laughing till tears

Being close friends with the jocks - Jeff, Monty,  Justin and Zach-

inspired by the idea of allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons

How you first met the guys

you’ve known them forever, literally going to the same primary school,but these were the moments that really brought you closer.

  • Zach and you met during biology class first day into high-school,you get partnered up together and it just blossomed from there. You would help him with biology, thinking it was the sweetest thing that he wanted to be a Marien biologist cause how cute is he? you helping him study lead to you meeting Jeff not too long after.
  • Jeff and you meet because Zach kept hearing him going on and on  about him failing history, so you actually helped him before he met Clay.
  • Now Justin and you met in primary school,he actually stood up for you when you were on the playground and some kid yelled “ Y/N HAS COOTIES”, you two were alway friendly but never got too close till you started coming around more often for Zach and Jeff.
  • Monty on the other hand,you knew from your parents. His dad and your dad co-own a company. So you would always have to go to events with the family and  bump into him.

You friendships with each of them is different and special in their own way:

  • Zach would be the one that gets you out of any bad mood you may be in. I think there was a time in his life where he felt like he was really misunderstood, like the people around him didn’t really know him, like he was lonely. Thats the last thing he would want you to feel. So wither if its making you laugh till you have tears rolling down your face,taking you out for a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant as a pick me up, or even something as small as letting you vent to him at any point of time,he loves making the most important people in his life happy and laugh,you are no different.
  • Monty and your’s relationship would be the type of relationship where you two were complete and polar opposites. but it works in the best way ever! he opens you up to different things and he gets you to see stuff from his point of view,and its the same from your end.your a completely calm person and violence makes you nervous, you help him control his anger. 
  • Jeff,he is a literal ray of sunshine how could you not be happy around that boy? he would take you on the best adventures ever, almost all your funny story’s  have to start with “that one time Jeff and I…..” he is you partner in crime.
  • Justin and you connected in a way where you too would have the best conversations ever. That boy really has gone through his fair share of hard times in life, from his mother to meth-seth. So, some nights he call’s you,you two go up to the cliff that overlooks you’r home-town or even go to a 24/7 diner and just talk, about life, everything, anything. By the end both of you feel heaps better. Like a sense or relief. both of you going to bed in a better mood,jut happy to have some who understands you. You know about his family problems, so when your parents are out of town and your home alone - sometimes when they are home- he comes over and spends the night. one of your guest room basically slowly converting into his personal room with his clothing accumulating the closet and his stuff all over the place.

Going to parties with them is the best;

  • they make it a thing to keep an eye out on you. so even if you go off and do your own thing,you’ll always find one of them checking in on you from the corner of their eye.
  • Jeff would honestly be the designated driver of the group,yes he drink’s but he usually won’t go over 2 beers. he would jokingly claim “ i don’t need to get drunk to be the life of the party”
  • Parties basically assure you a drunk Justin stumbling around  before landing beside you babbling on and on about god knows what. You could swear one time you heard him talking about “if you write a book about being a failure…and it doesn’t sell…is it considered  a success?”
  • Even though you know they look out for you you happen to try an keep an eye on Monty, cause an overly wasted-drunk-outta his ass Monty makes an ever shorter tempered Monty… not.good.
  • Zach is a social butterfly to say the least,even though he goes around the whole room talking people up,he always ends up checking in on you when your on your own or if some guy makes you uncomfortable or is too close.

- Some people at school don’t have have the best things to say about your friendship cause “what kind of whore goes between the same guys”. They judge it the wrong way and misunderstand it all the time

- While some of the school think of you differently when they find out your friend with people like them: categorising them as Monty the “bully”, Justin the “fuck boy”and all that nonsense that they say just say cause they don’t know them good enough

-You guys protect and look out for each other, its not just them protecting you -even though they do all the time,if its from major things like Bryce and making sure you don’t drive when your drunk , or smaller things like “ did you eat yet Y/N” “ don’t forget to wear your seatbelt babe and be careful”- You get really protective over them so when you hear people talking shit about either of them in the hallways you wont think twice of speaking up.

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Hi! Sorry I requested something earlier about the guys reacting the their gf sassing them in english, her native language, and I forgot to say which members! If you see this in time, could you do it for Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, and Changkyun please? Thank you!

Their reaction to you sassing them in English (Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk & I.M)

Bold = English

Wonho; You two have been arguing, mostly joke-arguing about something stupid, when you sassed him in full English out of nowhere. He froze for a second before trying to copy what you said, getting half of it wrong with a huge accent, which made both of you end up laughing on the floor till tears rolled down your cheeks. 

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Hyungwon; He wanted to take a selca with you, so you two found the perfect lighting and fixed your hair before posing, but Hyungwon was taking forever to take it, always ending up fixing his hair even though it looked fine, or changing the angles and positions.

..Oh my God, hurry up, Prince Charming..” 

You mumbled and rolled your eyes, which made Hyungwon look at you with wide eyes, before grinning. “Yah, it’s not the first time someone called me this, i’ll take it as a compliment.”

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Minhyuk; You two decided to order some take away, and since you were really, really hungry and it was your favorite food, you wasted no time in digging in and eating, ignoring Minhyuk completely for a few minutes. 

..Stop eating so much!

Minhyuk frowned and nudged you gently,making you glare at him. “Stop talking so much.” You replied in English and continued eating, leaving the poor boy speechless. 

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I.M;You two were playing video games, both of your eyes shooting lasers at the TV screen, concentrated to no end. Yet both of you were nudging each other, trying to make each other lose the game.

Ha! Eat dirt, loser!

You grinned and nudged him. He nudged you back and copied you, “Ha! Not so fast, loser!” before winning the game, making you pout and drop the controller on the couch. 

I.M the winner! Ow-!” Changkyun laughed when you slapped his arm, both of you ending up in giggles. 

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I just had to stop and drop everything I was doing to make this!! Min Yoongi !! I laughed till there was actually tears!! 😂😂😂😂 by far one of my favorite episodes!!

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Either McCree, Reaper, 76, or Tracer (whichever ones you want) with a s/o that has a crazy laugh. example: they snort, its loud, they laugh till they are tearing up.

// Oh boy I can relate to this. I laugh easily and waaaay too much. Like literally. The thing that never fails to make me laugh is when someone’s MOCKING my laugh…I’m like..stop…pls you’re only making this worse lmao. I chose Reaper and Tracer since I’m more interested in them! And yay, first request with a female character! Please feel free to send more of the ladies in y’all, they need more love ♥ Tracer, D.Va and Mei are legit gf goals for sure //

Headcanons for Tracer and Reaper with S/O that has a crazy laugh:


  • okay, so she first makes you laugh all willy nilly either by making a really dumb joke, or by doing something silly
  • you just crack up and she’s confused like, she didn’t really think it was that funny
  • but she doesn’t CAAARE because you laughing is just so wholesome and pure and it’s wicked contagious
  • now she’s laughing with you
  • will probably keep doing whatever it was that made you laugh in the first place (if it was a joke, she’ll keep retelling it or drag it on, if it was an action she’ll do it again)
  • like she will kill this joke, like, it’s just gonna be fuckin dead 
  • legit nobody else would be laughing but you rn
  • once you start snorting (and perhaps covering it out of embarrassment) she’ll fawn over how cute she found that
  • now when you get to the point of tears & it  becomes more difficult for you to breathe she’ll slow down
  • by now the “laugh high” is off and she’s like “Yikes, calm down love! It wasn’t all that funny!” 
  • you’re both in a good mood for the next few hours


  • you probably start laughing in reaction to a sassy, backhanded comment he made at someone else
  • he thought it was nothing, just a normal snide remark, nbd
  • but then you start laughing out of control - snorting, tears, the works
  • he’s more confused like??? him??? funny??? like i mean he always found himself funny before but holy shit you’re actually laughing
  • and it’s genuine like no way this is fake
  • finds it amusing, and if he didn’t have his mask on you’d be able to see him smiling for sure
  • makes him feel good about himself whenever you laugh at his jokes
  • “At least someone does,”
  • wont overdo it though like he wont push it for fear of killing the joke (haha get it killing haha)
How the guys and their s/o became interested in eachother

Apologies for not posting for a few days, im gonna start doing the requests now :’)

Kaito Momota

- U and Kaito started to already like eachother because u guys like the same music

- U were wearing the shirt of ur fav band/artist and when Kaito saw u he even needed to calm his shit down before talking to you

- he walked up to u and asked if u listen to them too??/?

- Honestly his smile was so adorable when he asked u that

- U nodded and he started to ask u a bunch of questions like why u like them and what ur fav song is and hes really happy to talk about them with u

- And eventually u saw that most of the music u listen to is also in his playlist

- Talking about your fav band/artist or just music in general with him is so much fun!!!

- And it doesnt matter if ur good nor bad at singing, in the end of the day u sing almost every song of ur fav band/artist with him wich makes u both laugh till u got tears in ur eyes

- Also he shows u maaany more music artists and groups ud be interested in!

- Even if u guys dont have anything to say to eachother u can always talk about music, that’s for sure :)

Kokichi Ouma

U were in this guy class and honestly u decided not to talk to him, like at all

- He gave u odd feelings

- When School ended and u were about to go home u saw the purple hitler Ouma at the locker room

- Ofcourse, u were like ‘shit’

- But when u saw Ouma’s face-

- He s blushing??????? 

- Like?????? Why is this guy looking like that?????? why he so cute????

- He walked up to u while u were obviously looking like u were about to run

- When he started talking it felt like there was 20 years added to ur lifespan like this guy his voice is straight up cute

- U legit forgot why u were avoiding him

- He said really nice stuff to u, and was lowkey trying to impress u tho 

- U guys started to talk more and u really enjoy the conversations!!

- Whenever he sees u he automatically smiles, like its his thing now

- Though he does goes from adorbs to evil time to time, u were able to accept that side of him, even though it was a little hard at first 

- But its not a problem anymore because now u guys are really happy with eachother!!


- U swear to god u saw him flying around once 

- It made u think like: ‘’whoaaa i wanna meet this robot guy wowie wow wow’’’and since then u started looking for him evERYWHERE

- But on ur first day of highschool u saw this guy and he was also in ur class and-

- S/O.EXE stopped working

- Though u decided not to go to him like a crazy fangirl or anything, u kept it cool and went home (cause it was the end of the schoolday at that moment)

- But when u turned around to look at him for one last time the guy was standing in front of u and u stopped working again

- When he talked he talked so formal like he used some words u never heard of

- It was actually really cute because he was stuttering the whole way true it, and u could see he was actually quite nervous to talk to u

- And when he asked u to introduce urself, instead of freaking doing it, U asked if he could fly

- Wich made ur school / classmates giving u a weird look but kiibo was happy to answer that question!

- He explained that it was one of his rlly dope robot functions and he ended up talking about all the other functions he has– yet he still spoke very formal to u wich is adorable 

- In the end of the conversation, u could see he actually had a nice time meeting u, and after talking more to eachother, he became to really like u (yet he doesnt know what that feeling means)

- U guys always have stuff to learn from eachother, u explain stuff about humans and society, and kiibo about robots and the way theyre created

- So its a win win for u both!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

- I legit have no idea to write this one sorry v.v

- Let’s say u found eachother at club penguin and ended up falling in luv

Rantarou Amami

- U always thought this guy was suspicious as hell

- Once ur bike was stolen and the next day u saw this guy with a bike really similair to urs

- Though he told u multiple times he had this bike for a long time

- Whatever he does u always have a something to say about it, like u still dont forgive him for sort of stealing ur beautiful green bike

- U don’t hate this guy, u just dislike it when he makes an appearance

- Even when ure a complete ass to him it doesnt look like he has any problems with it?? he is still really chill to u??

- He even once asked u to eat lunch with him and his friends

- U are confused like why is he still being nice to u?? U swear u saw him a little irritated at someone at least once

- Though u didnt want to admit it, it did made u more interested in him at some point

- So the next time he asked u to eat lunch with his friends u said yes

- U know, maybe he is a very nice person

- And yes! he is actually very nice!! U guys have a lot in common!

- Also Amami is a very chill person, and u can talk about kinda anything with him, hes very understandable + is good at listening 

- And u probably confused the irritaded guy with him, u can’t image this guy loosing his chill to be honest

- But u do need to survive his bad dad jokes

- Though it did took some time for u two to actually become lovers because u were STILL salty about the bike thing

Shuuichi Saihara

- U love to read!! But when u were in the local libary near ur house, u always saw the name ‘Suuichi Saihara’ in the back

- It acc annoyed u and ofcourse u needed to make a competition out of it

- U started reading all the books that has his name on the back, like u even ended up pulling an all nighter to finish one of those books

- Though u do admit this Saihara does have a good taste in books

- One day u were reading in the libary, and ended up falling asleep cause u obviously have an lack of sleep

- When u woke up the libary was closed while u were still IN THE LIBARY AND UR LIKE NOOoh

- But u also woke up with a really dope hoodie buT UR BUSY PANICkING

- Hours later when u decided to have a sleep over at ur favorite place u started wondering where the hoodie came from

- The next day u tried to fake sleep because u. wanna. know. who it was

- Then a hour(s) later u felt someone putting an scarf around ur neck lmao

- U turned around and saw a guy with a cap and ur like oh and u dont know what to say because u didnt expect to acc come this far

- He started blushing like crazy and u were suprised, he looked so mysterious but instead hes really cute and shy 

- U both introduced urselfs and Saihara is like ooh!! i always wanted to meet u cause u love reading as much as i do! i see ure name in the back of books a lot too

- And ur like bruh i see ur name on a lot of books too, but then he explained that he did that just for u to notice him and like how adorable even is that lol

- Since then u guys started to hang out in the libary a lot !!

Gonta Gokuhara

- He was acc the one starting to talk to u

- He once saw u taking care of a spider, instead of killing it u carefully took it and put the spider outside the school back to the nature

- He was very thankfull!! Because insects for this guys are like his own children

- Aside deadly ones, u were never really scared nor disgusted by insects

- But when this guy was talking about them, it makes u feel like theyre more than insects tbh

- He shows u how to take care of diffrent kinds of insects, and it made u actually interested

- Whenever ure asking questions, he s glad to answer! Cause it makes him not only feel at ease, but really happy too!

- Whenever he talks about insects with you, hes always smiling and he has that excitment in his eyes

- Even though u guys know eachother for months and are dating now, he still talks formal to u + has the same excitment in his eyes whenever the subject is about insects

Ryouma Hoshi

- U guys already knew eachother since elementary school

- So u can say u guys were childhood friends, though, he moved so u didnt talk to eachother since six grade

- U remember when u both were like 5 he once kicked u and u ended up with ur head in the sandpit

- And u guys always put sand in eachothers hair + pants/skirt or just straight up underwear

- But it made both of u laugh and yes u guys became friends because of it

- Many years later u were about to go to the police for an school project; u needed to interview one of these police offiecers about how they do their work–

- But then u saw this very little guy walking out of the front door like yes btches im finally free after all these years 

- And u recognice this guy like immediately and when he looked at u U SAW HIS SMILE SLOWLY DISSAPEAR LIKE

-  ‘’Oh… Hey Y/N looong time no see huh? ahah…ahahah..ha’’

- Let’s say his laugh was so awkward it made u cringe inside

- But the fact that it was ur friend from sooo many years ago made u very excited and idk he thought it was adorable

- After talking alot he started explaining the reason why he was in prison and u were shook at first but u saw despite his actions he was still like the same nice guy from elementary school

- And u both decided to hang out with eachother more 

- After some time u guys ended up having feelings for eachother too!! :)

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That moment Chris realises he love you even more as you have made him laugh till he cries with tears down his face in front of his family which is really rare? who does this play out? You also told a really embarrassing story about yourself which set him off and his whole family are stunned at his reaction and you laugh too at his laugh and when everyone calms down he just looks at you with so much love and affection?

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“So here I was, 12, trying to act casual and cool in front of this group of 13 year old druggies, and my dog decides that he wants to say hi to them. But I’m still riding my scooter at top speed down this hill and I didn’t realize he stopped. So I get to the end of his flexi leash and it pulls my whole scooter back, making me fall and scrape my whole leg. Still in front of these quote unquote cool kids. I couldn’t even look at them, I just called my dog, got back on my scooter and rode away crying.” I pretend to pout at the memory.

It’s the first time I’ve met Chris’ family and we were playing some games to get to know each other. I had unfortunate event of picking the card that told me to tell everyone an embarrassing memory. Chris’ family seems stunned and not sure how to respond.

It’s silent for a couple awkward moments and I start to mentally backtrack to think of a way to save myself when Chris bursts out laughing. He’s sitting next to me on the floor, but he’s soon laying down as his whole body is thrown into his laughter. I quickly look around at Chris’ family to see if they thought my story was funny too, but they all seem shocked by Chris’ reaction. I look back at Chris, noticing the way his hands are crossed over his pecs as he writhes on the floor in fits of laughter. It doesn’t take long for me to start laughing too, his laughter is too infectious to avoid it. Soon I’m laying on the floor next to him, covering my face as more and more giggles consume me. It seems that every time we stop we just look at each other and start laughing again. I eventually give up on looking at him, I sit up and move away from him slightly, covering my face still and trying to control my breathing.

Chris sits up next to me, crossing his legs before pulling me onto his lap. I squeak a little in surprise at the gesture. He rests his head against my back as he wraps his arms around my stomach, breathing another small chuckle. I wrap my arms over his and interlock our fingers. He moves his head to rest his chin on my shoulder after pressing a kiss to my neck.

“I can’t believe you were trying to act cool in front of middle school drug dealers, and your dog ruined your street cred” He chuckles again.

“I think the scooter ruined my street cred anyways” I tell him, turning my head to see his face

His eye crinkle as he laughs loudly again. “God, I love you so much” he says while squeezing me a little tighter.

“Even after you know about how bad my street cred is?” I gasp before pecking his cheek, “I love you too”

A/N: sorry this is kind of short. I wasn’t really sure how to tie the family in more so I was just trying to focus on Chris’ laughter and affection. Also don’t want to get too much PDA in front of the fam! (fun fact: that embarrassing story actually happened to me)

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first kisses headcanons (Lance, Hunk)

Lance’s first kiss was with Keith. One day, when retrieving Lance from his room, Keith noticed his headphones. At the evening he came to Lance and asked what kind of music he had, and they enthusiastically listened to song after song until Keith suddenly heard some classic piece he had once heard on Earth. Lance grinned, maximised the volume, put headphones around Keith’s neck and tugged him up, pulling him into a wide graceful move, until their bodies flushed together. They dance slowly, grinning and giggling until gentle piano and violin sounds died down, leaving them staring into each other’s eyes in silence. They leant into the kiss just as slowly as they moved while dancing, and it was everything Lance had imagined: something soft and lingering, gloved hand on his neck and soft fringe brushing against his forehead. They both jumped up when drums blasted from the headphones, and then laughed till tears in their eyes. 

Hunk’s first kiss was with Shay, and it was the way romantic kisses were shared on Balmera. Shay visited the Castle, eager to see everyone again. Later, when Shay and Hunk were left alone in the lounge, he was telling her about the Earth, about the diversity of landscapes and climate, and it fascinated her to no end. She said that Earth sounded like a dozen of tiny planets on the surface of a big one, and Hunk said that his biggest wish was to show his home to her one day. Shay looked at him strangely and suddenly wrapped her big hands around his neck, thumbs caressing his earlobes. When Hunk didn’t move for the whole 10 seconds, her cheeks darkened, she quickly removed her hands and started apologising and mumbling something about misinterpreting the situation, and Hunk already was starting to panic until she said something about this ‘seeming like a perfect moment for kiss’. Something clicked inside Hunk’s head (for he was not called genius for nothing), and, blushing furiously, he wrapped his hands around Shay’s neck. ‘This is me kissing you the Balmeran way. And this’, he leant and pressed his lips against hers, ‘was me kissing you the Earth way.’ After that, they decided that combining two kinds of kissing was the best way to kiss.

Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Do You Feel the Same?” (Rated T)

Kurt is a little annoyed at the couple in the back seat of his car, drunk as skunks and singing off-key, pawing at each other in an ambiguous way. Kurt just hopes that when they sober up, they lose his number so he won’t have to give some kind of awkward speech at their future wedding. But is it possible that Kurt has the wrong idea? (2196 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Six “Eternal Flame”.

Read on AO3.

Close your eyes … give me your hand, darling … Do you feel my heart beating? … Do you understand? … Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an …

Kurt cringes as they nail the words eternal flame with gusto, their tequila-soaked voices modulating to pitches that animals would flee from. They were such a nice, normal couple when Kurt picked them up at the beginning of the night. The two passengers crooning in the back seat of Kurt’s Prius, who had introduced themselves as TinaandBlaine (as if they were a Country-Folk singing duo), are now sloppy drunk and belting out maudlin 80s hits. They’re also slightly all over each other. Kurt can’t figure out if that’s drunken first date all over each other or just touchy-feely friends all over each other.

Especially since Kurt had thought that Blaine was flirting with him on the way to the bar.

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Who Killed Jackson Wang? pt.1

a/n: this was literally written for my own entertainment. so please enjoy my really dumb sense of humor and play along with this game. also @fightmeyeolie and @dreams-dont-run-away were my guinea pigs for this so thank you for willingly reading this ridiculous piece of art.

genre: comedy//angst

word count:  1,413


Halloween. The one holiday that all of Got7 was dreading this year in fear of a repeat of the M.A.R.V.E.L costumes. While it was fun once, they really didn’t want to do it again.

It was as they were thinking this that there was a knock at the door.

“Jackson your turn, go answer it.” Jaebum sighed from his spot on the couch where he was sprawled out. His head in Youngjae’s lap as he attempted, not for the first time today, to nap.

Jackson stood up with a groan, his body protesting after a long day of practice.

“Who could possibly be here this late at night?” Bambam asked, walking into the living room with just a pair of shorts on and a towel over his head.

“Don’t know, that’s why Jackson is answering the door.” Jinyoung deadpanned.

Bambam glared at Jinyoung as Jackson opened the door, his mouth ready to make some sort of smart ass comment, but was stopped short.

“I think we are all going crazy because there’s no one here.” Jackson leaned out of the door into the hallway to look around, but sure enough, there was no one in sight.

“Jackson don’t be dumb, we all heard the knock.” Jaebum sighed, sitting up to see what was going on.

“No really, there is NO ONE out here Jaebum. Look!” Jackson waved his hand with a flourish as if to prove a point as Jaebum looked up and down the hallway only to be greeted by nothing.

“What the hell?” Jaebum groaned, his face taking on that look that was somewhere between pissed off and annoyed. “Did we get ding-dong ditched or something?”

“Hyung no one does that anymore.” Bambam laughed as he joined the two of them at the door, his eyes going back and forth between the stumped looks on their faces with a smile when something caught his eye.

“Ah! Look!” Bambam shouted as his hand darted between Jackson and Jaebum.

The two older boys were ready to lock Bambam out until they saw what he was doing. Right there taped to their door was an envelope with Got7 written on the front of it.

“Mine!” Bambam yelled, making a run for the living room with the envelope clutched in his hands as Jaebum reached out, trying to grab hold of him. He was too fast for Jaebum though and slipped through his fingers.

“Bambam don’t open it! We have no idea where it came from!” Jaebum yelled, following the younger into the living room with Jackson behind him.

“What could possibly be wrong with opening it?” Bambam laughed, already having the top of the envelope ripped open.

“What if it’s from stalkers? Did you think about that?” Jinyoung sat up from his spot against Mark as Bambam pulled out seven smaller white envelopes.

“Well, only one way to find out.” Jackson laughed, dropping down to sit next to Bambam on the floor as he reached for the smaller envelopes.

“You two are ridiculous do you know that?” Jaebum sighed, reclaiming his seat next to Youngjae.

“Look there’s one for each of us!” Jackson yelled, his excitement building as he passed everyone an envelope with their names written on the front in neat block print.

All seven of them eyed their envelope before the curiosity got the best of them, even Jaebum.

Slowly each boy opened their envelopes and pulled out a small card. The words read to yourself written on the top.

“What the hell?” Jaebum whispered as he silently read the contents of the card.

Im Jaebum,

This is your formal invitation to JYP’s Halloween Murder Mystery.

Read this card alone for it is for your eyes only. Underneath you will find your character assignment.

Jaebum rolled his eyes, already dreading whatever ridiculous thing he was about to be dragged into. He quickly scanned the other members to see their reactions. It ranged from confusion on Mark and Yugyeom’s faces. To excitement, Bambam and Youngjae. And annoyance, which was Jackson and Jinyoung.

Jackson is what surprised him, whatever this was seemed like something right up Jackson’s alley.

Your character is the Rich husband. It is up to you how you portray your character.

You will act out your role on October 31st, at 6 pm at the JYP Entertainment building in the Got7 practice room. Do not reveal the contents of this card to the other members.

~We look forward to seeing you~

“Okay what the fuck?” Jaebum looked up to see Jackson staring at his own card, his eyebrows drawn together.

“It looks like some sort of game.” Mark sighed, clearly not thrilled with this turn of events. “Who’s did you get for your character?”

“The half brother!” Jackson groaned. “What does that even mean?”

“It says we can choose how to play our characters.” Bambam smiled and leaned back against the couch, his head resting against Yugyeom’s leg. “What’s your character Yugyeom?”

“The tennis coach of the old married couples son. Who are you?” He asked Bambam.

Bambam smirked up at the younger boy. “The son. Does this mean we get it on while my parents are out doing rich people things?”

Jaebum was so used to these sort of comments from the maknaes that it was automatic for him to chuck the nearest item at them; this time being Youngjae’s slipper making impact with the side of Bambam’s face. Bambam let out a groan as the shoe slapped his cheek.

“Who’s the old married couple?” Yugyeom asked, choking on a fit of laughter and immediately turning to look at Jaebum.

“Not me, I’m the rich husband. And one of you is my wife.” Jaebum snorted, slightly enjoying the look of distress on everyone’s faces at the thought of being married to the scary leader. Everyone turned to look at one another as they tried to figure out who was the ‘wife’.

“Hyung, I’m your wife now. This means you have to cuddle me whenever I want.” Youngjae said with the most serious face. He held up the facade for only a second before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Well at least they got that part right.” Mark laughed before looking at Jinyoung. “Who are you?”

“I am officially the ‘old rich wife.’” Jinyoung looked both slightly offended and slightly amused, causing Mark to laugh till he had tears in his eyes.

“That means you’re my mom now hyung!” Bambam shouted as he pointed at Jinyoung, an evil grin on his face. Jinyoung’s face was completely emotionless towards that information.

“That makes me your dad, gross.” Mark fake gagged, but then beamed. “At least I get to be Jinyoungie’s husband~” Mark said in a sing-song voice.

Jinyoung’s face still held the blank expression. “Fantastic.”

Mark pouted, slapping Jinyoung’s shoulder. “Stupid, you should be happy to be married to me!”

“Aish! Don’t hit so hard.” Jinyoung complained, but Jaebum didn’t miss the smile that was forming on his friend’s lips.

“So, I’m the rich husband,” Jaebum looked at each person as he listed off their characters. “And Youngjae is my wife. Jinyoung and Mark are the old married couple and Bambam is their son. Yugyeom is Bambam’s tennis coach for some reason, and Jackson is the half brother, but it doesn’t say to who.”

“Does that mean I get to choose who my half brother is? Cause I want it to be Jaebum’s half brother so he can have a sibling now!” Jackson smiled. Jaebum could tell his sour mood was lifting slightly.

“That’s fine with me, just don’t try to steal my wife.” Jaebum deadpanned, making Youngjae laugh as he leaned his head onto his shoulder.

“This is all great and what not, but what does this mean? What’s the purpose behind this?” Yugyeom shifted slightly, moving his leg and laughing when Bambam’s head hit the edge of the couch.

“Like I said, it’s more than likely just a game. Maybe for a variety show or something.” Mark reached over and laced his fingers with Jinyoung’s, a yawn escaping his mouth as he leaned into the younger man’s shoulder and closed his eyes. “I guess we’ll find out on the 31st, but I think we should sleep now.”

“Agreed.” Jaebum said, standing from the couch and reaching his hand out for Youngjae’s.

And with that, one by one, everyone shuffled off to their rooms to sleep. Oblivious to the game JYP had in store for them.

My First Kiss

Okay , I know out of everything that happened , it has been a really horrible experience and I wish I could go back and undo it all. I wish that a lot of my firsts didnt happen with him. I feel somewhat ripped off by it if i am honest, like i waited this long for things and it just was gone in a second. But the story of my first kiss ever , I cant erase it and i have to be honest i think it may be one of the worst first kisses , like it makes me laugh till tears it was that bad. But it is also in light of everything i can’t really tell my friend or anyone (And I’m likely cynical that i laugh about it) 

So this is the story of my first kiss. I had after waiting 23 years built it up in my head , part of me thought it would be disney magical , another part thought there would be butterflies before hand and that there would be some sort of sexual tension which lead to the kiss ,or it would be a sweet moment of walking hand in hand on the beach, it was none of these things. I felt nothing but confusion when it happened. 

So he had this thing for the wedding singer and he believed that the kiss in that is the perfect kiss (the idea is it includes a partial open mouth with a bit of tongue )  well i am still confused with how it happened the first kiss and it happened in three parts , the first one it took me by surprise that he was kissing me more than that it took me by surprise because he didnt really kiss my lips as much but instead i remember that he licked my nose and i specifically thought did he just lick my nose , why is my nose wet, i think he liked it like a dog , following this was the next kiss where we banged teeth and then the third time when our lips actually more met however this is when the wedding singer bit comes into it , its like he created a suction cup and with like an octopus tentacle around my tongue and sucked so hard i wondered 1. how is this even enjoyable 2. why and 3. i think my eyes have gone cross eyed looking trying to work out wtf he was doing. 

And honestly when i think about this , i can’t stop laughing because it was just that bad. His kissing did not get much better after that. 

Last night I felt something,something real. Between her and I, there is now this on going joke over a picture she found an both of us died over it last night. We laughed till tears filled our eyes an until she fell from her bed an I almost fell from my chair,we smiled an blushed at cute reblogs an I opened my heart to her last night. She has a dark past,one that causes her to feel so much pain an suffering,one that makes her feel unsafe. I could say a thousand words but none of them would mean a thing if I didn’t try to prove myself,if I didn’t try to make her feel safe,to earn her trust. I will spend eternity doing so because I love her,I truly love her an I feel safe with her. My heart aches when I hear her cry,I only wish to caress her face and lean In to kiss her but right now she is far,we are a bit of a distance away from each other but last night,today I had a dream about her. We were texting each other as I was getting ready to board the plane,we talked an laughed while she didn’t expect a thing. It took a day or so to make it to where she lives but I made it,I messaged her asking her to meet me at the airport and she did,her hands Shakey an her eyes teary she hugged me so tight an I couldn’t help but bawl.
I love you so much!! I love you! An I promise my heart to you forever! My loyalty, sincerity, compassion an trust. I give to you my all…you are my everything and I wanna adopt so many babies with you!!! An animals will do just fine :)
Bunnies,kittens,puppies! Whatever you want my love I will try to receive. I will work hard for us,for you because I love you…I truly love you!!!!!

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Can you do a reaction for BTS when you tickle them mercilessly? ^^ thx~♡

Hopefully this is okay~ And omg seriously i have a problem with the black and white gifs >.<


He’d be taking a nap on the couch and you would try and shake him awake but he just wouldn’t wake up. So you climbed on top of him and started to lightly tickle his nose, getting a slight reaction when he tried to itch it. You then went full on tickling him and she woke up instantly, you felt him flail under you as his laughter filled the room. You would soon give up as he picked you up off of himself. 

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He would grab your phone and try to txt someone on it or something along those lines and in the process of retrieving it, it turned into a full on tickle attack. He would be laughing so heard tear formed in his eyes but the fun would soon end when he accidentally pushes you off the couch. He would apologies right away and give you back your phone. 

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You would come up behind him and start to tickle him. He would try to make you stop but to no avail. He would then proceed to chase you around the house trying to tickle you. The case ending in the bed room where he returns the favor. 

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You would tickle him watching him struggle to stop you. Feeling him laugh under you and laughing with him. He tried to tickle you back but failed miserably. 

“Jagi i dot wanna hurt you~”

“By tickling me?”

“Im afraid im gonna accidentally hit you” he yelled through fits of laughter and soon you stopped to see he was laughing so hard he cried. 

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He would be acting goofy again and you would try to stop him by tickling him to death. He gaped a pillow and soon it broke out into a full on pillow fight. Ending with feathers all over and the two of you collapsed on the bed. 

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You would tease him with slight kisses to get on top of him and then you would attack full on. He would be throw off guard and die of laughter, pleading with you to stop.

“Jagi! Noo sexy time for you!” With the slight pause you took he took the upper hand and flipped you over. Putting you in a very favorable position.

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You surprise him when you jump into bed on top of him and start to tickle him. You loved hearing his laugh fill the room and as you thought that he flipped you over and started to attack you.

“Hya! Stooop~”

“Pay backs a bish” you laughed till there were tears in your eyes and he decided to stop, he wrapped you in his arms and kiss the back of your neck. 

“I will always win jagi”

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I could do anything with you and I’d be happy. We could be stranded in the middle of nowhere and I’d still feel safe. You light up my life in more ways I could ever list off. I love laughing with you till tears well up and our tummies ache. Joking about the weirdest things only we could find hilarious. Our own secret language and catch phrases that keeps getting bigger with time. Shooting each other goofy, twisted faces anywhere anytime. We learn a great deal from one another about endless things. I love our innocence, our silliness, yet also our sentimentality and seriousness. Our teamwork stuns me. You help me and I help you. You water me, I water you.

Being in love with you is surreal; I will never get over this dream-like quality that transcends into reality. @keithxedge

Ice cream thief (Bucky x reader)

Anon requested: Funny Bucky stuff please😚

Pairing: Bucky x reader
Warnings: Fluff 
Author notes:

  • Y/n is your name.
  • This is my first request and I’m just so excited! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected, but I wrote it while eating ice cream and that was the only cute idea I got.

Reader’s pov

You were absolutely shocked at how much Bucky loved ice cream, he nearly rivalled Thor and his obsession with poptarts and you found it pretty hilarious, because, c’mon, he was such a badass most of the time, but then he sneaked into the kitchen whenever he could and devoured industial quantities of ice cream, thinking that nobody could see him.
He was wrong though, indeed you caught him red-handed more than once, but you never said anything because you didn’t want him to feel embarassed, moreover, it was way too funny to see him stealing icecream in “secret”.
One time, after an extremely hard training ended at 3 am, you went straight to the kitchen desperately searching for something to eat, but you wasn’t expecting to find there Bucky, immersed in a hot make out session with a tank of ice cream. As you entered the room he immediately raised his head, dropping the spoon he was using and looked at you with a stunned expression on his beautiful face and ice cream all over his mouth.

“Oh, y/n… I-”

He bitted his bottom lip, not knowing what to say and waited for you to make the first move, but you simply giggled shaking your head.

“Don’t worry, James, this will be our little secret”

Bucky frowned at those words as he stood up for no particular reason.

“But I… did you know it?”
He looked just like a child caught with its fingers in the jam pot and you found it absolutely adorable, so you gave him a little smile and nodded.
“Did you really think to be the only one taking breaks to eat every now and then?" 

He slightly blushed and rubbed his head in discomfort, then he took another spoon from the kitchen drawer and gave it to you.
"What about eating ice cream together then?" 

 You laughed while looking at him and gladly accepted his offer, sitting next to him.

"Which one do you prefer?”
He asked since there were four different types of ice cream in that tank and you pointed to the chocolate one, smiling like a child.

“Oh no, chocolate is mine, doll. Choose another one”
Bucky looked at you squeezing his eyes in a fake intimidating gaze and wrapped his arms around the container in order to protect his precious treasure.
You tried to reach it but he simply made it impossibile by blocking you with his metal arm.

“C'mon James, give me the ice cream or I’ll tell everyone about this”

You looked at him with a mischievous smile on your face and put a hand on your hip, waiting for him to give up.

“Well, technically, you couldn’t say anything if I stopped you”
He innocently started to say, raising his eyebrows and as he stood up, slowly walking up to you, you just started to back off keeping a playful smile on.

“Come here, y/n”

He tried to keep a straight face, but a giggle escaped his lips in the process and a second later he was running after you all around the table. You looked like two kids since you both were laughing till the tears, anyway your breath got heavy after a while, so you stopped, letting him reach you and hold his arms around your waist.

He whispered at a foot from your lips and you would’ve kissed him if only Tony hadn’t entered the kitchen.

“What the hell are these noises-”
Tony stopped noticing the two of you near the table and the icecram on it.
“So you, you are the ice cream thieves here! I should’ve understood that, you little criminals!”

You looked at one another for a few moments before you all exploded in a huge laugh.

“Okay, kids, give me some ice cream and I’ll keep the secret”
Tony winked walking towards the table, then he pointed to you and Bucky, still in each other’s arms.

“And, let me make this celar, don’t you ever dare have sex on my table, got it?”

Suit Of Flowers 

Fandom: OPM

Pairing: Saigenos/Genosai

Previous || Chapter 3 || Next

>> Chapter 1

Summary:  Genos drags him into the Employees only room and pushes him in before shutting the door behind them. He doesn’t lock it, but it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t going to let Saitama leave without some answers.

A/N: And so they finally interact! Just a note, Saitama is not as strong as his canon self, but he is abnormally strong, and he tries to keep it a secret for various reasons. As always, feel free to send me hc’s! ( @sai-pop // @stickydoona )

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Can I have an imagine where you're Jacob little sister and you get caught kissing with Newt by him ? First he's a Little bit angry but then he's all happy ? With a lot of fluff ? Please ? :)

Sure thing. I have no idea what you might find fluffy so I just added a little bit of everything here and there so bare with me. Also, I thought you might like some Christmas-y stuff thrown in there seen as Christmas is on Sunday. Hope you like it.

 You knew about everything. The wizarding world, no-majs, why you felt like a part of had evaporated after a stormy day in New York and him. Who could forget that messy mop of auburn curls? It had been only days after your brother, Jacob Kowalski, had opened up bakery when an all pink clad lady had stepped through the single door and both you and you brother had felt as if that final piece to the puzzle had been placed. And after a couple of months of visiting Queenies place had you put together that she, along with her sister , were witches. Not that you cared, you thought it was pretty fantastic. Finally you met him. As soon as your eyes landed on that blue jacket your lips started to tickle as if you had just been kissed or perhaps you were remembering something that was once there, you silently hoped it was his lips that caused this flush of memory and judging by the smirk Queenie gave you while you were imagining such things, you presumed you weren’t far off, causing a deep blush to grace your cheeks.

It was mid December and with Christmas just around the corner Jacob forced you to stay behind at the bakery to finish off icing the Niffler cookies you had avoided doing during the day. Huffing, you tucked your skirt under and placed yourself on the stool behind the counter to ensure you had a perfect view of the snow falling heavily outside while you stuffed small amounts of icing into a clear bag and began tracing the claws of the dough Niffler. You had successfully completed fifteen creatures, not including the ones that slipped into your mouth when you got a little too peckish, when the bell above the door rang through the bakery. Pushing the loose strands of hair behind your ear you looked up to be greeted with a snow covered Newt Scamander.

‘’ Newt h-hi what are you doing here? I thought everyone was back at the apartment? ‘‘

Brushing his finger through his curls he shook off the melting snowflakes and removed his jacket to the pull up a stool directly in front of you.

‘’ I just wanted to come and keep you company if that’s okay? I mean if it’s not I understand. In fact I should just go and leave you to your work ‘’

Without thinking you practically threw yourself across the counter and latched on the his wrist, pulling him back down. A crimson glow kissed both of your cheeks following this.

‘’ N-no stay. It would be nice to have some company ‘‘


And that’s when the awkward silence settled. After first meeting Newt and feeling that tingle on your lips Queenie decided to inform you about your short lived relationship with Mr Scamander, telling you about how distraught the wizard became after you lost all memory of him. This then led you to assume that Newt remembered everything and that he knew you knew. Both of you deciding to not confront each other.

A final hour had passed and you had finished all your cores from your elder brother, with the help of Newt to keep you company by engrossing you in a convocation about the new Bowtruckle he had found. By the time you had packed up all your equipment and witnessed Newt fumble with your jacket before sliding it over your shoulders it was well passed midnight. You were both about to step out of the bakery when you felt as it your feet had been planted to the threshold. Confused you looked around only to notice a blushing Newt pointing at a strategically place ribbon of mistletoe above the two of you. Assuming that Queenie had placed it  there before you both arrived and that it was cursed with an enchantment holding you both captive unless your lips met, a blush rose of your face, similar to Newts.

Before you could bring up this situation to Newt you felt his hand cupping your face and his lips harshly pressed against yours. Judging by your frozen form, Newt suspected that you didn't agree with his feeling but before he could pull back you responded with just as mush force but what  you didn’t expect was a hand grabbing onto your jacket and pulling you back. You spun around infuriated to see your brother stood there with just as much rage in his face as you in yours. Before he could lunge at a frightened Newt, Queen stepped forward and latched onto Jacobs hand instantly settling him.

‘’ Really Scamander? My sister? ‘‘

He didn’t reply but meekly brought his hand to yours copying Queenies actions causing everyone to fall into a long silence.

‘’ Erm… Sorry ‘‘ Newt replied with a small hint of amusement in his voice.

After a further elongated silence Queenie suddenly burst into laughed with you following closely behind then Newt and finally Jacob. Ending the night or should I say the early morning with all four of you stood partially in the snow laughing till tears fell.

Hope you liked this and it wasn’t as shit as it sounded in my head as it did in yours.

Imagine: Bellamy finally letting you leave the camp... As long as it's with him.

“Monroe, I want you on lookout. We’ll stop here for a bit,” Bellamy said to the group, scanning the area for possible danger before letting everyone go to relax a bit by the river.

Something caught your eye. A butterfly? No… It was bigger. You started to approach slowly to get a better look, only to be pulled back by Bellamy’s strong grip on your hand. “Seriously, Bell? I’m just going to look at that butterfly-thing like, two feet away,” you said, rolling your eyes as he laced his fingers with yours, refusing to let you go. “Fine, come with me I guess,” you groaned, pulling a smirking Bellamy towards whatever that thing was. It looked like a giant moth, covered in a blueish-gray tint. It was beautiful. Bellamy watched you wistfully as you looked at the creature in amazement. You watched it flap its wings and fly, fluttering around till it was out of sight. “Can we go now?” Bellamy interrupted your moment of awe. You turned to him, crossing your arms in annoyance. “What is it, Princess?” he asked smugly, brushing the hair out of your face. You swatted his hand away, “Don’t call me that. And listen to me… Are you listening?” you asked as he scratched the back of his head casually. He nodded sarcastically, raising an eyebrow at you to continue. “Okay. I’m not complaining that you finally let me out of that camp for a day, but seriously Bell if you think-” He cut you off with the shake of his head, grabbing your face in his hands. “If you’re about to argue about me being protective over you, save your pretty little breath because there’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight,” he said, a proud smirk plastered on his face. Now you were the one not paying attention, your eyes drifting to his curly hair. He narrowed his eyes, noticing your gaze. “What?” he asked, jokingly exasperated. A huge grin grew on your face when you saw it- it seemed as though the butterfly/moth had found a home. “Ohmygod, is it in my hair?” he asked in quick realization. You only nodded, unable to contain your laughter as he shook his hair out. “Get it out!” he whined, but you only called Octavia and Lincoln over to join your laughter. It finally fluttered away, the three of you laughing till there were tears in your eyes as Bellamy stood there rolling his eyes.

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you know what i need now??


just imagine…

kagami getting all full of fighting spirit but accidentally shooting himself in the first 5 minutes trying to figure out how his gun works

aomine teaming up with kise and kise getting all excited but aomine just uses him as a shield despite being on the same team and just draggin his “dead body” around for that purpose

everyone shooting kise’s “dead body” at least 5 times. just for fun. they start keeping score on who can shoot kise the most.

aomine’s plan backfires as kise in a drenched transparent shirt attracts fangirls. imayoshi uses them as a distraction for aomine by getting their shirts wet aswell. aomine can’t look away. fangirls get him. imayoshi shoots him while he’s lying curled up on the ground but with a big smile on his face. it’s ok he can die happy now.

everyone continue shooting kise anyway

murasakibara doesn’t listen to the instructions or realizes the game began. gets killed right away by just standing there wondering why everyone running suddenly and goes to get snacks.

midorima a crazy lone sniper and master of camouflage shooting people from a distance. no one knows where he’s hiding and everyone are scared

takao has terrible aim and luck and can never hit anyone despite getting the best opportunities for a perfect shot. tries to shoot hyuga and accidentally hits midorima who was hiding in a tree dressed in something ridiculous. midorima falls on hyuga. takao starts laughing till tears come out of his eyes. hyuga shoots him from beneath midorima.

akashi getting way too serious about things planing to lure all the players into a room and starting a fire to trigger the smoke alarm so he can kill everyone in one strike

kiyoshi dying protecting his teammates like duh

kuroko’s team winning because everyone forgot he was playing also and went home, he shoots all of them while they’re eating icecream.