laughing in the face of senioritis

The Note (Chapter 3)

Lori Petersen tries her best to refrain from looking over at Rick and Michonne as they laugh and talk during lunch.  Her game plan is to pretend like what he does is not bothering her in the least but inside she is slowly dying from a broken heart.  She has always gotten her way with him but things are different this time so she has to handle it differently.  

She’s a senior and she has to save face somehow.  Mike is quite a catch but he’s still a lower classman and he is not the captain of the football team.  Her senior year was supposed to be the best ever with Rick proposing or at least giving her a promise ring before graduation.  She drops her head and glances at him again.  She’s never seen him so animated and he’s wearing the biggest smile.  Did he ever smile like that for me?

The anger hits her hard and fast but she refuses to make a fool of herself in front of all of their friends.  She’d have to devise other plans to get his attention.  He couldn’t have fallen out of love with her just like that.  She steals another peek….unless he was never in love with me in the first place.  That thought has her grabbing her purse and exiting the cafeteria hurriedly.

Andrea watches her friend leave the cafeteria and the urge to go after her is strong but the stigma of losing your boyfriend during senior year….and to a sophomore…. is something she knows she could not endure so she remains rooted by Shane’s side.

I don’t understand how the whole football team dynamic works in relation to the “burn book”. Because Chuck and five friends (plus Jason, I guess) write in the book, and Josie’s brother (pretty sure that’s who it was) knows about the book. But Archie doesn’t know about the book even though it’s apparently a known secret? Does Reggie know about the book?

And as a side note: who the hell lets two sophomores become captains of the varsity football and cheer leading teams? Like, no coach would do that and no senior would accept that either. Also, if anyone, let alone a 15 year old, tried talking to me like that I’d laugh in their face - Blossom or no Blossom.

things from today:

  • one of my students made a daddy joke (“she calls me daddy when…”) and whenever they say something ghastly inappropriate that’s not actually offensive (so i don’t want to punish them for it) i just try to look as scandalized as possible and all that happens is they laugh at me and then try to out-scandalize each other because they think my face is hilarious
  • another of my kids has been having a really tough year at home and he’s been struggling academically and emotionally because of it, and we’ve definitely had our issues but today he told me he’d fight somebody for me (“i gotchu miss l”) so i guess we’ve bonded
  • one of my freshmen has a crush on one of my yearbook seniors and she wants me to “hook it up” (“be my cupid miss l only not today because i don’t look cute”) 
  • as i was walking through the hall one of my students looked straight at me and said “hi mom” 
Jily High School Band au

-James and Lily meeting at band camp
-He plays trumpet (let’s face it, he’s pretty full of himself) she plays french horn/mellophone
-Sirius naming James’s tumpet, and the name just sticking around
-James potter can’t do a back left side for the life of him
-Lily wining drill downs
-Lily calling James to attention every second she can, because he always responds and it shuts him up
-Them walking down the hallway in step: “push-n-step, two, three, HALF, five, six, seven, HIT…”
-Lily becoming drum major senior year
-James making faces in practice, trying to get her to laugh while conducting
-James doing this once, accidentally losing his mouthpeice in the process, and having to march the entire show without it
-James going to retrieve it during a water break and finding it has been stepped on several times and it now is very muddy
-James doesn’t actually have time to get water during the break because of this and starts complaining for the next hour
-James playing the music to their freshman show around the house, years later, just to give Lily anxiety

The Vampire Diaries Preferences: How you meet

Damon:         You and Matt have been friends since you were kids. And around eighth or ninth grade, your family moved away and you haven’t seen him since. But now you finally convinced your parents to let you move back there with your aunt. Once you got everything situated with your room, you headed down to the Grill, where Matt worked, to surprise him by saying that you’re going to finish your Junior and Senior year in Mystic Falls.                  

         “Hey, Donovan!” you called from your table. Matt turned to where he heard his name being called out. His face fell into shock when he saw you.

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Thoughts during Pomp and Circumstance
  • Me: Okay I can do this
  • Me: Damn trumpets chill
  • Me: We sound so bad without the seniors lol
  • Me: The director is laughing. The director is literally laughing
  • Me: -hears a crash- Did someone just fall?
  • Me: Stupid saxes and clarinets and your stupid downwards facing instruments
  • Me: I didn't know it was possible for my jaw to shake
  • Me: My nose is itchy
  • Me: Okay that chick has had her flute down like this entire time your break is over
  • Me: You think if we start playing really fast their walking will speed up?
  • Me: -gets lost like seven times-
  • Me: -finishes playing, puts my flute down, entire body shaking-
  • Me: We played that 29 times.
  • Me:
  • Me: It was easy.
Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Izzy B
  • Personal Essay

Izzy is proud to present Your Grandma Thinks You’re a Lesbian
A true story about how one blogger figured out her sexuality

So, I had my required Senior Reading yesterday and I read this piece. It turned out to get a lot more laughs than I thought and I figured “why the hell not” so I recorded it so you guys could hear it. I apologize for quality, when something is fifteen minutes long something has to get sacrificed in the name of posting.

Music and Kisses

College AU | Junior! Bryce and Senior! Ohm
Bryce is walking back to his dorm, his headphones playing the newest song he recorded. He couldn’t decide whether it was good enough to post it to his YouTube channel. A voice is calling his name from behind, but with his headphones in, he can’t here a thing. Suddenly one of his headphones is pulled out of his ear and a cheery face in a bunny hoodie appears in his view.
“What are you listening to that is so much better than your boyfriend Brycey-poo?” Ohm laughs.
“Uh umm…” Bryce doesn’t know how to reply he just stutters.
Ohm takes the headphone he had stolen and puts it in his ear, eyes immediately widening. “Bryce! Is- Is this you?!” Ohm asks surprised by the angelic voice coming from the piece in his ear. Bryce gives a small barely noticeable nod.
“Oh my god Bryce! You are amazing!” Ohm hums.
Ohm is walking faster than the younger boy behind him and the other headphone falls out of Bryce’s ear. Bryce has to run to catch up and take the headphone back. This time the younger holds the piece in his ear, and when Ohm begins to walk ahead the headphone falls away from the older. After going back and forth for a while Ohm finally tires of the game. After waiting for Bryce to catch up he pulls him close, the two facing each other.
“W-what are you d-doing Ry?” Bryce stutters. The couple were now in front of Bryce’s dorm. The two haven’t officially come out to the school, so Bryce is surprised by the action.
“It is so much easier to listen to the music this way.” Ohm replies with a smirk, leaning his forehead on Bryce’s. “The headphones don’t fall out when we are this close.” The blush on Bryce’s face as Ohm pulls him closer is growing much to Ohm’s amusement. Bryce always got flustered easily. One of the many things about the younger Ohm loves.
He can’t lie and say he isn’t a little worried for what he is about to do and that Bryce will be angry at him, but it needs to happen. Ohm is done with not being able to show affection to Bryce in public. The older leans down and his lips meet Bryce’s. Much to his excitement he feels Bryce smile against his lips, and kiss back. After nine months of holding his hand under the table and laughing every time an ‘I love you’ slipped out of his mouth to hide his mistake he could finally tell everyone how amazing his boyfriend is.
“Hey Bryce?” The older asks as they pull apart.
“Yeah Ry?” Blue eyes look up to meet his.
“You’re an amazing singer and musician and I love you ver much.” Ohm says with a big smile, recalling what had caused this moment.
“You’re an amazing boyfriend in every way and I love you very much too.” Bryce says laughing as he repeats Ohm’s words.
“You do realize I’m going to make you play me all of your songs right?” The older hums.
“I’d be love to. But not as much as I love you!” Bryce replies happily.

#46. "Hey, have you seen the...? Oh."

“I don’t know,” Malia said, frowning at the bag of makeup that Lydia and Kira were showing her.

“Malia!” Lydia begged. “It’s senior prom. Senior prom. This is the most important day of all of our school careers,” she informed.

“Lydia and I even went out to buy stuff for you,” Kira added, setting even more makeup on the bathroom counter.

“There’s more?” Malia asked as a joke, and instead of a laugh, she earned more pleading looks from the girls.

Her nose wrinkled and she shuddered just thinking about it. “Fine,” she gave in, rolling her eyes, earning a squeal from Kira.

Every once in a while, Lydia would slap Malia’s hand away from touching her face. “You’re going to smear it,” Lydia warned her.

“This is taking too long,” Malia said, feeling that this was more torturous to her eyes than what Theo had done.

“At least you’ll look really pretty after,” Kira said.

“Are you implying I wasn’t pretty before?” Malia teased.

“Well…” Kira replied, earning a playful punch from Malia, who smiled at herself. She had hit her and her eyes were closed.

Lydia set a hand on Kira’s leg to signal that she should stop because even her expert skills weren’t enough to deal with Malia. “I’m almost done,” she said, informing them before going back to drawing the black line that lined Malia’s eyes.

“Can I open my eyes now?” Malia asked since Lydia hadn’t tried to poke her with anything for a while.

Lydia observed her work a bit longer. “Yes,” she said, handing Malia a mirror. She looked spectacular.


Stiles, Scott, and Liam were all in the living room, waiting for inspection from the sheriff on their ties. All of them were waiting on Malia, Lydia, and Kira, who, for some reason, were taking a lot longer to get ready.

“So Liam, what are you doing here?” the sheriff asked, fixing his bow tie.

“So Lydia can have a some one to go with,” Scott replied, along with a smile of confirmation from Liam.

“Took some convincing, sir, Lydia didn’t want to go with a sophomore, but I didn’t want her to go alone,” Liam added, internally laughing as he remembered the look of Lydia’s face when he asked her.

Stiles smiled at how this was how this crazy year came to an end. They went from trying to save Lydia from Eichen to trying to find her a date for prom. They were going as friends, obviously, but Scott and Stiles set this up so everyone had someone for photos, dances, and all that prom stuff.

“Good,” the sheriff said, giving the bow tie one last pull.

Moving now to inspect Scott’s bow tie, he felt his heart swell up with pride. Even thought he wasn’t his son, he definitely saw him like one.

He just patted him on the shoulder. “Bow tie’s already looking good.”

“Really?” Scott asked in reply. He spent like an hour trying to get it right. He received a nod from the sheriff.

Since Stiles’ tie had already been inspected by his dad, more like his dad tied it for him, the sheriff announced they needed an all-guys photo.

“Stiles, would you get the camera, please?” his dad asked.

“Yeah, were is it?”

“I think Malia had it last,” the sheriff said. They had made a bet: twenty dollars to the person who took the funniest photo of Stiles.

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Stiles said, making his way to the stairs.

At his first step to the stairs, he ran into Lydia and Kira, who were coming into the living room, finally done.

“You two look great,” Stiles said, smiling. Lydia had her hair straightened, ditching her usual curls, and was wearing a pink dress. Kira was wearing a jet black dress, her eyes all smoked out.

The girls smiled as well in return. “You look great, too,” Kira replied, along with a grin from Lydia to show she was in agreement.

“Do you know where Malia is?”

“Still upstairs. She couldn’t find her shoe,” Lydia said, smiling and turning to Kira. They knew he would be speechless the moment he would see her.

“Malia,” Stiles yelled in the direction of the stairs as he took a couple more steps. “Have you seen the…? Oh.”

He stopped completely, forgetting where he was, and what he was going to say.

Malia looked stunning.

She looked amazing everyday, obviously, but even after dating for two years, Stiles never really saw her like this. Her brown hair was straightened, falling right at her shoulders, instead of her everyday, effortless waves. Her eyes were lined with makeup, probably after a lot of convincing from Lydia and Kira. And instead of her everyday shorts, she was wearing a knee length dress that matched the cobalt blue of his tie.

Malia couldn’t help but smile at Stiles, who couldn’t do anything but just look at her and had a smile forming on his face as well.

“C'mon, buddy,” the sheriff laughed, putting a hand on his shoulder, snapping him back to reality. “You three look beautiful,” he said towards the girls.

They all said their “thank you"s.

“Did you find the camera?” the sheriff asked a still awestruck Stiles.

“Oh, I think I know where it is,” Malia said. “I’ll be right back,” she said over her shoulders, already going up the stairs.

“I-I think I’ll help her find it,” Stiles said as he bounced on his toes to go after her, not even taking a step before the sheriff’s hand was on Stiles’ shirt again, pulling him toward the living room.

“Nice try,” Scott laughed as Stiles went over to the living room again.


After Malia came back down with the camera and handed it to the sheriff, the kids (Lydia) decided they needed practically a whole photo shoot since they were early.

At the moment, Lydia was telling Scott to stand up straighter as she stood next to the sheriff, making sure they were they center of the frame. “Kira, untuck your hair,” she instructed.

Malia, Stiles, and Liam laughed as they saw this unraveling.

After a few minutes of photos Lydia spoke. “Okay,” Lydia said, clicking through the photos a couple more times. “They’re perfect,” she said.

“Stiles! Malia!” Lydia exclaimed. “You two are next.”

Malia walked over there, and Stiles only went along because he was holding her hand. He hadn’t let go since she came back down with the camera.

“Alright,” Lydia began, “Stiles put your arms here,” she said, wrapping his arms around Malia.

“Why does everyone’s prom picture look like this?” Malia asked Stiles as she leaned her head backwards until it against his shoulder, talking about the signature prom pose where the girl is in front and the boy is in the back, with his arms wrapped around her,

Stiles didn’t get a chance to respond about how they were doing his because his dad wanted the pose to match his prom photo with his mom. He always said he would put his prom photo in a frame next to his.

The sheriff began to complain about technical difficulties. Malia stood straight again when Lydia told her that they’re almost done fixing it.

“Say cheese,” Kira said from behind Lydia and the sheriff, making them smile.

“Cheeese,” Malia said, while Stiles let his head rest on Malia’s shoulder, then turned his head and pressed a quick kiss to wherever his lips could find.

Daiya  no A Interview re: Chris

(from here)

Interviewer: It could be said that Chris is an important mentor to Sawamura, but what about that is surprising, right?

Terajima: Up until now, I don’t think he’s become a character with a lot of presence. First of all, I completely lost my way in designing him (laughs). Something I thought about was him having half-white features, but I hadn’t decided on his face yet even by the time I named him. When I was deciding the 18 people to enter into the first string, Chris was the senior representative who was going to compete with Sawamura for the last spot, but I was thinking that if the readers didn’t receive it well I’d end it quickly. 

Interviewer: Oh, so it was like that?

Terajima: In a team the most time anyone spends together is in a battery - which is why he’s a catcher - and surprisingly that precedence didn’t fail so I wrote that arc with great care, and Chris steadily became more important. That scene, when Chris was in rehab and Sawamura came around and got on his knees to apologize, was a huge turning point for Sawamura.

Interviewer: Anyhow, in regards to Miyuki and the other upperclassmen, it seems like he began to use keigo (formal speech) with them afterward. 

Terajima: That time when Miyuki got angry was of comparable importance for Sawamura, I think. Chris has pulled the story along immensely. 

(T/N: As always, if you spot any errors, please let me know.) 

He's All That AU

Spencer Reid, senior at Quantico High School, muttered angrily as he hurriedly picked up his books off of the ground. Someone had tripped him, again, if the laughter was anything to go by. He stood up straight, noticing jock and Student Body president Aaron Hotchner, whose face had a look of shock on it. Hotchner’s friends were laughing loudly.
He glared at the group before walking towards the bench next to the bus stop.
“It’s Friday. You just have work left, and then you can go read,” he mumbled to himself.




It was October 30th, mischief night. Usually, most students don’t bother doing anything, they just wait until Halloween itself, but you and your twin brother spent the entire year, every year coming up with a new way to play tricks on Coach Finstock.  

This year, however, you both decided that seeing as it was Senior Year, your last of high school, AND Coach’s birthday, why leave the tricks anonymous? You both planned to leave a small card near the trick.

Your twin brother, Stiles Stilinski, walked into his Economics class with a grin on his face as he sat next to his best friend, Scott McCall. His grin widened as he heard Coach Finstock yelling in his office. “Son of a bitch!” He yelled and the class let out a laugh. Stiles had left a gift box on Coach’s desk, filled with seemingly harmless bolts and screws, but as Coach lifted the box to take a closer look, everything in his office, connected by a sting under the box, fell to the ground. “STILINSKI!” He screamed after reading the small card, and Stiles could barely contain his laughter.

Coach stepped out of his office just as you pranced into his class. “What up, Finstock?” You teased in a cool-girl voice. You had gotten a transfer into his Economics class as the other teacher was too confusing for you. You placed your transfer slip on his desk and made your way to your brother. “You will spend the rest of your days in detention if you don’t clean that up after class, Stilinski.” Coach snapped.
“Woah, Coach, what happened in there?” You asked, laughing at the consequences of your twin brother’s actions. “And who the hell are you?” Coach sneered. You pointed at the slip on his desk, “sign it” you told him. Coach picked up the slip and read the last name on it. Your impression of a “card” to him. “Stilinski.” He whispered in disgust. “It literally sickens me to my very core that there are two of you on this earth.” He exclaimed. “I better use my lucky pen for this one.” He added. “Oh yes, that one and that one only!” You smirked. As he picked up his pen, your pre-planned attack went into motion. Coach didn’t take notice of the string attached to his pen, and as he tugged it over to the paper, everything in the classroom fell to the floor, just like it had in his office.

“STILINSKI!” He screamed in rage, this time at you. All you and your brother could do was high five and sit back to take the consequences.











Don't take it personally

Modern Day AU Everlark/ The Princess and The Frog fairy tale retelling! 

Peeta’s pov

Peeta had never minded feeling invisible, and when they started calling him stupid names he tried looking the other way and focus on his school work. Most of the time, they would leave him alone and aside from Cato’s dirty looks and occasional comments on his appearance he had his peace, but that ended when she came to school. It was in the middle of his senior year and let’s face it, who changes schools so briefly before graduating?

The first time she stepped into the building and he caught sight of her raven hair and her silver eyes he knew he was a goner. And during those brief days when she was a nobody, he tried again and again to get his shit together and just talk to her, but when he saw her talking and laughing with Cato a few days later, he knew his chances were as good as non-existent.  

But when she sat down beside him in art class a few hours later that day, it was the first time he made a fool of himself in front of her. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her silver ones. They were fascinating, glittering with a spark and a hint of green in them, just beautiful.

“Hey, I’m Katniss.” She extended his hand to Peeta.

For a moment he couldn’t do anything but stare at her face while she rose one eyebrow playfully and gave him a brilliant half smirk. “Are you okay over there?”

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