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You Look Cute In My Shirt

Summary/Prompt: “I may have slept in your shirt while you were gone.”
Word Count: 1730 words
Warnings: slight smut (but yeah not really), 
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So the other one I posted yesterday was  huge hit and so I though why not post another one. I have a part 2 for this already written so if I get enough feedback on this one, I’ll post the second part.

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The house on nights like tonight were extremely boring and lonely. A cold breeze shot past me, sending shivers down my spine. Lately the house had been extremely cold and it obviously didn’t help that I walked around it in just a t-shirt and underwear. That is unless I had been accompanied by Tyler , then I would be forced to put on more layers. And I’m not saying I liked that.

As of right now, Tyler and the team where a 5 hour plane ride away from Dallas, currently finishing up a road trip. Tyler had crept into my room sometime last week during the earlier hours and had let me know that him and the team were leaving for the week, and that they would be back no later than lunch on Thursday, which was tomorrow.

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Imagine Peter walking in on you naked

*Peter walks in*

You Scream “Get Out Peter!”

*Peter ignores you and keeps on talking to you* “Yeah whatever, uhm the lost boys want oatmeal today, so in just saying I like apples in mine.”

You yell GET OUT PETER! “

You throw a shoe at him

Peter dodges the shoe but falls while doing so

You laugh historically and he just folds his arms , too embarrassed to look at you with his face getting all red. He then gets up and doesn’t dare to look you in the eye , as he is about to close the door he says "This never happened.”

Almost forgot to post this, but I noticed this sign as I went to the dentist.;) Thought of Scarecrow ofc and had to share ^^

A real sign in my town. (blocked out the number). The South is a magical place let me tell you haha. 

Two Maniacs In Love (P2) (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: Penguin gets you out of Arkham since you’re his best friend next to Edward Nygma. With you out but leaving your precious Joker, you have one request for Penguin. To get your Jerome out of Arkham. 

Request Ask: Please part 2!! 

Pairing: Jerome X Reader 

Warning: none 

Fandom: Gotham 

Season: I don’t know I’m making it up 😂 Mixture between season 2 & 3 

Part 1 Here

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“Miss L/N, you’re free to go.” You hear as you turn to the guard with an confused expression on your face.

“Uh what?” You asked in an confused way, you looked at him with uncertainty as you lifted your brow. 

“You’re perfectly sane and you don’t require anymore treatment Miss L/N.” He said as you look back at Jerome as he was also shocked as you are. 

“Ah, let me get my things?” You asked him as he nods as he leaves you alone with Jerome. You turn to face him as shock hits you like a baseball bat. He looks about the same as you are. “I can’t leave! I can’t leave without you-” you started to freak out and fear of not seeing Jerome hits you hard, hard like a wreaking ball would hit you. 

Jerome hums as he puts on a thinking face, then an idea comes to his insane mind. He pulls on a signature smirk as he looks at you with something sparkled in his dark flaming blue ocean eyes told you that everything is going to be okay. 

“Doll listen! Someone has to be getting you out of here, right? And whoever they are, they’ve got plans for you. Big plans! But if they hurt you in any type of way, you come and get me and I swear that I’ll try to get out and I’ll give him the type of treatment that they need!” He said making you smile sheepishly. He was serious you can tell by the look in his eyes, full of emotions and darkness. 

His hand holding your own as he rubs his thumb over your delicate hand. As if this is the last time that you will ever touch his most soft skin. You look up at him with hope, honesty and shades of darkness. 

“I’m coming back for you! I promise you. Because I really wanted to go on that killing spree with you when we get out.” You said as he smiles as happy as the sun shines down. You reach for his soft lips as he reaches for your own, they finally touch as if it’s been a thousand years. You kiss him as if this is the last time you’ll ever see him, but you know that’s not true. You will see him again, you don’t care how long or how you’ll get him out you will see him again. 


 You walk out of the mad house, with all of your things in hand. You felt as if your trapped in another world full of people that are just sane. It’s so different than Arkham, especially without Jerome. 

You walk out of the gates to see a black car in front of the gates. Confused about the car and who it belongs to, but who would get you out of Arkham? 

Then all of a sudden, a person gets out of the car. He’s tall with jet black spike hair, his nose pointed out, he wears a black and white suit like a gentleman would wear. But something stands out about him, the way he walks. He limps towards you, up then down as he holds an umbrella. 

“Hello, my old friend. It’s nice to see you out of that hell hole.” He said, you recognised/recognized that voice from anywhere. 

“Oswald?” You ask as he chuckles, he pulls off his sunglasses to reveal his icy blue eyes. A wide smile shows off to you as he looks at you. 

“People haven’t called me Oswald in a long time.” He answers as he clicks his fingers and a man bigger than Oswald comes over and picks up your bags and puts them in the boot of the car. “The name’s Penguin.”

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“Why did you break my out of Arkham? I was actually enjoying it there!” You outburst on Oswald making him laugh. 

“You couldn’t really like it there, Y/N? With all those manics around you?” He said making your hands turn tight into balls of fist. 

“No! I liked it there.” You said as you rubbed your arm feeling the nervousness wash all over you like a bucket of ice has been thrown on you. 

Oswald leans forward and puts his elbows out as he holds his hands, a curiously smirk gains on his lips. “Why did you like it there, Y/N? Like seriously?” He asked you as you bite your lip down.

“Because I found someone.” You said as Oswald frowns and leans closer towards you. 

“You found what?” He asked more strictly now. 

You take a deep breath as you look up at him full of confidence and anger. A frown reaches your face as you stand up. “I found someone that I liked, he changed the world for me. Making it more exciting and wonderful.” You said as you spoke full of honesty. Every word was true of it, Jerome made you happy everyday, but now you feel sad without hearing his laughter first thing in the morning. 

Oswald’s icy blue eyes widen in shock, his mouth hung open in shock. “You found someone? Like the someone that you like like?” He said surprisingly full of shock in his voice. You nodded. 

“Yes I found someone that I like, heck even love probably?!” You said as you felt your throat tighten and all of the moisture dries up leaving you dry. 

“Oh, okay.” He says sadly as he looks down from you. But then looks back at you with a smile, an evil one. “How about this? I’ll let you get him out and be happy because you’re my best friend.” He said leaving you confused, knowing Oswald he’ll give you something you want but you know that he wants something in return. 

“What do you want Oswald?” You ask full of awareness and confusion. Oswald laughs at you looking at Butch as he just stands there. 

“What I want in return? I want total chaos around this pathetic city. I don’t care what you do but do anything you want, I want you to be happy.” He said smiling as you frown but you I didn’t care, you can finally get Jerome out of that place and cause some real chaos.


“Jerome Valeska, your nurse is here to see you.” A guard calls out as they grab Jerome and putting him in a room. Jerome laughs as he looks at the guard. 

“Oh goodie, let’s see if this new nurse starts to go crazy?” He said as the guard looks at him, frowning at the red head. 

“Like the last two? I don’t think so Valeska.” He said as he throws Jerome into the room. The guard closes the door on him as Jerome looks up at the nurse. 

“Hello handsome, miss me?” You said turning to face your Jerome. Jerome’s eyes widen in shock, but shock gets removed by laughter. 

“Hello doll face, no time no see.“ 


"So you’re saying that Jerome is sane?” He asked you as you smile widely.

“Of course he is! I think he should be let out now!” You said making him more confused. 

“But I’m not sure that’s-” before you could finish you pull out a knife and hold it against his neck making him whimper. He smiles weakly and nervously at you as an uncomfortable laugh appears out of him. “Y-you know what? I think Jerome is sane.” He says nervously as you pull the knife away smirking. 

“I think so too." 


"HAHAHA! I can’t believe that I’m out of that trash hole and back in the real world.” Jerome says laughing wildly. You laugh with him as you drive the car. You quickly make a swift turn to the right but still laughing. 

People are walking normally on the road, but they stop and look at you both. They scream and run away or dodge the car. Jerome laughing his ass off when you almost hit someone. 

“Hey Jerome! Let’s go on that killing spree!” You said smiling widely, he turns around looking at you as an insane smile appears on his face, he laughs once again. 

“Of course Doll!” He said smiling. 

You pull over and park the car somewhere random. You get out of the car and skip your way to Jerome. 

“Who should we kill first?” You ask in a high pitch sort of tone. Jerome hums as he rubs his chin, thinking he sees a random person walking in the Ally way. He turns to you with a smirk in his lips. 

“That one.” He pointed to you as you smile widely. He then grabs your hand and skips your way to the man. 

“Let’s have some fun!”


After your done with your first kill, you and Jerome walk into the park and found some delicious ice cream. You had F/F (Favourite/favorite flavour/flavor) and Jerome had chocolate. Your hand in Jerome’s as you sit on a park bench laughing your heads off. 

“Did you see his face when you got the knife out! HAHAHA!!! Priceless!” He laughs as you giggle. 

“Yeah, oh and when you pulled out your gun!” You exclaimed as you both laugh historically. 

Once you calmed down you take a bite out of your ice cream and turn to Jerome who was looking at you the whole time. You blush as you turn around facing away from him. 

“I’m glad that you got me out.” He said as you smile widely and face towards him. His dark ocean blue eyes look at you with so much passion and love. 

“I’m glad that I did too.” You said as you snuggle closer towards him and resting your head into his neck. He places a kiss on your head making your heart beat faster than ever. 

You are really glad that you got him out in time before you went insane with out him, with him he keeps you sane. But same as always you both are just two maniacs in love.


“But what if He Who Must Not Be Named finds out about us?”

“Voldemort is not going to find out.”

“You don’t know him Harry, he has spies everywhere.”

“Draco, he’s not going to find out. Even if he does, it won’t matter, I’m not going to let him hurt you.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”


“My thanks to you, Lucius, for bringing this… disgusting union to my attention.” Voldemort boomed, the Death Eaters around him hissing, laughing, and catcalling at the teen being held down on his knees at Voldemort’s feet. Next to Voldemort, being held in place by a death grip on the back of his throat, was a deathly pale blonde teen.

“Now, how shall we punish our dear young Malfoy?” Voldemort said, looking around at his Death Eaters as they called out horrible ideas and requests. But the look in the man’s eyes said he already had a sickening idea.

“Ah, perfect. Draco,” Voldemort turned to look at the teen next to him, while Draco continued to stare blankly at Harry. Harry’s head snapped up to lock eyes with Draco. “Draco, I want you to torture Mister Potter here. Seems a fitting punishment, don’t you think?”


Voldemort’s eyes flashed at Draco’s immediate response, but his lips curled into a sickening grin as he pointed his wand at Draco, “Crucio.”

Draco’s blood curdling scream tore through Harry as the blond fell to the ground and curled into himself, writhing in pain as he screamed until Voldemort lifted the curse. “Torture him.”

Draco lifted his head, his eyes soaked in painful tears. He looked at Harry, who had tear tracks running down his face as well, Harry silently mouthed, It’s okay. Lucius, the one holding Harry down in his kneeling position, had turned his head away.


“I wasn’t asking, Draco.” Voldemort responded softly, too calmly, pointing his wand once again at Draco. “Imperio.”

Draco’s body went rigid at first, as he tried to fight off Voldemort’s control. It was only a few moments, and then Draco’s body relaxed, his eyes glazed over, and he stood. Voldemort looked positively gleeful as he handed the boy his wand, and Draco slowly pointed it at Harry.

“I love you Draco.” Harry said softly, looking up at his boyfriend.


Harry’s head fell back as his spine arched and he screamed, eyes welling up with more tears. Tears for his pain, and tears for Draco. Lucius stepped away and let the boy fall to the ground. The spell only lasted for a moment, and Harry slowly got to his feet.

“Ah, it seems even my hate of you being channeled through Draco isn’t enough to make the spell have that much of an effect through the wand that your lover holds,” Voldemort laughed coldly, “At least as you die, you’ll know that he loved you. Now what was that spell that Severus told me about… Ah yes.”

“Sectumsempra!” Draco called out, and Harry was thrown off his feet, deep gashes opening up all over his torso and his blood spilling out onto the floor. Draco’s face remained completely passive, but tears began to form in the corner of his eyes.

“Much better Draco! Again.”

I love you Draco.

“Sectumsempra!” Draco’s voice shook as he called out the spell again, and Harry screamed out again and again, more deep gashes forming on his body as he rapidly lost blood. Draco’s tears spilled over down his cheeks, but Voldemort’s spell kept him in place.

Voldemort is not going to find out.


Harry’s voice broke as he screamed again, all the cuts all over his body making the Crucio spell feel ten times worse, even if it wasn’t as powerful.

I’m not going to let him hurt you.


It’s not me I’m worried about.

Harry’s screams were reduced to silent sobbing as his body rapidly paled, losing blood faster with every Crucio that Draco was forced to cast. Draco’s arm shook and he was openly crying now, tears streaming down his blank face.

“Just one more spell, Draco.” Voldemort said gleefully, his voice the only thing Harry or Draco could hear through the roar of physical and emotional pain.

“NO!!” Draco roared, finally breaking Voldemort’s hold and whipping around, punching Voldemort square in the jaw and catching him off guard before pointing his wand at the man, pure rage coursing through his veins, “Crucio! Crucio! Crucio! CRUCIO!!”

Voldemort hissed in rage and pain, Death Eater’s flying out in black smoke left and right, none of them wanting to get caught in the crossfire as Draco cast Cruciatus after Cruciatus after Cruciatus, some of them hitting Voldemort and others exploding the walls around him. Some Death Eater’s tried to stop him, but Draco’s rage exploded in accidental magic that created a shield around him, and they too disappeared.

Draco finally stopped casting his spells and while Voldemort was stunned, he all but flew to Harry’s side, and had barely held the limp and bleeding boy to him before he apparated away.

They both landed with a thud just outside the wards of Hogwarts, Harry coughed up blood before falling still and Draco lifted his wand, desperately trying to think of every happy memory with Harry that he had.

The day that they admitted to themselves that they loved each other. Then the day that they admitted it to each other. The lazy broomstick rides around the castle that they promised each other wouldn’t be a race, but always wound up becoming so. The first day that Harry told his friends about Draco and tightly held his hand as Weasley exploded. Their first Christmas together. Draco’s official Weasley sweater.

Draco cried out and a bright white eagle burst from his wand and flew toward the castle. His hoarse cry rang throughout the castle as Draco fell to his knees at Harry’s side. Harry had not moved since they landed there.

He was so pale. He’d lost so much blood.

Draco collected Harry against his body and continued to scream in rage and sorrow that were tearing their way throughout his body. Harry still wouldn’t move.

“Harry! Harry! Wake up Harry!”

“Draco…” Harry whispered, through his eyes didn’t open, “It’s okay.”

Draco’s sobs turned into a historical laugh as he pulled Harry closer. He could feel Harry’s body growing colder against him and he could feel Harry’s labored breathing against his chest.

“You’re going to make it, right Harry?” Draco said, his voice growing higher in his hysteria, “You’re always okay in the end. You’re the Boy Who Lived.”

“Draco…” Harry’s voice was growing fainter, “Just… Just hold me… Okay…?”

“No no nononono,” Draco held Harry tighter to him, feeling Harry’s breaths growing fainter and fainter, and the labored heartbeat slowly fading away as he sobbed and screamed himself hoarse.

The last thing Draco saw before he passed out from shock and stress with a cold bleeding Harry in his arms, was a cat with glasses shaped markings around it’s eyes streaking towards him.


A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, school and work has been crazy! So, anyways, here is some supper angsty Drarry to brighten your day!

Any questions or complaints can be left with @otpdisaster, as I got the prompts that inspired this story from their blog. :D

another time pt.1 | alfie solomons

@girllostinthewoods requested reader travelling back in time - will be eventual /alfie, though he’s not in this chapter. i know, i know. patience is a virtue.

You looked up from the array of paper to where the caretaker was checking the windows and closing the cabinets up.

“Sorry, do you need to lock up?”

“No, no, don’t you worry. I’ll be here about another hour, you’ve got time. Just like to get a head start on things”

“Sorry, I know it’s late. I’m finishing off, I promise. I just need to find this one address or I’ll never be able to sleep tonight”

You gave a breathy laugh at the end, pointing to the mess of your folder. He laughed back, dropping the bundle of keys back to the chain on his waist.

“You’ve been here half the day already. Who is it you’re looking for?”

“Umm…a ghost apparently. I’m writing a book about the history of the city, using the stories of the women who lived here. So, I pick one from each century-ish time period and follow them through time, documenting all the changes they lived through, you know? The events they experienced, what they thought of them at the time, uncoloured by what we know now.

Anyway, a historian I met up with pointed me in the direction of someone they thought might be an interesting subject but I’m having trouble actually confirming they existed. I think maybe they mixed up their information somewhere or got confused, I don’t know. It’s all a bit of a mess”

“When was this? Lived in this city my whole life, might be able to help out”

“She’d be about my age in the mid 20’s and that’s where they aimed me at”

He hummed, rocking on his heels.

“Sorry, bit before my time”

“I thought it might be”

“That’s very kind of you to say, dear. Most assume I’m pre-historic”

You laughed at him, shuffling about some papers.

“Anyway, the libraries got some things you won’t find out here if that’s any help”

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What would the Mukami boys do if they were at the table and all of a sudden Azusa started laughing hysterically, and told them he put a whole bottle of laxitives in their food? I'm sorry if this is oddly specificXD Thank you beforehand.

(omg, this one is hilarious)

The Mukami brothers were sitting down in a quiet manor, munching on spaghetti and meatballs. All except for Azusa who wore a smug smile on his face as he stared at his lap. The concerned brother, Ruki was just about to ask him what was wrong when he started to laugh historically. The Mukami brothers have rarely seen him laugh and never this much before. 

“Okay, what the fuck is going on with you,” Yuma said, looking around nervously. 

Azusa stopped laughing for a moment, “I put….. Laxatives…. in the food.” 

The moment he said that Kou raced to the closest bathroom and locked the door. While sobbing could be heard coming from the bathroom, Yuma was yelling out cuss words towards Azusa as he continued on chuckling. While this was all happening the eldest, Ruki, stood still, expressionless, his entire body trembling as he felt the Laxatives starting to kick in.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 11: Hunger

Sam Winchester x Reader

1300 Words:

Chapter Summary: You join Sam and Dean on a hunt, one that isn’t like it seems. 

Story Summary:  You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

Catch Up Here: Don’t Fear the Reaper Masterpost

Author’s Note: Thanks for checking out this story!! More chapters to come!

After the time traveling fiasco, Cas had disappeared, and Sam and Dean had found a hunt. Currently, you were lounging on one of the hotel bed’s, flipping through TV channels, while Sam and Dean talked about the case. You had been excited, and relieved that they had let you go along. You knew Sam would have, but you had been surprised that Dean had been the one to suggest it.

“Seriously, this couple ate themselves?” Dean asked incredulously, staring at his brother. His question had caught your attention, and you shut the TV off before getting off the table and walking over to stand behind Sam.

“Yeah, not much was left. But hey Dean, Y/N and I can handle this one. I know you’re probably ready to head on out.” Sam said, and you and Dean both stared at him in confusion. “Valentine’s day? What do you call it?”

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