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what do u think would happen if jeremy walked into the bathroom while michael was crying (like during the party)

OK SO i asked em ( aka @gayradwhitedad ) to help me with this ask and they came up with some really good headcanons ( like wtf they’re the best ) and i drew some of them so!!! the drawings are here and the headcanons are under the cut ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING, IT’S SO GOOD )

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I wonder what other family mottoes are,“ Emma mused. ’‘Do you know any?”
“The Lightwood family motto is 'We mean well”’.
“Very funny.”
Julian looked over at her. “No, really, it actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty’?”
He shrugged. 'If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale’?“
Emma burst out laughing. ’'What about Carstairs?” she asked, tapping Cortana. “ 'We have a sword’? 'Blunt instruments are for losers’?”
“Morgenstern,” offered Julian. “When in doubt, start a war’?”
“How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously’?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.”
They were both giggling almost too hard to talk.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows

@doragonhinansho had a bad day today, so I thought I’d give them a little pick me up in the form of a kid!fic in which dragons are awesome!!!

Stiles ducks his head, trying not to cry. Jackson is so mean. Dragons are cool. His mom told him they were.

“You are such a loser,” one of Jackson’s friends laughs, throwing the dragon Stiles got for his birthday in the air, catching it expertly. He’ll probably join some kind of cool sports team in high school, Stiles thinks, trying not to feel bitter about it. Stiles has never been good at sports. He likes dragons and wolves and fighting mythical creatures with his friends online. His mom says he’s cool and Stiles wants to believe her, but it’s kind of hard when you go to school with Jackson- stupid-face-Whittemore.

“I am not,” Stiles says, not sure why he feels the need to talk back. His dad told him it will get him in trouble one day. Maybe he should stay quiet, but as he watches his new friend fall to the ground and get kicked about like a ball, it’s either talk back or cry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice suddenly sounds from behind them, startling even Jackson who jumps.

Stiles turns, because he knows that voice, eyes widening as he watches Derek Hale approach them.

Derek is sixteen and the cooler than Batman and Stiles kind of wants to marry him one day. Because girls are more awesome than boys, but boys are prettier, everyone knows that. And Derek is the prettiest. Plus, girls have cooties. Scott says they don’t but Stiles isn’t so sure.

Blushing, Stiles scrambles up from the ground, making a dive for his dragon, but Jackson just pushes him away and laughs.

“I said-” Derek says, coming up to stand in front him. “What. Are. You. Doing?”

Jackson’s smile falters a little when Derek tilts his head to the side, like all the Hales do. Derek’s big sister Laura is the best at it. She made Jennifer Blake cry once for bullying Erica Reyes. Just by looking at her. Stiles is pretty sure she’s a superhero, just like Derek.

“Nothing,” Jackson shrugs, ducking his head suddenly and kicking at the ground. “Just tellin’ Stilinski he’ll never make friends if he keeps playing with toys.” He smirks, glancing at Stiles, and Stiles wants the ground to swallow him up.

Derek looks down then, frowning when he sees the dragon under Jackson’s foot. “Is that your’s?” he asks, turning to Stiles.

Stiles starts to say no, because he doesn’t want Derek to think he’s a loser too, but this might be his only chance to get Mr Firebreath back. “Yes,” he whispers.

“Right,” Derek says, stepping into Jackson’s space a little more until he gulps and moves back, off the toy. Bending down, Derek picks it up and dusts it off. “It’s not too bad,” he tells Stiles. “But your mom might want to wash it.” He holds it out for Stiles to take, a smile crossing his features, and Stiles doesn’t know why, but it makes him feel like one of those pink toasted marshmallows his mom buys inside.

Taking Mr Firebreath, Stiles resists the urge to apologise to him, because only really little kids think toys have feelings. Well, really little kids and Stiles.

When he looks back up, Jackson and his friends are already walking away, muttering bad words under their breath, as Derek continues to stare at them with a look Stiles knows is only for show. It’s his I-don’t-like-you look. Stiles is happy he’s never given it to him. Derek’s actually really sweet to Stiles. Most of the time. Even that one time Stiles accidentally dropped ice cream on Derek’s new sneakers at the annual Hale barbecue. Derek had let Stiles eat his whole tub of extra-large raspberry ripple with chocolate swirls while he had tried to clean them. He didn’t even tattle when his mom asked what happened.

That was the day Derek became Stiles’ hero.

“Sorry,” Stiles says, unable to meet Derek’s eyes.

“Why are you sorry?” Derek asks, crouching down so he’s shorter than him.

“I shouldn’t have brought him- it- to school,” Stiles says, waving Mr Firebreath a little.

Derek laughs. “It’s not your fault he got taken. Those boys weren’t very nice.”

Stiles shrugs, feeling his cheeks grow hot. Derek probably thinks he’s so dumb.  “Dragons are stupid,” he finds himself saying, hoping Mr Firebreath will forgive him later.

Derek laughs again and Stiles wants to run away. “Well, I think dragons are cool. If you don’t want him anymore, I’ll take him.”

Stiles’ head snaps up at that, disbelieving. “You like dragons?” He blinks. “But- but you play basketball!”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t think dragons are cool. I prefer werewolves though.”

Stiles’ eyes light up. “My mom let me watch a movie once!” he breathes excitedly, accidentally hitting Derek in the chest. Scott doesn’t like werewolves. Stiles has never met anyone who likes werewolves. “It was about a boy who plays basketball, like you!” He looks away briefly, embarrassed when Derek raises an eyebrow at him. “He could turn into a werewolf and it helped him win all the games,” he finished, shyly.

Derek grins. “Teen Wolf?” he asks. “You like that movie?”

Stiles nods, grinning. “Do you?”

Derek leans in, crooking his finger at Stiles and Stiles’ heart races. “If I tell you a secret will you keep it for me?” he asks. Stiles nods, eyes wide as he waits, and then suddenly Derek’s eyes are glowing and his teeth are turning into fangs. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a really cool trick,” Stiles grins, wanting to touch Derek’s face because how did he do that?

Derek winks and the trick disappears.  “Tell you what,” he says. “How about I take you trick or treating this year. We can dress up.”

Stiles is going to die. “Really?” he asks. “I mean-” He looks down, shrugging, trying to be cool. “If you want, sure.”

Derek laughs again and ruffles Stiles’ hair. “Yeah, really. We’ll show those boys just how cool werewolves and dragons can be, okay?”

Derek stands up then and as he walks away Stiles knows that he is definitely the boy he is going to marry.


Ten years later, Derek proposes with a dragon egg replica from Game of Thrones and Stiles kisses him until his eyes glow, just like that first day.

Class Dismissed

 Request:  Can you do a Chris Beck x reader where Chris is teaching new NASA recruits and the reader is one of the students and they are both super attracted to each other and like smuuuttt please

Pairing: Dr. Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (please use condoms), mentions of hospital stay.

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My first day as a NASA employee, you could say I’m nervous. But also so excited for this new chapter in my life. I was at a horrible time in my life, I was constantly sick for about 3 months, been to doctor to doctor to doctor, and no one seemed able to help me. I had given up hope, and the only person I was relying on more than anything, my boyfriend of 3 years, went ahead and cheated on me. And you know what makes it even worse? It was cliche, he was cheating on me with my best fucking friend, and I found out on the day I found out what was wrong with me. I had just found out I had sepsis, and they caught it just in time. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks while they pumped antibiotics and fluids, while battling depression. Neither him nor her came to see me once in the hospital. Once I got out I had a new lease on life, and so far I’ve never seen either of them again. I enrolled for the NASA recruit program, and I was accepted. I’m here today, about to met my instructor. I’ve met a few of the students, and they’re pretty cool so far.

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A Condom (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to get this one up. but I really think it was worth it. I feel like this part is really good. it draws on my nostalgia - the ones I used to read that I enjoyed so much. so I really hope that you all enjoy it. warning for some light groping but that’s about it, it’s really not R rated at all. enjoy !! -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

You were standing in the middle of the room – hovering, like a ghost. You were someone who wasn’t there. Paled out with shock, pitted with fear, stomach twisted into knots.

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Baby, You’re Perfect -- Tom Holland x Reader

A few things:

I somehow have 600+ followers, so thanks for that. Big, big thanks! x

Tom won a BAFTA tonight, I love him a lot.

I’ve been listening to WALLS by Kings of Leon for weeks now, so that’s my head-space.

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“God, how are you this perfect?” You smiled and made grabby hands at Tom. He handed the plastic bag over to you and you continued to smile as you saw that the bag was filled with all your favorite snacks. Tom shrugged off his jacket and put his headphones back into the pocket. He glanced over as he heard you removing items from the bag.

“One of those Sour Patch Kids is mine, by the way.” He hopped onto the bed and turned to cuddle into your thigh. Considering you had both taken this Saturday as your lazy day – you had both spent the morning making breakfast and then lounging around drinking from your mugs – you were still in your favorite sweats. And you both were proud of the fact that neither of you had had the urge to shower yet.

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Kissing Buddies | Nakamoto Yuta


the prompt: hiii can you write a scenario where yuta and you are friends w/ benefits until one day he confesses to you (fluff but with a bit of angst)???

words: 1314

category: fluff

author note: I wrote this whole scenario but it turned out rlly messy and angsty so i rewrote it and now I’m really happy with the result!

- destinee

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Tj Perkins, 97 "You're so cute when you pout like that"

Drabble Masterlist

A/N: So you guys remember when I did these? Well, I’m thinking about picking about the ones I like out of this batch and reopening the requests! There will be more guidelines because I tend to get super swamped and stressed with this stuff! 

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TJ, despite everything he may try and say, is a total loser when it comes to games. His gaming expertise ended when games made the jump from arcades to consoles. So, when his inability to comprehend three dimensional graphics was on display, he got a little salty.

“Oh come on y/n!” TJ shouted, “you’re cheating!”

“No I’m not!” You yelled back, laughing. He tried hard to catch up in kills in your game of Call of Duty but it was worthless. You had an almost fifty kill lead. Finally, the timer went off and the score was shown at the end. You had 103 and TJ had 39. When you look over at TJ, he was pouting. “Oh what? Become a little baby when you lose?”

“You cheated!” He shouted, his face turning pink. You reached forward and pinched his cheeks. He slapped away your hand. You laughed.

“Hey, don’t be slappin’ me. You’re so cute when you pout like that.” TJ’s face went an even darker shade of red.

“I don’t look ‘cute’,” he growled, looking away from you.

“Yes you do,” you say. Suddenly, and without much control from you, you leaned forward and kissed his cheek. You lingered a little too long because TJ turned his head and your lips connected for a few seconds. It was you that pulled away first, but you didn’t pull away far. Slightly out of breath, you looked into your best friend’s eyes.

“Uh,” he said. Something changed in his eyes and his lips curled into a smile. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you deeply and passionately. Your hands slid up into his hair and tugged a bit on the ends. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into his lap, tugging on the bottom of your shirt. You pulled away with a gasp, pressing your forehead against his.

“I’ve always really liked you,” you say in a rush.

“Me too,” TJ says. Both you wear identical smiles as you lean back into kiss each other, the next round of the game completely forgotten.

LoS Emma & Julian Family Mottoes

“I wonder what other family mottoes are,” Emma mused.
“Do you know any?” “The Lightwood family motto is ‘We mean well.’” “Very funny.”
Julian looked over to her. “No, really. It actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? ‘Chiseled but angsty?’”
He shrugged. “If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale?”
Emma burst out laughing. “What about Carstairs?” she asked tapping Cortana. “ ‘We have a sword?’ 'Blunt instruments are for losers’?
“Morgenstern,” offers Julian. “ 'When in doubt, start a war?’”
“How about 'Has even one of us been any good, like ever, seriously?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.”
They were both giggling almost too too hard to talk.
-Cassandra Clare TDA-Lord of Shadows

i’m yours, you’re mine

hello!! i love markhyuck with my whole heart, so here is this little fic based off of @leeminhyung’s markhyuck headcanons!! please go and check out this post as well as their account!! anyways, i hope you all enjoy :)))

words: 4955
rating: this is one of the softest things i’ve ever written so

also, i posted this on my ao3 account!!

“mark, teach me to play guitar.” donghyuck said out of the blue. he was sitting on the floor against mark’s chair, fiddling with the strings on his sweatshirt, not bothering to look above him at mark. mark was in the studio late at night yet again, a bit past twelve. donghyuck always whines about being there so late at night, but he would do just about anything for mark so he doesn’t actually mind (he doesn’t voice that though).

mark looked down at him, and donghyuck looked up, blinking. mark blinked back. “uh, now?”

“no, you’re working. i mean just, like, later.” donghyuck said. he yawned and let his head fall back against mark’s leg. he changed the topic. “i’m tired.”

mark gave him a small smile, running a hand through donghyuck’s hair. he hummed at the contact. “i’m sorry hyuck, but i’ll just be a little longer. you can go if you’d like.”

“no, i’ll stay with you.” donghyuck whispered, beginning to doze off.

mark felt a wave of fondness wash over him for the younger, resulting in him not being able to wipe the stupid (lovesick) grin off his face. if he didn’t finish soon, he’d have to carry donghyuck to bed, if he wasn’t asleep already. he’d probably end up carrying him anyways.

about ten minutes later, mark was starting to get a little frustrated, so he decided to call it quits. he stretched his arms above his head and yawned, glancing down at donghyuck, who was fast asleep with his head on his lap. light, quiet snores fell past his lips as he laid there. mark felt bad that he had to disturb him.

“hey,” he cooed softly. “donghyuck, i’m done.”

donghyuck stirred, sitting up. he squinted at mark and then resumed to sit there with his eyes closed. even with the somewhat-dimmed lights it’s still a bit bright for just waking up.

“i’m assuming you want me to carry you,” mark said.

donghyuck nodded. mark snickered.

he lazily jumped onto mark’s back, and shut off the lights as mark asked him to, since only one of them had free hands. when they got to the dorms, mark finally realized how tired he was.

“do you want to sleep in my bed?” mark yawned. donghyuck replied with a really quiet yes.

mark set him down on the edge of his bed and walked off to quickly brush his teeth and change into more comfortable clothes before going to sleep. he could hear donghyuck burying himself in the covers from the bathroom.

after mark had jumped into bed and got comfortable, he turned to face donghyuck. his eyes were lidded with exhaustion, and he shut them as he scooted closer to mark. mark kissed his forehead.

“goodnight, hyuck.”


halfway through the night, donghyuck woke up to one of mark’s sleep talking episodes. he only mumbled a few words when he talked in his sleep.

“hyung,” a pause. then he giggled.

donghyuck suppressed his laughter and continued listening.

“foreign… swaggers.”

donghyuck almost failed to hide his laughter that time, and after hearing that he wasn’t going to continue, he opted going back to sleep. he buried his face in the crook of mark’s neck and dozed off again.


four hours later, mark woke up first. some of the guys that are awake are already making a ruckus in front of the tv, arguing at a volume he thinks was rather loud for ten am. mark glanced at donghyuck, who was pressed against him. one of his hands was holding onto mark’s t-shirt, the other was near his face. he stared at donghyuck for awhile before deciding to wake him up.

mark reached his arms out and yanked him closer his body, beginning to litter kisses all over his face. he counted fourteen before donghyuck let out a little squeal and started squirming.

“time to get up, sleeping beauty!” mark hummed, laughing as he was pushed away. donghyuck hid his face in his hands sheepishly. when he moved them away again, mark kissed his forehead one last time before standing up to go look in the mirror.

“good morning to you too, mark.” donghyuck let out a happy sigh. he stretched his arms over his head. “oh, you talked again last night.”

mark whipped his head around to look at donghyuck, who was laughing.

“what’d i say?”

“i remember that you said ‘hyung’ and then started giggling at absolutely nothing. there was something else too,” donghyuck thought for a second. then his face lit up. “ah! you also said 'foreign swaggers’. i don’t think there was anything else. i fell asleep after that.”

“i’m pretty sure i only sleep talk when i’m with you.” mark laughs.

when the two of them emerged from their room, everyone was already awake, except for chenle and jisung.

“good morning kiddos!” yuta sing-songed, which earned him a glare from both mark and donghyuck. they both joined in with the light conversation in the kitchen, with the sound of renjun and sicheng yelling at each other in chinese in the background. probably because they were playing some game.

“hey could you guys go wake up chenle and jisung?” taeil asked later. the two of them nodded.

“hey, i’ve got an idea. since their rooms are near each other let’s stand in the hallway and make a lot of noise.” donghyuck said mischievously.

mark was about to dismiss the idea, but donghyuck looked excited, so what the hell. “if we get yelled at it is your fault though.”

“okay. on the count of three, open the door and start yelling. i’ll get chenle, you get jisung.” donghyuck sniggered. mark nodded. “one, two, three!”

the two of them flung jisung and chenle’s doors open and started clapping and yelling for them to get up. jisung’s eyes flew open and he sat up, but when he realized what going on, he threw his pillow at mark and fell back onto his back. chenle woke with a start and he groaned when he saw donghyuck clapping and laughing like a seal.

when donghyuck and mark returned with two sleepy kids following behind them, taeil looked at them with mock disappointment. he looked slightly amused. “i’m never letting you guys do that again.”


today was a scheduled free day for them, and mark had the brilliant idea of staying in and teaching donghyuck how to play guitar.

“you said you wanted to learn right? how about now?” mark suggested.

fifteen minutes later, they’re back in their room and donghyuck is sitting on his bed with the guitar in his lap. mark is guiding his fingers along the fingerboard, a determined look on his face. donghyuck was getting a little frustrated. and his fingers hurt.

“this is hard. and it hurts” donghyuck whined. mark grabbed his hand and pressed tiny kisses to the pads of his fingers. donghyuck flushed. “yuck, loser. you’re so sappy.”

mark laughed, and donghyuck continued. “can i just like, watch you play?”

“aw, giving up already?” mark teased. donghyuck pouted. “i’m kidding dummy, what do you want me to play?”


mark seemed to already know what he was going to say, so he started strumming the first few chords to love yourself by justin bieber. donghyuck smiled widely, and began to sing along. his heart was pounding in his chest, and he could hear it in his ears. he would never be able to admit how whipped he was for mark out loud, and this was just one of the many things that he loves about the older.

at the end of the chorus, they both stopped and grinned at each other. “amazing, as usual.” mark said. donghyuck flushed again.

mark started strumming again and donghyuck watched his fingers glide across the strings, and he watched the focused expression on mark’s face, feeling himself falling in love with mark all over again. he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings, and honestly neither does mark, but they’re rolling along with it; they’re doing great still, after all. plus, donghyuck will never admit how much he loves the little things mark does to him or for him. it makes him feel like melting into a puddle of goo.

“oh wait! hyuck, could you get my notepad, please?” mark sounded excited. he put his guitar next to him.

“did you think of some lyrics?” donghyuck asked, already reaching into the drawer for the notepad and pen. he grabbed a pencil for him too.


donghyuck moved over to sit next to him rather than across from him, to see what he was up to. he didn’t dare to interrupt his thoughts while he was writing lyrics. when he kept going, that’s when donghyuck started to get really excited. it’s not often that mark can do this.

of course, donghyuck won’t know that he was what inspired mark. he won’t know that he’s his muse.

donghyuck leaned his head on mark’s shoulder and watched as his pencil moved, stopped, and started moving again. mark hummed quietly ever so often, and donghyuck enjoyed listening to it.

“what do you think, hyuck? i’m assuming you already read them all.”

“yeah i did. i like it! it’s so cutesy, where did that come from?” donghyuck teased.

“i don’t know, you tell me.” heat rose to his cheeks.


when the two of them and the rest of nct dream were preparing for their debut with chewing gum, it was quite a stressful time. mark wasn’t getting the hang of the hoverboard as quickly as he had liked, and neither was donghyuck. the seven of them had lost count of all the bruises they had acquired, and it was stressing all of them out. but they were excited. that’s what kept them all going.

but mark still needed a breather. there was a lot running through his head. donghyuck, mostly.

donghyuck has been distracting him a lot lately, he noticed. he already knew he had a little crush on the younger, but he found that he had been looking for him and reaching out for him more. he noticed that his heart would beat faster whenever he’d watch him dance, or even just when his skin shone with sweat. mark always knew donghyuck was cute and that he was definitely attractive, but now he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.

he also had that same thought that he pushed to the back of his head every time it surfaced; every time donghyuck was so himself, beautiful yet crazy:

'maybe you love him.’

so basically mark just needed to breathe. he was freaking out, but he also needed donghyuck. so here he was, pulling him to the roof, where they sat and talked for who knows how long. they talked about anything and everything.

“any new bruises?” mark joked sarcastically.

“no actually. thank god. but the bruises on my knees still hurt really bad.” he said. he looked at the dark marks on both of his knees. mark frowned. “i just need to learn how to stay balanced.”

they also slipped into comfortable silences every once in awhile.

in one of those silences, however, mark became certain of the growing love he had for him. and he got the response he has been subconsciously hoping for this whole time.

the sun had set forever ago, so the moonlight was shining down on the two of them. mark of course has been sneaking glances for weeks, or even months, but this one was different. it tops every other time he’s looked at donghyuck. the moonlight on his skin was almost indescribable; if he had to describe it, the only thing he could say was that he looked purely ethereal. and that he definitely loved him.

donghyuck turned his head, eyes meeting mark’s, which were quite close to literally sparkling in the moonlight.

it’s like the message was spread quietly between them. that’s how they both knew. they didn’t even have to say the words to know how much they cared for each other.

a few minutes later, donghyuck caught mark smiling to himself. “what’s on your mind?”

mark looked him in the eyes and said, “i don’t know, you tell me.”


during limitless promotions, there was that one time it was snowing. donghyuck remembered how happy mark was seeing snow, since it reminded him of home. mark kept looking out the window.

“hey mark,” donghyuck said. he had an idea.

“hm?” mark peeled his gaze from what was outside the window to donghyuck, who had a lightbulb going off in his head. mark could tell, and he grinned. “what are you planning?”

“what tells you i’m planning something?” donghyuck looked offended. or he was at least trying to look offended.

“oh, shut up. i know you. i know that face.” mark pointed out.

“well dang, you got me. way to go.” he playfully rolled his eyes. “but anyways, my idea was going to run around in the snow! just you and i. i know you love and miss the snow and i want to make you happy.”

mark blinked at him in awe. “dude. i love you, for real. that’d be amazing.”

donghyuck’s chest ached at those words. he smiled that smile that he tended to only show around mark. he winked playfully at mark despite his pounding heart. “i love you too, markie!”

mark flushed, but played along. “i was going to hug you, but i suddenly don’t know a donghyuck!”

mark acted like he was walking away, but donghyuck chased after him. he dramatically threw his arms around mark from behind him. “noooo, mark c'mon let’s go play in the snow.”

mark lee was definitely whipped as hell.

so now here they were, bundled up in the biggest coats they had, hand in hand as they walked around in the snow.

but just like the idiots they were, they forgot gloves.

also, donghyuck’s face was really pink from the cold and mark was literally dying inside because he was so cute. he looked like a damn marshmallow in that giant coat as well. and to top it all off he had a scarf wrapped around his neck that covered half of his face, protecting it from the cold wind.

“i literally can’t feel my hands.” donghyuck complained, looking down at the hand that wasn’t currently intertwined with mark’s. he opened and closed that hand a few times. “yeah. i can barely feel them.”

mark wordlessly tugged donghyuck closer to him and put both of their hands in his coat pocket. that scored mark a startled giggle from donghyuck.

“hyuck, oh my god. was that a giggle i just heard?” mark asked, unable to stop the smile from growing on his face. he felt like he was literally overflowing with fondness.

“pfft, what are you talking about?” donghyuck denied.

“don’t lie to me, that was adorable.”

mark could tell that he was pouting even with that huge scarf covering his face. mark decided to mess with him some more.

“wait hyuck, your scarf is falling off. here, let me fix it for you.”

donghyuck turned to face mark, and mark swiftly pulled down the scarf and pressed a warm kiss to donghyuck’s chapped lips before putting it back in place. his proud smile grew when he saw donghyuck’s wide eyes staring right into his own. he used his free hand as he could to cover his embarrassed face, and mark laughed. he squeezed his hand in his pocket reassuringly.

“remind me what we’re doing out here again? what’s fun about going out in the snow and not having a snowball fight?” donghyuck said after he recovered.

“is that a challenge, donghyuck?”

“you bet.”

fifteen minutes later, both of them regret their decisions. if they couldn’t feel their hands before, then that was nothing compared to now.

“okay. so i think i won fair and square.” donghyuck said. he was lying and they both know it.

“you wish.” mark scoffed. “here, come here. i need to warm my hands up.”

donghyuck happily obliged.

“hyuck, your cheeks are literally so pink. i want to see if they’re warm.” mark laughed. he put both of his hands against donghyuck’s face, and yes, his face was definitely warm. but that meant his hands were cold, so donghyuck screamed and jumped away.

“your hands are so cold!”

“i doubt yours are any better. here, do it to me.”

he did as he was told. mark flinched at the contact.

“oh jeez,” he said. and he got another idea. “wait hyuck, there’s some snow in your hair. let me get it for you.”

donghyuck squealed. “no! you’re lying! i know what you’re going to -”

mark kissed one of donghyuck’s pink cheeks before he could finish his protest. donghyuck was pouting again.

“you’re so embarrassing,” he tried to hide his smile.

“lee donghyuck? embarrassed?” mark dramatically gasped. “what did you do with the donghyuck i love?”

“if you keep talking like that, you’re going to kill this donghyuck too.” he lightly punched mark’s shoulder.

neither of them have felt that happy and carefree in a very long time. and all they were doing was goofing around.


back at the dorm, they were greeted by taeil and taeyong with disapproved faces.

“what if you guys get the flu or something?” taeyong asked. “you guys are crazy.”

“relax hyung, that’s not going to happen.” donghyuck reassured. but mark just so happened to pick that exact time to sneeze. donghyuck sighed.

“okay, maybe he has a cold.”

taeil sighed. “both of you go get into warmer, dryer clothes.”

mark sneezed again when they were on their way to their room. donghyuck frowned. “mark? do you feel okay?”

“yeah. i still honestly think its from just being cold. not having a cold. just give it a few minutes. i’ll be fine.” mark smiled, sniffling still.

“whatever you say,” donghyuck still didn’t fully believe him, but he combed his fingers through mark’s snow-dampened hair and kissed his forehead before going to get the both of them clothes to change into.

he threw a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants at mark from his drawer, and he grabbed something similar for himself. after around ten minutes, he was a lot warmer; but mark didn’t seem much warmer, even with the dry clothes on.

donghyuck bit his lip to keep himself from getting overly frustrated with himself for staying outside for so long, and for letting mark get sick. he honestly felt like yelling, but that would do nothing for the situation so he kept it to himself. he glanced at mark.

“okay.” mark said. “i feel better.”

donghyuck let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding. he doesn’t know if he believe him. “are you sure?”

“yes.” he replied.

“okay, good.” donghyuck replied. “do you want to go buy some instant ramen for us and the guys?”

mark laughed and nodded. “should we bring some more people with us?”

“nah, i think we can fend for ourselves.”

“whatever you say,” mark sniggered.

“oh! mark, you should wear a mask. just in case,” donghyuck said, running into their room and returning with a plain black mask for mark. he put it on for him.

“to the store!” donghyuck yelled. mark panicked and told him to quiet down.


one of the first times donghyuck got hurt was overwhelming for mark. it was during the time they were preparing for another nct dream comeback, with my first and last.

when they were learning the dance, donghyuck did not land the trick correctly and he ended up hitting his head on the floor; as well as both of his knees.

of course everyone freaked out, especially mark. he had tears in his eyes when he saw him laying on the floor in pain, and they threatened to spill over when the staff called off the rest of their rehearsal. it was only when the two of them were back in their room with a few ice packs that those tears fell freely, making donghyuck panic.

“no no no, mark. please don’t cry. i’m fine, i promise.” donghyuck said, worry thick in his voice. he reached out for mark, who came closer. “you don’t have to waste your tears on me.”

“but now,” he sniffled. “now you have to wait a while to get better since you hit your head,”

“mark, come here.” donghyuck said softly. mark sat down next to him. “give me a hug, and if you need to cry more for other things, you can go ahead.”

“i’m mostly worried about you though.” he muttered, his arms wrapped tightly around donghyuck. he still let more of his tears run free.

“hey mark,”


“i love you.”

mark’s breathing stuttered, but he let out a content sigh. “i love you too.”

they ended up spending the rest of that night with random visits from the members, all asking donghyuck the same questions. he assured all of them that he was fine, and he truly was, besides the physical evidence of what happened.

mark and donghyuck also had one of their much needed deep conversation, telling each other the things that have been plaguing their minds and their worries. they talked of their families, and got a bit emotional, but the two of them both felt a lot lighter afterwards.

they slipped into a comfortable silence, the two of them sitting side by side and enjoying each other’s presence. mark slung his arm over the younger’s shoulders and donghyuck let his head fall onto his shoulder. mark pulled him closer.

mark fiddled with donghyuck’s freehand with his own and sang quietly to himself, surprising donghyuck. it wasn’t often that anyone would actually hear mark sing, since he didn’t really like his voice all that much (which donghyuck thought was absurd, because everything mark did was amazing). it made him smile, so he joined in with mark.

the two of them loved these moments, when their voices would just fit together. this was another one of the things that mark really only showed around donghyuck. he wasn’t very confident with his singing voice, but when he was around donghyuck he felt better; more comfortable. donghyuck knew that, and it made his stomach feel all funny because he honestly loves mark a whole lot.

“hey, mark.”

mark looked at him.

“you sing really well,” donghyuck smiled at him.

mark smiled sheepishly and looked away. “c'mon stop. you know you sing better than i do.”

“but i’m not talking about me,” donghyuck drew out, poking his chest. “i’m talking about you, the multi-talented mark lee.”

“hyuck, stop it. you’re so embarrassing.” mark covered his face with his free hand.

“good.” donghyuck grinned.


how donghyuck felt about going to school was just how any other student felt about going. he’d really rather not. but having mark by his side made it a lot more tolerable.

the two of them were never really apart, and the entire school knew that. they would arrive together, leave together, eat together, and of course they debuted together. but that’s beside the point.

other than the fact that the two of them were idols, they were both already good looking. but no one messed with the two of them. everyone who could see way they looked at each other knew to leave them alone. no one questioned it either.

like any other day at school, the two of them would sneak glances at each other. just like they always had.

mark would laugh at the really stupid jokes jeno told, and donghyuck’s chest would ache and his heart would stutter. you’d have to be blind to not notice the way donghyuck looks at mark (their members would see this every once in a while. and when they teased him for it, he always tried to deny it).

mark on the other hand is just constantly overwhelmed with donghyuck’s presence. it’s not a bad thing though; it’s just that whenever he’s around him, everything seems brighter and it get’s hard for mark to breathe because, wow. there’s no way a person could be as perfect as donghyuck is in mark’s eyes.

so that brings them to where they currently are, sitting in a practice room by themselves. mark is humming and sitting against the wall, donghyuck is laying with his head in mark’s lap. he was twirling donghyuck’s hair in between his fingers, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he stared off into space. donghyuck knew he was thinking about something important, but he didn’t want to ask. it was one of those habits of mark’s that he found stupidly endearing.

kind of how when he gets nervous or embarrassed he’ll laugh and sometimes cover his face. or the little crease he gets in his forehead when he concentrates. the way he tries to keep his eyes open when he’s obviously beyond exhausted.

donghyuck found more reasons to love mark every single day.

“your hair is really soft hyuck,” mark said. he noticed donghyuck just staring up at him. mark laughed. “what’re you thinking? you have that look on your face when you think.”

“do you want an honest answer?”

“uh, duh.”



it’s past two am when the thunder startles donghyuck awake. he stares at the ceiling of the dark room for a little bit, wondering if sleep would welcome him again. the next crash of thunder gives him his answer as he startles, heaving a sigh. he hates that he had to wake up to this storm, of all things. now it’s late, or early, or whatever, and he’s anxious and definitely on edge. the rain is just too loud, the lighting is too bright, and not to mention the thunder. it was too much noise and it freaks him out. all he wants is to sleep.

donghyuck didn’t even think as he swiftly moved from his bed to mark’s, throwing the blankets up and over him and curling into mark.

mark stirred, and opened his eyes. he turned over to see donghyuck, heard a boom of thunder, and that told him exactly what was going on. he took donghyuck in his arms and pressed a long kiss to his forehead.

“you okay hyuck?” mark asked, voice quiet and groggy from sleep.

“i am now.” he whispered back, pressing his forehead to marks chest. “go back to sleep, mark. i’m sorry i woke you. i love you.”

despite being half awake, the things donghyuck says never fails to make him feel all warm and mushy inside. “no worries. i love you too, hyuck. sleep well.”


the next morning, donghyuck was the first to wake up. his head was tucked under mark’s chin, almost the same way that they fell asleep after donghyuck climbed into his bed.

he moved his head so he could look at mark’s face. he looked peaceful.

too bad donghyuck is going to scare the shit out of him.

“HEY MARK LEE!!” donghyuck yelled as close as he could to his ear.

mark startles away and flops onto the floor, leaving donghyuck laughing. when mark gets off the floor, donghyuck is still laughing, a hand over his stomach.

mark takes this as his cue to cuss him out, making sure to include the words in both korean and english.

“okay listen honey, i may not know english, but i know what bitch means so i’m going fight you,” donghyuck picks up the nearest pillow and threatens to smack mark with it.

mark visibly fought off a laugh. “oh? bring it, ugly.”

donghyuck feigned an offended and hurt look. “excuse me, but you’re the ugly one here.”

“hyuckie, you should get better insults,”

“says you! you started this fight, loser.”

“fight me, i dare you.”

jaehyun rolled his eyes as he heard the two “fight” just like they do every damn day when they’re not being sappy little shits. it was endearing, and neither he nor the rest of the guys could disagree.

meanwhile, instead of fighting, donghyuck had tackled mark onto the bed and kissed him sloppily as a way of getting back. donghyuck had pulled away with a smirk.

“what-” mark interjected.

donghyuck silenced him with another short kiss before getting up and walking out of the room. mark was stunned, donghyuck was smug.


that evening, after a long day of walking around seoul, donghyuck had sleepily flopped onto the couch and pulled out his phone. mark went off to go take a shower.

donghyuck watched a bunch of random videos on his phone as he waited for mark to get out of the shower. as the seconds ticked by, it grew harder and harder for him to make out what was happening on the screen, his eyes heavy with exhaustion. he yawned, his eyes watering. before he could stop himself, his eyes slipped shut and he dozed off with his phone in his hand.

when mark got out of the bathroom, towel over his hair and toothbrush dangling from his mouth, he was going to tell donghyuck that he was done so he could get in. but when he found him asleep on the couch, he had half expected that to happen. mark smiled smittenly, and finished what he was doing before crouching at donghyuck’s side. he turned off the his phone, and shoved it in his pocket, preparing to carry donghyuck to their room.

mark lifted him up, he stirred a bit, curling into him. he chuckled. when he set donghyuck down on his bed, he grabbed mark’s wrist drowsily.

“stay?” he asked. mark couldn’t find it in himself to refuse.

Ace of Hearts

Summary: Jon tries to get sweet revenge on Sansa for winning their latest card game…but she has an ace up her sleeve.

(A/K/A the result of my inability to resist writing a 2 A.M. crack-fic.)

“One, two, three – flip!”

Both voices’ owners turned over the top cards on their respective piles.  A stray brown curl fell out of the loose bun at the back of the man’s head as he put down a nine of hearts.  His companion giggled as she beheld her own offering, a nine of spades.

“Tie four!” she announced and looked upward, grinning.  “What’s our record, Jon – tie five at this game?”

Jon could not help but smile back.  His wife had had a tough day at work and said very little after getting home, which meant the house had been almost entirely silent.  After all, he and Sansa had always teased each other about being such a perfect match because he was quiet and broody enough for two people, while she talked enough for three.  But every time Jon had tried to make conversation that evening, Sansa had blinked and asked him to repeat himself as though lost in thought, and only given the barest of answers.  It was out of sheer desperation that he had suggested play one or two card games.  Both he and Sansa had had a weakness for them ever since Jon had met Robb in the third grade and Robb and Sansa had taught him to play Crazy Eights in the Starks’ basement.  Over the ensuing years, Crazy Eights with Robb and Sansa had turned into Spoons with Robb and both of his sisters, and then gin rummy with the entire family except for baby Bran, and, by the time Robb and Jon were in high school, rousing poker tournaments with every friend the Starks could cram into the game room.

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actor’s job

genre: this is fluff

warnings: mentions of alcohol

words: 6k

summary: As an actor, Dan’s job is to fall in love. In order for him to do a good job in a film, he has to fall in love with the role he’s playing, he has to love what he’s doing, so it won’t feel like a job.  It’s just that it wasn’t Dan’s job to fall in love with his co-star.

Or, how actor Dan Howell keeps getting cockblocked by literally everyone while he tries to woo-hoo his co-star, Phil Lester.

a/n: *sweats* writing? What’s that? I can’t seem to understand that word. Wow. Sorry for that long-ass inactivity. Huge writer’s block, my guys. I do have another work that I was writing before this, but that one was so heavily planned and so complicated that I took a break from writing to. write. again. so here’s this. It’s silly fluff, basically. I love writing silly clichéd stuff.

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Mine - Baekhyun

Originally posted by omgfishy

Group: EXO 
Member: Baekhyun
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content, jealousy, mentions of Chanyeol


You knew when you got into a relationship with Baekhyun, Chanyeol came with him by default, since he’s his best friend and they were almost inseperable. Baekhyun and you shared an apartment and chanyeol came by a lot. After practices, he often came along with Baek to hang out at your place because he felt lonely and bored at his own home. It was a little weird at first to have someone who’s not your boyfriend around all the time but you quickly got used to it. Chanyeol was a great guy and fun to be around, he was really friendly and even helped with some household chores. He became a very good friend of yours and Baekhyun was pleased that you two got along so well because you were the two people he loved most in this world. 

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Let’s Get Outta Here..

Requested by justcallmecinammon : Could you do a reader x killer croc oneshot where reader is a member of the suicide squad and them as a squad [go] to a club. Reader is having fun and [is] good at dancing and so Waylon surprises her by dancing with her to Oui. After they dance, they go back to her place and smut with gentle yet dom killer croc then he admits he really likes her? Pretty please? (Also reader is short and good friends with Harley and Katana. Everybody ships them together even Joker and oddly Waller.)

Authors Note: Sooo I couldn’t bring myself to do KC smut.. and I apologize 110%.. but I will still make it flirty and cutee. <3 don’t hate me

Warnings:  Alcohol usage, swearing.


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Motion Sickness

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Bucky, reader, and the rest of the Avengers go to a carnival on their night off. 

Word Count: 1,998

Warnings: language, panic attack, carnival rides (?), and fluff. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fic lol. I was a little nervous to post it on here… I hope you guys like it. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for reading. :)

 P.s. this will probs be long bc I’m horrible with getting rid of words lol don’t hate me pls. 

It has been a while since you and the Avengers had a night out all together, so you guys decided to go somewhere. When out for their early morning run, Steve, Bucky, and Sam saw a poster for a carnival that was coming to town during the weekend. 

The three of them thought this would be a great thing to do to get their minds off of the stress works caused recently, with saving the world and all. Out of the three, Bucky was definitely jumping up and down on the inside. It’s been a while since he’s attended one, give or take 70 years. 

Once they shared the news with everyone else, they all agreed with the idea of going. You, on the other hand, were nervous to say the least. Being the one who only played the games in the booths rather than taking risks and trying the big rides, you wondered if this was really the best situation for you. You knew someone was going to drag you on a ride whether you liked it or not, so you really didn’t have a choice. 

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jung hoseok as your boyfriend

here is the third edition of my boyfriend series- hoseok aka jhope! please enjoy and request other members of either seventeen, bts, or got7!

Taehyung / Yoongi / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- dont expect mornings to be quiet is the only thing i can say

- he’ll probably wake you up by singing his own rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” at the top of his lungs with a terrible raspy morning voice

- then he’d give you a few sloppy and wet kisses on your cheeks and bounce up to get ready in a hurry. you’d realize it was still an hour before you had to wake up and proceed to shout at your idiot boyfriend and then go back to sleep (hoseok always wakes up extra early because he gets an early morning dance practice in downstairs in the workout room)

- when you two finally do get ready together its mostly you two shouting the lyrics to the Top 40 songs and no matter how hard you try, you always end up late because hoseok always distracts you by tickling you or giving you slobbery neck kisses which slows down the whole process (honestly he always ends up dripping toothpaste onto your shirt or getting your foundation on his sleeve) 

- breakfast is mostly just granola bars and bananas because you never have time to actually eat so one person grabs an item and then you split them into halves to share with the other

- hoseok is literally the most positive person you have ever met because he just loves his life and likes being happy so whenever you’re feeling down he’ll do some type of crazy dance or tell you a story about the maknae line losing their things or about how namjoon broke something and you appreciate his positivity a lot because without it you’d be a lot worse

- despite his occasional immaturity, he really likes taking you on fancy restaurant dates where you both get dressed up and you wear his favorite strapless red dress and your hair down and beautiful and he’ll wear a white button up and black dress pants but he’ll still be wearing black Nike hightops because he doesnt transform that much

- but other times a date night will be you two having battles on  Just Dance to see who can get the highest score and although he never admits it, he lets you win so he can see that adorable victory dance you do everytime

- speaking of dance, hoseok always is coming home late from the studio because he is dancing so sometimes you bring him dinner at like midnight and he’ll be so appreciative and ask you to stay and give him an opinion on a certain dance and of course you stay, but after about thirty minutes of the same dance, you slump against the mat on the floor and fall asleep. (hoseok takes like 1000 pictures because its so adorable, then wakes you up and helps you stumble home) 

- you both love going to a place that only sells breakfast until a certain time, lets say 10 a.m., but you like getting there at like 9:55 and then laugh as you order pancakes (the people are really starting to simultaneously love and hate you)  

- hoseok is protective, but more like the type of protective that is always asking you if you feel okay and if you’re comfortable and if you arent then he’ll give you that beautiful smile and tickle you or something which makes you giggle uncontrollably and honestly he falls in love every time he hears that gorgeous laugh

- you two love pranking the other members together like you, him, and the maknae line are constantly pulling hilarious pranks on the older members (the funniest is yoongi) and even though you’ll get scolded, it’s totally worth it because omg did you see his face?

- when you fall asleep on his lap, he really likes to play with your hair and try to braid it or make his own type of hairstyle and you love when he does it except when he goes overboard and makes tangles in your hair bigger than a birds nest. 

- you guys will have intense piggy back races with jimin and taehyung where the loser buys the other dinner so you guys always try to win and most of the time you end up grabbing onto his hair for reinforcement and laughing so hard your stomach hurts but tbh you think hoseok is bringing up this game so much just so he has a chance to touch your butt or to feel you lying against him

- he lovesss to buy you shoes like you guys even have matching sneakers but everytime he goes shopping he ends up buying you a new pair and you’re like “hoseok stop it” but he’s like “nO” so yeah you have like a hundred pairs of shoes that you secretly love and cherish because they were gifts from your favorite person 

- “hoseok pls stop screaming for like 2 secs”

- “but did you SEE that bug?" 

- the first time you guys said i love you it was because he was trying to teach you the choreography to dope and you could not get it for the life of you and he would just keep chuckling at your cuteness and when you couldnt get the footwork right without tripping he was like "even though i love you, you cannot dance” and then the world stops and you look up at him all wide eyed and say “you love me?” and he just nods and you burst into a huge grin and say “i love you too hobi!” and then you hug and he never felt as happy as he did in that moment

- your relationship is an extremely fun and exciting one where you guys love each other very much and are always making the other laugh and smile endlessly

The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 3

I’m back from Europe~ I hope this long break wasn’t too annoying. I worked on this chapter during the whole vacation so I hope you like it!

Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Mafia!SomeoneElseIDontWantToSpoilIt, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 3,605 it gets shorter every time rip

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5

Originally posted by lordkey

“In a different universe I would have loved this,” he gave you a forlorn look, “but I can’t–not like this.”

Technically speaking, you did finish your homework. You still felt unsatisfied with the result, all your answers to questions were guesses and your notes were shabby at best. You couldn’t think straight while doing your schoolwork and who could blame you? Your best friend of five years had just kissed you, apologized, and left.

As you reflected on his apology you blanched. Did he think kissing you was a bad thing? In all honesty, you enjoyed the kiss a lot, but maybe he didn’t. What if he acted on impulse and then was disgusted with you? Why did you care? You knew you had a crush on him but you still wish you didn’t. Coming to that conclusion only led to more questions that you didn’t want to answer. 

You turned to the clock on Jeonghan’s bedside table and it read 6:45. You realized you would probably have to stop at home to get some clothes and books so you ran downstairs. You knew Jeonghan wouldn’t mind if you took some food for breakfast, he had enough anyway. You were in such a rush that you weren’t looking when you turned the corner. You ran straight into the chest of the last person you wanted to see: Jeonghan’s father.

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Confession Room (Part 12)

(Part 13)

Hanging out with Yugyeom brought you closer to him and further away from the pull between you, Jaebum, and Mark. It’s a relief, if anything. Yugyeom was like the younger brother you never had after it was established that you were two years older. Even so, he treated you like you were younger at times due to his height and you let it be since it was really no big deal. As long as you got to pinch his cheeks from time to time, you were sincerely okay with being treated like a younger sister.

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