laughing so hard my side has stiches

A goat ate my homework????

We’ve all heard the expression “my dog ate my homework” but a goat??? It seriously happened once to one of my papers in English Lit in college no joke….I’m dead serious. So yeah that brings me to this tale. Our trash was all over our yard yesterday morning and i was positive our neighbors dog was responsible so I went next door and kindly asked them to shut their dog away. They insisted that they kept her inside at night and I couldn’t understand what it was. So around 7 am this morning I heard the sound of a goat in the yard and lo and behold a baby goat had knocked over our trash can and it was everywhere. I couldn’t even be mad. The goat was so cute and it just looked at me confused like and “baaaahhhhhdddd”“” I laughed so hard I had a stich in my side. My uncle has a goat pen about half a mile down the road and a baby goat has been getting into our trash through a small hole in the fence. Now the hole is fixed and I made a cute little new friend!!!!!

Bad Goat!!!!