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This piece is from a little while ago. There are a couple events coming up that you should come to if you’re in Western MA: I’m giving an artist’s talk at Hampshire College in mid-late November and participating in the Oculus opening at Eastworks later this winter. It’s really super duper exciting to me to start feeling like I’m finding some purchase in my art practice: it was really only a year ago that I settled into living in a single place and began to develop a drawing practice. I went from being a mostly transient, closeted creature to being somebody that is finding myself embedded in a group of people that looks like family a mere two miles from where I was born. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s leading me into thickets that are denser and more full of fruit than I thought possible.

varlovian  asked:

Oo, if you're accepting prompts, I would kill for a short fic about Dirk being frighteningly competent in something. Be it a task or a hobby or a weapon or whatever. I have a mighty need for competent!Dirk.

I headcanon Dirk as being highly competent at one (non-sex) thing. Hope you like!

Tequila, Pre-Brotzly (background Faranda), G, 650 Words

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Office Space is hilarious! My partner and I love it and try and watch it at least once a month. It never fails to get us laughing like loons and we ALWAYS cheer at that smashing scene :D

I quote that movie ALL THE TIME. Everyone who works in an office should watch that movie. And I know several pieces of equipment that could do with a good smashing in a field. :-D

Hello everybody: for the first time, my books are closed. The Bright Hollow waiting list is currently a year long. This has been a really wild year since starting to live and work in Great Falls.

If you’ve emailed us already and have yet to hear back, don’t worry, you’re on the waitlist. We love you, thank you, more soon!