laughing at you

DE finally got in touch with Antonio yesterday, only to give him irritating news:

They want him, the role is his, but they have to go through their entire process first and then *maybe* can offer him a raise and *possibly* relocation and *probably* sign on. No promises, but lots of flexibility.

By the end of their process NC will have moved on, so he verbally accepted the offer. Both companies know they are pursuing him and which one he prefers, and then - a wild third interview appears.

They’re offering a base that is significantly more than what he’s making now and what either DE and NC are offering - but it’s a very difficult job and it’s in NYC, which leaves us here, which we have already decided is not where we want to be. But, just in case, he’s keeping it on the hook, because if the big two fall through he has undoubtedly decided that he does not want to go back to his current role and will have a suitable option.

NC is a strong contender though, especially after talking to Christian, G’s Mom and the kids. NC is the best option financially, and for Samara. But it means Antonio travels a lot, and we aren’t close to the boys. DE is still good financially, and keeps Antonio’s travel to a minimum. I can think of no cons except that it’s in DE and that it’s not even an offer yet.

Both make iced iced baby plans iffy, which is okay. In the sea of important shit we are navigating through, this is barely a blip.

I’m not worried about the boys, Christian and I allowed them to choose where they wanted to live knowing that they may change their minds, they have flexibility and they are in good hands. I worry about G only because when we don’t see him for a while we have to start right back at the beginning with getting him acclimated to the house, using his words, not having tantrums and walking from place to place and that’s difficult for all of us, but especially for him. Samara is due some time, and J is due a reminder that he isn’t her sole parent, so I don’t see NC as a negative if that’s what we choose.

Either way, Antonio already said I get to have my biggest dream come true, so that’s an exciting prospect that I’m hanging onto so as not to lock myself in a closet because stress.

I swear, I don’t know why I’m laughing so damn hard at this! 😂😂😂😂