laughing so hard he is such a dweeb

you know why i don’t headcanon danse as being childlike and such i do hc him as enjoying toys and things like that. bright colors, toy cars and trucks, games on the pip boy, teddy bears; he won’t ever admit it and it’s not like he has a stash of these things but sometimes he’ll just pause to admire one, to touch it, hold it in his hands and pretend. sometimes when he’s just standing around waiting he pretends his power armor is a super suit, feels a bit like a hero in one of the old comics he’s read.

and sole laughs and calls him a dweeb, thinks it’s adorable. doesn’t laugh so hard when they hear his stories about growing up alone in junk yards in the commonwealth, how he wasn’t really happy till he befriended cutler. laughs significantly less after hearing about cutler’s death. finds nothing funny at all in it when they learn he’s a synth because, oh, it suddenly makes sense. he’s not just mourning a lost childhood, he’s mourning a childhood he’d never had had to begin with, and that hurts just a little bit more.