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people on my dash are complaining abt d+p’s branding for the tatinof movie and documentary. .. .  and i’m like …. my pals… . . remember ….this is their chance to dump it all and move on. they are leaving it all with a bang. the rebranding is coming. embrace the storm for now while you can.

laughing-llama  asked:

hey! just wondering which season of degrassi was your favourite and who your favourite character(s) in the franchise is / are?

My favourite season from every franchise is probably 4, 10, and NC1, while my favourite characters are Paige, Manny, Spinner, Adam, Fiona, Zoe, Grace, and Miles.

Ger likes roller skating. The fact that there’s music and lights and wheels brings him great joy. 

On the other hand, while I was struggling to stand up I heard my spiritual guide come to me and say “Just be like you were yesterday”

Well, for one, yesterday I was absolutely terrified but I’m pretty sure she was thinking of the badass witch part when I felt–for a small amount of time–badass and confident. 

me: What are you doing here?

Her: Oh, I just find this all amusing. Humans, standing on wheels. Who thinks of that? 

And of course I fall down as soon as she says that. 

January Blogs of the Month Pt. 2

Trying to start the year off right. These are definitely some of the best blogs out there.



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laughing llama


HAHAHAHA Peter Griffin Llama

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1. i don’t have one because my name is too short


3. light-ish brown (?)

4. my dad has three cats (who are all adorable and deadly)

5. red

6. denmark

7. (currently) chris hemsworth


9. chasing ghosts by the amity affliction

10. throne of glass (DUH)

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