laughing really hard inside

dating stiles stilinski would include...


  • Being totally awkward and embarrassed around each other when you first start dating
  • Forgetting your own inside jokes 
  • “Remember that one time you laughed really hard at the one thing and chocolate milk came out of your nose?”
  • “Yeah babe, that was so funny. Wait, why was I laughing again?”
  • Having full access to his infinite collection of flannels & hoodies
  • Stealing a few of your favorites because they smell like him and returning them once the his scent wears off 
  • “I’ve been looking for this sweater for 3 months." 

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Seventeen as: Things in Life

S.Coups: Bright red. Worn in baseball caps, over-sized jerseys, hot dogs and empty stadiums. The smell of fresh strawberries; Getting into your house after a day out in the winter; The feel of a new basketball. Warm summer nights. The sound of kids in the hallways on the last day of school after the bell rings; Screaming when you finally beat a hard level in a game; Teasing eyes; Mangoes.
Woozi: An untouched field of bright crisp snow; the satisfaction you get when you ace a test you thought you’d do bad on. Thick Holiday sweaters; paper lanterns glowing in dark streets; serious conversations with your normally easy-going friend at 2 in the morning. The colors mint and peach. Smiling to yourself as someone unknowingly compliments you. Laughing to yourself, embarrassed, after you caught yourself daydreaming about someone. The feel of new notebooks.

Hoshi: The rush of joy you feel all at once as you’re trying your hardest doing something you love. Watermelon Popsicle sticks. Turquoise. Giggles breaking the silence. 2007- 2009 pop songs that you still break out screaming to if they come on the radio. Cherry lip balm. Daisies. Empty hockey rings. Cheesy Valentine’s Day teddy bears. Spending hours on a project you’re working on, not noticing you worked through the night. Plastic water bottles.

Wonwoo: Ocean blue. Secret smiles. The jokes written on cards you get at the Pharmacy. Midnight walks. Being in a warm jacket outside during the fall. Apples. The feel of a cold PlayStation controller. Fresh pumpkins. Inside jokes with your friends. Laughing really hard after not laughing for a long time. The smell of clean linen. The moon’s reflection on a car window. Hugging a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Worn in converse sneakers. The sound of a shower running. Soft cloth. 

Mingyu: Warm cheesy pizza.  Unexpectedly laughing loudly. Ultramarine blue. Fuzzy socks. Riding your bicycle really fast and feeling the wind hit you. Mozzarella sticks. Ice cold soda on a hot day. The way gloves feel when they just got out the dryer.  Giggling to yourself as you enjoy doing something childish. Dancing to yourself in front of a mirror. The sound of the city on a busy day. Dipping new paint brushes into paint. Bright sunlight pouring in through a window.

Vernon: Staying up all night on the internet. Late night jokes with your friends. Burgers. Crinkled plaid shirts. Purple. The way your face scrunches up as you laugh really hard. 2 a.m. Ramen noodles. Feeling satisfied as you push yourself past your comfort zone and get good results. Jokes so bad they’re funny. Falling asleep to the sound of a tv show. Opening a new album package that you waited forever for. Plastic figurines. Feeling nervous on the first day of school. Rubber bracelets.  Relaxing car drives. 

Dino: Stretching in the morning. Lopsided beanies. Pumpkin seeds and tangerines. Long needed hugs. Making fake mohawks with shampoo/soap. Brand new comic books. The way your eyebrows furrow as you work hard doing something you love. The color green. Pinky promises. Randomly learning a  weird fact. Rushing to open  a package of takeout when you’re really hungry. Racing during gym. Ham and cheese sandwiches. 

Seungkwan: The smell of warm, fresh out the oven, buns. Pastel yellow and baby blue. Soft pajamas. Purposefully singing badly to a song. Scrapbooks. The taste of vanilla. The feeling of satisfaction and pride you get after you tell a joke and everybody starts laughing. Those dollar store kids hand sanitizers. Preppy button up shirts. Warm honey brown eyes. The way a librarian smiles at you sweetly. Snow falling in your hair. Thick fluffy scarves. Really puffy winter jackets. Dandelions. 

DK: Yellow and orange. Sunflowers. The way you squint your eyes when the sun is too bright. Fried chicken + french fries. Late night snacks. Sliding down wooden floors in socks. Terrible romantic movies. Imitating/mocking the GPS’ voice when you’re driving. Holding hands with your friends. The toy section at the dollar store. The smell of citrus.  Bananas. Finger painting. Bouncing your leg as you type away. Laughing with someone, adoration shining through your eyes.  Oversized shirts with jokes written on them. 

The8: Rubber bouncy balls. Happy family reunions. Fuzzy slippers. Tinsel. The faint sound of music playing at a bbq. Baby golden retrievers. Surprising yourself with your own strength. Bonfires late at night on the beach. The sun shinning extremely bright after it rained. Long eyelashes. Roast sessions with your friends. Coconuts; the smell of purple grapes. Holiday music playing in stores. Fake mustaches and waffles. Two toned/swirled ice cream. The way the warm sidewalk pavement feels against your bare feet.

Jun: Retro red. The night sky when there are no stars out. Kitchen aprons and rose petals. Steele blue. Brand new pencils. Bright white teeth and secret winks. Jumping in (clean) puddles when it’s raining. Airplanes. Apricots and strawberry jam. Cheap perfume and small tourist knick knacks. Warm caramel, covered in chocolate.  When your friend pulls through for you. 1 a.m. phone calls. Waking up before you’re supposed to and just laying there, thinking, until your alarm goes off. Fake-flirting with your friends. Plastic flower necklaces. 

Jeonghan: Neutral colors. Cactus’ and pastel flower pots. The silence before a storm. Sticking your tongue out playfully. Laughing so hard you accidentally hurt yourself by bumping into something. Messy toaster strudels. Accidentally succeeding at something/good luck. Nostalgia. When you’re tired but so excited you can’t sleep. Watching terrible comedy movies with your friends and laughing more with each other than at the movie. Cinnamon toothpaste. Saltine crackers; absentmindedly laying in a weird position when you’re invested in your hobby. 

Joshua: Worn down wood. Maple syrup on warm fluffy pancakes. Procrastinating by watching strange useless videos on Youtube. Old headphones. When your desk is messy but you kinda just know where everything is. Coffee shops and doughnuts with sprinkles. The sound of traffic at night. Knowing every word to a child’s song you haven’t sang in years. Chipped nail polish. Jeans and messy hair. Seeing your own breath when it’s  very cold out. Drawing small hearts on the car window. Secret Pinterest boards.

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I can't sleep bc I keep thinking about cute scenarios of Ryuko and mako okay hear me out... in that one pic sushio drew where mako is laying in ryuko's lap and they're on a window sill looking out the window okay imagine Ryuko is like mako I have to get up my legs are falling asleep but mako wraps her arms around ryuko's waist so ryuko's like okay ur coming with me so she picks her up bridal style and starts walking a couple feet then blows a raspberry on mako's tummy to wake her up completely

DUDE…………………………… first off, I want to apologize for being a little late for this and also I’m extremely thankful that you took your time to send 6 asks to me about these two aaaaaa!!! there’s never enough and I’m always craving for it…… I’m going to compile them all here so I don’t spam my blog with asks. This one is really cute and I can totally imagine that happening! :D very good

secondly, consider Ryuko and mako walking somewhere and it’s snowing and mako has all her winter gear on and Ryuko is shivering bc she just wore a light coat and mako’s like Ryuko I told u to dress warm! it’s cold out here and ryuko’s like I’m fine I’m fine I can handle this then mako sees her warming her hands up by her mouth so mako takes her hand and starts rubbing her mittens on either side to warn her hand and then just uses it as an excuse to hold her hand the rest of the way

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES THIS IS GOOD. Any moment with them happening in the snow/cold weather is A++

okay the student council crew and Ryuko and mako playing truth or dare and gamagoori dares mako to kiss the most handsome person in the room and mako immediately turns to Ryuko and kisses her and Ryuko is just O.O


in their new home after the OVA, Ryuko and mako get their own room and they get bunk beds like in the fight club episode but mako climbs into ryuko’s bunk the first few nights and snuggles up to her and Ryuko doesn’t say anything ever so after a week mako just stops doing it so Ryuko crawls up to mako and asks why she stopped and mako’s like I thought u wanted space and Ryuko just smiles and climbs into her bunk and snuggles up to her

NICEU!!!! sometimes they do need their own space but they also can’t help but feel the need to get the love they have for each other every night ❤️

okay going off of that, every night after mako falls asleep Ryuko kisses the top of her head. a few weeks later when ryuko and mako meet up with the elite four, nonon kisses satsuki’s hand and mako’s like RYUKO DOES THAT TO MY HEAD EVERY NIGHT and Ryuko just stands there blushing because she was sure mako was always asleep when she does that!

OH MAN THAT CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD TOO!!!!! but that’s Mako for you. always full of surprises

so they’re in gym class outside playing soccer and the bell rings to end the game and Ryuko runs up behind mako to hug her and they fall over into the grass because Ryuko didn’t realize mako was asleep standing up and they start laughing really hard. everyone goes inside and nobody realizes they are still laying in the grass but when a teacher comes out later to find them mako is laying on ryuko’s Tum looking at the sky and Ryuko is playing with mako’s fingers and the teacher leaves them be


How I see the signs based on people I know

Aries: always energetic, looks great every single day (idk how you do it), has a mean side you don’t want to be on, competitive, loud, funny and loyal

Taurus: quiet, super passionate, huge book nerd, great person for deep talks, would never fight anyone but can talk mad shit

Gemini: enjoys being around people, always up for going on an adventure, risk taker, loves excitement, natural cutie, their aesthetic is coffee shops, the sky, and cute love notes scrawled in cursive

Cancer: has one really close friend and would never leave their side, super smart, easy to make laugh, extreme book nerd, can be emotional but doesn’t like to show it, would probably physically fight someone if they had to

Leo: super cutie, the poppest of punk, super chill but is actually probably just dead inside, will laugh really hard about memes

Virgo: super duper passionate person, wears cool socks, probably cares more about animals and bugs than people, chill person that’s down to do literally anything, loves being friends with everyone

Libra: super dramatic, dresses really fancy all the time, creative, artistic, lives in their own little world, never shows sadness or signs of weakness, would also probably physically fight someone if they had to, dances and is so flexible/human pretzel

Scorpio: super open with their friends, is literally the best but doesn’t see it, will say they’ll fight someone but would never actually do that, has the weirdest variety of things they like, appreciates the little things like hot chocolate and hugs

Sagittarius: the person that you want to tell everything to, always laughs say too hard at your jokes, will always be on your side, is a great mediator, sees the positive side of everyone

Capricorn: nerd in general, super funny, has amazing makeup skills???how??, open minded, the best at throwing shade/ is basically the 🐸☕️ emojis, knows their friends really well, super loyal

Aquarius: really funny, super opinionated, can either totally shut everyone out or be the life of the party, obsessive, super emotional but probably doesn’t show it, the weirdest human beans

Pisces- has a few close friends, would never do anything illegal, is an angel, emotional, the punniest person I know, will hug anyone and everyone that is sad, gives no fucks, sugar daddy


Sephora Makeup Artist Lawrence Lim spills some of his party tricks.

When you know it’s going to be a late night with lots of photographic evidence, there’s no excuse to skip primer. Pick one you know you love—a big night is not a time to road test a new product.

Nothing says “party” like glitter. Lim’s technique here? “After applying primer and contouring the eye with a neutral shade, I applied a metallic pigment to create a great base,” he says. “Then I applied a liquid glitter liner as an adhesive and packed loose glitter on top of it with a small, flat brush.”

A lot of the lush lashes you see on the red carpet are the result of not one but two sets of false lashes. For the look shown here, Lim glued a half-length falsie on the outer portion of a standard-sized one, then trimmed the whole thing to the width of our model Sahar’s eyes. “It gives it a little more flare,” he says. Here’s how to apply: “Put a little glue on your hand—clear is best for beginners—and let it get tacky. Then, use a liner brush to run the glue across the lash line of the false lashes and affix to the outer corner of the eye, then the inner, then the middle. Hold it there for a few seconds, and voila!”

At a big event, it’s important to have something on your lips, even if your eye makeup is major—you’re doing lots of talking and kissing. “Try adding a little bit of color and see how far you can push it,” advises Lim. “You might be surprised!”

Party makeup-bag musts? Blotting paper, your lipstick, and your lash adhesive. “You could be laughing really hard and your eyes tear up, and then your inside lashes pop off. Don’t be that person!”


I started making this list because it WAS our dear ERB’s birthday and I figured I would make a list of birthday head cannon for the guy who I love to BITS (sorry it’s late I’m very lazy and this was on my school laptop and I almost lost it and AHHH I should have posted it sooner anyway….)

•At his first birthday he had the traditional “Southern 1st Birthday Party”. Where his whole family came over, dressed nicely… He was in a fancy little pressed pair of shorts + shirt combo that his mom swooped him out of before singing happy birthday and placing his smash cake in front of him but he cried and they had to bathe him in the sink as he was absolutely coated in icing
•When he was three he stuck his hand into the big cake while they were singing happy birthday and it’s marked in the photo album as “Dicky’s first crime”
•One year (maybe he’s like nine or ten) all his male cousins all suggest they play football in the yard but he’s like “ohh.. Sorry y'all I already promised the girls, I would help them inside…. We’re baking cupcakes” and then suddenly ALL of his cousins are inside and baking cupcakes and Suzanne takes SO MANY pictures.
•Every year he and his mom bake their birthday cakes together.
•Moo Maw taught him how to make icing when he was barely four years old and he never forgot
•Coach gets him sports gear every year.
•Every year.
•He’s gotten very few gifts from his dad that are actually used
•He’s never thrown any of his presents away because he thanks his dad politely but when his mom offers to return them he can’t ever agree.
•In seventh grade the guys who locked him in a closet overnight tried to ruin his party but his mom took him to William’s Sonoma and made everything better
((That was the only school party he ever tried to have, every other year he just had family parties))

•given: he got there kind of late that night bc he had a game but he doesn’t have any plans for the next day so he’ll be spending Bitty’s actual birthday catering to him hand and foot
•when Jack first gets there bitty is being greeted and offered drinks like it’s nobody’s business. He’s also handing out mini pies. So when Bitty finally gets a moment with Jack it’s not a long one because suddenly it’s MIDNIGHT and Ransom & Holster have him on a keg getting him just as drunk as they did his frog year
•Bitty didn’t intend to get so drunk as he wanted to spend some SOBER time with Jack but “IT’S YOUR TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY.” “THIS IS LEGAL NOW.” “WHAT WERE YOU REALLY EXPECTING???”
•Jack got a lil tipsy too though so it was okay (plus he wants his boyfriend to have a good time?? So he doesn’t mind. It’s Bitty’s day not his)
•So Bitty’s dancing and he’s dancing DIRTY
•And he makes the most obvious bedroom eyes at Jack THE WHOLE TIME HE’S DANCING TO GET ME BODIED who runs upstairs faster than he would like to admit
•And Jack’s supposed to be sleeping on an air mattress but HA HA HA that’s a good one
•So you know “shenanigans” that ensue when those two get left alone
•SIDENOTE–> Bitty continues dancing upstairs to other songs by Beyoncé including but not limited to:
Crazy in Love
Halo (smooches)
XO (the last song they really listen to before they’re totally distracted by each other)
Drunk In Love (afterwards)
•Bitty totally made a playlist with those songs in case he and Jack were ever in this situation
•Bitty totally thought about being in this situation with Jack rather than doing his homework on more than one occasion
•The next morning Bitty is woken up by a loud noise via god knows who or what when his boyfriend strolls in carrying breakfast in bed, still sporting his bed head
•"There’s a bunch of people downstairs are Rans and Holster just going to start it back up or,,?“ “At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they woke up and started dancing” “Don’t put it past them eh?
He has a slight hang over but Jack brought advil and water up with him and "This boy” and he checks the time, expecting almost noon but when Bitty looks at the clock it’s still fairly early. He asks why Jack got up so early to which he replies “What? No checking practice?” and they go to Faber and skate around– AFTER Bitty eats what he says are the best batch of birthday pancakes that anyone’s ever made him (Totally not true but the smile he gets out of Jack makes the little white lie totally worth it)
•They skated around gently
•They smooched A BUNCH
•It was really cute
•So cute it put Chowder and Farmer to shame
•((((SO MANY FINES))))
Okay back to the point
•They stop by Annies on their way to the Haus where they find Ransom and Holster have kicked everyone out and just people who live there + the frogs remain
•And says it’s the best pie he’s ever eaten
•And he’s still not over it when his sweet baby chowder comes in with a framed picture of the gang from the Falconers game they all went to
•The frame itself is Falconers blue
…The water works just won’t end. There are so many tweets
•Since our sweet hockey team is all pretty tired (or “Plum tuckered out” as Bitty put while it in his state of hysteria) they just sort of chill together and promise that next year the party will last all week but for now they catch up as no ones seen Shitty or Jack in a while so they all have fun telling stories that the others couldn’t get the full effect of via skype.

Now you’re asking yourself what did JACK get him?
Jack who bought him an oven when they were just friends, what did he get his BOYFRIEND when their anniversary soon approaches?
I’ll tell you.
Jack did not get Bitty one large gift this year oh no…. He got him 21 “small” gifts:
•HE GETS HIM FLOWERS YOU CAN FIGHT ME (He gets his favorites). Twenty of them being a certain color & then one being a different
•A new pair of Ray Bans (Bitty scratched them on the bus as he got too excited when he heard someone say something about the Falconers game from the previous week)
•A bottle of his favorite champagne, because Jack knows that Bitty prefers mimosas to bourbon
•As a sort of joke gift he wraps a bottle of lube + condoms; bitty swats at him and blushes a bunch as he puts them away in his drawer
•Expensive cold brew tea
•Tons of coffee… like four different flavors for the Keurig
•A bottle of the Cologne that jack likes on him
•A gift card to Annie’s
•Another falconers JERSEY, signed by most of the falconers… Originally just Jack but then Tater saw, and then everyone had to sign it.
•A baby falconers T-shirt for Senor Bunny (signed duh)
•A new spatula (bitty offhandedly mentioned that he wanted one)
•An apron– it has a Maple Leaf on it

Back on track again

•A copy of his photography portfolio from his senior year
•A little card that he drew with the Samwell and Falconers logo
•A signed Beyonce poster
•For Valentine’s Day Jack gave him a signed CD, flowers, and baked him a pie
•Bitty still isn’t over it.
•He’s getting them concert tickets for their anniversary
•A documentary on the history of baking in America
•By the end of it Bitty is crying and telling Jack he can’t do this every year Bitty won’t live through it
•That’s when Jack pulls out the box his dad sent; Jack doesn’t even know what’s inside
•Bitty laughs really hard and has happy weepy eyes and he’s like “You Zimmermanns… I swear”
•He opens the box– he reads the card first he’s a polite man he knows how this goes. The card congratulates him on making captain and says that he can call him if he ever wants/needs advice on ANYTHING– ANYTHING AT ALL.
Then towards the bottom “Maybe you should even consider a visit this summer so we can discuss…. Things :)”
Bitty laughs and is like “ha ha He thinks I should go to Montreal.” and Jack blushes because he wants that a lot too but now isn’t the time to offer
•There’s a bag of Maple Leaf shaped maple flavored candies
•A small Canadian flag
•A t-shirt with a big maple leaf
And Bitty’s baffled, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann only found out about him and Jack recently. He’s assuming this is a sort of joke gift but he’s got a longer envelope at the bottom of the box
Bity opens it
It’s a plane ticket
To Montreal
From Providence
He makes a loud gaspy noise and slaps Jack’s arm
He realizes later that between Jack, Bad Bob, and HIS OWN MOTHER, they had picked a week that Bitty could visit
He’s speechless

•Jack gives him the tickets to the Bey concert on the 18th
•Bitty cries harder than he did over the oven
•He’s in hysterics
•He doesn’t remember how to form words that aren’t “thank you” “I love you” or “my QUEEN”
•He gives Jack the best thank you sex after the concert
•He considers the concert the best night of his life

TATINOF (no spoilers)

So I went to tatinof tonight and WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! The crowd was electric. You could feel the energy in the air. The screams were earthshaking. The laughs were genuine. Seeing Dan and Phil on stage was so surreal but so heartwarming. These two dorks from the internet who make me laugh have their own show that’s touring and that’s just amazing to me. I smiled so much tonight that my cheeks hurt and laughed so much I grew abs. Dan and Phil were both so great on stage and really had a presence. When they announced they had a show and were touring in the UK I thought that that was really cool but not sure if it was something I’d ever want to go to. Like, am I that big of a fan? Do I really want/need to see them live? I was unsure. When they announced they were coming to the US I thought, you know what I’m gonna go see them. I mean, why not? I love their videos. I love their book. I’m sure I’ll love their show and probably regret it if I don’t go so you know what, fuck it! I’m going to see two british guys perform live. I have no idea what the show will entail but I’m not gonna think about that I’m just gonna enjoy whatever it is that they do. And that’s exactly what I did. I had no clue what the show would be like but it really was great. I got really excited for certain parts and laughed way too hard at inside jokes and toward the end got quite sentimental. I knew that this night, this show would end but I didn’t want it to. I didn’t want to go home and just see them on my computer screen, I wanted to see them in person so much more. To talk to them and just have a conversation with them. Pick their brains. Laugh about annoying memes and talk about how weird we were as children. Like any other fan I just want to talk to them and say “hey, I like that stuff you do on youtube. You seem like pretty cool guys and you make me laugh. I’d like a hug if that’s alright.” I actually started tearing up at the end of the show, I’m not entirely sure why but it felt right. I had a really great night and just wanted to live in it a little longer. To any Dan and Phil fans who are going to see tatinof I hope you have a great time and laugh and maybe cringe and just have fun. To Phil thank you for your gentleness and being the kind human you are and for making everyone feel loved. To Dan thank you for your acceptance of the weird things we may do and for making us all a bit less afraid of the future ahead and for bringing us together in the trash heap that is the phandom. Although I wasn’t able to meet either of you I thoroughly enjoyed the show and you both did an awesome performance!! 10/10 would recommend! Again, thank you both for being who you are and what you do. <3 

i feel bad for the future generations of kids who wont have to sneak through the house and try really hard to not look or sound high in front of parents because weed isn’t illegal anymore. honestly so fun, laughing really hard inside cuz high as balls and no one else could tell, getting nervous and taking a breath before walking in the door, trying really hard to appear sober, i think its really part of the whole experience. no?


Y/N: Sam! I thought I said you not to go after older woman! I can deal with it if they are about my age but not this!*shouts angrily but on the inside is laughing really hard*
Sam: Sorry sweetie. *stands up and goes straight to you*
Both wimen: She thinks we are old but we can show you a brand new world, Sammy. *talks seductively*
You snigger silently in Sam’s shoulder and when you raise your head you see his angry eyes. You swallow hard and smile to them.
Y/N: Sorry ladies, but he has everything that he needs. Unless..
*whispers* I am going to kill you.
Y/N: Sorry. No unless. *shrugs*
Sam: Yea, because I have everything that I need in her. *grins widely and grabs your ass*
Y/N: You are going to pay for this, Winchester. *gnashes teeth*
Sam: Bring it on. *smiles widely while looking at you*
Y/N: You know what? *tells looking at two women* If it’s you two, I think I can share.