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BELLA OH MY GOD I DON'T KNOW HOW CAN I BE OVER JOE'S VIDEO!!! i'm dying. fucking fuck, can we talk about how touchy jack was with joe? and how many times he slapped hid leg? and also i rewatched the game of phones and noticed that even back then jack was super touchy and he always leaned over to joe's shoulder!! and they wore matching clothes! and FINALLY, JOE, IS IT THAT NECESSARY TO ALWAYS SIT BETWEEN CASPAR AND JACK?? gosh joe loves both of his boyfriends so much he's so lucky

jack slapping joes leg was the bEst and funNIESt  thing to happen oh my god 

?????why did it happen??? im not complaining tho and joe has such cute legs so i dont blame jack for finding an excuse to touch them

and the game of phones vid!!! jack was helplessy in love in that whole thing and i didnt even notice they were both in all black omf also the fact that joe has sat between jack and caspar twice now in buttercream videos makes me so happY i love to see joe squished in between his two boyfriends :))))))))

Ski Lodge: Nature has an Answer

This post is dedicated to @mayaqueerhart​ . Also, @ukulelesandsnapbacks because i really like her.

We have to start at True Maya, because it’s important. Maya realizes her human nature and the impact Riley’s had on her at Christopher Park.

Clearer photo from Google:

and then Ski Lodge:


Now let’s rewind back 15 or so minutes where the girls say what they want. First Maya:

That’s cool, Maya, but Lucas isn’t down for that. In fact, you have someone in your life who is. Earlier in this arc:

But you scoffed and painted over her trap. Where’ve we seen that kinda behaviour before? (LMAO poor Lucas)

Now Riley:

(Can I just say, the score in this skit was KILLING ME! I was laughing so much. The dramatics!) Anyways, that’s also cool, Riley, but thats not happening. At least…not with Lucas specifically.

What a horrible 3 seconds that was!

More about these hilarious fantasies:

  • Maya doesn’t drop Lucas for Josh but she does for Riley
  • Maya doesn’t tell Riley and she and Lucas are couple
  • Maya changes her mind about destroying Riley when she sees her and instead wants to destroys the world instead when she sees Rucas flirting 
  • Riley doesn’t kiss Lucas in her “fab-a-luss” world because she’s thinking of Maya
  • Riley & Maya are still finishing each other’s sentences in the boyfriend fantasy

And now for Part 2

Actually, I don’t have a lot of to say about this one except, well, it was the usual *exasperated sigh* PLATONIC interaction and *groan* platonic declarations of love. This is show testing my patience with this. Every time I think ‘When’s the marriage?’ and then I say ‘Oh yeah, the lead is a girl so it’s probably not happening.’ But anyways:

1. I did think it was funny the made Josh the male Riley, having him talk to people and observe–the same ish Riley does, and having him say her line (”Mm no don’t do that”).

2. Farkle: It says any relationship, not just you guys and Lucas. 
   Josh: (backing up Farkle) Yeah It could mean relationships with your friends.                (points to Riley and Maya*) 
   Riley: So? If the answer isn’t romance then what else you got?

3. Do I believe that Maya went out with Lucas and became like Riley to create a screening process like Josh thinks? Perhaps. But that don’t explain why she made fun of Lucas relentlessly (and Charlie, and zoomed over to Salty Town over the possibility of both Riarlie and Riarkle). Also if Maya figured it out as Riley, then R_cas is familial?? I think Josh is gonna spend some more time and realize this isn’t about screening. At all. What Maya did was all her. And, theoretically, another reason why Maya is so hung up on Riley’s love interests, wants to “mess up” Lucas and wishes she had a smoothie when Lucas keeps on bein’ perfect could garner more gasps then the entirety of this episode.

4. We got another Corpanga comparison in the end. What’s that now, probably the 7th time…in the last year? 😆

Thanks. Bye.

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You are an ugly bitch. You should fix your face I feel sorry for you

omg my first anon hate message! i feel famous 💅🏽 is this because i hate sambar? thank you very much for taking the time out in your day to send me this but you’ll have to send me like ten billion more of these before i start to believe it. now do you really have that much time to invest in making me believe a lie when life is short and time is precious 🤔 toodle pip! have a lovely day! 👋🏽

yumoto: eh? theres something brown and cuddly there!
wombat: brown and cuddly… wouldnt that be a raccoon?
io: are there such things as raccoons throwing pillows?
io, ryuu, atsushi: (runs after yumoto)
en: (following them)
en: eh? (makes fake window breaking noise)(jumps out window)


“Pet” press conference held on July 14th, 2016. 

Mamo was smiling and laughing so much there. ^_^

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"I told you not to fall in love with me" with (single) Jensen. If you don't do Jensen then I'll take dean!

“Jensen!” you shouted from the bathroom just after you started your shower with ice-cold water. 

When you walked into the living room, with only a towel wrapped around you, you found a hysterically laughing Jensen.

“Are you serious? I told you to leave me some warm water!” you said, moody because you couldn’t enjoy your nice morning shower.

“What? I thought you said you wanted cold water. Sorry, hun’,” Jensen laughed, wiping away a tear from laughing so much.

“You are the worst,” you groaned before stomping off to dry yourself off and get dressed.

“I told you not to fall in love with me,” Jensen shouted after you and you simply rolled your eyes, knowing he couldn’t see it, but that didn’t matter.

Even if Jensen teased and pranked you so much, you loved him a lot. It was true, he told you not to fall in love with him, more in a serious way though, but you didn’t care.

He was the kindest person you’ve ever met, he made sure you were okay with him being a person living in public and that if they ever became official, drama could spread around easily, but you convinced him that it didn’t matter to you, as long as you had him. 

And so the two of you often spend weekends together, went on dates or just enjoyed some movies as you grew closer and closer.

He might’ve been an idiot, but he was your idiot. 

Want a Drabble?

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Hey heyy could you do a wonwoo and Jun poly?? Your writing is the best

“ WEN JUNHUI!” You scream as your boyfriend attacks your side with tickles, he has you under him, pinned down while your other boyfriend watches the two of you with a small grin on his face.

“ Wonwoo! H-HELP!” You laugh as Wonwoo shakes his head, climbing onto the bed. Jun gives him a look, and they both nod as Wonwoo joins in to tickle you. Shrieking, you feel small tears start to form from laughing so much. Wonwoo chuckles slightly as Jun stops, his eyes widen.

“ Oh god, baby I didn’t make you cry did I?” He asks so concerned. You stifle a laugh because of the pain in you stomach from already laughing so much.

“ N-no, it’s just from laughing Jun.”

“ Our boyfriend can be such a idiot sometimes.” Wonwoo murmurs as he pecks Jun’s cheek. You smile widely before pulling on their shirts, beckoning them to lay down with you. Spreading your arms open, each boy takes a side and lays their head on your chest.

“ I may be an idiot sometimes but I’m your idiot.” Jun said as Wonwoo groans. You cringe slightly as you watch them lace their fingers together.

“ Ew you’re so cheesy Junnie.” You said. Now he laughs, leaning up to place a kiss on you lips as Wonwoo nuzzles your neck. Smiling widely,  you hug them closer to you. You honestly couldn’t ask for a more perfect day.

Inspired by this:

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ARGH So cute!! I’m glad you like my writing hon! Requests are open! And you can always ask or talk to me!


I laughed so much, God I love them

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in response to that one anon, I personally find ur high horse adorable. please continue to ride it everywhere and teach it Italian. (obviously this is a joke, I don't even understand. I see no horse.)

hahahahaha this made me laugh so much. thank you kind anon, I shall keep doing me from the comfort of my magnificent steed 💕🐴