laughing till you cry

@Jin: Well~ I hope you can listen to it soon. I bet everyone will be surprised. I think no one can imagine what’s coming. 

It’s not like I’ve been sleeping all these years OK. 

I will make it a passionate and awesome album that can make you laugh till crying/both laugh and cry. 

Let’s speed up the BPM.

@Jin: For the people who read the light novel or the manga, won’t the contents make them go quite “Ah!”, I think? Especially, it seems so for the next “The story of enduring/hiding the Eyes” song.

@Jin: Ahh~ I hope everyone can listen to it soon… 

“The story of having a discerning eye” and “The story seeped into the eyes” are especially in high spirits.

I hope you can look forward to whose song they are.

@Jin: I can’t die until finishing the song of Senpai, so finally, finally…

If I talk too much, you will lose the anticipation I’m afraid.

@Jin: So I can only talk a little like this. 

“And if you say you’re okay, I’m gonna heal you anyway. Promise I’ll always be there.” - The Cure // Lady Gaga

“Please don’t shed a tear out those eyes. Don’t you have a fear cause I am with you.” - Rise // Blancos

“When I’m feeling small you get me through it all.” - Kids Again // Artist vs Poet

“Dancing to our own sound, making history, just you and me.” - California // Silent Pilot

“I wish that you could see what you do to me. I hope this letter covers everything. I’m yours, sincerely, me.” - Sincerely Me // Artist vs Poet

“Too bad that you couldn’t see, see the man that boy could be. There is more than meets the eye, I see the soul that is inside.” - Sk8er Boi // Avril Lavigne

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.” - You Are My Sunshine // Jimmie Davis

“I want you and I always will.” - Oceans // Seafret

“It’s like the blind leading the blind, but I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine.” - Laugh Till I Cry // The Front Bottoms

“You are the rhythm to my rhyme. You are my radio, turn you up when I feel low. You are the soundtrack to all I know. You are the anchor to my soul. You are the rock to my roll.” - Rock to my Roll // Anarbor

“Without you there’s not reason for my story, and when I’m with you I can always act the same. Forever yeah if we’re together, we can make it better.” - You and I // Anarbor

“You’re my little paperweight, you hold me down forever so, oh you feel like home.” - Paperweight // Silent Pilot

“If you’re cold, go inside. If you’re tired, go to sleep. If you’re weak, come to me.” - Shameful Company // RKS

“You know that I'ma be the one that’s there for you, when you ain’t got nobody, swear to God. Won’t you say what’s on your mind, verbatim? You know that I'ma be the one that keeps it real with you, when everybody’s fake as fuck. Hey, I’ll say what’s on my mind, verbatim.” - Verbatim // Blackbear

“You brought out the best of me, a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean.” All I Want // Kodaline

“Whatever I lack, you make up. We make a really good team, and not everyone sees, we got this crazy chemistry between us.” - for him. // Troye Sivan

“I know everybody goes to the same dark places. Sometimes in the dead of night when you think you can’t make it, you might find I left a light beside the bed for you.” - Same Dark Places // JR JR

“You see through my bad, you know I have my moods. When I’m super low, you pull me higher. We’re miles apart, but not at heart, be my guru.” - Guru // Coast Modern

“Spending all my time on you I can’t get enough…sending you my love, feel it all around, got so much to give I ain’t even keeping count.” - Run it up // Coast Modern

“You can find me in the space between, where two worlds come to meet. I’ll never be out of reach, cause you’re a part of me. You’ll never be alone, no matter where you go, we can meet in the space between.” The Space Between // Descendants 2

“I need someone who knows my name, to shine a light on the darker days. Don’t ever let me go.” Cannot do this alone // Colony House

“You’re still there for me, wherever there might be. If an ocean lies between us I’ll send a message across the sea…you’re with me, you’ve been here all along.” Been here all along // Miley Cyrus

“When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, I’ll be there for you. When the rain starts to pour, I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before. I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too… someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with. Someone I’ll always laugh with. Even at my worst, I’m best with you” - “Friends” theme song // The Rembrandts

“When the world gets too heavy out t on my back, I’ll be your levy.” -Always // P!ATD

“Whether near or far, I am always yours…many thing will change but the way I feel will remain the same.” - The end of all things // P!ATD"

anonymous asked:

Is being in a lesbian relationship like having slumberparties with your best friend all the time, and you get to kiss and make out with them cuz they're your girl? Cuz that's awesome.

Nope. You sound like you might be a Straight™ or just someone who’s only dated boys but like.. the things you do in those relationships? It’s the same. You’re partners, you may pay bills together, go on dates together, you may argue with each other, you’ll fall asleep in each other’s arms, you’ll go to each other’s graduations/parties/family functions, you’ll annoy each other and you’ll make each other laugh till you cry, you’ll love each other and go through ups and downs and that’s what dating a person is. If we could stop treating lesbian relationships as ~*~* Omg!! gal pal slumber party sesh *~*~ tropes that’d be cool, because that’s not what they are, it isn’t shopping with my bestie, painting each other’s nails and braiding each other’s hair bs, while it could have aspects of lighthearted stuff as all relationships do, saying that’s all that it is is detracting, they’re whole ass fully developed relationships just like any other one straight or otherwise. (but better 😝 lmao)

So ya you know when a boy and a girl date? it’s like that but they’re both girls.

Sail Away With Me

Author: at1stsoo

Genre: Comedy, Smut, Fluff, Alternate Universe - Politics, Romance

Rating: NC-17

Length: Oneshot (9102w)

Summary: November 2016: Trump’s just been elected, Jongin is begging for attention, and Kyungsoo just really wants to get away from reality for a while.

(Sequel to Campaigning for Your Heart. It’s definitely more enjoyable if you already know the characters, but it’s not required.)

Admin I’s Notes: listen it’s no secret that i love at1stsoo’s writing, it’s so witting and compelling and will make you laugh till you cry! so rarely do i see a sequel live up to the hype of it’s prequel but this is just… SO GOOD (also tysm liz for the random shoutout in the fic alkajsajka)


Fitzsimmons Fanfic Contest Winners

Sorry for the delay! Here are the winners! :O 

Let me just start out by saying that I wanted to let everyone win, cause all of your fanfics were amazing. It left me thinking for days and I spent a lot of time trying to choose…. 

But it’s a contest, and that means I had to pick winners. Congrats to those listed below! And thank you so much to everyone who participated! I loved all of your fanfics <3

1. The Say What Award- How do you mend a broken bone? by @the-nerdy-stjarna
When I chose this prompt, I had an idea in my mind for what I wanted to write about. I knew if I were given this prompt, I would have written about Fitz’s father. And this fic takes that, but does it in such an interesting and unexpected way that I was left speechless. Also it’s super angsty. :D 

2. The AU Award- at least, now, I have you here with me (nothing else matters) by @for-within-the-hollow-crown 
This is such a beautifully written AU and I may or may not have cried just a little (mostly out of joy, I swear). It’s super cute and also really does capture the Fitzsimmons relationship accurately and stunningly! Please please go and read it!!! 

3. Best Overall Angst- we’ve survived more (but I want to live) by @agentcalliope
I’m a sucker for post!Framework fics, and this was one of the best ones that I’ve ever read. (Also, it has a really amazing sort of companion fluff fic that goes along with it thats super good too!) 

4. Best Overall Fluff- Feel the Burn (or Ice is Nice) by @theresalwaysaway
This was one of the cutest most fluffiest things I have ever read. I love it so much!!! (Plus where I live is super hot, so I related to that aspect as well hahah) 

5. Laugh Till You Cry Award (Or now known as…. Sob until you feel hopeful warm fuzzies award)- Pods by @poursuislesetolies
This was more of a sob until you feel super warm fuzzy feelings, but this fanfic was so good it definitely deserved the award. Angsty with a happy ending, this fic will leave you feeling warm inside (but not before ripping your heart out haha). 

Here’s the prizes list! Winners contact me and let me know what you want me to write and read! 

1. One fanfic written by me. You can prompt me almost anything related to Fitzsimmons, and custom it based on your desire.
2. A shout out on my Tumblr to almost 5,000 followers :D (That’s on this post here…. so you’ve already received this prize! xD) 
3. A review on another fanfic of yours. I will read a chapter and let you know what I think. If you haven’t written anything else, we can see what other things I have to offer you :D 

wlw ldr aesthetic: taking naps on skype together, telling each other about your days, laughing till you cry, comfortable silence, warm blankets, rosy cheeks, soft music, long documentaries



  • 4/20 Straw hats

Monkey D. Luffy: My baby who needs to be protected. He’s a dork. Loves meat. Loves anything that franky shows.Will refuse to your refusal and would literally ask a rock to join his crew. Pure heart. Sucks at lying. Loves Ace and Sabo a lot. Probably asexual. His favorite hobby it’s eating probably and can eat while sleeping. He doesn’t care about much actually. Loves parties. A man of word and loves his nakamas with all his heart. Also eats all the food by himself and blames his crew. That’s the captain for you. 🍖👒

Roronoa Zoro: I love him so much. He’s the most badass in the crew. Can sleep more than you think, the sunny can go through a big storm and he wouldn’t notice. Loves sake. Strong sarcasm with the enemies. The best swordsman you will ever see in your life. He’s badass x2. Also, he gets lost a lot. All the time. But warns the others not to get lost. Always takes the wrong path, like you can tell him to go straight and he goes to the other side, even if it’s a straight path. The most respected man of this show. Loves and respects his captain so much. 🍺⚔️🗡

Nami: My favorite moron of the crew. She’s the captain of the crew. Boss. Loves money and treasures tangerines. She would take you anywhere. Also can hit you anywhere. She can beat Luffy without haki. Super strong. Probably king of pirates waifu. One of the smartest people on east blue. Doesn’t see anything cool on Franky’s creations. Can’t understand why Luffy is so stupid. Can predict weather. Great character development. Love you Oda. Trusts with all her being her captain and friends. 🗺💰

Usopp: myself. I love him so much, ok I love all of them. We all relate to Usopp in any situation the straw hats are. He’s the bravest warrior and I don’t care what you say. His jokes are funny as fuck. Great Robin and Sanji imitation. Posses observation Haki and isn’t probably aware of it. Loved merry a lot. Same Usopp. Will make you laugh till cry. Sogeking. Great character development. GOD USOPP FOR YA. Best friendship with Luffy. 🤥💣

Sanji Vinsmoke: The kindness man alive. Also a cinnamon roll of mama. I love him. Uses his legs to fight because his hands are made to cook for his friends damn sanji. Slaying with curly brows. You won’t see anything like that anywhere. Loves women more that anything else. Respects women. EVERYONE BE LIKE SANJI. Also a perv. Has a frenemy friendship with Marino who also calls him shitty cook but they are good partners. Luffy won’t move from that spot till he feeds him. STRONGLY NEEDED IN STRAW HATS CREW. 👱🏻🍽

Tony Tony Chopper: THE CUTEST THING OF THIS. Like honestly??? Also don’t call him cute. Blushes a lot for compliments. Hides in the wrong way. Loves candies. Doctor. Can cure ANYTHING. Loves his crew and takes care of them. Member of the SUGEEEEEE trio. Can’t cure Zoro’s stupidness yet. Loves parties too. When it’s needed becomes a monster to protect his friends. Such a pure thing.🍭👨🏽‍⚕️

Nico Robin: AN ANGEL. The purest smile in the show. Loves history and books. Shows you the most beautiful smile when it’s about to kill. CREW MAMA. She loves all the strangest things but it’s okay because she’s too cute. Thinks the worst for literally anything. Can multiple her hands or whatever part of her body she wants. AINT THAT COOL. Another great character development. Learned to truly trust in her friends. She’s a goodness. 📚☕️

Cutty Flam (Franky): SUUUUUUUUPER COOL. Cyborg. Drinks cola. A lot. Uses the word SUUUUUPER a lot too. Can change his hair to any hairstyle and looks extremely good with any of them. Obligated to join because Luffy took his underwear. Looks tough but is the first one to cry for literally anything. Loves Tom-san. The reason of Luffy, Usopp and Chopper’s SUGEEEEEEE thing. 🛠⛵️

Brook: SOUL KING. SLAYS A LOT. Loves panties way too much. Drinks milk to stay young. Makes much jokes about him being dead. Yes, he can poop and we won’t ever know how. Drinks tea. Sake binks makes you cry a lot. Laboon is waiting for him. The grandpa of the crew. Gets angry whenever someone disrespects him for being just bones. HOW CAN HE POOP. Wears elegant clothes always. Ready for everything. 💀🍼

Little Things that Remind Me of the Signs
  • Aries: action films, fire trucks, chuckling laughter, mini skirts, love-hate relationships, fire sprinklers, crop tops, wedge heels, hyper children, chirping summer cicadas, older siblings defending younger siblings, the color red.
  • Taurus: twinkling lights, lazy evenings, hazel eyes, small animals, flannels, baby faces, swing sets, well-decorated bedrooms, staring contests, eating food and watching Netflix, school supplies, cupcakes.
  • Gemini: pop songs, reminiscing in old photos, footprints in the sand, button noses, winged eyeliner, nerdy glasses, déjà vu, holding hands, ice cream cones, making new friends, iMac Flavor computers, doppelgängers.
  • Cancer: scented candles, baking, crashing waves, feel-good movies, silver, moon-themed jewelry, new bras, chubby babies, diamonds, unconditional love, consoling a friend after a breakup, polka-dots.
  • Leo: long hair, golden tans, face paint, finding money, purring cats, lattes, knee-high boots, sunflowers, heart-shaped sunglasses, new make-up, spotlights, sundresses.
  • Virgo: bold lip stick, ringlet hair, late summer nights, random knowledge, neutral colored clothes, words on the tip of your tongue, tiny purses, shy romances, chocolate, 90's fashion, first times, scrunchies.
  • Libra: olive skin, glimmering smiles, caramel, cold hands, greeting old friends, perfect desserts, poetry, high-waisted skirts, romantic comedies, pure hospitality, hourglass-shaped bodies, iced tea.
  • Scorpio: raspy morning voices, subtle smirking, bright eyes, roses, metallics, tattoos, new underwear, horror flicks, sassy cats, dry humor, enemies turned friends, glitter.
  • Sagittarius: busy schedules, mid-day sunshine, laughing till you cry, familiar faces, clumsily walking into things, stud earrings, best friends turned lovers, nice teeth, good posture, sporty vibes, warm smiles, smooth conversations.
  • Capricorn: flushed noses, freckles, long car rides, cursive handwriting, snow-capped mountains, big comfy sweaters, piercing blue eyes, perfect manicures, successful lawyers, mahogany, specific coffee orders, dark-witted humor.
  • Aquarius: turquoise, outer space, protests, choker necklaces, unexpected rainbows, bubble baths, Mary Janes, breakfast for dinner, daily routine in a new place, concerts, trying new food, anklets.
  • Pisces: velvet, peaches, lit cityscapes, hand-painted dishes, ginger hair, embroidery, hesitant kisses, sushi, dainty hands, freshly painted toes, 80's fashion, Monet paintings.
Preference #17- Distractions

Harry: Sneak up and kiss you.. you love it 

Ron: Tickle you till you give in and go get something to eat 

Draco: Literally picking you up and taking you away from you unfinished essay

Neville: Always bringing you back if you try to leave

Fred: Make funny faces till you laugh so hard you cant resist 

George: Fake cry until you pay attention to him

The Signs As A Friend:
  • Aries: never a dull moment with them, always makes you feel included, very generous, ultimate squad leader
  • Taurus: very appreciative of the things you guys do together, calls you up every so often to make sure you're doing okay, if you guys are true homies they'll cover the bill for you
  • Gemini: shows genuine intrest in who you are, easy to get along with bc of their lighthearted demeanor, always wanting to explore the world with you by their side
  • Cancer: no one will care about you more than them, will randomly treat you with gifts bc why not, they will make you feel wanted and adored
  • Leo: they know how to have a good time, when you are around them you gain a confidence boost, their vibe is so happy and radiant
  • Virgo: very observant people so they know when to leave you alone, they will make you laugh till you cry, they can be protective if someone hurt you
  • Libra: they are a good shoulder to cry on, you can never really lose them as a friend, they do everything they can to make you happy
  • Scorpio: talking about your feelings won't bother them, they're always wanting to help, they will ask how you're doing while sending you memes/puns
  • Sagittarius: they make their friends feel like family, they are THE go to source for truthful advice, so reliable they have your back 200%
  • Capricorn: if you want cheesy jokes they're perfect for you, they always have your best interest at heart, the one your parents like more than you
  • Aquarius: if you two are close you will notice they care so much about you, they are THE embodiment of friendship, their sarcasm will make your day
  • Pisces: they will complement you a bunch, they will try to keep in touch often, they will never take your friendship for granted, they always keep the mood positive and light

X-mas present for reetsukado

Author: the glorious blamethewolf :DD
Artist: chofee

Merry Christmas Ree :D

“I don’t even know why Scott thinks US TWO have to bond. Out of the whole ragtag pack we get along the best, if I may say so,” Stiles continues complaining like he has for the last 30 minutes.

Derek just trails along and wags his tail.

“Maybe he’s too blind with his love for Allison or whatever not, but the rest of them is so much worse. They can’t even decide what movie to watch without having a wrestling match.”

Derek huffs in agreement.

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It’s going to be alright (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Originally posted by locolifeof-nicole

Originally posted by myflawlesshero

(Let’s pretend that you and Liam in the first gif x)

Request: can you do a liam imagies when your a chimera and you and the pack is in scott room so when you hear them coming you ask liam to kill you before the can do it

 ;can i get a pack imagine when your all in scott room and your a failure so you start bleeding mercury and you here them comming so you ask liam to kill u before they come you know like derek did when he was in high school

 A/n: this is such a sad and depressing request but i like it very much! The italic part is a memory/flashback. I hope you enjoy it. 

 Why did it have to me? Out of all the population they had to choose me, they had to make me one of their puppets. They had to make me a chimera and for my luck, i was an experiment gone wrong.

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