laughing at you

Woman, yeah woman

I am a woman

I am full of love, hope, passion and compassion

One who give birth to a new life

birth to a new hope

I give love to everyone

ask nothing in return

I am full of emotions

m not made of metal

I can feel the pain

I am human, like you

I am not a toy,

to play and break, break and play

so,don’t play with me

I care for you and you don’t

don’t worry about me

I love you and you leave me alone every time

you just play with me and then run for the next,

I am now the rest

Don’t drag me down

thinking I am like the rest,

if so,

you'r mistaken here

You still don’t know me

Go if u wanna go but don’t play with me

Don’t take me as an object

Don’t torn me apart

Don’t think of me as a toy

People see my smiles and laugh

Nobody knows what’s going inside my heart

I am not made of metal

I am human, I am like you

I am woman and I am proud to be a


—  alostwriter, Women

Occasionally, YouTube comments are not a cesspool - the top comment on this video is “Liam has encountered an error and needs to close.” 

Superhero AU anyone?

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fanaticfangirl001  asked:

small head canon that does involve Snape: Francine Alice Longbottom, a slytherin, gets sent to the headmaster's office because she punched James Sirius Potter II in the throat because he wouldn't stop bothering her. Under her breath she just mutters " Stupid Potter, and his dumb face."


Severus just peers at her over the desk, arches one eyebrow and says, “Don’t let it happen again…when someone is watching.  Dismissed.”

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if these rumors of Jin getting an entire photobook/album for himself are true im going to buy like 234675 of them! our bby totally deserves it!


Yeah SeokJin completely deserves a whole photobook for himself
And honestly, one photobook isn’t even enough to show his beauty

Being present at that village people shoot would totally get me all hot and bothered. Like I’d be trying not to laugh everytime I look at Tom in this ridiculous get-up and that would make me turn red from hypoventilating. Whenever a picture would be done I’d totally couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud and Tom would join in. It would be a lot of fun.

nxfas                 ❛❛ When did it become…

( aulus & me: /stare at gale’s nsfw tag these last few nights, THEN AT GALE )

              ❛❛ d–don’ look at me like that ! I haven’ done shit ! ❜❜ hides his porn stash tbh.