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a thanks and update goodies

((So with me trying to recover still with my situation and all I haven’t been in much of an order, my mind just being all over, hence why replies have just been all over the place. I just want to thank you guys for being patient and understanding with me as I continue to heal. As well thank you for everyone's kind messages and gifts to me, they mean the world to me, even if it was something small. These little things I hold so close to me and its made me cry more than once, they are just so important to me and I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to reblog something you have made for me, but believe me I have a folder specifically made so I can save all these and i treasure all of them, i just have trouble thinkin of replies. I will dedicate a sunday to just reblogging all the art that's been made.

I’m a fairly slow replier due to my life outside this blog, but your messages don’t go ignored I promise. I see em, I just reply super slow, but i promise to get em replied.

I have made a small schedule/to-do list for myself so I don’t become overwhelmed and have a better time keeping track and keeping you guys updated. Ask box will remain open just know replies come in an old to newest fashion. I want to be fair to everyone.

Plan is that from Mon-Sat askbox will be getting answered and replies posted up, Sun will be my freebe day so that I can reblog any art ya’ll made, as well as giving attention to any of my own to draw list, and doing easy replies. As wel Fri-Sun are stream days so stay tuned for those. I just want to make things for organized.

-Attention will go to all previous prompt that have been sent, so until those prompt are done, I won’t reblog more meme prompts, once done I will reblog some more
-Character responses will come next, order from oldest to newest in inbox
-I will be testing out an idea I have with askbox questions as a side project so stay tuned for that.
-Headcanons about Sonii and the gang will be posted/New ref/bio page will be uploaded
-NSFW blog will get some needed attention after as I will upload some sketches, and get questions started
-Animation will be made as a thank you for all my followers

I am also debating on maybe opening commissions soon??
but I’m still nervous about the whole idea and wary about my art so I will just need to plan things out, and also curious if anyone would be possibly interested. It would be a great way for me to help pay for bills,food and tuition so it’s def a plan in the making. I would just need to create a commission page as well think of prices.

Anyways thank you so much for everything so far and I hope things continue to be well here, if ya got any questions or even just wanna chitchat just hit me up~Thank you hons~))

Here, have a thing



  • Steve: We need a signal for Sam.
  • Sam: Ooh, what about-
  • Bucky: CAW-CAW!

When you Black and you see a funny, relatable post about getting ya ass beat

When you realize that it’s lowkey highkey child abuse 

When you realize how bad it is that something this fucked up is something that bonds you to other Black people

When you read it again and it’s even funnier than it was the first time