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Imagine with Harry meeting a son of a Death Eater first instead of Ron and they becoming best friends, and him being really awkward and sweet and nice regardless being a Slytherin and always being rather upset and protective when Draco harasses Harry. And then sometime around sixth year when Harry starts liking some girl, him being really jealous and not knowing why, but one night he decides to confess that he doesn't like the way he talks to other girls and they kiss? like rlly sweet and fluffy

At that moment a group of people passed just behind him and he caught a few words of what they were say.

‘-packed with muggles of course-’

Harry swung around.

The careless manoeuvre meant Harry didn’t see the rather tall man with his also rather tall son walk on the other side of him and he subsequently bumped into the son as he span.

‘Hey watch it!’ The young boy exclaimed and Harry shot back to gape and him, he cheeks burning with embarrassment.

‘Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see you-’ Harry started.

‘Theodore come along now. What are you doing?’ Shouted the taller man who Harry presumed must be Theodore’s father. 

But the sandy blonde haired boy glanced at Harry and his trunk with Hedwig perched precariously on top and smiled slightly. ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ The boy paused. ‘You look confused, don’t know how to get through?’

Now Harry was definitely confused. ‘Get through? Get through where? I’m looking for Plat-’

‘Theodore did you mishear me? I said come along. Now.’

The young boys smile fell. Harry thought he couldn’t be much older than him and his father reminded him slightly of his Uncle.

‘Just follow us okay? Run through the barrier, you’ll see.’ The boy turned to go before looking back quickly. ‘I’ll see you in there.’

Once Harry had managed to get himself through the barrier to Platform 9¾ and heave his trunk onto the large scarlet steam engine, he stood in the corridor of the train, slowly processing what was happening to him. It was here. It was real. 

‘So you made it then.’ A small voice came from behind him. Harry turned. It was Theodore again, his father wasn’t there anymore and the boy seemed to have perked up slightly, he was standing even taller then he already was, with a big smile on his face.

‘Um yeah I guess so, thanks for helping me.’

‘Don’t mention it.’ The boy beamed. ‘My name is Theodore Nott, but you can call me Theo, and you are?’

‘Harry Potter.’

This time Theo went white as a sheet. ‘Really..’ he whispered.

‘Yeah?’ Harry realised he should have expected this after  the treatment he had been receiving all over the wizarding world, but it felt strange, Theo seemed to be looking at him with fear rather than awe and it made Harry uncomfortable. But as quickly as the boy had paled, his cheeks flushed again.

‘I’m sorry Harry, you must think I’m really weird.. It’s just my dad… you know what? doesn’t matter. You want to come sit with me?’

Theo pointed to an empty compartment in the train, and Harry decided then and there that he like the sweet nervous gangly boy. 

‘Sure thing Theo.’

All of that had happened 6 years earlier. Harry always looked on the memory fondly, the day he met his best friend. The rest of his first day at Hogwarts had been a blur.

At first Harry had been upset when he was sorted into Gryffindor whilst Theo had been put into Slytherin like he said he would, but the two had always manged to find one another, despite the difference in houses.

Theo had remained Harry’s closest friend during his time here at Hogwarts, he had other friends, sure. The boys he shared a dorm with were all great and he and Ron had been friends for a while now. Hermione Granger, another Gryffindor girl, was Ron and Neville’s best friend though, and Harry had always preferred Theo to that trio.

Harry and Theo now walked quietly one evening along the corridor, aiming to reach a disused charms classroom to practice some new spells Harry had been reading about, after Dumbledore’s Army and that whole fiasco, Harry and Theo had always tried to fit in any defensive training where they could, for protection but also for fun.

As they walked along, animatedly talking about Harry’s potions textbook and the strange writing it had inside it, Draco himself rounded the corner.

‘Alright Potter.’ he sneered.

‘Malfoy’ Harry replied. 

‘What do you want Draco.’ Theo said in a disinterested tone.

‘Nothing, just to be able to walk along the corridor without bumping in a blood-traitor and his pet chosen one. That’s all.’

‘Piss off Malfoy, go find someone else to bother, leave Harry alone for once.’

Harry snorted. ‘It’s fine Theo, Draco isn’t going to do anything without his group of thugs around to protect him is he?’

Theo smiled. ‘That’s true, where are they Draco? Did Goyle get his wand stuck up his bum again?’

Draco snarled at both of them before turning to walk away. Harry and Theo continued walking to the classroom in fits of giggles.

‘Did you see his face’ Theo smiled.

Harry mimicked Draco’s expression. ‘No Potter, Nott please don’t hurt me, I’m only an ickle Malfoy’

The two boys laughed again as they entered one of Flitwick’s charms rooms. Harry stopped laughing and sighed.

‘This is where Cho and I did pair work together a few weeks ago’

The smile on Theo’s face vanished. ‘Oh.’

‘She’s really pretty I don’t know how you can’t see it.’

Theo dropped his gaze and leaned against the wall of the room. ‘I just think there are better people out there Harry. For you at least.’

‘Theo stop, you know your Dad would never really make you marry a Pureblood girl.’

‘You don’t know my Dad Harry..’

Not wanting the subject to go any further, as Harry could see Theo was already quite upset at the change in topic, he switched back to Cho.

‘Cho does have really pretty eyes though, you have to admit.’


‘What she does!’

‘Does she? Or are you just saying that because you want me to like her?’

Harry frowned. ‘Maybe a little bit of both. I mean why do you hate her anyway?’

Theo looked exasperated ‘I don’t hate her i just think…’


‘I just think you could do better.’

‘Like who.’

Theo suddenly looked uncomfortable and he stood back up and walked over to Harry, not meeting his gaze.

‘I don’t know..’

‘Come on, give me one good example.’



I don’t know someone like…’



‘WHO THEO!’ Harry was laughing now, Theo could be so annoying sometimes.

‘Like me.’

The words were barely audible and Harry had to pause for a second to see if he had heard correctly, but Theo’s entire face had turned red and he was finally looking into Harry’s eyes. Harry’s mouth fell open.

‘Like me.’ Theo repeated a little louder. 

Harry remained motionless and Theo got the message, his hands shot into his pockets and he shook his sandy blonde hair away from his eyes. 

‘I’ll see you round Pot-’

Harry reached forward and grabbed Theo’s arm, yanking him forwards. he had to stand on tiptoes slightly but he didn’t mind and as Theo stumbled forward Harry pressed small kiss on his lips. It was short and sweet, but deep and meaningful and now it was Theo’s turn to stare open mouthed as Harry pulled away, still gently hold Theo’s arm in his, slowly moving his hand down and into Theo’s pocket to wrap around his own.

Harry grinned. ‘God almightly Theo, took you long enough’

‘you.. you-’

‘Like you back you idiot. Since we were 11. So trying to be so sneaky about it. I like you back. All you had to do was say it.’ Harry was laughing now, and as Theo realised what was happening he began to join in to.

‘You like me back?’ He giggled.

‘Well duh!’

Theo pulled his hands out his robes to grab Harry around the waist to before pulling him back into a much longer kiss.

5SOS Preference ~ His Girlfriend Doesn't Like You


You were sitting on the porch swing at the boys’ LA house that they owned together. There was a party going on to celebrate the EP album. A bonfire was flaming in the middle of the yard. People were scattered around talking to eachother, laughing, cups and bottles in hand. Surprisingly, less than half the people were hammered so far. However, it was only 10:00. You sipped from your cup and let the liquid slide down your throat. Your eyes scanned the yard for your best friend Luke, who forced you to come to this stupid party. You should have known he would ignore you the whole time. That’s all he has done lately since his annoying girlfriend came into the picture. She treated you like shit, but you didn’t tell Luke because he really likes her. You spotted Luke and stood up to walk over to him. His girlfriend, Rosaline, was hanging off his arm. She rolled her eyes when she saw you walking over. Luke grinned at you. The people they were talking to said goodbye and walked away when you walked up. “I’m gonna get going.” You said to Luke. He frowned. “It’s only been an hour, though, Y/N. I really want you here.” he said. You looked away so you wouldn’t give in. “I’m tired.” You said. You looked at Rosaline, who was giving you the dirtiest look ever. “Fine.” he sighed. “Rosaline, will you walk her to her car. I would leave but I’m one of the hosts.” he chuckled. She sighed and nodded. Luke pecked her cheek and pulled you in for a hug. “goodbye.” he whispered. “Bye.” you said, before following behind Rosaline towards the front yard. You sipped from your cup again. You two walked silently until she abrubtly stopped in the middle of the yard. “Before you go,” she began. “I just want to tell you to stay away from Luke. He’s mine now, not yours.” she scoffed. You stayed silent with shock. Did this bitch really just say that? “Um.. what?” you asked. “You heard me.” she said. “Um last I checked, you dont tell me what to do.” you said, challenging her. “Well, last I checked, best friends don’t come before girlfriends.” she said with a laugh. This really set you off. You’d known Luke for years and she thinks she can come steal him. You didn’t know what possessed you, but you threw your cup of beer into her face. She screamed loudly. “You bitch!” she shouted. Before you could process what was happening she pulled you to the ground. She tried to punch you, but she was too weak. You laughed and got on top of her, sending one punch to her face and standing back up. You gasped. Ashton and Luke were a few feet away running towards you. You sighed in relief. “I-"you began, but stopped when Luke kneeled down next to Rosaline. A tear rolled down your cheek and you looked up at Ashton with sad eyes. He gave you a sympathetic look. He knew what Rosaline had been doing to you. Everyone knew but Luke. "What the hell, Y/N!” he yelled helping Rosaline to her feet. “You ruined the party!” he shouted at you. “Luke-” Ashton said, trying to stop him. “No. Just leave, Y/N.” he said, going back to Rosaline’s aid. You let out a shaky breath and turned to begin walking to your car.


You and Ashton were sitting on the couch with the boys watching movies. You were all friends and you haven’t been able to hang out in a while, so you were cherishing this time. You were sandwiched between Ashton and Calum on the couch, watching We’re the Millers. You’d seen it many times but it never failed to make you laugh. There was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” you said, getting up from the couch and making your way to the front door. You opened it to reveal Ashton’s girlfriend, Shana. You gave her a snark grin. “Hi.” you said. “Why are you here?” you asked. “I want to see Ash,” she began. “Well he’s kind of busy.” She scoffed and shoved past you, headed to the living room. You slammed the door shut and followed behind her. You went into the living room to see the boys with disgusted looks on their faces. Shana was straddling Ashton, eating his face off. You exchanged looks with the boys, waiting for someone to say something. When nobody did, you spoke up. You walked over and sat right next to them. You tapped her shoulder and she looked over at you. “We’re kind of busy.” you said. She turned to Ashton and pouted. “Ash, can I stay?” He sighed and looked to all of us. “Sure.” he said. We all let out breaths and gave eachother disgusted looks. We all hated her. “Y/N, can you get Shana a drink?” Ashton asked. You looked at him in disbelief. The room went silent as you got up and headed to the kitchen. You would do anything for Ashton. You just couldn’t say no to him. You poured a glass of water with ice in it and headed back to the kitchen. Shana had taken your place on the couch, now. You stood behind them fuming, with the drink in hand. “When is she gonna leave?” Shana scoffed. “I’ll make her leave soon, babe. I know you don’t like her. She’s been getting on my nerves too.” Ashton said. Shana grinned and kissed his cheek. The boys had noticed you by now and gave you surprised looks. You got a sudden ping of anger mixed with sadness and felt tears building up. You swallowed them down and dumped the ice cold water all over Ashton, not Shana. He stood up quickly and looked at you in shock. “I’ll leave now. Don’t want to get on your nerves anymore.” You said, and headed for the door. You ran outside and shut the door behind you, headed to the nearest coffee shop. You never thought your best friend would betray you like that.


All 5 of you were piled into a booth at the pizza shop downtown. It was your birthday and instead of having a party, your four best friends and you decided to go out for pizza. Luke, Calum, and you were on one side of the booth, and Ashton and Michael were on the other. You were on the outside edge. You were all laughing and having a great time, stuffing your faces with pizza. You were in the middle of telling a funny story about your brother when you stopped midsentence. Calum’s dreadful girlfriend Cara was strutting inside the pizza shop. She wore a black bodycon dress and black heels. Her blonde hair was curled in perfect ringlets and rested over her shoulders. You looked down at your ripped jeans, converse, and old band tee and became insecure. How were you supposed to compete with that? She scanned the room and squealed when she spotted Calum. You and the boys exchanged looks, you rolling your eyes. She ran over and pounced on him, leaning over you. “Excuse me?” you said. She stood back up and gave you a look as to say ‘shut up or I will slit your throat". “Can you move, Y/N? Cara needs somewhere to sit.” Calum said. You scoffed and moved to the other  side of the booth. “I have been looking for you! Then I rememered you mentioning something about a pizza shop.” He grinned at her in awe. He was such a lovestruck idiot. “Yeah, its Y/N’s birthday.” She looked at you and mumbled “Oh.” Luke looked at you and made a disgusted face. You chucked and grabbed another slice of pizza. “I could never eat that. Imagine the carbs in it.” she said, making a gagging face. This was enough. The table went silent. You only continued eating. “I heard you gain like 3 pounds every time you eat it.” she said. You sat the pizza down on the plate and looked up at her with smirk. Sorry Cal. "You must eat a LOT of it then.“ You said. Her and Calum’s jaws dropped as the other boys desperately tried to contain their laughter. On that note, you left a 10 on the table and got the hell out of that restaurant.


The boys and you were currently piling into the car to go to an All Time Low concert. You were all stoked you got to see your favorite band live, even though they have met them before. You were sitting in the back with Luke, Ashton and Michael were in the middle row, and Michael was driving. "Lets go!” you yelled, obviously way too excited. “We cant leave yet.” Michael said, checking his phone and then locking it again. “Why?” Ashton asked. Michael sighed. “I sort of told Mikayla she could go.” he said sheepishly. We all stayed silent except for me who scoffed. “I know you don’t like her but she likes you.” he said. You let out a heartless laugh. “Debatable.” you said. Mikayla always insults you when Michael is not around and tells you to back off, but you dont listen. Your friendship with Michael is too valued to you. Just as you finished speaking, her red sports car pulled into the driveway. She stumbled out of the car and you tried to hold in your laugh at her appearance. She wore a mini-skirt with a flowy blouse and flats. She definitely hasn’t been to many concerts. She climbed into the car and shut the door. “Lets go!” she said. She infuriated you. She probably didn’t know their names or songs, or anything even to do with All Time Low. Michael started the car and pulled onto the road. Everyone was silent so you decided to speak up. “So, what’s your favorite All Time Low song, Mikayla?” you said with a smirk. Michael shot you an irritated look. Mikayla turned around and narrowed her eyes at you. “I like them all.” You scoffed. “What about your favorite member?” you ask. She shrugs and turns back toward the front. You look to Luke and roll your eyes. You drove along in silence the rest of the way there. Now, you were waiting in line. You patted your pockets only to realize you left your phone in the car. “Shit.” you mumbled. “I left my phone in the car. I’ll be right back.” you said to the group, but you weren’t sure they all heard, but as long as someone did. Luke nodded. “Want me to come with?” “I’ll be fine,” you said with a grin, turning to weave through the crowds of people outside the arena. Michael turned to the group. “Where’s Y/N?” he asked. “Went to get her phone.” Luke said. “I’ll hold her ticket.” Mikayla offered with a smile. Michael grinned and handed her your front row ticket along with yours. Suddenly the doors opened and the people began pouring inside the building. Meanwhile, you had arrived back to the venue and were desperately searching for your friends. You sighed in relief when you spotted Mikayla a few feet away. “Mikayla!” you shouted over the screams. She turned and spotted you. She stopped and waited for you to catch up. You finally reached her and sighed In relief. “Thank God!” you said with a grin. She gave you dirty look. “Cut the shit. I don’t want you here and neither do you. So leave.” she spat. You stayed silent and spotted the boys a few feet away looking for Mikayla. You don’t know what got into you, but you actually believed her. Why would they pick you over a perfect girl like her? You sighed. “You’re right. I’m so sorry. Can you tell them I wasn’t feeling well?” you mumbled. She nodded. “Gladly.” You looked toward the boys and locked eyes with Michael. He said something to the others and they headed toward you. You suddenly got the urge to throw up. You looked at them with tears in your eyes. You ran through the crowds and down the street, away from the venue.