laughing clam
Tim and Eric’s Joke Empire
The duo is building a low-budget comedy machine for the Internet Age

Some choice quotes-

Wareheim, a huge man, is draped on a couch facing the computer. On the floor in front of him, Heidecker folds his body into a crouch.

The three giggle and pass lines back and forth about big-boy crimes and handsome mug shots. Heidecker leaves the room, Reilly hangs up, and Wareheim runs a rough cut of the episode, which follows Dr. Brule into jail and on a highly unprofessional police ride-along… Watching the climax of the episode, which involves a kiss for Dr. Brule from a small man named Scott Clam, Wareheim laughs so hard that the noise rising out of him sounds like a hungry baby’s wail.

“The misconception is always that, based on our work, we’re lunatics who are complete acidheads, who just go around with underwear on our heads,” he says. “We’re having fun; we’re goofing around; we’re laughing. But we’re very responsible—very responsible to the work.” Behind him hangs a framed 2002 rejection letter from Comedy Central.