage.”

“You can’t say shit like that, Cas.” Dean stumbles back like being near Cas, even with the table between them, could hurt him. He takes another drink. It’s impressive, really, Dean wasn’t even sure he could get drunk anymore.

“It’s the truth. We are all alright and-”

Dean interrupts him with a dry laugh, arms swinging out, liquor spilling, balance precarious. “No,” he says. “You can’t say what you said.”

Cas doesn’t understand what Dean is referencing and it might be because Dean isn’t making much sense but Cas is so tired that it might just be him that’s unable to keep up.

“You said you lov- You said-” Dean can’t say it, Cas never should have, so he drinks more instead.

Cas gets it, then, and he’s relieved. This he can handle much more than a conversation about how mortal they all really are. How much time they don’t have. Telling Dean he cares, he can handle. Showing Dean how he feels, he can handle.

Dean knocks back maybe another two shots worth of booze and slams the bottle onto the table. There’s an audible crack, but nothing seems to leak. Then Dean stalks down the hall.

Cas thinks he ought to follow but Dean is already back with a duffle. The duffle is Dean’s, tattered and worn, but it’s the few articles of clothing he’s stuffing inside are Cas’.

Dean walks all the way around the table and pulls Cas to his feet by the lapel of his trench coat, shoving the bag into his arms.

“I’ve put some stuff you’ll need in there like cash, credit cards. Some IDs I had done for you.”

Cas’ eyes are wide but Dean can’t tell since he won’t even look at him. This is not how Cas thought this conversation would end up going, and he’s imagined it plenty of times.

“You need to go, Cas.” Dean speaks gruffly.

“W-what is this?” What is going on?

Dean’s head snaps towards him, eyes finally meeting his. Dean says, “You have to fucking go.”

“Because I said-”

“Because you said something you can’t mean!” Dean pulls on Cas’ lapel again, tugging him towards the stairs. He’s so drunk that it’s mostly Cas keeping him steady. The angel could easily subdue him but it’s not like Cas would fight Dean.

They’re at the foot of the stairs when Dean stops, apparently sober enough not to attempt going up the steps. He shoves at Cas to, though.

Cas stands firm for moment but his voice cracks when he says, “But I do mean it.”

Dean glares at him, shoves harder, meaner. “You don’t. You only think you do, Cas, because you don’t know anyone else. We’ve- I’m all you’ve known. You need to go.” Then, again, softly, “Please go, Cas.”

Cas doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t understand what is happening, but Dean is looking at him like Cas is the person who’s ruined him most in life and Cas can hear the prayer that’s begging him to get gone and Dean is grinding his teeth like being this close is causing him pain again and Cas doesn’t want that.

Cas loves Dean. Loves Dean enough to always come when he calls. Loves Dean enough to go when he asks.

The heavy metal door of the bunker shuts behind him with a clang and he’s left with the clothes on his back, whatever Dean’s packed in the duffle and a very big hole in his chest.

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tom holland x fashion designer!reader

the prompt is from the wonderful @twiceinabluemoon who gave me the oppertunity to write this and i hope i did your amazing prompt justice

no warnings?? unusual but true

You remember it like yesterday. A lot of girls in your grade had it. Those books with the body of a girl drawn in. You could add hair and an adorable dress as well as the most pretty shoes you could think of.

There are few that could make a career out of it, whilst you’re one of them.

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One Night

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary: PWP, you meet Dean in a bar and the two of you head back to his motel room. Shower smut.

Word Count: 706

Warnings: semi NSFW gif under the cut, oral sex (female receiving)

Submitted by: @jpadjackles

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Star Cross’d - Part 2

Okay, the internet got back up, so I’m throwing this up whilst I still can! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1,110ish
Summary: Their travels continue
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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A kiss with keep us together Jughead X Reader

Writing to apologise for the mess up of the last one✨

Pairing: Jughead X Reader
Word count: 605 (really short sorry)
Summary: “can we kiss?”

-7 years prior-

“Juggie?” You sounded, the slight whines and typical child like sound escaping out of your parted lips.

“Yes, (Y/N/N)?” He replied as he turned his head to look at you. You and him were sat on the grass at the park, smack bang underneath a tree. You were both pretty exhausted after a long couple of hours just playing on the sturdy, well-built jungle gym.

“Will we always be together?” You asked, you look at your best friend and smiled a sad smile. You didn’t want to lose Juggie by something told you, you eventually would.

“I hope so” he responded as he shuffled a bit closer to you, putting his arm around you, trying to comfort you. “I really so hope so” re repeated.

Your 9 year old self didn’t take to boys well but Juggie was different, he had been your best friend from the minute you walked into your classroom. He wasn’t like anyone else and that’s what you loved about him.

At 10 years old Jughead Jones managed to be so collected but at times, especially when it comes to family, he let loose. You had helped him with some of his family drama that was happening before your eyes, however, you being quiet young, you had no idea how to help but just be there for Jughead.

“How do people make sure they don’t lose each other?” You asked sincerely.

“I think it’s all about love” he responded as he again tilted his head to give you a warm smile.

“Can we kiss?” You responded, you hadn’t wanted to say it but it just rolled of your tongue.

“Erm…what?” He laughed as Jug became disoriented from the question that had just been asked.

“It means we both had, had our first kiss and that we love each other. We can never lose each other that way” you giggled at how Jughead was reacting.

“Okay” he responded as he cupped your chubby, still developing face in his hands and placed a messy, sloppy kiss on your lips.

“I love you Juggie” you replied after the quick kiss was finished.

“I love you too, (Y/N/N)”

-Present day-

You walked through the schools ever winding corridors. Your (Y/H/C) in a messy, high ponytail and light makeup spread across you face. The black, flowery backpack on your back swinged as you walked, obviously because you only had one strap on your shoulder.

Your too crinkled as you walked and your jeans rubbed together. You were staring down at your converse covered feet until you went smack into someone else.

“I’m so sorry” you spoke as you scurried to claim all of the paper that you had been holding in your arms. “I wasn’t watching were I was going and I’m so sorry” you rambled, as you watched another pair of hands help collect up the work.

“It’s okay (Y/N)” the male laughed as he handed your things back to you. “Knew I’d get you falling for me eventually” he chuckled again as you looked up, you stared into the all too familiar eyes.

“I mustn’t have fallen that hard, still don’t feel anything” you laughed as you picked yourself off the floor.

“Ouch. You wounded me” Jughead drastically said as he dramatically placed a hand on his heart and acted offended.

“Oh come on, you big idiot. If always fall for you” you replied as he placed his arm around you and kissed the crown of your head.

“I know, I’m too irresistible” he joked.

“Yeah yeah, keep dreaming Forsythe” you laughed

My sunshine (Reggie Mantle x Male Reader)


WARNINGS: Car Accident, Near death experience

A/N: So I was planning on updating the “Little One” series but my shitty computer deleted all my work and I want to cry and scream but instead I wrote up a request that I should have done a very long time ago! Hope you enjoy it :)

Holding hands with Reggie would always be a feeling you wouldn’t get used to. It was a nice warm feeling that started where your hands met and ended in your toes, it filled your body with a nice golden warmth that would radiate from your skin and shine through your smile. You snuck small glances at the beautiful boy walking beside you, swaying your hands a little as you walked together. He was talking about a big football game this weekend and though you had no interest in football you knew that you would be there in support of your boyfriend. “So I was thinking after the game you can come to mine and we can…hang out for the night.” Reggie stuttered out. His face flushed and you grinned, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek before replying.

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This is a general “you” about words.

“Words are only offensive if you let them offend you.”

This is true…in SOME situations. Christians being upset at hearing “happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is silly because “happy Holidays” includes all the Holidays, one of which is Christmas.

In other situations, it’s utter bullshit. Please wipe your mouth after you take it off the bull’s ass and make sure you brush your teeth, mmkay?

An autistic person being disgusted at seeing someone say “that’s so autistic” in response to a Youtube video where someone is talking at length about a subject they like isn’t being silly. They’re seeing someone else being insulted for a trait they possess themselves. 

The thing with insults that reduce a group to a stereotype is using the word offensively affects everyone in that group because the word is talking about all of them.

Personally, I just roll my eyes when I see “autistic” used as an insult. I’m autistic and when I see it used as an insult I just assume the person doing it lacks the creativity to come up with a funnier insult, like saying somebody’s idea is as useful as peddling halitosis as an air freshener or that someone must be anally grafted to a bull because they’re so full of bullshit. I think the same about pretty much any insult that picks on someone’s race, disability, mental illness, sexuality, religion and so forth. They’re boring and uncool. Word play is more fun.

Not everyone has a thick skin, and there’s no shame in not having a thick skin. Maybe you should consider the reasons why certain words are so insulting before you run your mouth about how “oh, it’s just words.” 

A fist is just a fist, but it hurts when it’s used to knock your teeth out.

Certain words have histories. Some of those histories are oppressive. Some of that oppression included whether people were allowed to live or die. The leftovers are the hurtful stereotypes perpetuated when certain words are thrown around as insults.

Using someone’s disability, mental illness, race, sexuality, religion or whathaveyou as a joke to insult them means you don’t take their issues seriously and would rather silence or further marginalize them by laughing at them. Being part of that group doesn’t give you free reign to shit all over everyone else in your own community.

“That’s gay”
“That’s crazy”
“That’s lame”
“That’s retarded”
“That’s autistic”
”You’re an idiot”
”You moron”
etc etc etc
= Harmful

There’s other words you can use.

“That’s shitty”
“That’s wild”
“That’s boring”
“That’s asinine”
“That’s pedantic”
“You’re ignorant”
“You asshole”

Now I’m going to sit here and watch all the uncreative people pop out of the woodwork to call me an SJW and mock my words, because being shitty and mocking others is so much easier than trying to be a decent person who cares about other people.

I ain’t perfect and I screw up. I apologize and try to learn from it when I do because that’s all one can do.

We’re all capable of being better people. Unfortunately, there are those out there who think trying to be better is too hard. Some people hide behind insults and call people thin-skinned instead because they’re thin-skinned themselves. 

I guess it’s easier to attack someone’s insecurities instead of working out your own. 

Glass houses and rocks, y’all.

[Animated gif of Patrick Stewart (Picard) grabbing his nose and laughing after Jonathan Frakes (Riker) flubs a scene while shooting Star Trek: The Next Generation.]

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

asks are open! 

golden maknae, jungkook, is ready for your questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

becominglionhearted  asked:

12 and Jensen? 😘

12. Canned spaghetti rings is not gourmet. I don’t care what you did in college.

“Mama!” Your toddler screeched from around the corner as you walked through the door. 

“Be there in a minute, baby girl!” You smiled and turned the other way, heading for the bedroom. Peeling out of your work clothes, you quickly traded them for yoga pants and one of Jensen’s v-necks. You made your way back to the kitchen. Your jaw dropped when you saw your baby girl, squealing and giggling, covered in red sauce. “What happened…”

“I made our daughter a nice gourmet meal.” He grinned, blowing the steam from the spoon as he lifted it to her lips. 

“Canned spaghetti rings is not gourmet. I don’t care what you did in college.” You snatched the spoon from his hand and scooped up the bowl, removing the food from the table completely. “Here, baby, let me give you some real food.” You grabbed an apple and began peeling it, passing your daughter the peeled slices and watching her nibble on them.

“I didn’t go to college, babe.” Jensen smirked. “Besides, it wasn’t me who bought the Spaghetti-os.” He poked your side. “You were the one who did the last grocery store trip.” You blushed, eyes growing wide with realization that Jensen was right. You huffed and started pulling things from the cabinets to put together for a healthier dinner.

Later that night, after you and Jensen had tag-teamed the bath-time/bedtime routine, your daughter was sleeping soundly in her room. Jensen was in the bathroom, supposedly letting the water heat up for his shower, and you saw your opportunity. Sneaking quietly through the hallway, you rounded the corner to the kitchen and pulled the bowl from the refrigerator. Popping it in the microwave, you grabbed the dish and brought it to your chest. Not wanting to risk getting caught, you sank to the floor and started scooping the remains of your daughters “gourmet meal” into your mouth. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jensen grinned and raised an eyebrow at you. You scrambled to hide the bowl, but it was too late. “Not a gourmet meal, huh?” He sat on the floor beside you, wearing only flannel sleep pants. Jensen leaned over and hung his mouth open. Sighing and rolling your eyes, you scooped a heaping spoonful and held it in front of Jensen’s mouth. He winked and closed his lips around the spoon as you giggled. 

“Old habits die hard.” You mumbled through a mouthful. Jensen threw his head back laughing and slung his arm around your shoulder, pulling you against his chest and kissing the top of your head.

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Reiner and Bertl hot humping. Loud grunts and moans. Suddenly one of them made terribly hilarious sound. The other one can't help but just stop having sexy time and rotfl out loud for a long time.

This is definitely something I could see happening in the beginning of their relationship. Reiner and Bertolt have known each other for years, so Reiner thought he’d heard every weird noise Bertolt is capable of: from the sound of his laughter when he can’t stop laughing, to the strange little exclamation he makes when someone surprises or scares him.

But when they start dating, and they’re getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes in the bedroom, Bertolt makes a sound Reiner has never heard before and it’s so unfamiliar to Reiner that it makes him laugh, but once he starts laughing, he finds it impossible to stop.

Of course Bertolt is asking him what’s wrong (but he’s blushing because he thinks he knows exactly what’s wrong) and Reiner can barely get his words out. In between laughs and gasps for breath, he tries telling Bertolt about the noise he made, and even tries doing an impression; but as he tries, it only makes him laugh more and more.

Bertolt doesn’t get annoyed though; Reiner’s laughter is infectious and soon they’ve both forgotten what they were doing and are both in hysterics. Bertolt is laughing so hard he’s crying, and Reiner’s clutching at his stomach because it hurts from laughing too much.

Eventually they both calm down; there’s still the occasional giggle. They’re lying side by side on the bed, Reiner staring into Bert’s eyes and smiling because the brunette makes him ridiculously happy. He adds something sweet like, “All the noises you make are really cute.” before closing the gap between them and kissing Bertolt softly. Soon enough they get back to the love-making…

Emilio Martinez - Death Janga

**A/N: Hey people!! So first of all, you may notice I used very little Spanish in this and that is because I really didn’t want to mess it up and I hope you enjoy!

I walked into the Team10 House around 11 that night. As I walked through the door the first thing I saw was a huge jenga tower. “What are you guys doing?” I sighed as I closed the front door behind me. “Hey Katie! We’re playing giant jenga!” My best friend Emilio exclaimed. Me and Emilio have been best friends since him and his twin brother joined Team10. We have so much in common and we have a lot of fun together. I walked up and leaned against the wall next to Erika. “Hey girl!” Erika smiled and gave me a side hug. “Hey E.” I said and returned the hug. “Anthony, you’re up!” Jake said from the stairwell. As Anthony started his turn and decided which block to move, Emilio walked over and gave me a hug. “Hey princesa.” He said quietly. “Hey, darling.” I said, I rubbed his back and returned the hug. I can admit that I like Emilio, I’ve liked him for a very long time but he’s so amazing and fun that I assumed that he didn’t like me back.

We moved away from each other and he climbed up a couple steps as Anthony started moving the wooden wedge he chose. We all watched in intense anticipation as he removed the wooden piece. It became apparent to Jake and I immediately that this tower was going down. He tried to warn us but Anthony succeeded in removing the block. We all started cheering and screaming out of excitement, I watched Chance and Anthony chest bump out of the corner of my eye and I started laughing. But, then the tower started to tilt. Everyone started yelling and running away and Erika grabbed me and told me to run. But as that happened, I turned around and saw that Emilio hadn’t noticed the tower. It was about to fall right on his head and he didn’t see it!

On impulse, I lurched forward and wrapped my arms around him, dragged him away from the tower. That’s when the tower fell right where Emilio was just standing! We both panted heavily, as I wrapped Emilio into a tight hug. We fell to the floor in relief in our tight hug. A few seconds later, everyone snapped out of the shock and started yelling about how close the tower was to landing on Anthony but all i could feel was Emilio’s body next to mind and all i could think was how close i was to losing him. I couldn’t help but imagine what would’ve happened if i hadn’t grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I didn’t like that thought, it made me hug him a little tighter. “I’m glad you’re okay” I whispered to Emilio. He nodded against my shoulder.

Everyone hadn’t taken notice of our position and had moved on. We both stood up and moved to the living room where everyone was sitting and trying to calm down. “You know what we should do? We should rewatch this frame by frame because I for one, would like to see this amazing dive that Anthony did to get out of the way.“Jake laughed. “Alright, lets go watch the tape from Kade’s camera.” I suggested. We all started moving to the office, my hand laced with Emilio’s to make sure we didn’t get separated again. If there was one thing for certain, I was never gonna let him go again. We all sat in front of the computer and began the tape. Jake and Chance were narrating Anthony’s fall and we were all laughing and having fun, and me and Emilio were still standing as close together as possible. As he was laughing, i stared up at him and thought about how lucky i was to have met him and how happy I am that I get to see him everyday.

“Hold on, hold on did you guys see that?” Anthony suddenly said. This called everyone’s attention back to the computer. “What is it?” Chance asked. “Kate saved Emilio” Anthony said, shocked. “What are you talking about?” Jake chimed in. “Yeah i know, we hugged just before the tower fell and it happened to move me out of the way.” Emilio shrugged. “No, that’s not what happened. Watch her, Emilio and Erika frame by frame, look at what she does” Anthony said as he rewinded the video. I didn’t want to relive that terrifying moment so I left the room quietly and returned to the living room. Then, frame by frame, everyone watched how I grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I was just down the hall from the office so I heard everybody’s reactions as the video played. I heard a mumbled “Oh my god” from Erika, I assume. At that point, I walked up to my room so I couldn’t hear anymore.
Emilio’s POV:
As Anthony restarted the video i noticed Kate slip out of the room. I didn’t blame her, i didn’t really want to relive that moment either but i was curious to see the video again. Then, Anthony restarted it and we all watched Kate’s heroic action as she dragged me out of the way of the tower. When the tower hit the floor I heard Erika say “Oh my god” from next to me. Then the video ended and everyone looked at me to see my reaction. But I had no idea what to feel. My best friend and long time crush had just saved my life. And she wasn’t even in the room with me for me to thank. “Emilio?! What are you doing! Go talk to her, she just saved your life!!” Erika said excitedly while slightly shaking my shoulder. I looked and her and nodded quickly. Then I started quickly walking to her room with Erika and Jake, vlog camera in hand, following behind me.

“PRINCESA?!” I shouted as I searched the house for her. “In my room!!” she replied. I quickly jogged to her room and walked in to see her taking out her earrings. “Hey, what’d you need?” She smiled as she turned around. “You saved my life!” I said, still shocked. “What?” she said, a little confused. “You could’ve run off without me, but you didn’t. You turned around and put yourself back in danger. You did that for me.” I said quickly. She shrugged her shoulders and walked closer to me and out her hands on my shoulders. I tried to ignore the giddiness from her touching me to focus on my goal. “Of course i did.” She said simply

“I would do anything for you. If there was any chance of you being in danger, I would risk myself for you in a heartbeat.” I stared at her with my mouth slightly open as she put her hand on my cheek. “If anything ever happened to you, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. I could never live with myself.” She turned around to put the earrings away on her dresser. I considered right then to turn around and leave it at that but I couldn’t. For one thing, Erika and Jake (along with his vlog camera) were standing in the doorway and blocking me and also, I felt like if I didn’t tell her how I felt, I was gonna explode. “Well I guess that’s why I’m in love with you. Because you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” I finally stated, with a small smile. I saw her freeze. And even though the jenga tower almost killed me, this was still the most scared I had felt all night.

Kate’s POV:
I froze. Did i just hear him right? Was this a prank? I slowly turned around to look at his face. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was truth and vulnerability. I heard Erika’s let out a small, excited squeal but the only thing I could focus on was him. I started walking towards him with a smile growing on my face. “You’re in love with me?” I quietly asked. “I am. I have been for a really long time.” he said with a smile identical to mine. “Well I wish you would’ve said something sooner, I thought you didn’t love me back!” I said, pretending to be irritated. “Back? You love me too?!” He said excitedly. “Very very much.” I definitively stated. His smile widen and he immediately pulled me into a kiss.

Apparently, it’s very hard to kiss someone when you’re smiling and giggling but we made it work. We heard cheering from the doorway and we both turned to see almost the entire Team10 team cheering and smiling from the doorway. “Hey Jake, is that going in your vlog?” I asked with a smile while Emilio pulled me into a hug. “DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!” he yelled, everyone responding with a cheer. “Then you better tag me!!” I laughed. Jake turned the camera towards his face and said “Always plug ya’ll!!” which was met with another abundance of cheers. And as I stood there with Emilio hugging me and all of Team10 yelling excitedly, I felt happier then I’ve ever been.

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5 for McKirk? :)

I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this!

McKirk — “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Jim paused outside Bones’ door and took a steadying breath. He was a few minutes early, but he’d been looking forward to this all week and it’s not like Bones had to prepare much for movie night.

“Give me a minute Jim,” Bones called out from his bathroom as soon as the door opened, so Jim crossed the room and sat down on the couch. He didn’t know why his stomach was in knots, but it was probably a combination of the possibility that Bones was naked in the adjacent room and the fact that they hadn’t been alone together since they’d left Yorktown. It was two months but it seemed like an eternity.

Things had been different after Altamid. Bones had been busy, they all had, but somehow Jim couldn’t help but feel like things were changing. Their time alone had given way to time spent as a group, as a family. Jim wouldn’t give that up for the world but he missed just Bones. They way he’d get sometimes when it was late and they were alone and Jim knew every lazy lingering smile was just for him.

But he was here now, and soon they’d dim the lights and settle in and Jim would pick an extra long movie. Long enough for Bones to get sleepy by the end of it and stretch out across the couch with his legs in Jim’s lap. 

Jim smiled and tried to ignore the sound of drawers opening and closing and the sound of clothes being pulled over skin, and he managed to get himself more or less comfortable by the time Bones appeared from behind the partition of his bedroom.

“You’re early,” he smirked.

“Yeah well, I was done and I kinda miss movie night.”

Bones laughed, “Want a drink?”

“Nah I’m good.”

Bones walked up to the couch and flopped down on the opposite end.

“I think I know what I wanna watch,” Jim said, turning to Bones with a satisfied look.

“Great, just gotta wait for Spock.”

“Spock’s coming?” Fuck.

“Yeah, he didn’t have plans and I figured it’d be good for him.”

“Uh, okay.” Jim tried and failed to sound like it was actually okay.

“Are you sure? Cause you don’t sound too pleased.”

“No, it’s great, it’ll be awesome.” Jim realised it was childish but he couldn’t be bothered to hide the disappointment in his voice.

“What the hell Jim?”

“It’s nothing Bones, I know you guys went through something together and I understand that you’re closer now. And that means you wanna spend more time together. That’s fine, I get it.” Jesus stop talking already.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“Yes! No— I mean— I’m not jealous no, I want you to spend time with Spock, it’s not that.”

“Then what Jim?”

“Just— fuck Bones, I miss spending time with you, you know… just you.”

Bones looked at him wide-eyed, his mouth opened to speak and his expression shifted to one of understanding just as the chime of the door sounded. Spock.

And just like that the moment was gone. Or maybe it was only gone for Jim, because Bones was on his side of the couch a second later, pressing him into the pillows and kissing him frantically. Jim threaded one hand through Bones’ damp hair and the other landed on his back and pulled him in hard, knowing he was going to have to let go again much too soon.

“Think you can wait a bit longer?” Bones asked breathily as he pulled away, “I promise you I’m all yours after this.”

“I don’t know Bones,” Jim laughed, shaking his head. “We’re definitely gonna have to put Spock in between us, and I’m picking the shortest movie ever made.”

some more Good Things from 3w streams

  • brennan’s scary girl characters
  • james howell making it very clear that he is a poet
  • when it’s faust’s turn to gm and jay starts encroaching on her gm territory
  • matt making a point of saying hi to chat when there’s a break
  • when someone drops a meme and/or pun and the whole gang starts hollering in outrage
    • bonus points if there’s a single person laughing/encouraging the memery
    • double bonus points if it’s jay
    • super extra bonus points if jackson was the cause of the outraged hollering
  • chat’s collective panic when there’s technical difficulties
  • when jay starts jojoing
    • this one’s a little hard to pin down, but it’s the cadence of someone who clearly watches too much anime. listen to cristoph’s description of the path in the sunlight engine stream and you’ll know what i mean.

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