laughing really hard inside

How I see the signs based on people I know

Aries: always energetic, looks great every single day (idk how you do it), has a mean side you don’t want to be on, competitive, loud, funny and loyal

Taurus: quiet, super passionate, huge book nerd, great person for deep talks, would never fight anyone but can talk mad shit

Gemini: enjoys being around people, always up for going on an adventure, risk taker, loves excitement, natural cutie, their aesthetic is coffee shops, the sky, and cute love notes scrawled in cursive

Cancer: has one really close friend and would never leave their side, super smart, easy to make laugh, extreme book nerd, can be emotional but doesn’t like to show it, would probably physically fight someone if they had to

Leo: super cutie, the poppest of punk, super chill but is actually probably just dead inside, will laugh really hard about memes

Virgo: super duper passionate person, wears cool socks, probably cares more about animals and bugs than people, chill person that’s down to do literally anything, loves being friends with everyone

Libra: super dramatic, dresses really fancy all the time, creative, artistic, lives in their own little world, never shows sadness or signs of weakness, would also probably physically fight someone if they had to, dances and is so flexible/human pretzel

Scorpio: super open with their friends, is literally the best but doesn’t see it, will say they’ll fight someone but would never actually do that, has the weirdest variety of things they like, appreciates the little things like hot chocolate and hugs

Sagittarius: the person that you want to tell everything to, always laughs say too hard at your jokes, will always be on your side, is a great mediator, sees the positive side of everyone

Capricorn: nerd in general, super funny, has amazing makeup skills???how??, open minded, the best at throwing shade/ is basically the 🐸☕️ emojis, knows their friends really well, super loyal

Aquarius: really funny, super opinionated, can either totally shut everyone out or be the life of the party, obsessive, super emotional but probably doesn’t show it, the weirdest human beans

Pisces- has a few close friends, would never do anything illegal, is an angel, emotional, the punniest person I know, will hug anyone and everyone that is sad, gives no fucks, sugar daddy