laughing at you


Cas: You threatened my humans. That’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

Dean: Cas, babe, we’re fine. You don’t need to be shot just to prove a point.

Cas: Seriously, Dean? Fine. We’ll do this your way.

*Awkward standoff*

bbqgoth  asked:

Hey man I want you to know you make my bf very happy you've been mutuals forever and he says ur positive attitude rubs off on him a lot. You're a good dude w a good blog and you make a difference. I hope your day is good

dorkballmcgee  asked:

Someone on youtube said that since Beast from BatB was never given an official name by the actual filmmakers, maybe his official name should be 5 names long (french royal names were very long) and his initials should spell B.E.A.S.T.

hahahahaha oh my goodness, i hope you don’t mind if i publish this ask, because i just really feel the need to share it. Something like Beau Édouard Antoine Sébastien Theodore? Personally I’ve never had any problem calling the prince Adam (though I’m actually not sure where that fanon came from? or was there some external canon source??) but I think you’ve solved the controversy once and for all.

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you always say your open to critisizm, so here you go. Your writing is boring and unimaginitave. your muse is a marysue and probabaly just a shit self insert. its really sad how you keep begging for people to send you memes when its clear NOBODY wants to. take the hint and delete ok? just delete your blog. noone would care and there all gonna forget about you anyway

{{      *you’re    *criticism    *unimaginative   *probably  * no one
If you’re going to insult me, do it properly. }}

            {{ Secondly:  Nah, man. I’m good, thanks. }}

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Thanks a ton, you guys! Below is a picture of me basking in R18 doujin.