laughing forest

reasons why i couldn’t believe season 1 wasn’t written as slow burn msr until i went to the wikipedia page: a list
  • “scully stripping in mulder’s hotel room
  • mulder confides his life story in scully after. like. one day.
  • necklace grabbing scene
  • “i can’t wait til u fall off and land on ur ass”
  • “i thought you said he was cute” “he’s a jerk… he’s not a jerk, he’s obsessed with his work”
  • scully DITCHING her fucking date to hang with mulder (very similar to a plot point in classic slow burn show castle)
  • “for god’s sake it’s me!”
  • “now i don’t trust them… i want to trust you”
  • being goddam parents to the evil twins
  • scully being kind of jealous of phoebe 
  • dana #1 + the cheek cupping
  • dana #2 + mulder trying to comfort her
  • scully giving mulder her coat after he’d been shot
  • dana #3 + the shoulder touch
  • dana #4&5
  • “you lay one hand on scully and so help me god”
  • “for those of you who don’t know already, this one’s important to me. so, uh, let’s do it right” 
  • barnett targeting scully
  • “i think it’s remotely plausible that someone might think you’re hot” 
  • “i told her it would be a nice trip to the forest”
  • “fox…” [laughs] “i, i even made my parents call me mulder, so… mulder” “mulder i wouldn’t put myself on the line for anyone but you” “if there’s an iced tea in that bag, could be love” “must be fate, mulder. root beer”
  • all the touching and the protective and whatnot
  • in conclusion how the hell did they expect us not to ship them. um. 

Can you just see them now?

After they have defeated another foe…

EMMA: That was amazing! Another victory.

REGINA: That was very close. (scowls at Emma) TO DEATH. We could have died.

EMMA: What else is new?

REGINA: (halts and stares as Emma walks a little ahead) You’re smug. Why are you so smug?

EMMA: Because it’s US, Regina. It’s you and me and WE are doing what we do best in a fight. We win! Together. Side by side. It’s how we roll! Emma & Regina.

REGINA: (raises an eyebrow) Regina & Emma.

EMMA: (waves it off) We’re like Batman & Robin.

REGINA: (walks beside Emma, smirking) And of course WHO would be Batman in this scenario?

REGINA AND EMMA: (together) Me.

REGINA AND EMMA: (together) YOU!?

They both pause. Regina starts walking

REGINA: No. I think clearly, I’m Batman. You’re my little “sidekick-puppy-person”.

EMMA: What?! No way!

They come to a halt again.

REGINA: Now really. You’ve just controlled your powers all of “5 minutes” and you think you are the magical mastermind?

Regina starts walking. Emma follows and sidles up next to her.

EMMA: I was the Dark One! Those “5 minutes” felt like a freaking eternity with Gold in my head.

REGINA: I have been Magical for so long. I have performed spells you haven’t even heard of yet.

EMMA: But I’m the SAVIOR.

REGINA: (frowns at the ground in front of them) Your point?


REGINA: (appears as if she doesn’t want to argue anymore) Fine.

EMMA: You’re Robin. (twists her mouth in disgust) Which is just sad because that’s a STUPID name for a guy. (stomps forward a little)

REGINA: (sobers and grabs Emma’s elbow) Hey. Wait. (studies Emma, slowly smiles) You’re still jealous?

EMMA: What? No.

REGINA: (starts chuckling, slowly slips her hands around Emma’s waist) Aww, that’s cute.

EMMA: (grabs Regina’s shoulders) I’m not jealous!

REGINA: (pulls Emma closer, very close) Kiss me, stupid.

Their lips meet softly and quickly. Regina pulls away.

REGINA: You can be Batman.

EMMA: No. I’m not Batman because YOU say I’m Batman. I’m Batman BECAUSE I’m Batman.

REGINA: (now kissing down Emma jaw to the crook of her neck) Mmm-hmm. Yes, Darling.

EMMA: (whimpers, then straightens) No! I’m Batman! dammit. (stalks ahead)

REGINA: (unable to hide laughter) What? Emma! (carefully walks in heels through the forest, laughing) You’re missing a moment here.

dating ragnarsson would include
Ubbe :

- watching you in the eyes all the time
- him saying how beautiful you are in a whisper 
- race on a horse 
- having a lot of children 
- give you the most beautiful dresses

- go for a swim in the sea
- watching you with a cocky smile
- lay down and watch the sky
- sex everywhere and every time
- support you with all his heart

- spending day in the forest 
- laughing so much you can cry
- him taking your head when kissing you
- poetry 
- very protective

Ivar :
- acting like children at dinner
- cuddles in spoon
- being so proud of you in front of Aslaug
- being jealous of other man
- get tattoos together

[read the one below at your own risk]

I had been wondering for quite some time, about Ishikawa Kaito ( Kageyama Tobio’s VA) and his ‘obsession interest’ towards Hinata Shouyo. So here, my theory, Ishikawa Kaito favorite girl Vs Hinata Shouyou:

Athletic #check

Short Hair #check

Cheer him up when he feels depressed…


And simply being together makes him happy…..


So basically Kageyama Tobio’s seiyuu’s favorite girl is Hinata Shouyou in different gender??? It actually makes sense now *bitter laugh*


–【Style of the PRINCE】Guest no. 23 Ishikawa Kaito Vol.4 –

Blushes, Mumbles and Love - Edmund x Reader

Request: Can I make a request for a Edmund Imagine, where Edmund’s gonna propose to the reader, but is very shy to? @caesariavictorian

Setting: The Golden Ages, Narnia

Characters: Edmund Pevensie, (Y/N)

Warnings: None


I felt myself breathing hard as I yanked the reigns from side to side, my stead weaving through trees and leaping over fallen trunks. My heart was pounding viciously which made my grin widen. I carefully took a peak behind me to see through the blurry image of trees.

He wasn’t there. I won.

I patted the horse’s side and slowed down as soon as we reached the clearing. Edmund and I were on our way to meet here, yet somehow it turned into a competition. I jumped off my horse, Alerio, and grabbed an apple from my satchel before feeding it to him. He gladly took it as I stroked his side. “Didn’t you see Phillip when you were riding, Al?”

“No, Lady (Y/N). I was busy trying not to crash into the oak trees.”

I smiled sympathetically and it wasn’t long before I heard gallops from a distance. I turned to see the dark-haired Just King approach me with his horse, a smile abroad his face.

“This is the third time this week, Ed. When are you gonna learn to catch up with me?”

Edmund jumped off his horse and patted Philip down before taking his satchel and emptying it out on the floor. Our horses chased after the flashes of red and green and began to devour them slowly.

“If you honestly think one apple is going to satisfy your horse, then you mustn’t be the noble rider I though you were.”

I pouted. “I had more in my bag.”

Edmund approached me, placing his hands onto my waist. “Sure you did.”

I rolled my eyes before he leaned in and kissed me slowly. My heart began to quicken and I led my hands to rest on his shoulders as I kissed him gently. He pulled away and looked at me with his soft, golden brown eyes.

I’ve known Edmund and his siblings for a long while now, almost five years. He and I began courting two years after we met, and even as his best friend, I didn’t know half as much as I think I did. Edmund was more caring than others thought, and he made sure that I knew that. He was ridiculously smart and stupid at the same time. And he was loving, so loving of everyone around him.

I took one of my hands and raked it through the back of his hair before hugging him. His strong arms wrapped around my torso and he held me tightly against him. I was lifted from the ground and spun around, the action of my King making me laugh happily.

I heard his laugh too, deep and full of wonder. He placed me back onto the floor and rested both his hands in my hair, his palm warm and long fingers pressed against my skin.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too,” he replied, pecking my nose before leading me to the trunk of a tree.

“So,” I began, intertwining my fingers with his. “Why’re we all the way out here? Why not head to where we were two days ago?”

“You mean the river?” He asked.

I nodded, with a smirk upon my face.

“What so I could see you half naked, again?” He laughed.

I shrugged. “You didn’t seem to mind.”

Edmund leaned against a tree and pulled me in with him, the leaves’ shadows shading us. “Shut up.”

I giggled and leaned into his chest, his warmth making me feel safe.

“Do you remember this place?” He asked quietly.

I turned around and studied the area of the bright, green clearing but nothing came to mind. I shook my head as I faced him again.

“It’s where I found you when you were being chased by bandits. Where we first met.”

A guilty blush appeared on my cheeks, recalling the moment when Edmund and his brother found me in the middle of nowhere. How could I forget?

“I…uh,” Edmund scratched the back of his neck. “I thought you were beautiful.”

I looked up at him, my eyes watering as he continued to speak. “You were scared and stubborn, you didn’t want to get on the horse and you-” Edmund laughed softly. “-you punched Peter in the face.”

A wide smile appeared on my lips and I scratched my arm timidly. “I didn’t know what he was going to do, I was just taking precautions.”

Edmund’s laugh quietened as he gazed at me. “I just…I don’t know- I liked you for a long time. After we became friends, I was impatient. I wanted you to know how I felt.”

I drew circles with my thumb into his waist as I stared up at him, his cheeks were tinged pink and he kept scrunching his eyebrows.

“Edmund, what’s wrong?” I inquired, quickly picking up that he was nervous.

“I just…” he began. “I don’t know how to say…”

My eyebrows furrowed as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a sheet of paper and briefly looking at it before shoving it back into his trousers.

Edmund cleared his throat before saying, “I feel like our relationship is working out- wait no, give me a second.”

I giggled a bit as Edmund turned away from me for a brief moment, seemingly talking to himself. He look back at me with a nervous grin and rubbed the back of his neck.

“This was harder than I thought…” he mumbled.

I let my arms drape around his waist as I smiled up at him. “What is it?”

I slipped my hand into his pocket and before he began to protest, the sheet of paper was sitting in my palm. As I began to read, I could clearly tell it wasn’t Edmund’s handwriting; it was Peter’s.

My eyes scanned through it and I felt blood rush to my cheeks when I read the final part…

“(Y/N)?” Edmund questioned as I handed the paper back to him and stepped away from the tree. My eyes turned towards the direction of Cair Paravel and through my pounding heart, I knew that that was where I wanted to stay. Edmund knew that’s where I wanted to stay.

I threw myself at Edmund, surprising both of us, as I clung my hands onto his neck and kissed him passionately.

I felt his heartbeat quicken as kissed me back, equally as passionate. He walked back towards the tree and pushed me softly against it, intertwining our hands as we felt our smiles against each other.

I pulled away and saw Edmund with a small box in his hands.

His eyes and lips shared the same beautiful grin as he gestured for me to open the box. A simple golden band with a diamond sitting in the middle was lying inside.

“Are you asking me to marry you, Edmund Pevensie?” I inquired soothingly. “If so; I’ll possibly consider it.”

The Just King’s laugh echoed throughout the forest as he held me for the thousandth time. And after slipping my engagement ring onto my finger, I asked, “You really had to get Peter’s help?”

His lips pressed against mine to shut me up, and this would continue to happen for years to come.

Things Fall Apart (The Center Cannot Hold) 1/1

Rating: M

Summary: Learning each other’s strengths is easy. Learning each other’s weaknesses? Infinitely hard. Also, title credit to Yeats 

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

To be fair, most things that ended with Killian and sex tended to be good ideas.

(And led to orgasming until her fucking eyeballs popped.)

They weren’t shy with each other. While Emma may have the emotional maturity of a maple tree, she had never been afraid of her body. After her first fumblings in the back of the bug with Neal, she had gone through the works.

There had been the bartender in Miami with the huge dick and big dissapointment when it turned out he had no idea what to do with it other than insert tab a into tab b.

The mechanic somewhere bumfuck between Portland and Boston who went hard and fast against the wall until she had hissed a warning against leaving marks.

A beautiful brunette with endless curls, doe-eyes, and a mischievous red smile who ate her out until Emma went from suspecting to 100% sure she was a prostitute. She never asked.

There were blondes men and punk women and everything in between until Emma knew to simply flip them on their back, take what she needed, and make a clean getaway before the word ‘breakfast’ could be uttered.

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The Inuyasha Hunger Games

Because why not?

Let the games begin.

Somehow, the idea of Kouga taking alcohol doesn’t surprise me. And Inuyasha just grabs a shovel…because…yeah. That’s smart. Also, who knew it would be so easy to kill Naraku? Way to go Bankotsu! Takin’ one for the team!

…And Jaken, you poor, poor imp.

I admit. I may have laughed a bit harder from Jaken begging for death than I should have. Honestly, this is kind of scarily accurate, while still being OOC enough to be hilarious.

And geez…Inuyasha, you and mom number two having a chit chat? Got something you’d like to share with the class?

Also a cannon shot announcing Naraku was dead, but we knew that. 

Well. Bye Kouga. :’D *sheds tear* 

…And Jakotsu. 

Lol, Jaken I swear to all things holy, you are going to be my downfall in this. Everything you do is making me laugh. 

“In the forest, in the trees…in the mountains, in the breeze… Lord Sesshomaru, where are you?” - Jaken 2017 while picking flowers.

Also, somehow Kaede camouflaging herself reminds me of when Inuyasha buried her.

…I mean, I should have seen this coming. Even though Naraku’s dead, Kohaku has always seemed a bit shady.


And I mean, of course Sesshomaru would win. But why, Shippo? Why? 

And uh…good going Ginta. You do you.

…Rin, how could you? The only reason Sesshomaru died is because he couldn’t fight Rin. :c So sad. 

Better watch out though, because his mommy is about to throw down.

And I mean…I might have stabbed Myoga too if he didn’t stop trying to suck my blood. :D

So here we have the current status. Still not over Sesshomaru’s death.

“Lord Sesshomaru has fallen! Please end my miserable life!”

“No, I will not. You must continue in his stead.”


…and what better way to do that than…

…Slicing Inuyasha with Bakusaiga? :D

And I mean, we knew it was going to happen. Sesshomaru’s parents had an arranged marriage.

I find it ironic that Kaede has trouble starting a fire after setting Rin on fire.

I don’t miss them. :D


I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved that Jaken is dead, because I was about to go into shock if he won. In the end…his biggest weakness was being cold-blooded. 

I don’t feel bad for you Kaede. I hope Rin haunts you.

Ah, what a lovely couple.

But all good things must come to an end. 

You know…he would probably be the one most likely to win, with Sesshomaru right behind him.

I’m just glad Jaken didn’t win…*cough*

Tree Bros - Connor X Evan

@sticki-notes​  I legit started to write this as soon as I could AND THEN GOT REALLY SLEEPY SO THIS IS SHORT BUT I’LL REWRITE IT SOON I PROMISE

Evan laughed, running through the forest, holding his best friend’s hand as he ran, almost tripping over a root, laughing softly. Something about Connor’s hand in his felt so … right. But he would never admit that.

They fell down onto the grass, laughter bubbling from their lips as Connor began to talk about his favorite band, rambling in an excited tone that Evan loved to hear.

“Wanna climb the big oak tree?” Evan asked after half an hour, sitting up happily.

Connor nodded and the two boys stood up, running over to the oak, Connor hoisting up Evan and he began to climb. By this point, Evan’s cast was off so he could climb without difficulty.

When they reached the top, they sat on the same branch, talking about anything and everything, just wanting to be with each other.

“Can I do something stupi-” Connor started before frowning. “Fuck it-” He said, pressing his lips against Evan’s in a at first rough kiss that quickly softened to a loving one, Evan scooting closer, Connor wrapping an arm around him. Evan suddenly pulled away.

“This is not safe, I mean we could fall, and die, and I could break my arm, again, and that would be really really really bad so we should probably climb down and-”

Connor chuckled. “Yeah, let’s climb down.”

The instant they were on the ground they were kissing again, soft and exploring, trying to figure out each other’s lips and mouths. After a while they were in the grass again, cuddling and exchanging lazy kisses, bright blushes on both of their cheeks.  “What does this make us?” Evan finally asked and Connor shrugged. “Really good friends.” He joked and Evan’s eyes widened and Connor cursed in his head. “I was joking, don’t worry.” He said, fiddling with his thumbs. “I was thinking, maybe we could be boyfriends?” Connor offered, his tone a mix of confidence and anxiety.

Evan nodded, kissing him once more. “I-I would like that.