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My kid does 13K in damage to studio equip, we handle it like lunatics.

[Part 1]

Some background:

I’m an audio engineer and score arranger full time in my self-owned business. It’s how I provide for myself, my fiancée (also CF), and my mother. I record, mix, and master for bands, voice-overs for local commercials, and write music for people’s weddings, college films, indie games, etc.. It was my passion since I was a child and every day I ask myself why I get paid to do what I do.

You know, until today.

I had a woman schedule to come in because she wanted me to record her monologue for an acting class. I thought it was going to be easy enough. I set up a mic and a music stand in the sound booth and got my workstation prepped for tracking. She was supposed to show up at 3:30, so when 4:00 came around, I called her to ask her if she was still coming. It was my last contract for the day and I was wanting to get home to my fiancée, dogs, and dinner.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, I’m going to be there soon. I just had to get my son from ex-boyfriend.”

Uh oh.

4:12, she showed up with her child.

To preface, I’ve never really wanted kids, and don’t really hate them either. But I’ve been childfree of mind for a decade now in league of several bad child experiences in public.

Anyway, I sat her down at the conference table and tried to talk to her about the contract and billing, etc., and just couldn’t because of the six-years-old pile of ovary droppings next to her.

“Mommy it’s cold in here.” “Mommy, I’m bored.” “Mommy, that guy has girl hair.” “Mommy, I want to play on the phone.”

The incessant whining went on for the entirety of the discussion. She did nothing about it. I had an ache in my stomach that this might be a rough session.

I was right.

I showed her to the sound booth, positioned the mic at face level, told her the basics of mic use, and then she floored me with a question.

“Can my son stay in there with you while I do this?” I insisted that he wait in the conference room (across the hall from the control room) because the control room wasn’t a very kid-friendly place considering the 120K of equipment at arms reach.

“But he’s a little angel.”

I shouldn’t have taken her word for it. I SHOULD NOT have taken her word for it. This kid was ANYTHING but. I let him in, told him to sit in one of the office chairs and don’t touch anything. Needless to say, he touched. I queued the recording arm and signaled her to start. She got three lines into her take before I hear a deafening screech and crash.

That little shit machine had just knocked over a $4,000 Korg into a rack with $9,500 of equipment. Completely shattered the touchscreen on the Korg, busted the dials off of half of the effects, and totaled my distressor that I use for almost all the vocals I track.

All of this, by the way, was the room’s length apart from where I told the crotch goblin to stay.

The kid, because of the loud noise, started full-lung screaming. Not crying. Not yelling. Screaming.

The mother, with no hesitation, ran over to the control room and DEMANDED to know what I did to her child. She cussed at me and accused me of hurting her little snot monster. Threatened to sue and even swung at me. When I told her that her precious angel had just racked up at least twelve grand of damages, she said “good”, spit on me, then stormed out, slamming every door on the way. So I pulled the security camera footage and had filed a police report. Grand total: $13,504.25. I also mailed her the bill for her session for good measure.

Of six years in the studio, this is my only truly terrible experience. Fuck mombies. Fuck having children. Thanks for making my vasectomy decision that much easier on me.

[Part 2]

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Okay, okay, but can you all imagine what Yondu and Peter would be like if they are among themselves and, for once, agree on something. Like, for example, when they both agree that the people they are dealing with are douchebags.

Can you imagine the pure level of sass and trolling that would entail. They would be the troll-tag team.

When they are trying to get information from someone, Yondu is letting his arrow lazily circle his head and Peter just friendly reminds their opposite that Yondu is not someone you want to deal with when he’s angry.

“I mean, dude, I totally get that you don’t want to talk, everyone has their secrets, but you see, this guy here? He doesn’t understand the word privacy.”

“Ain’t got time for no privacy in my life.”

“See what I mean? And you know what he does with people who don’t want to tell him their secrets? He does horrible things, let me tell you. Like, boy, I’m traumatized over here. Got a lot of issues from that.”

“That ya do. Lots of ‘em.”

“I mean, last time? Yondu, was that last time when you let that guy dangle out the airlock for a while?”

“Naw, s’ was the time before that. Last time was the guy with the arrow.”

“Ooooh, the arrow. The arrow you sent up his…”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Oh, ouch, yeah, that was ugly.”

“Took me hours ta clean that arrow up again, lemme tell ya, son.”

“I can so imagine that. Where were we? Oh right. I think this nice person here wanted to tell us something, right?”


Or someone tries to intimidate them in a bar, Peter and Yondu nursing their drinks at the counter, not even blinking at the threat and continuing their conversation like,

“Eugh, this tastes horrible.”

“Told ya. Don’t’cha drink somethin’ again that makes ya puke.”

“I’m not the one ordering the drinks, old man.”

“Ya keep drinking my stuff. And I keep orderin’ drinks to get’cha away from the poor ladies over there.”

“Aw man. Killjoy.”

“Gimme the drink, boy.”

And Peter hands him the drink with an exasperated hand gesture and a little bow – and Yondu proceeds to pour it over the guy that threatened them.

“Darn shame for the booze!”

“You owe me a drink,” laughs Peter, grinning like a maniac as he and Yondu roll over the countertop and behind the counter and the first whistle pierces the air.


Or them being chased by the police and one of the officers goes like, “Yondu Udonta! Surrender now, or we will open fire!”

Peter and Yondu make that confused-grimace they unconsciously share – eyebrow rising, whole expression being “WTF” – and look at each other.

“The hell he thinkin’ we are?”

“I have no idea. Perhaps he’s new?”

“Ain’t teachin’ the newbies right anymore, they ain’t.”

“You are so right with that. It’s a shame.”

“We gonna show ‘em, boy?”

“You bet.”

And they proceed to escape flawlessly, albeit in the most crazy way ever seen, and Peter flips the officers off with a brilliant smile as Yondu flies them out of there.

Just – Yondu and Peter trolling the hell out of the whole galaxy, not taking anything too serious, and having the time of their lives with it.  

DannyMay Day Thirty: Identification / Foreign

…He saw it. He couldn’t believe it. After all the late night theories, spying and sneaking around he finally witnessed it. He’s gonna confront him about it and finally get his revenge.

Wes Weston knows

I was on the prowl. Every single one of my senses was on high alert. Fenton couldn’t hide from me forever. I had always suspected that there was something ghostly going on with that weirdo. Nobody else would notice, wright it off as Fenton being his freaky self. But I saw it for what it really was.



He gives me a confused look. Instantly I could tell he put his guard up. Smart move. I’m about to have him begging for mercy. I caught him alone, no Manson or Foley to come to his rescue. And even luckier still, the halls were deserted. This was going to be delicious. I get right up in his face and back him into a corner so he has nowhere to run.

“I know that you’re Danny Phantom. I saw you transform to fight that wishing ghost at the fair. You can’t deny it. I caught you.”

He’s starting to sweat. Good. He tries to deny it, tells me I must have had too much coffee. I know what I saw. Before I can press him further, he’s as slippery as a weasel, he made it to the end of the hall. The hunt is on.

The whole week I’ve been following Fenton everywhere he goes. I’m going to catch him in the act and finally expose him to everyone. Then they’ll take me seriously. They’ll stop brushing me off and listen to me. The poor freak avoids me like the plague. I’m gonna enjoy this.

After two weeks of popping up in random places and scaring him to full death my time has come. I climb up onto a lunch table and whistle for everyone’s attention. I can see Fenton looking ready to pass out. I can’t help the grin that splits my face. Chuckling a bit I begin the greatest speech of my life.

“People of Casper High. After weeks of research I can tell you with certainty that I know Danny Phantom’s secret identity! He just so happens to go to this school”

The murmuring begins and I can tell Sanchez is fangirling along with her satellites, if the screeching is any indication. Fenton is on the verge of hyperventilating. Revenge is too sweet.

“Danny Phantom’s secret identity is…Danny Fenton!”

They are stunned into silence. I bask in this glorious moment. Fenton looks dead for real now. This it too good, I stare right at him, grinning like a maniac. Manson and Foley look ready to kill me but I don’t care. They’re too preoccupied with protecting Fenton. Wait. Is that LAUGHING!? What? Whose…

“Jeez, I always thought Weston was a little weird but this is just fucking crazy!”

What! No, this isn’t how it was supposed to go! They’re all laughing at me. No…what…they’re leaving! Looking over at Fenton was the worst mistake I could have made. The shit eating grin is enough to make me want to punch his teeth out. I can feel my blood boiling. I know my face is cherry red from how angry I am. I’m so furious My jaw hurts from clenching it so hard. This is so humiliating! I bolt after him.

Everyone’s gone to class and it’s just me and him in the deserted hall. I grab him by the shirt so hard I think I heard it rip.


He slowly gives me that infuriating grin and the bastard even has the balls to make his eyes glow NEON FUCKING GREEN!

“What’s the matter Wes? You look like you’ve seen a ghost

“…You little shit”

I can already tell the rest of the year is gonna royally SUCK ASS

merllennium  asked:


70. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

Nico likes to think they’re being discreet. 

They’re a far cry from Jason and Piper; Will doesn’t spend half of his free time from infirmary following Nico around just in case there’d be an available fifteen minute time slot for them to make out in the armory; Nico definitely doesn’t spend half of every meal to ogle at Will across the dining pavilion; they don’t hold hands on their way to their cabins after the camp fire.

And they’re so not Percy and Annabeth, thank the gods; people don’t make bets on when they will be caught making out during capture the flag; Chiron hasn’t once had to give them a serious talk about why two campers are not allowed alone in a cabin; they do bicker like an old married couple, but it’s not in the sickly sweet way that makes you wonder if you should be listening or not.

They’re not even like Frank and Hazel; Nico doesn’t blush beet red when Will smiles at him; Will doesn’t bring him flowers on their one month anniversary; they don’t sit so close at the camp fire that they think people can’t see them holding hands.

It’s not like they’re hiding their relationship entirely. They just think that some things should stay private. Plus, it’s kind of fun to watch the Athena campers and most of other cabins too fawn over Will and try to flirt with him. Nico has even encouraged a newbie or two to ask Will out just so he can watch Will struggle coming up with a polite way to refuse.

(Why he doesn’t just outright say he’s dating someone is beyond Nico, but it’s okay. This makes it more fun anyway.)

So yeah, Nico thinks they’re being pretty discreet with the way they aren’t all over each other and simply keep physical contact either purely medical or behind closed doors. 

It’s no one else’s business, after all, the way Will kisses Nico like he’s going to break any second, and how Nico rolls his eyes and bites his lower lip in turn. No one needs to know how Nico wants to be held late at night, with his head on Will’s chest and Will’s hand in his hair. Who even cares that when Nico runs his hands through the soft hairs at the nape of Will’s neck, Will lets out a sigh that’s almost indecent?

However, it is kind of surprising to realize that no one seems to even know that they’re dating at all.

It’s like watching a dam break.

“Come on, Nico, you’ve got to eat at least some greens.” It’s an ongoing argument between them, on every single meal; Will trying to get Nico to eat his salad and Nico refusing for the first maybe thirty-six times before giving up and eating half.

This time Nico gives in on the thirty-second. He rolls his eyes, pics up a piece with his fingers and flaps it in front of Will’s face like the child he is. “Fine. Lettuce die, then, from eating too healthy food.”

Will looks absolutely delighted about the pun, and Nico wants to roll his eyes again. 

“You’re such a dork”, Will grins, poking Nico’s cheek as he chews on the salad (that’s actually not half bad but there’s no way he’ll ever admit that to Will). “Your jokes are just as bad as mine!”

“Like that shirt?” Kayla asks from across the table and looks meaningly at Will’s shirt. It has a picture of a bone on it, and next to it the text I found this humerus.

“That shirt is legit funny”, Nico says as a matter of factly and stuffs his mouth full of salad before Will can complain again.

But no, Will looks almost proud. His eyes shine as he looks at Nico, and if they were somewhere else Nico is sure they’d be kissing right about now. 

“See?” Will says pointedly and the smile sets firmly on his lips. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

Nico snorts. “I thought it was my charms.”

“Your humor is part of your charms, sunshine.”

Nico shakes his head and turns his attention back to his plate. It takes him a good thirty seconds to realize that the whole Apollo table has become quiet, that every single head is turned to him and Will, like they’ve done something worth gaping at.

“What?” he asks, confused, and really, this should have been his first clue.

Austin chokes on air. “What do you mean what? I mean”, he lets out a shocked laugh, and it sounds actually kind of maniac, “did that just actually happen?”

“Did what happen?” Oh, good, so Will is just as clueless as he is. That’s awfully helpful.

“Did you just confess you’re in love with Nico?”

Will looks even more confused now. “Well, I mean, it’s not like he didn’t know already. Right?” He turns to look at Nico, like he isn’t even sure anymore, and Nico gives him a very reassuring eyeroll.

The others are still baffled, if not even more so now. “Wait, he knows?”

Nico looks at the girl who’s name he has yet to remember like she’s being slow on purpose. “Yeah, well, I should hope that I know how my boyfriend feels about me, don’t you think?”

His sassy tone doesn’t seem to work this time. No, what people cling on are his actual words.

“He’s your boyfriend?”

“You’re dating? Since when?”

“Wait, what? When did this happen?”

It’s hard to tell who is more baffled, Nico and Will or all of Will’s siblings. Yes, Nico has thought they’re being rather discreet, but never in a million years would he have thought that the rest of the Apollo kids didn’t know of their brother dating him. Isn’t that, like, grade A camp gossip? Who dates who et cetera? 

“Uhm”, Will clears his throat, and his forehead has that cute wrinkle on it like every time he’s confused. He looks at Nico, as if asking for help. “Since like… I don’t know, September, maybe? Depends on how you look at it I guess.”

“You’ve been together for five months and you didn’t tell anyone?”

Nico thinks for a second. “I do think it’s actually closer to six.”

If Kayla’s looks could kill… “That is so not the point here and you know it, di Angelo!”

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it needed saying”, Will explains. All the attention is making them both really anxious; Nico briefly wonders how much trouble he’s get to if he just shadow travelled away. “I haven’t been exactly quiet about how much I like Nico. And he’s been sitting at our table for months already.”

“Yeah, but the talking doesn’t really mean you’d do something about it.

“And you said Nico had a permission from Chiron, because of the zombies.”

Nico sighs and looks at his plate, the chopped pieces of lettuce suddenly looking so much more appealing than this conversation. “This is going to be a long day.”

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Five Times Adam Made Ronan Laugh


A/N: The title says it all. More of a pre-slash fic than anything. I hope you enjoy it!

[Read it on AO3]

Words: 1 680


Adam hadn’t meant for it to come out as sarcastic as it did. He’d aimed for a playful comment to hide a deeper bitterness, but what had left his mouth had been anything but lighthearted, and for a moment he feared that someone would either get pissed at him, or ask him if he was okay. He didn’t want either of those things to happen.

How it ended up with Ronan laughing - genuinely laughing for the first time in weeks - he wasn’t sure. But that was what was happening.


Holy shit.

That laugh was magical.

Adam wasn’t prone on gaping at people like a fool, and thankfully he managed to get control of his features before it became too obvious, but Ronan was still laughing, so it was hard keeping it cool.

Seriously, it hadn’t been that funny.

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It’s all about the Horse Prince™ now! 

This game is making me laugh so hard wtf is this?!?!? I’m year of the horse as well, now everything in my life is starting to make sense.


GO download this right now!

Enjoy the Show (pt. 6)

Part 5

(Warning: violence, probably tears. I know I cried.)

Wilford races down the hallway, Bonnie on his heels, and ducks into the janitor’s closet, slamming the door shut behind him. He hauls a metal shelf full of cleaning supplies in front of the door and leans against it for a moment while he tries to catch his breath. With his hands, he blindly searches for the light switch, but there is none.

“Must be one of those where you pull the cord,” he says, fumbling forward with his hands outstretched. His fingers brush familiar fabric, a coat. Wilford jumps back. “Host?”

“Wilford Warfstache left us,” the Ego drones. “Wilford Warfstache abandoned the Egos when they needed him most.”

Finally Wilford finds the cord and pulls it, turning on the single bulb hanging from the ceiling and revealing the face of the Host. Blood rolls down his cheeks like when the wounds were fresh, but something is wrong. Something about the way his neck is twisted, the way he’s smiling. “Hosty? What’s…”

The Host takes a step forward, purple mist swirling around him like snakes coiling up in the sun. “You did this Wilford. It’s all because of you!” Another step, and Wilford is moving backward. The metal of the cabinet bites into his spine through his shirt, and he feels panic flood his chest with creeping, black tendrils as the Host practically sings, “You let him do this to us. To me. Again.”

Wilford chokes, vision of the Author’s sharp, piercing eyes flooding his mind. He abandoned him before, let Dark have his way. He swore he wouldn’t do it again.

He shoves the cabinet out of the way again and rushes out the door straight into Google. Wires exposed and sparking, the droid glitches wildly with a grating smile. “N-n-new prim-mary objective: s-serve D-Darkiplier.” He reaches for Wilford, and the pink Ego flinches away into the arms of Bim Trimmer.

Warfstache whirls around to find Bim’s usually bright, cheerful eyes are now hollow with gray bags beneath them, and there’s now a skull-like gauntness to his face. “Will, why did you leave us? We needed you.”

Dr. Iplier wanders into the hall, blood dripping from his hands. “I’m sorry,” he laughs. “We’re all dying.” He throws back his head in maniac laughter, and Wilford tears himself free of Bim’s vice-like grip.

“No, no, no!” He backs farther down the hallway, wheeling and tripping over his own feet. The fear sends his heart pumping so hard it feels like any moment it’ll burst right out of his chest. Ed appears on the other end of the hallway, gun drawn and aimed at Wilford. The Ego throws himself to the side to avoid the bullet that misses Will and hits Bim in the back, sending him sprawling to the floor.

Ed whoops and hollers, firing another shot at Silver as he cowers in the corner of the hall wailing like he’s in pain. Wilford is barely aware of the tears rolling down his own cheeks as he stares numbly at the growing pool of blood surrounding Bim’s fragile frame. His hands are shaking, twitching, itching for a knife or a gun. Anything to make this end. He settles for a gun, though he’s not sure what he intends to do with it.

Host reappears at his side with a pleasant smile on his lips. “Wilford, this is what you wanted, isn’t it? All along you knew you’d fail us, and now here is the result.” Host takes Wilford’s hand, the one holding the weapon, and places the barrel of the gun to his own forehead. “Make it stop. I don’t want to hear his voice in my head anymore. Wilford, please!” he screams.

Wilford’s breathing becoming spastic and shallow. “No. No. No.” Each two-letter word is another hitching breath. His vision goes fuzzy at the edges. No more. He didn’t do this. He would never leave them. Would he?

Would he?

Wilford hears a gunshot, and his eyes spring open to find all the Egos lying dead. And Wilford stands over them, the smoke rising from the barrel of his gun. “I-I didn’t…” The gleaming weapon hits the floor, shortly followed by its owner.

The animatronics appear from either side of the hall, the mist receding back to where Natemare stands looking particularly proud of himself. “Oooh, that was good! This one is going to be especially fun, I can tell!” He gestures to the robots. “Take him and put him with the others. Let them rest…” Mare grins and stalks off in the opposite direction as Bonnie lifts Wilford’s limp body from the floor.

“After all, Night Two awaits…”

History Repeated – A Scott McCall Imagine

A/N: Hey guys! So I was really pleased with the feedback I got with my first imagine, so I was very inspired to write another one! I actually really like this piece I did and might consider making a Part 2 for it! :)) If you guys want to see that make sure to let me know by sending me a message or shoot a message in my ask. I’m really REALLY fond of this one and hopefully you guys like it too :)) Also! I tried to make this fit for both female and male readers so I hope I did it well And finally! Without further ado, on to the imagine!

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Scott McCall, Reader, McCall Children

Theme/Plot: Scott and You are enjoying your morning together when your children discover something they don’t know about yet.  

Word Count: 1300+


 I stirred in the bed a bit before finally settling on my new position. I savor the last moments I have of shut eye and slowly take in the current state of things. I look over next to me and a smile immediately forms on my lips. Beside me was my husband for 10 years, boyfriend for 5 years, and best friend since I could remember.

 He has definitely changed over the years I’ve been with him. Light creases now have a permanent place on his forehead, his smile lines are now more apparent. However, despite all of these changes, I still see the Scott McCall I fell in love with. The one who wasn’t afraid to risk his life for anything or anyone he cares about. The Scott McCall who would accept you for whatever you are. The Scott McCall I fell in love with who had a big heart, a soul so pure, the True Alpha. Until now, he still carried these traits with him, and that’s why I will never stop loving him.

 While these thoughts were passing through my mind, I see Scott starting to stir in his sleep too. I caress his arm and my hand stops onto his tattoo. My thumb repeatedly glides over it and I see Scott slowly opening his eyes. I smile at him slightly and give him a light peck on his lips.

 “I can get used to waking up that way every morning.”

Scott says with a smile playing on his lips, his morning voice still there. I chuckle at what he said and proceed to hold his hand in mine.

 “You already do, darling.”

 I say to him, my voice barely above a whisper. Scott starts moving closer to me and our legs entangle with each other under the sheets.

 “I hope it never stops.”

 Scott caresses my face as he says this. I place my hand on top of his and smile at him.

 “I don’t plan on going anywhere without you, Mr. McCall.”

 “Good. Because I honestly don’t know what I would to do without you, Mr. / Mrs. McCall.”

 We just laid there. Watching the sunlight dance on the ceiling of our room, holding each other close. I didn’t want the moment to end. I wanted to stay there for a little longer. Reminisce on all the hardships, adventures, moments we had since the beginning. It was amazing really. How we started out as best friends when were children, and now we have children of our own. Three amazing children to be exact.

The eldest of our kids was our 16 year old daughter, Maggie. She was a lot like Scott. She was very protective, and definitely had a big heart like his. We had her a little earlier on, before Scott and I were even married. We were definitely nervous about her coming of course but when she finally did, we immediately fell in love with her,

The next of our children were the twins, Allison and Derek. The twins were both 8, and they were named after 2 people who were very important to Scott and to me as well. The twins were polar opposites. Allison was the more curious and studious one of the two. Derek on the other hand was a big ball of energy, always having a big smile on his face and immensely loved Star Wars. Stiles and Lydia insisted that each twin took on one of their personalities respectively. When they said this, all Scott and I could do was laugh and agree.

While Scott and I were still cherishing the moment, we heard Maggie screaming at the twins. We didn’t pay it too much mind, since the twins always liked to push Maggie’s buttons. But when we heard a crash Scott and I immediately bolt up from the bed. The crash was followed by Allison and Derek’s screaming and Maggie’s sobbing. Scott and I immediately went through the hall quickly and down the stairs. What we saw next made both of us stop in our tracks.

“Mommy/Daddy! Daddy!”  

Allison and Derek immediately screamed when they saw us and immediately hid behind us with their heads only peeking out slightly.


Scott started while walking slowly towards our eldest. Derek hid behind me too when Scott left. I couldn’t believe it. Maggie, our daughter, inherited Scott’s werewolf gene.

Maggie immediately faced us when she heard Scott call her name. She was shaking, clearly not knowing how to handle this situation. We had planned to tell her about the possibility of her getting her father’s gene, we really did. But, it seemed like we were beat to it.

“Stay away!”

Maggie screamed at us, tears clearly sliding down her face. This was the moment I was able to fully look at her. She had hair on the side of her face, eyes glowing yellow, claws protruding from her fingertips.

Scott tried going to her again slowly when I finally snapped out of my trance. I was trying to send Maggie a comforting look, desperate to help her.

“Maggie, darling, please go to your father. He knows how to handle this. Please, darling. For your sake, go to your father.”

I started pleading to my daughter. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. But I didn’t look at her differently. She was still my daughter, Scott and I’s daughter. That will never change no matter what she is.

Maggie started going closer to Scott slowly and when she was finally arms length from Scott, he immediately enveloped her into a hug.

“How did this happen?”

Scott asks gently while they sit slowly onto the couch. I sent Allison and Derek up to their rooms and told them to behave and not do anything that would make the situation bigger, such as calling anyone about Maggie.

“Alli and Derek were pissing me off by messing my project up. I got enough of it and I started screaming at them to stop. But… but…”

Maggie started to break down in tears. She had shifted while explaining what happened and I could tell she was still clearly shaken up. I sit at her side not taken by Scott and I rub her back comfortingly.

“Maggie… just take your time. Your Dad and I are here to listen. You can always tell us anything.”

“We have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff. Too much experience in fact.”

Scott says this then sends me a small smile. I smile at him back and nod my head in agreement. Honestly, seeing Maggie in her werewolf form reminded me of Scott when he was still a beta. Actually, all of this happening right now is what her father exactly had to go through in the beginning. Hopefully this time we don’t have the part of having a maniac like Peter running the streets though.


Maggie whispers while sniffling. Scott smiles at here and ruffles her hair a bit


I look on as Maggie witnesses for the first time her father’s eyes turning red. Her jaw goes slack and I chuckle a bit at her reaction.

“I’m dreaming right? I’m in a bad dream.”

Maggie says to herself while looking on. I laugh and pull Maggie close to my side.

“Maggie, you have no idea how many times I’ve said that during moments where I can’t believe what’s happening. Sadly, it never works.”

“You’ll understand soon what’s happening okay Mags? You have your mother/father and me to help you. We won’t leave you alone through this. You just have to trust us okay?”

Scott says this then holds Maggie’s hand. I can see that the gears in her head are probably spinning so fast right now. I hold her other hand and look at her sincerely,

“You do trust us, right Maggie?”

Maggie looks back and forth at Scott and I. She smiles a bit and squeezes both our hands.

“I do.”

Scott and I look at each other and we smile. I guess you can call this… History Repeated?


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed that! Once again feedback is always appreciated. If you guys want to see a part 2, notify me in any way you can and I’ll try to go straight to it! Thank you guys! xx

  • my brother: lol you should watch riverdale it's got a good plot and the characters are amazing
  • my brother: and I mean the main couple is cool, I know you're into that sort of thing
  • me: hm okay
  • me: watches the entire season of riverdale in two days
Kang Daniel | Haunted House

Rating: PG-13 (for slightly vulgar language and disturbing imagery)

Word Count: 2,104

A/N: @deepdickdaniel suggested to me a while ago that I should try writing my own fanfics, and as you can clearly see, I’ve decided to take her up on her offer. I initially said this was specifically something for her to enjoy, but the more I typed, the more I realized this was actually for my self-indulgence. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy!

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Sdr2 yandere bois react to s/o dying in killing game idk I'm on a streak here

Yandere mode… Activated ;)

SDR2 Yandere Boys react to S/O dying in killing game

Hajime Hinata:

- After that stupid Monokuma announcement rings he finally gets out of bed

- He hates this island, but at least you’re here

- He makes his way toward the hotel but then he sees something on the bridge

- Blood?

- He follows the trail until he finds… You. You’re lying dead on the floor

- “S/O?…” He kneels by you “S/O…”

- They stole you from him. How is that possible? You’re his. His his his his his his his!

- He walks into the hotel, eyes full of anger

- “Who did it.”

- “Huh? Hinata are you feeling o-”

- “Which one of you bastards killed S/O?”

- “…S/O - san is dead?!”

- Why are they acting surprised? They’re guilty for taking you. How dare they touch you?! You were his!

- There’s no way people can die so easily here!

- When the culprit is found out, he can’t help but smile. They deserve this. They killed you. They deserve all the pain they’re about to experience. He just stands there smiling as his ‘classmate’ is brutally executed

Kazuichi Soda:

- Today was a good day, he got to spend it with you, very close to you just the way he liked it

- He was just on his way to his cottage when he heard a scream, it sounded like it came from the beach

- The boy sprints and finds that the one screaming was you, thing is, you weren’t screaming anymore

- Your mouth was slightly open and he could see blood coming out of it

- Upon a closer inspection it seemed like you were slightly buried in the sand 

- Oh he’s so angry now

- Someone had the nerve to kill you and they tried to bury you, most likely so that no one finds you

- But it’s okay… He hasn’t lost you yet… That’s not possible

- He doesn’t bother telling others about you, he goes straight for his cottage and he starts his work on plans

- If you died… He’ll just make you… Even if you’re a robot, it will be you!

- That’s all that matters

Nagito Komaeda:

- Oh how lucky he was

- You were with him, that’s all he ever wanted

- But he kept worrying, his bad luck will kick in soon right? Well, if it’s for the sake of hope then he doesn’t mind at all

- What happened next had no traces of hope

- You told him you had to run a quick chore but you’ll meet him in the evening outside his cottage

- And so he was on his way back but as he neared his door, you weren’t there

- You must still be busy

- Well there’s no point waiting outside right?

- He opens the door. It seems that you were already inside… The only difference was that you were hung up by some sort of rope, blood dripping on the floor beneath you

- Haha… That… That’s S/O - san… Did you just leave him?… Why is trash like him alive whilst you’re hanging dead?!… 

- Unforgivable. He has to do something… He has to punish the people who insist on being influenced by despair!

- He takes a bomb with him and steps outside his cottage, laughing maniacally

- “Komaeda! What the Hell are you doing?!”

- Ah good… They’re all here… Now he just has to… Set it off….


Nekomaru Nidai:

- He just finished his 10km run along the beach, he really wanted to drag you along but you managed to convince him that you’d be fine without it

- His run lasted a bit shorter than usual as he was worried someone was getting a bit tooooo close to you

- You said that you’d be on the 4th island, at Nezumi Castle

- He jogs to it only to find you pinned to a wall by a spear through your chest

- Your expression was a mixture of shock and pain

- Huh? Are those tears? He’s crying. He’s crying because someone impaled you without any second thoughts

- He collapses to his knees and screams

- He only stopped when Hinata started shaking his shoulders. He instead grabbed Hinata by the neck and lifted him up causing him to start choking

- “You’ll find her killer right?” Hinata nods quickly, his gasps for air becoming more desperate. Nidai simply let go causing him to fall to his knees and have a coughing fit

- “Hinata. If you don’t, then you’ll be joining her over on the other side.”

Gundham Tanaka:

- Tanaka knew that staying at the fun house won’t do well for anyone

- Some of the girls have already gone crazy which he didn’t mind, as long as you were safe.

- He’d often make you stay in his soundproof room in case someone got any… Ideas

- You were staying at Grape House so he walked you to the lift

- “Be wary of the others, Beautiful one, if you’re in any trouble then just ring the phone… I’ll leave my door slightly ajar just in case”

- “You worry too much Tanaka - kun”

- “Because I… I… Love you…”

- “I know, I love you too Supreme one”

- You then vanish into the lift and… That was the last time he saw you alive 

- The next time was when the body discovery announcement rang and you were lying on the floor with blood coming from your head

- “No. No this can’t be. S/O? Out of all the vermin here someone chose S/O as a sacrifice?!”

- He’s angry. Someone took advantage of your weak state. That’s unacceptable. No one even deserved to breathe the same air as you!

- He glares at everyone throughout the trial and when it finally comes to an execution, he laughs. He continues laughing even when it’s all over.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- This killing game was complete bs in his opinion

- Still, it bothered you

- You were scared and you’d often find yourself clinging to him

- How cute… But if the killing game will end… You’ll cling to him a lot more right?

- After assuring you that you’ll be safe he leaves you at your cottage and sets out to find his true goal. The mastermind

- He took a knife with him… Just in case one of those bastards decides to try and test him

- After an hour of searching, he doesn’t find anything worth his time

- On his way back however he finds a note

- “The statue has a new ornament”

- He fkn sprints to the statue and sure enough there you are, cuts all over your body and hanging

- Who did this. Who the fuck did this.

- He literally kicks everyone’s door in and presses the blade to their neck until they confess. If they don’t the first time he either punches or slices them until they tell him something of value

- Whoever killed you made a massive mistake.

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- You bet he’d use his talent as a way to get information

- However he’d prefer the subtle ways such as your good old fashioned torture

- “S/O. You killed her right? Admit it. Admit it NOW!”

- “N-No! I didn’t!”

- “Oh! Hahahahah a liar huh? That’s okay! We have aaaaallllll the time in the world!”

- Even Monokuma is slightly scared

- When the trial comes around literally everyone is shaking in fear

- “I see the culprit is still playing hide and seek with us! But that’s okay, I’ll find you soon, and when I do, you are reaaallly going to wish you didn’t mess with me.”

- Eventually, the culprit confesses but they’re having some sort of… Mental breakdown. 

- Twogami simply laughs.

- “Monokuma. Get rid of this worthless peasant already.”

Teruteru Hanamura:

- Hanamura always thought that you were really hot

- But he never expected that you’d actually be burnt to death

- It was hard to identify the body at first, but Monokuma’s file helped with that

- “Ohoho? S/O - san was the one killed?”

- No he’s annoyed. If he remembers correctly there should be a portable stove somewhere

- “It’s time to fight fire… With fire~”

- The class trial never happens.

- If there are any survivors, he’ll find them soon, but for now he just takes in the view of the whole island burning

- “This is for you S/O - san, it’s so that you know my burning love and desire for you never dies! Haha… Hahaha… HAHAHAHAH”

Jerome Valeska x Reader x Angus Macgyver: Lunatics

A/N: You used to work for Mac and his team before Jerome turns you against them.

Warnings: None; Reader is Harley Quinn; Reader turns into Harley Quinn

Originally posted by artisticfangirl

Originally posted by msharleenquinnzel

Two years. Two years since you ran away. Two years since you quit The Phoenix Foundation. Two years since you went separate ways with Mac and Jack. Two years. Two years too many for Mac. Personally. He’s had a crush on you since you joined. You were a good agent working for the government. You had good morals, you were smart, you were everything the government could ask for.

Riley was curious that day. Mac was fiddling with a chain around his neck. Jack was just watching him play with the chain around his neck. “What’s going on? You guys are all quiet. Which is NOT how meetings are before the boss gives us our briefing.” Riley asked. “It’s nothing, Riley. Just…just nothing. I’ll be right back.” Mac gets up abruptly and leaves the room.

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please don't say you love me part 2 | bellamy blake (the 100)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

part one:

prompt: 23- “kiss me” , 30- “ive been inlove with you my entire life”, 55- “don’t you dare lay a finger on her” & 72- “what the hell was that?!”

request: thank you for writing my bellamy request! i want to request a part II if that’s possible? like the reader avoiding him for a while and he realises what he’s done when he sees her sigh another guy going into a tent?! x

i didn’t even make it 10 metres away from the camp before i turned myself around and headed back inside, my feet trudging through the wet dirt as i walk through the gates to arkadia.

i spot my friends standing in a group bellamy giving them what looked like hushed orders. i roll my eyes and take off bellamys jacket walking over to him

octavia sees me approaching and she nudges her brother gaining his attention, turning toward me as i close the gap between us at an alarming rate. i can see him sigh before i even reach him

i push the jacket into his chest, hard. he steps back looking up to me guilty “it’s cold (y/n) just take it” he begs, i shake my head “id rather freeze” i turn away from the group walking toward my shared tent with bellamy

i grab armfuls of my belongings heading toward octavias tent dumping my possessions in the younger blakes tent. “what are you doing?” she quizzes me as she walks through the entrance

“im moving in” i chirp turning to face the brunette “what happened with you and my brother?” i sigh “nothing O let’s just forget it ever happened”

she rolls her eyes at me grabbing my arm as i try and leave the tent, “(y/n) what are you doing?” “to visit my good friend monty” i smile sweetly pulling my arm free

i wonder around the camp looking for the brunette boy until i spot him over by the dropship “monty!!” i yell rushing toward him “i need moonshine and i need it STAT” he chuckles filling up my flask.

“thank you” i smile taking a large gulp “ill be back for more” i wink walking toward the fire pit sitting down on the loges as i continue to drown my sorrows

about 3 and ½ flasks later i find myself giggling at the sound of the fire crackling “hey” i look up to the shaggy haired blonde “sterllliiinnng” i giggle earning a smirk from the boy.

“how much have you had to drink” he chuckles sitting down next to me, warmth radiating from his body “enough” i giggle snuggling into him my hands on both of his thighs.

he’s arms snake around my waist rubbing softly as i finish off the rest of my moonshine “i need to pee” i announce standing upright as my knees wobble “ill be back don’t you move” i grab he front of his shirt and he chuckles before nodding “i’ll be here”

i refill my flask and pee before frolicking back over to sterling noticing that majority of his friends have now joined him at the fire. i bite my lip taking him in as he looks up seeing me, a smile spreading on his face

i walk over to the boy stopping infront of him “where am i supposed to sit” i pout his boys smiling at him wickedly “right here” he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me down into his lip.

a giggle leaves my lips, “god she’s wasted” murphy mutters to sterling, smelling the moonshine on me from miles away. “bellamy isn’t going to be happy” i laugh wrapping my arm around the blondes shoulders.

“fuck bellamy” i reply to murphy glancing into sterlings blue eyes, a smile twitches on his lips as he leans forward pressing our lips together

the kiss starts to get hot as i move my legs so they’re on either side of the boys legs, straddling him as my tongue battles for dominance

the boys erupt into hollers as i grind my hips into his, finally breaking for air he whispers into my ear “want to get out of here” i press my lips to his neck sucking at the sensitive skin nodding.

he places his hands on my ass as he hauls me up continuing our kiss as he carries me into his tent, flopping me down on his bed before he crawls on top of me removing my shirt in one swift movement

he connects his lips with mine before he is ripped off the top of me, i bolt up as i see an angry bellamy holding sterling up by his shirts “don’t you dare lay a finger on her!” he yells

still feeling a bit groggy i try and shift on my feet also the falling off balance “she’s drunk for god sakes” he screams placing his jacket around my shoulders and pulling me up into his arms.

he gives a warning glance to sterling before storming off with me in the general direction of his tent “put me down” i yell tryinto squirm out of his grasp “stay still” he grumbles dirt crunches under his boots.

we reach his tent and he throws me roughly onto his cot “ouch!” i yell feeling sober, “what the hell was that?!” he seethes anger flashing in his eyes

“i didn’t know that i had to tell you who i was hooking up with” i argue moving from his cot “im not doing this” i spit anger coursing through me as i attempt to walk out of the tent

he grabs my wrist stopping me from leaving “we’re doing this whether you like it or not” he growls, i rip my wrist from his grasp “what are you? my father?!”

“you can’t keep doing this, playing both sides. you either like me or you don’t- you can’t keep pretending to care for me when it suits you bellamy, it’s sick.” i stammer my eyes welling with salty tears

“what’s that supposed to mean?! you think im jealous?!” he exclaims running a hand over his mouth “i mean if the shoe fits” i continue to argue earning an eye roll

“you can’t go around throwing yourself at people in attempt to get over me!” he yells walking closer to me “god you should hear yourself right now!” i laugh maniacally turning away from the boys beady eyes

“id love to stay and continue this riveting argument but someone’s waiting for me- someone who actually wants me” i knock him as i walk toward the exit.

“he doesn’t love you” he yells as i fiddle with the cloth covering the inside to the tent to the outside world, “he doesn’t have too” i mumble.

“im in love with you” i freeze my body turning toward him “what?” i croak “ive been inlove with you my entire life” he finishes his brown orbs glowing in the dim room.

“this isn’t fair” i mumble tears rushing from my face “you-you made me think you didn’t even care about me bellamy you you-” i ramble my cheeks growing hot as warm tears roll down my dirty cheeks

“im an asshole i know” he tells me walking toward me grabbing at my hands “i was afraid” he whispers not daring to make eye contact “why?” i croak holding back a sob.

“you’re beautiful and i don’t deserve you, i don’t want you to settle for me because it’s the end of the world- i want you to choose me” he concludes tears leaking from his big brown eyes.

“i chose you, bellamy blake. a long time ago, i wasn’t lying when i told you i love you, i do, love you, bellamy blake”

he cries looking up into my eyes scared to touch me “kiss me” i beg and i don’t need to tell him twice before he leans forward connecting our lips and lifting me off the ground and until his lap

after a heated make out session bellamy had asked you to be his girlfriend and you happily obliged walking out into the camp hand in hand, finally feeling whole with your king at your side.

The Big Drop

Characters: Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Reader (You).

Requested by:

Synopsis: 153 “put me down!”, “you have… superpowers?”, 93 “are you high?”, 46 “can I kiss you right now?” With Peter Parker.


A/N: Oh my god this is actual shit… 💩💩 this is what happens when I try and hurry a fic for my babe’s morning.
Enjoy @superheros-and-books !! And here’s a question for you… Do you like smut?? *wink wink hint hint at next Spidey fic*
(And your angst will be out eventually babe!!)
Y/N = Your Name.
Hope you like it!

Peter was scaring me, he kept saying there was something I needed to know and apparently it couldn’t wait and now we are in an alley way in the dark.

“Wouldn’t mine or your place work better if you have something important to tell me?” I questioned.
“Not really. But Y/N, you have to take me really seriously. I’m not kidding around here.”

Dating for 1 year and 3 months. What could possibly be such a big deal and why would it have to take place here?

“Y/N.” he took my hands, his eyes glossed over with a crazed and panicked look.
“Peter.” I squeezed his hands in reassurance.
He laughed a little maniacally. “Trust me, I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long and I feel guilty for keeping it secret for so long.”
“Okay?” I raised an eyebrow, a little alarmed at how he was acting.
He composed himself a little, aware of my wary state. “I’m-I’m Spider-Man.”
I tried to supress a laugh but I snorted. “Are you high?”
Peter groaned. “Y/N, I said take it seriously.”
“I’m-I’m sorry.” I couldn’t keep a straight face, every time I tried to compose myself I just laughed more.
“Alrighty then. I was hoping you would just believe but you leave me no choice.” He said.
“Wait, what?” I panicked as he suddenly picked me and placed wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck.
“Don’t let go.” And were getting higher off the ground.
I screamed as we got higher. “Put me down!” I cried, but he just kept moving. I had no choice but to grip him tighter and watch as his hands were the only thing keeping us on the brick wall.

Once we reached the top, I expected him to stop. Instead he started running. I barely made out the “Definitely don’t let go!” Before we were airborn.
We dived down a couple of metres when his extended his arm out and we were swinging. Moving from building to building.

The moment we landed on “ground”, more like a roof-top and I was certain he wasn’t going anywhere, I let go and dropped to ground, pain as I slammed on the concrete.
I almost felt like I wasn’t breathing.
What just happened?

“You… have superpowers?” I choked out, refusing to stand and leave the surface.
“Like I said. I’m Spider-Man.”
Now it was my turn to laugh maniacally. “I don’t believe this. I’m dating Spider-Man.”
“Uhh, Y/N?” He placed his hand on my shoulder.
“Oh my god!” I shot up and startled him. “This-This is-”
“Awesome?” Peter said, looking smug.
“Weird. But I suppose awesome works too.” I stood up hesitantly. “Can,” I paused.
“Can I kiss you right now?”
He grinned. “Like you even have to ask anymore.”
I flung myself into him, kissing all over his face. “This is why Spider-Man is my guardian angel.”
“But you could’ve told me sooner.” I pushed off him to look him in the eyes.
“I-I know, I was just nervous about how you would react.” He rubbed his neck. “And to be honest, you had me scared at first.”
“Sorry about that.”
We stared at each other for a little bit before I interrupted with “Can you take me down to the actual ground now?”

“Cautious” - Part 5

“Cautious” - Part 5

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)

My Masterlist - Here

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4,176

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Torture,

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers (something similar to the force, but not the force).
   She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. The two have bonded very well.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 5! Be prepared for some feels! There should be two or so more parts after this one. I have the next couple of parts planned out. The next few parts or really the rest of this fic is also going to be on the lengthier side. I hope you guys don’t mind!

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has shown so much support with the past pieces I’ve written. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from writing. I hope this storyline doesn’t disappoint!

Special shout out to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful beta reader and wonderful person in general! Please go check out her page for some cute fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicryptids@mayfeather27

    Pain. That’s all you felt. Your whole body ached and you could feel how many cuts and bruises you were going to grow within the next few hours. You couldn’t breathe. Your head was being held down in a tub of freezing water. These Hydra fuckers were back at it again with the torture. You didn’t want to give in. You didn’t want to show them your whole self. You could not become their weapon.

    The red aura-ed man was standing over your kneeled body. His bitches had finally backed off from dunking your head in the water. You fought to catch your breath, finding yourself going into a coughing fit. You needed to lean forward and cough it all out. You still felt your body lean forward and ended up with your forehead against the cold linoleum flooring.

    In the middle of your fit, a large hand grabbed the back of your head and pulled you back to your knees. You begin to plead for them to not make you go back underwater. An ominous laugh burst out behind you and you realized that this wasn’t one of the henchmen. The red aura-ed man twisted you around until you were face to face while still gripping your hair.

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Shipping shenanigans

Nightmare: (keeps walking into things) uASHJDhlkj

Cross: geez man you all right

Nightmare: NO

Nightmare: why the frick do I only have one eye


Geno: join the club


Geno: sorry buddy I’m a lone wolf

Nightmare: a lone wolf trying to start a club apparently

Geno: both of those were expressions okay

Nightmare: wait who the frick are you again and why are you in my castle

Nightmare: wait why is CROSS IN MY CASTLE

Cross: uh



Cross: come on man it’s not that bad

Geno: gotta go, by the way I know about you two

Geno: I know lots of things

(Geno teleports away, laughing maniacally.)



Cross: that was Geno Sans from Aftertale


Cross: but you just


Cross: how was I supposed to know that


(Killer Sans walks in.)

Killer Sans: sup lovebirds


Killer Sans: geez man I just walked in

Cross: Nightmare is really angry right now cuz everyone ships me and him

Killer Sans: why? I honestly think it’s a good thing that there’s still hope for his love life




Cross: what does that even mean


Nightmare: ONE

Cross: wait no seriously I at least want to know

Nightmare: TWO

Killer Sans: I have a feeling we should leave

Nightmare: THREE

(Killer Sans teleports himself and Cross to the other side of the castle right before Nightmare shoots his tendrils at them.)

Cross: seriously what does that word he used mean

Killer Sans: I have no idea let’s find out

(He takes out his phone.)

Cross: wait dude

Cross: what the frick

Killer Sans: what

Cross: did you set that picture you took of me and Nightmare as your lock screen

Killer Sans: uh

Cross: wait didn’t Nightmare break your phone

Killer Sans: I got a new one

Killer Sans: … and the picture was already online so

Cross: you put it online

Cross: you literally put it online

Killer Sans: yeah

Cross: so you’re responsible

Cross: for everyone shipping us

Killer Sans: yep

Cross: I suppose you’re in this club for a reason

Killer Sans: you bet I am

(Now how many people are going to look up the word ‘defenestrate’?)

Killer Sans took the picture here:


Simon x Reader #4

Warnings: smuuuutttttt also partying and drinking. Read at your own discretion lol

Requested: yus “MORE SIMON SMUT PLS” and many more times by the same person (via @sidewomanxix)

Notes: this is very long (almost 2000 words ^.^), like i got so carried away with the plot. But enjoy! ~K


“You can’t resist me, might as well just admit it.”

Simon sometimes had an ego the size of Jupiter and here he was showing it, in front of all the guys. You were sat on Tobi’s couch, with Callum, Harry, Tobi, JJ, Josh, and Freya around you and some of them had a couple of beers. So mix Simon’s ego and alcohol to get the predicament that you were currently in right now.

“You’re saying that to me? Oh please you act as if you could keep your hands off me for more than a day,” you said combating him.

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Your eyes met mine and I
Swallowed the razors between my teeth
Somehow, at that bar, under that moon
In the eyes of someone I’d never met
I found light; a calm to my storm

The dance between fox and wolf
Came easier than ever before
You touched me and it wasn’t like a branding iron
But like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning
And I didn’t flinch away

Maybe it was the strawberry moon
Dancing between ocean waves
Or maybe it was the way the earth turned
Just a little bit slower but
I felt pine trees grew between my ribs

You stitched my seams shut

When I was slipping my skin like
Yesterday’s dirty clothes
And when I didn’t flash my teeth
I knew this dance was different

Fate watched our tango and she laughed
Chilling and maniacal
Slipping ice cubes down my spine
Cackling oh, silly child
Look before you jump

For maybe it was the gold dust in my eyes
Or maybe I just didn’t want to see
But when we laid in the bed of your pickup
Watching the stars drift by
I missed the one that wasn’t quite in line

Our bells were tolling but they weren’t quite in tune
Now you are shoes on feet and I am white stone teeth
Like a flash flood, the right person, the wrong time
For the clock struck midnight and it was just
An ounce too little and a second too late

—  when the Atlantic meets the Rockies, I’ll find you // E.M.
Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 12)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2356

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Not too sure how I feel about this chapter, may take this down and repost it later if I figure out a way to write this better!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11]


The next morning, you shuffle out of bed, going about your daily morning routine: brushing your teeth, yanking a comb through your hair, splashing water and cleanser on your face, and if you felt ambitious, putting some moisturizer on. When you’re done, you close the bathroom door behind you, rubbing your heavy eyes. You can hardly keep them open. Least to say, you didn’t get much sleep last night, as you laid awake for a long time thinking about Auston.

You plop down on your bed and pull your suitcase out from underneath it. As you rummage around for a pair of leggings and a shirt, Steph walks back in the room.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.”

“What?” You look up at her, blinking furiously. Everything seems way too bright this morning, and you can feel a headache coming on.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Would you care to explain what’s on your neck?”

You freeze. Oh no.

Steph takes one look at your expression and grins devilishly. “Oh, this is too good. Go on, take a look in the bathroom mirror.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You better, or I’m taking a picture and putting it on my Snapchat story.”

You stand up, glaring at her. “You wouldn’t dare.”

She just smiles. When you walk back towards the bathroom, she stops you. “Wait! You might need this.” She tosses you a tube of concealer and laughs maniacally at the look you give her.

Sure enough, when you look in the mirror, your neck is an absolute mess. Both sides are covered in red and purple hickies, trailing all the way down to your collarbones. You’re going to kill him.

“Steph! You better come here and help me - I can’t go out in public like this!”

You hear a camera go off, and whip around to see Steph running away from the bathroom, phone in hand.

You run out the door, furious. “Stephanie LaChance, I swear to god, if you don’t delete that right now, I’ll-”

“Okay, okay! I’ll delete it!” She holds up her phone, showing you as she hits the ‘x’ button in the top corner, removing the photo.

“You already saved it to your camera roll, didn’t you?”


You sigh. “You can send it to Mitch, but no one else, alright?”

“Okay!” she says happily, opening a new text message to Mitch.

“But only if you help me cover this up. We have ten minutes to get to the bus!”

Nine minutes later, the two of you are on the bus, breathless. Your bruises have been hastily covered by half a tube of concealer and a dusting of powder, and although it’s nearly 25 degrees out, you’re wearing your sweater with a big hood that somewhat shields your neck from view. It isn’t the most elaborate disguise, but it’s fairly decent for only having ten minutes.

When you walk into the arena, you pull your hood further up your neck, and peer around nervously. Hopefully no one can tell. You feel like the words, ‘I have a hickey’ are written in huge letters across your forehead.

“Y/N, relax.” Steph seems to read your mind. “Nobody’s going to be looking at you anyways.”

“Gee, thanks.”

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I mean.”

Steph heads towards the dressing room to get ready, but you keep walking down to dressing room E, where Nancy said she would meet you. However, this means you’ll pass by the guy’s change room.

You walk quickly, with your head down. If you can just get to the dressing room, then you won’t have to worry about anyone noticing the giant bruises on your neck.

Mitch has other plans, however.

“Hey, Y/N, how’s it going?” he greets you loudly, stepping out of his dressing room and blocking the hallway.

“Great, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks.” He smiles as he says this, but there’s a mischievous glint in his eye that makes you uneasy.

“Listen, I-” you start, trying to push past him. He blocks you, throwing an arm up on the side of the wall.

“Not so fast.”

“Mitch, I really have to get to this appointment with Nancy.”

“Nancy’s not even here yet.”

“That’s okay. I like to be early.”

“Well, you’re going to have to be on time today. I have a very important matter to discuss with you.”

You feign obliviousness. “And what would that be, Mitchell?”

“Well…” He smirks, seeing right through you. “It has to do with a certain boy, very tall, brown hair, looks like he never sleeps…”

“You’re going to have to be more specific. There’s a lot of tired-looking brunettes here.”

“Fine.” Mitch huffs, crossing his arms. You take this as your chance to slip through the gap between him and the wall. You surge through, but just as you think you’ve made it, he snags your forearm.

“Y/N, it’s about Auston.”

“I already knew that.”

“Then why didn’t you say so?” he exclaims.

“Because, I already know what you’re going to confront me about, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Because it’s embarrassing!”

“Going on a date is embarrassing?”

You frown. “No…is that what you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah! That’s why I don’t get why you don’t want to talk about it - unless you don’t like Auston. Then I’ve totally made this conversation awkward.”

“Oh, okay. No, I had a great time with Auston last night. Steph didn’t send you the picture then.” You sigh in relief.

“The picture? What picture?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything.”

Mitch pulls out his phone. “Oh, here! I do have a message from Steph.”

“Don’t open it!”

“Why not?”


“Should I wait to show it to Auston then?”

“Show me what?” Auston says, and you wheel around to see him walking up behind you. Perfect timing, as usual.

“Nothing!” you say loudly at the same time Mitch holds out his phone to show Auston the picture.

“What’s this?” Auston says curiously, taking the phone from Mitch and holding it high enough so you can’t reach it.

In a matter of seconds, Auston’s face turns bright red.

“What?” Mitch exclaims. Auston hands the phone back to Mitch silently and gives you an apologetic look.

“Oh, shit. Y/N, your neck!” Mitch bursts out in laughter, clutching his hand to his mouth. “Oh, man - that’s too good. Auston, I never knew you were such an animal.”

Auston’s face reddens even more.

“Yeah, okay - I’m leaving now,” you squeak, and jog away from Mitch and Auston and head over to dressing room E before Mitch can stop you again.

Just before the door shuts behind you, you hear Mitch screech, “Wait, does that mean you guys were banging in my car?!”

“You seem very tense,” Nancy comments as she massages the area around your bruised ribs.

“Do I? Sorry,” you apologize and will your muscles to relax. Nancy hits a particularly tender spot, and you tuck your chin into your shoulder to try to hide your wince.

Her hands leave your back. “Y/N, I know you hardly know me and may feel uncomfortable opening up to me because of that, but if you need to talk to someone, I’m always here to listen. I had to take mandatory sports psychology courses as part of my degree, so I do know how important your mental health is for your physical performance in sports. To me, it feels like a lot of the tension in your muscles is not from overexertion, but rather from stress.”

You’re surprised by the tears that well up in your eyes at her kind words. Your voice is thick when you reply: “Thanks, Nancy.” You swallow the lump in your throat and continue, “I think I’m having some difficulty finding a balance in my life between sports and relationships.”

“Well, if it brings you any comfort - you’re not alone. I think you’d be surprised to hear how many NHL players I’ve heard say the same thing.”


“Really. It takes some time and patience, but I think you’ll be able to strike a balance between your personal life and your career. It’s very easy for an athlete to zone in on their profession and nothing else, and so it’s important that you take a step back and have some time to be human. Whether that’s hanging out with friends, loved ones, or spending time with yourself to de-stress, it’s essential for your performance on the ice.”

“I think I understand that now. I’m just scared of getting too distracted and it affecting my game.”

You can’t see her, but you can tell Nancy’s smiling. “Is this perhaps about a boy?”

“Yes,” you admit shyly. “I feel like I’m twelve years old again. I can’t stop thinking about him, and his smile, his eyes…sorry, that’s probably too much information.” You blush.

Nancy laughs lightly. “Don’t worry. I was the exact same way about my husband when we first met in university. The advice I can give to you about this is to make sure he’s someone you’re proud of being around, someone that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed introducing to the most important people in your life. You also want to make sure he’s someone that encourages you to improve your skills, and helps you to become a better person. If he fits those criteria, then you shouldn’t have to worry about him inhibiting you from achieving your goals. If anything, you’ll be yelling at him to be quiet because he’s cheering for you so loudly.”

You nod, taking this all in.

“Does that make sense?” Nancy asks.

“Yes. That helps a lot, actually. Thank-you.”

“Anytime,” she says warmly. “Now, let’s try and get this knot out of your shoulder, shall we?”

After Nancy finishes her session, and tells you to come back tomorrow before she can clear you for light exercise, you find yourself climbing up the stands to watch the tail end of the morning skate.

Steph sees you and waves wildly, banging on the glass. You create a heart shape with your hands before blowing her a kiss. Then she’s gone, sweeping around the ice with Alexis for the drill, the puck flying between them. Auston takes her place in the line-up. Your eyes are glued to him as he completes the drill, but twice as fast as Steph, and with an effortless appearance that you envy. He’s even more impressive to watch from the stands.

You study him for the rest of the practice, absorbed in the quick motion of his legs and the agility of his hands and stick - which is truthfully more like an extension of his arms than a piece of fiberglass. There is something about him that sets him apart from everyone on the ice. (And no, you’re not biased in the slightest). There’s just a sense of fire, of passion in everything he does that is unparalleled by anybody else.

When practice ends, you climb down from your seat and head towards the girl’s dressing room to talk to Steph about your session with Nancy. But on your way there, someone grabs your arm.

“Mitch, please stop harassing me, or I will-” you start, swinging around to face a grinning Auston. “Oh, it’s you.”

“‘Oh, it’s you.’ Thanks for the warm welcome.” He pretends to turn around and leave.

“I didn’t mean it like-”

“I know you didn’t, silly. I’m just teasing.” He leads you down the hall and into the small gap between the dressing rooms that leads to outside. He takes off his helmet and dumps it on the ground, slicking back his sweaty hair with his hands.

“So listen, I’m sorry about your neck.”

“Uh-huh. You seem to have developed a habit of bruising me.” His eyes follow your hand as you brush your ribs with your fingers.

“Hey, I swear I’m not doing it on purpose - your skin just bruises very easily.”

“Or maybe you’re an animal,” you tease, referring to Mitch’s earlier cringe-worthy remark.

“Please - just don’t.” He drops your gaze, abashed. “Mitch is like the little brother I never wanted. He’s the worst wingman and constantly embarrasses me. I don’t know why I keep him around.”

“Friendship is a strange thing,” you agree. “Steph drives me up the wall sometimes, and I swear was put on this earth to annoy me - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love her to bits.”

“Yeah.” Auston nods, and then it falls silent, neither of you knowing what to say.

You’re about to turn away and make something up to relieve yourself from the stifling atmosphere when he blurts out, “can I kiss you?”

You give him a strange look.

“I really want to kiss you,” he explains, his face flushing.

“Okay, then kiss me, you idiot.” You laugh.

He walks over, careful not to tread on your toes with his skates. Then he bends down, firmly pressing his lips to yours. Your hands come up and hook inside his chest protector, bringing him closer. He deepens the kiss, but then breaks off, grabbing your hips and lifting you up so that your shoes are resting on top of his skates.

“Sorry, the height difference was making my neck hurt,” he whispers.

You’re about to retort that you’re not actually that short, that his skates give him an extra two inches over you than normal, but his lips cut you off. You lose yourself in the kiss, your hands sneaking under his equipment to brush against his bare skin. You distract him enough that he doesn’t notice when your lips dart down to his neck. You suck gently at the skin until you’re sure you’ve left a mark. But you end up grazing your teeth against his neck a little harder than expected and he realizes what you’re doing.


You laugh playfully and pull away, ducking out from underneath his arms. He tries to grab you, but you’re too fast as you hop down off his skates and sprint away.

“Y/N, get back here!”

[Part 13]

When You Get Blamed for Your Ticklishness

They’d tickle you in class - poke your sides, make you jump and squeal - and then you were the one who got in trouble. There you go again, being disruptive and loud. But they didn’t understand - you don’t have a choice - you literally couldn’t help it.

When the tickle torture made its way into your home, you’d get scolded for making such a ruckus. “Stop screaming!” they chastised you. “I’m trying to get some work done here.” But they didn’t understand - you don’t have a choice when someone tickles you like that. Your maniacal reactions are not of your choosing.

But it might even be more embarrassing and frustrating when the tickling isn’t even intentional. You tried so hard to hold it in - but you starting squirming and laughing while the doctor examined your tummy. In that warm but professional tone, they asked you to please hold still - as if you were the one causing the problem. “Hold still? Do you not see what you’re doing to me right now??” Back when your mom would come into your exams with you, you’d even get scolded for “making a scene” while the doctor was trying to do their job. How do these people not understand? You don’t have a choice - you don’t have the ability to hold still when someone does something like that to you. 

Apparently people think that when you’re tickled, you can choose how you react. Apparently people have no idea what it’s like to be as ticklish as you are.