laughing for an hour

flowerjolras  asked:

not really a misheard lyric but the other day i was trying to convince my friend to listen to comet by demonstrating anatole's Extra bisexual degenerate antics and so i threw my head back and did a high kick and my favourite sunglasses fell off my head and got crushed by my descending leg as i was belting out "woOAAAH this is horribly stupid"

this absolutely belongs on this blog because I haven’t stopped laughing about it for 3 hours

Lance: As the great philosophizer Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a political animal.”


Pidge: I mean, first off, I’m impressed you know the Politics, but did you just pronounce ‘Aristotle’ like ‘Chipotle’?

Hey hey hey I’m still a trainwreck who doesn’t know how to keep a consistent art style how are you.