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syeda i need u to think about neil asking asking andrew for a yes or no and when andrew says yes and closes his eyes expecting a kiss neil gives him a lil peck on the nose/cheek instead ive been thinking about this all day

  • canonically its andrew who asks for yes or no bc neil has learned to read andrew he knows when its a yes and when its a no and when he’s unsure his question is almost always silent 
  • andrew is crouching down to pour food for sir and king when neil walks in the room
  • and he does a slight double take bc it’s neil’s job andrew doesn’t care for the cats he does so neil is a bit taken aback 
  • when andrew gets up, daring neil to say a word, neil just smiles that careless smile he’s grown used to by now
  • and just.., kisses the tip of andrew’s nose, laughing a little when andrew’s nose scrunches and neil sees that spark of light in his eyes 

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AU where everything is the same but John Laurens and Angelica become friends bc of their broken hearts and they get rll close. One day Angelica ask if he is in love with her and John is just like "lol no that would be awkward" and they both laugh and sigh in relief. As time goes by, their broken heart is healed bc of their friendship, bc platonic love is just as important as romantic love lol can you imagine it?

id love them as besties tbh

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Why does this remind me of a modern AU reality tv show with Gwash and his out of control children?: 

Lafayette: the guy who realizes they fucked up/screaming “rUN DAD”  

Washington: running for his damn life BC maybe this was a bad idea maybe fireworks and his idiot sons just don’t match up maybe 

Alex and Laurens: high pitched screaming that they’ll both try to pin on each other the next morning

Thanks to @rui6666’s drawings of genderbent Lance and Keith my life has now spiraled out of control so here’s some genderbend voltron shit

Lauren (Lance):
•long and curly hair
•seriously her hair is curly as fuck
•it’s beautiful
•to quote the pic “the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe”
•she loves jewelry and painting her nails
•fucking meme
•can tango and salsa but nothing else
•seriously she’s shit at any other dances
•wants to either punch or kiss Kathy
•nothing in between
•loves trying to style her hair
•always fails
•she can braid and make bomb ass buns tho
•goddess of winged eyeliner
•still burps and farts like Lance wtf do you think this is

Kathy (Keith):
•short hair
•it’s wavy and rlly soft
•wears literally no jewelry like no
•hates painted nails like she only paints them black
•she wouldn’t even paint them if Lauren didn’t force her
•A+ fighter
•holy shit man it’s attractive
•small boobs (Lauren makes fun of her for it)
•she has a great ass tho
•like she can rival Lauren on best ass
•so Gay™️
•she’s one of the girls that when she gets her period she will go from screeching at you to crying
•it confuses everyone

Pidge is basically the same bc they’re nonbinary to me but here we go:
•their name was Kaden
•they have long hair bc they were trying to pass as a girl
•it’s a mess
•Lauren needs to sit them down every few days and brush it bc it’s a fucking rats nest Pidge what the fuck
•pretends to be above dick jokes but is totally not
•forgets to shower sometimes bc they’re too busy working on a project
•Hali yells at them
go shower Pidge you stink and you need to take care of yourself
•yes mother

Hali (Hunk):
•IS! STILL! FAT!!!!!!!!
•shoulder length hair
•gentle giant
•Lauren sits her down and attempts hairstyles on her
•her hair is then a knotted mess
•she’d say no but it’s bonding time with Lauren and it’s fun
•makeup boss
•better than Lauren
•Lauren is salty
•if someone talks down to her bc she’s a girl she will not have it

Shira (Shiro):
•Long and wavy hair
•it’s either rlly messy in that sexy way or just a huge knot nothing else
•She’s so attractive
•rlly loud laugh
•she snorts
•it’s embarrassing bc Alluran makes fun of her for it
•will kick your ass while putting on her lipstick
•usually doesn’t wear makeup tho bc it’s time consuming
•is respected by everyone like even sexist assholes are like “goddamn”

In case you couldn’t tell I’m in love

tagged by lauren @axdreil thanks babe <3
rules: answer all the questions then ask 11 of your own

  1. favourite piece of fiction: all for the game bye
  2. if u could live in any fictional world which would it be? why?: probably aftg because maybe in that universe i wouldn’t be such a lazy bastard
  3. what was ur childhood anthem (or just ur fave song/band growing up) : complicated by avril lavigne HONESTLY
  4. favourite moment from aftg: lauren wtf how do u expect me to choose but fine probably the “thank you, you were amazing” scene bc i hate myself
  5. favourite ice cream flavour: apple
  6. favourite pun: oh my god that post that goes “just fucking let that sink in” and then someone’s edited a picture of someone letting a sink into their house i laugh every time
  7. where would u like to travel?: i wanna backpack around europe
  8. whats your go-to feel good film/show/book/fic/song/anything: ……….all for the game
  9. favourite season: summer
  10. on a scale of 1-10 how much do u love neil josten: don’t test me my love for this boy knows no bounds u cannot just put it on a scale
  11. talk about something u love: neil abram josten, born nathaniel abram wesninski, was born on january 19th in baltimore in an event that will come to be known as “the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity”. he is the foxes starting striker, #10, 

okay my questions are:

  1. first celebrity crush that you remember?
  2. put your music on shuffle and write down the first song that appears
  3. last movie you saw in cinemas?
  4. if you could only read one book or series for the rest of your life what would it be?
  5. describe the outfit that makes you feel the most confident about yourself.
  6. name three things that make you smile.
  7. do you have any pets?
  8. dream job?
  9. favourite character in aftg?
  10. if you could study anything anywhere in the world, what and where would it be?
  11. last time you laughed?

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so i’ve been rapping aaron burr, sir all day

and now it’s 21:43 and my mother and i are sitting by the fire and as i am mumbling “i am hercules mulligan up in it livin it” my mom turns to me and goes “RACH, I am going to ask you for the last time to stop rapping” and i just started laughing bc i know never in her wildest dreams did she think she was going to have to yell at her adult, half white daughter to stop rapping about the founding fathers

5H & Shipping
  • Interviewer: Is it weird getting shipped with your band members?
  • Ally: Yea, it's weird.
  • Normani, but could be Lauren: It's kinda weird.
  • Lauren: *laughs*
  • Dinah: I see it, personally, as like a friendship "ship", but some people take it to the point of a relationship "ship"
  • Camila: Yeaa, say it Lauren.
  • Lauren: It's fine and cute when it's innocent and stuff, but when it gets to that point, it's not- it's not cute.
  • Normani: Yea, they start making up stories-
  • Ally: And photoshopping pictures-
  • Lauren: And they get really inappropriate. It's just uncomfortable. It makes us uncomfortable sometimes.
  • Normani: Yep
  • Lauren: Well, all the time. *laughs*
  • Interview: So are you, Fifth Harmony, just mixing all ships together? No one has any relationships with each other, right?
  • Lauren: Of course not.
  • Camila: No. (Guys, she says this exasperatedly. Like she's exhausted and just so tired of all this ship constantly being pushed on her. It makes me sad.)
  • Ally: *laughs*
  • Dinah: *chokes* Augh, that's weird.
  • All: *laughs heartily*
  • Ally: The relationship is that we're all like sisters. Just like the song. (I'm assuming she means Me & My Girls)

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Lams, 38? Whichever one has the dramatic fainting

This prompt seems to be a favorite of like all of us and I LOVE IT!!! So obviously this one has GOT TO HAVE SOME ANGST so buckle those angst seat belts, kiddos, and get ready for the ride! (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Pick from the old list or new list! And please tell me which list it’s from so I don’t mess up!)

“You fainted… right into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” 

John Laurens wasn’t feeling very well, but he was fine. Well, that’s what he told himself, at least. Standing in gym class, even with his boyfriend Alexander by his side, he really did not feel fine. But he wasn’t going to let whatever little virus he’d caught get the best of him. And he definitely was not going to worry Alex.

“Okay!” the gym teacher hollered, blowing her whistle to get the students’ attention. “We’re doing laps in the gym today,” she announced. There was a collective groan from the students. “Save you whining,” she mumbled. 

She directed the kids to the same corner of the gym, counted down from three and blew her whistle, sending them on their first of many laps around the tiny gymnasium. 

Alexander, who usually wanted to beat everyone there–– even the track stars–– dashed off, leaving John behind in the dust. Laurens always reminded Alexander that this wasn’t actually a race, but the boy never listened. 

Laurens jogged on, feeling worse with each lap. He was going slower than Jefferson and Madison, who were usually the caboose due to one’s laziness and the other’s ailments, respectively. 

“Yo, Ham!” Jefferson called as Alex was about to speed by them for the fifth time. “Yo boyfriend ain’t lookin’ as hot as usual.” He jerked his head in Laurens’ direction.

Alexander quickly ran over to Laurens. “John, are you okay? Or is Jefferson just being a douche?” 

“Well, yes, he’s being a douche because he’s always being a douche, and um… I, uh…” Laurens stopped running. Black dots were spotting his field of vision. “Um, Alex?” he said, trying to feel around for his boyfriend as his vision dimmed more and more. 

Suddenly, he couldn’t hear. He couldn’t feel his legs. He couldn’t even feel Alex grab him and gently lower him to the ground, shouting his name the entire time, each shout more panicked than the last. 

He woke up with Alexander holding his hand, tears brimming in his eyes, the gym teacher hovering much too close for comfort, and the entire class circled around him. 

“Okay, people, move back! Give Laurens here some air!” The gym teacher waved her arms and the other students, except for Alexander, scrambled.

“Let’s get you to the nurse, kid,” she said to John.

“I’m fine,” Laurens protested.

Alex snorted then wiped away his tears. “Sure, Laurens. Sure you are.” He smirked at his boyfriend. “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you’d wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“Ha,” Laurens deadpanned. 

Alex and the gym teacher helped the other boy to his feet, then Alex helped him hobble down the hall to the nurse’s office.

“Laurens?” Alex whispered as they neared her door.


“You really scared me in there.” Alex sounded more vulnerable than Laurens ever remembered. “Please do whatever the nurse says?” The fear in Alexander’s voice broke his heart.

“Of course, babe,” he reassured the smaller boy. 

Alex kissed Laurens on the cheek. “Good. Because I want to have you around to annoy for a really long time. And lord knows you need to be healthy to deal with me.”

Laurens laughed, leaning on his boyfriend as Alex open the door to the nurse’s office. With Alex by his side, he knew soon he would be just fine.


So first of all I’d like to share my thoery about this shit ‘camren is real’ thing. I’m not expecting for y'all to agree with this one but all I can say is that I believe in the magic power of love (of camren) that even a 13 year-old child could believe on. (Lmao not m)
So I’ve realized the magic even for the first time I’ve watched it. I knew 5h bc of fucking camren idiots. We all don’t know why tf their relation (friendship or whatever) is not very interactive nowadays.
But these are my observations and somehow proofs and shits that prove its real…

As all of us know, camren treatmemts to each others are different. Just fucking compare it with the way Lauren treats Dinah, Normani, and Ally to the way she treats Camila and vise versa. Cmon! It’s not as flirty or friendly as for camila. All lauren do is fuckin avoid a-serious-camila-related thing like “no one dares me to talk about her or else you will die” kind pf avoiding. Lmao

I swear, I’ve been watching all Fifth Harmony ships since the beginning (Laurinah, Norminah, Normila, Caminah, Alren, Laurmani, Dinally, Normally) But all I can see is camren is fucking real. No doubt.
My gaydar pings off the girls except for Lauren and maybe including Camila.

2. TECHNIQUE (so smartass)
So camren have that fvcking technique where they have to fvcking hide their fvcking face or mouth with their fvcking hand or hair everytime they publicly fvcking want to talk (on stage) just for us not to record whatever they fvcking say to each other. And hey! Potato quality is our bffs and I believe they had to talk about this. I’m so fucked up dude.

No wonder fam, Camila is the queen of indirects of how smartass she was everytime she’s doing that.
And so Lauren, tumblr is also her thing.
Just to come up with those indirects ideas are so fast but smartass bish. Cuz they meant something,

“When you’re giving  indirects with a person. You’re giving and hinting them a message.”

Also No way, and Bad Things are one of the examples, imo. Timing of the BT release is pretty interesting but I believe it has nothing to do with camren cuz it’s mgmt’s control.

Oh so you know……… Camz, Lolo, Laur, Camzi, etc.
Not all of the 5 of them are used to call this 2 their nicknames anymore.
It’s rare. Now.
But keep in mind…. lauren remains to call camila ‘camz’

“If a person called/calls you of your unique name, or whatever they want to call you It pretty means they have to mean something to you and you mean to them (you’re important to them)” Yah know what I mean dude?

Hardcore fans for sure, are so hype to scrub to camren’s face that camren is real
And so they harass the 2 of them
(Tag them for some ugly shits)
That’s why in my theory, they have to lie (esp. LAUREN) just to shut them fucking up. Bc Lauren is irritated to camren. Why? I believe it has something to do in the past which they really have had that thing happened between them.
Idk. They made out, or just kissed, or it’s just that camren is real. Whatever.

“Action speaks louder than words”

Observe fam. How denial Lauren is when it comes to this shit? (Camila is not denying it, she’s ignoring it)
Seriously Lauren?! Why deny camren when you’re fucking enjoying having Laurinah, Laurmani, Alren interactions.

Bitch no one other than Lauren is laughing at camila’s fucking jokes…. Unless it’s unique and really funny, all of them would laugh. Plus, L’s laughing even if for no reason bc of camila. (If you already saw L smiling while looking at C bc she’s laughing at some events. At billboard i think)
Whipped AF.

Bitch and no one other than Lauren is staring at camila like that. Like “I’m so fucking amazed by this beautiful art” look and like “Omg. She’s my love of my life” look.

Some of y'all (Maybe including me)
Doesn’t understand what their mgmt rule are. Althrough the past 4 years, you could tell that their’s really happening between the girls.

I get that camren CAN’T be real bc of the possibility results for the sake of the group, Fifth Harmony.

Imagine that most of the people saying 2 fifths of fifth harmony are dating and together…. instead of 5 girls of fifth harmony interms of there interests.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t get myself wrong cuz at some point, It was Austin and Brad. They’re just distraction at all (no feelings implied in there) and so Lucy maybe Ashlee too.

Why? Look why of all the 5 of them, Camz and Laur are the ones who was dated by AM and BS?! Why not Dinah, why not Mani or ally ( yeah they’re not single at this time?) No or yes, who knows.

Cmon they dated bc of fucking MONEY, for some EXPOSURE and fucking PROMOTION. How?
They’re their tourmates back then right? I don’t even know know Austin until I knew 5h which in the 1st place 5h just open act him.

And that time, all I could see in the news are “CAMILA CABELLO IS DATING AUSTINE MAHONE” fuck that what happened next? All I know it only lasted almost 2 fucking weeks. Wtf?!! ppl just profitted bitch.

Later on Lauren and Brad 'admitted’ they’re dating (for sure it’s nothing serious but a puppy love lol) and then when they had their break up, people talking about oh-so-about-lauren-song 'I FOUND A GIRL’

People be like :
“Omg did you know the song I Found A Girl by The Vamps is about Brad’s ex gf Lauren Jauregui of 5h?!!! It’s so interesting buy it on iTunes!”

Lucy Vives, as Lauren’s Bestfriend
Omg guys you can’t love a person if you treats them as your friend. In this case, sorry not sorry but I can’t see them as a secret couple. Wtf really? Would you date your childhood friend with all your respect to your friendship? + not all the fucking time they’re together.
Long distance relationships? Bruh

Camz knows who LucyV is.
Everything was planned

We don’t know what’s happening behind those close doors. None of our business. They’re humans, and as long as they don’t know me existing, I don’t know some things that are existing about their live either.
What’s their secret, is their secret.

I believe that just to stop this (If camren is not really real) Camren must need to do something
Idk what it is but maybe just tweet it, or pull an interview lmao.
Bc these CS will not stop believing it unless we already have that receipts that it’s not real.

Bitch, but none of the girls did anything.

So even if we have theories about camren. Proofs and such delusions are noy enough to prove it’s real. It’s just them to settle thibgs like this themselves.

Camren is real and I’m proud of it so let’s not stop shipping this shit.

I just wanted to make a list of the things that Camila and Lauren have done with/to each other bc yeah

Let’s start with normal things that friends would do:
- holding hands
- high fiving
- hugging
- kissing on the cheek
- winking
- touching the other person’s butt
- giving the other person piggy back rides
- hacking each other’s social media accounts to post pictures
- jokingly exposing the other person
- laughing at the other person falling
- generally making fun of each other
- helping the other person up when they fall
- complimenting everything about the other person
- singing songs to/for each other
- helping each other out
- doing dumb things together
- hanging out at each other’s houses
- hanging out with both families all together
- going to the beach together
- watching a scary movie because of the other person
- travelling the world together (tho mainly bc of their job)
- giving each other presents
- showing each other new music
- going to concerts together
- writing long ass paragraphs about the other person on instagram for their birthday
- cuddling
- calling each other babe/boo/mija/princess
- having inside jokes
- defending each other

BUT here are some things they did that I would never ever do with my friends:
- stare at each other’s lips
- check each other out (on numerous occasions)
- biting my lip while listening to them talk
- stripped together in an elevator just for the sake of it
- stare at their butt (just to mention two ocassions: once camila did and then smirked, another time she did with her mouth agape)
- hashtag our selfies with our ship name
- state that they are my (celebrity) crush
- excitedly yell that I want to kiss them under the mistletoe
- act jealous when they interact with other people
- put two fingers in my mouth while intently watching them

I’m probably forgetting many things, I’ll make sure to update this. If you want you can reblog and write suggestions of what I should add :)

(disclaimer: I’m not assuming things, I just wanted to state things we have all actually seen and heard them do. everybody is entitled to make what they want of this :))

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Ok but like everyone is so confused when they see tjeffs bc he was so small and nerdy and shy and now when u get near him boom he already charmed u. Ham is so starry eyed. Burr is so confused. Laurens is laughing his ass off bc tf is going on.

okay but also thomas never really talking to anyone and is that kid in the class who doesn’t talk to anyone besides that one friend



this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?


okay but casual touches with neil and andrew 

  •  like after they kiss, neil has his arms around andrews neck 
  •  and he leans his forehead down to rest on andrews (bc he’s got three inches on him oh god) 
  •  and the hands that andrew had in fists scrunched in neils shirt relax and he just rests them on his chest 
  •  and neil had left space between them and andrew isn’t having any of that and just - just presses up against neil 
  •  andrews eyes were closed and when he opens them he looks at neil all cross eyed and 
  • neil starts to laugh bc andrew looks so ridiculous 
  •  andrew goes from looking all relaxed, and he glares at neil and he just breathes out 
  •  "171%“